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Offer maps for free or a small fee? That would be great. It would attract better custom map makers. I could make a base version of a map that everyone can play and then add features to it that are only accessible in the paid version. Man, I bet the guy who invented DOTA wishes that had been around in Warcraft III. #2
I always found Rinoa the most attractive Final Fantasy woman. #6
He was the human one. It was ominous, eerie, and epic. #26.1
Actually, "capitalised" is the British-English spelling. The American-English spelling is "capitalized." I'm sure it gets annoying being corrected by idiots, but that's no reason to imply American dictionaries aren't real. #8.3
SOTC is one of the greatest video games ever made. So it's hardly a classic example of a 9/10. #33.1
Mario RPG was great. I wish I could play Super Mario Galaxy on my PS3. #2.3
Finally some people who remember Donkey Kong Country 2. It would definitely make my list of Top Ten favorite video games as well as having a top ten boss. #3.2
These mmorpgs are such crap. No one from this world suddenly in the Stargate Universe would want to go be a Jaffa. The first thing they want to do is bone Samantha Carter. #1
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If you agree with Chuck on his one anything you need to seriously reexamine your life. #19.2
Doesn't Spore have a pro-Creationism bent? I mean, you play God doing exactly what Creationism purports God did to create life. #12
So you're Saying Final Fantasy hasn't been epic since Final Fantasy VI? I think you may have missed some then. #7.1
He said he'd rather have the sales of the Sims 2 with their much lower metacritic score than the sales of Half-life 2 with their incredibly high metacritic score. But Half-life 2 is one of the best video games ever made and the Sims 2 is not. I think that says it all. #7
What, he invented the iPod all by himself so he got one for free. That seems like fair compensation to me. But not a second one after the first one broke cause that's too much. #7
Yeah all Seinfeld did was create a new brand of humor that turned out to exemplify an entire decade. So now that the decade is over we should never see him again. If only Seinfeld could be more successful and influential like you. #30.1
Yes because it's always a good sign when they move a movie's release date back. Torque anyone? #15.1
Especially if you've played Ico, you should definitely get SOTC. It's one of the best video games ever made. #14.2
Yeah but the X-Box gets so hot you need a refrigerator to equalize the temperature to normal. #2.5
Actually IGN gets far more hits and Gamespot is second. Although IGN covers some non-gaming things as well. #17.1
I don't have a sister. Can I give you my mom's phone number instead? #3.3
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