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Might have to check it out! Surprised that it's not utter crap. #1
Can this game freaking have its HD rerelease already?!?!? #14
Dragon Quest VIII - Enough Said. Fantastic title. Not as good as DQ7 but man it was good. #13.2
What is this guy talking about? The 3DS has nothing on the Vita. I mean, it has two analog sticks and you don't even have pay for the second one. I think we know which one is superior. #2
Ha. Give it a year or two. #1.1
Really, I hated ths game. Probably one of the worst ive ever playd #1.1
Hmmmm sounds pretty interesting. Think I'll probably get it. Hopefully plays as great as it sounds. #3
Better than Final Fantasy X-2 #4
....what? #3.1
I looked at some other stuff on the site...looks like they don't give half scores? #2.3
or for $20 you can have 2 classes #2.1.2
Reminds me A LOT of the headsets from .Hack// #3
Do we really need another strategy game? There are tons of them. #2
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