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It's pretty disgusting. Talk the talk,but can't walk the walk apparently.

I was looking forward to this, not now

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Call of duty series = 35 million (11 of which is cod5)

Can't you people use google?

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Before this little fanboy fight goes on any longer...

Halo Series = 24.8 million copies worldwide
Half-Life Series = 29.8 million copies sold worldwide EXCLUDING Steam sales

Half life 2 sold over 6.5 million copies on steam which pushes the total sales over 35 mil, take into account how much the episodes and half life 1 sold online your probably pushing 50 million


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I wish people would stop constantly regurgitating 'It's a beta', 'It's still in Beta, give it time', 'whats a beta for then?'

Have I missed something? Are America and Japan no longer in Beta? No? Oh so why the differance in content then? Infact, why remove content that was availible in the closed beta?

THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BETA STATUS, it's about SCEE underperforming time after time after time. Am I getting through yet?

It's people like you who wo...

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Yeah, but compared to NA and Japan, the EU Home is ridiculous. There are no game spaces to visit, no company spaces like the NAMCO museum, no games to play outside of the bowling alley... it's barron. If you consider it's SCEE developign it, we really are getting the short end of the straw for the umpteenth million time, and most people I speak to are sick of it

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Last I heard it was taking os long because Duke Nukem challenged chuck norris to a fight after his last game and well, we can all guess how that ended...

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At least you have the uncharted room in the US, we have nothing in europe, just teh shop, the square, the theater and the bowling alley. Really is no reason to go visit it atm

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By far the biggest overstatement of the year!

The title should have been 'The 5 biggest and sh*ttiest wastes of time vaugley releated to home'

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I would kill to play bushido blade again, that game was so awesome

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2 cents short of a 9 bob note? I'm not gonn abother explaining what's wrong with that, you need to go away and think about what you've done...

Kids today...

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This is so old it's not even funny. And I mean the news not the video. It doesn't even sound like the mario music. Look at this link to see where mario music was really nicked from

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Wow Mandrake, I have to congratulate you. You really know how to sound like you know what your talking about, when you quite clearly dont have a single first f***ing clue.

Designing a multi-platform title to work on one system then trying to force that to work on another system is lazy, it is sloppy, but it is cheap (and produces crappy results unless it is poured over for a long time, liek Bioshock or Oblivion). You have to develop the code with all systems in mind or you will a...

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a) I would never try an impress a girl with ANYTHING I owned. The fact that that even crossed your mind shows what kind of a guy you are. Wander outside and go down the pub, try talking to the girls instead of flashing your phone, PSP, DS or whatever you use, they are people not magpies.

b) Procceeds of this are going to chartiy, and this is a one off collectors piece, that is why is fetching so much. Some people like to buy lots of clothes, others pour all thier money into cars,...

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Wrong, the first version of the auction said only ship to USA via ground.

Get your story straight beofe you start handing out Disagrees

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Looks like my bid didn't cut it... I had a feeling this would fetch thousands.

I would have bid more if more of the proceeds were going to charity

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I just saw 'Over-Hyped' and Halo 3 sprung to mind

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It's just been cancelled due to an error in the listing

EDIT: It's back up here

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I bid upto $320 but I just got outbid. I would go higher but they won't ship outside USA :(

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Woo, I'm highest bidder... bet that won't last long though

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All the stories I can find about it link here or to the youtube videos posted from this article. Looks like a real exclusive on yoru hands here!

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