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"There is nothing more entitled than being upset because someone else isn't left out. "

Great quote, although I'd also personally say "pathetic" rather than entitled, but that's just what I'd put.

Get ready though, a bunch of angry homophobes are probably about to try and defend their homophobia by rebranding it as "politics don't belong in games" or "what does lgbt have to do with soccer" or &qu...

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When your online bill jumps up by 10 bucks for no apparent reason, you're entitled to better services/quality. You are allowed to be entitled to shit YOU PAY FOR.

Honestly I don't need AAAs every month. It would be nice if they were given every other month though.

No, what I want, are non-indie games. No freaking top down shooters/hackandslash, no more 2d sidescrolling clone garbage, no more snes/nes wannabe games, and no more 15 minute 3d non ga...

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Yep, same reason I haven't even looked at a review for it, despite enjoying the first.

Has little to do with what they're wearing and everything with their attitude and tone. Deslin from infamous second son LOOKED like a total hipster before the game came out, but acted like a totally normal guy excited about having powers. I enjoyed that game despite the hipster clothing.

I cringed every time emote mask asshole showed up in the gameplay vide...

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What changed from the beta specifically? I only played a few matches and don't remember much.

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The Last of Us was successful not necessarily because of how good it was, but because it basically got free advertising from the entire industry, free praise, as Naughty Dog consumers are similar to those of Blizzard. To me, it's an anomaly why Naughty dog are so loved for the uncharted franchise when in my opinion, many more games deserve the praise it's getting, but I've just chalked that up to personal opinion.

And don't forget, The Last of Us was releas...

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"how about actually making a compelling game? "

Someone called you out on having not even played this game. If true, your entire opinion is invalid and you should probably keep your uninformed opinion to yourself as you have literally no room to say if the game is compelling or not. NONE. Critical reception is incredibly positive, people are saying nothing but good things about the multiplayer AND campaign. As far as being able to measure whether something is comp...

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Because a large percentage of people buy games because they're the new and shiny thing of the moment.

I keep seeing your arguments against this game and they simply don't hold up.

Your argument being: "if it's so good,it'll sell well no matter what". Shit unfortunately doesn't work that way in the real world. Launch window sales are incredibly important to a game.

It has little to do with appeal or fun, ...

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I bought my copy about 4 or 5 days ago, full price, digitally on the psn store. After hearing such amazing things about it, I simply couldn't wait any longer for the chance that it "might" go on sale on psn (I've made a rule for myself from now on, moving forward, I'm purchasing all my multiplayer shooters digitally) and went ahead and pulled the trigger.

I don't regret it. I support Respawn in their time of need (caused by EA).


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I think hes saying you get it through other means. Saving the little sisters occasionally grants gifts that contain adam in big quantities, along with plasmids, left at plasmid stores which I believe, when added all up by the end of the game, grants you more adam than if you had drained all the little sisters of their adam. I could be wrong, as I haven't played bioshock in years, but I've beaten it like 3 or 4 times and seem to recall the save sister method ...

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Just to throw my opinion in, Dishonored 2 is amazing. There's a level in the game called "The Clockwork Mansion" which has some of the most intricate and complex level design I've ever seen in a game. Think of one of the best dungeons in any zelda game, and multiply that by like 5.

It's one of those levels that even after you beat, it's so complex that you don't even know how you did it.

It really is an amazing milestone in l...

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I bought this full price digitally 3 days ago because I couldn't wait any longer.

I don't regret it. Respawn need all the sales they can get, what with their amazing dlc plan (all of it is free, no season pass) and EA screwing them over on the launch date.

I ask other gamers to support this title, especially at the insanely good discounts it's been having. Respawn need, and deserve it.

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It's not Bethesdas, or any developers problem if some people have self control issues and cant wait until after a game launches for reviews to come out. Nobody NEEDS to play a game day one (except maybe reviewers, but it doesnt matter if it's bad or not as it's their job to review the good and the bad as early as possible).

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I know right? So many damned games coming out, I'm trying to set a goal for myself to go digital with multiplayer shooters, as there's a bunch out right now, but sometimes I just wanna play a match or 2 and dont want to have to get up to switch the disc constantly. Reduces the lifespan of the blu ray drive, gets my discs dusty and dirty sitting on my desk.

I usually prefer physical, but with these mp shooters I'd rather just start it up from the hdd than dig aro...

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I waited in line, at launch, in a raffle contest in which I won the chance to purchase the second to last ps3. I was there from the beginning, didn't own a 360 until MUCH later on (until the gears 3 customized slim version).

I went through the game droughts, constant 360 fanboy boasting and having to defend against that online, etc. And I was there for the eventual comeback. Or when Sony removed otherOS. Remember when Sony changed the playstation brands font from spide...

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@unholy one

Just looked up the potential gay romance OPTIONS for Mass Effect 3. For Male Shepard, there are only 2 possible gay relationships OUT OF 8. How in the hell is that "almost everyone"?

There are 4 "bisexual" characters, Liara, Kaidan, Kelly Chambers and Diana Alders. Bisexual Liara makes sense, as that's Asari by nature are in control of their "soul mates" (dont remember the term for it), Kelly and Diana are bot...

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"Detrimental", really? Maybe pointless and annoying, but the only way it can be "detrimental" to a story is if someones precious sensibilities are offended, in which case it's more of a problem with the individual.

(hetero)Sexuality came up in Uncharted with Drake and Elena, no one bats an eye, no fcks are given, nobody complains about heterosexuality being shoved in their face.

Sexuality came up in Mass Effect as an OPTION for tho...

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Quick question, and let me preface this by saying this is not a condescending comment or me implying you're a bigot,it's just a genuine question.

But would you have a problem with a gay/lesbian character if they were weren't simply created for the sake of an agenda, and instead happened to be gay because that's who they were as characters, or would you be against that too? Or does any character being gay, regardless of alternative motives, upset you,

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Same here. Just bought a 2tb a couple of months ago. Spent a day and a half downloading every single ps plus game, some free to play games, a couple of digital retail games, dlc, and installing all my discs to my console.

And if I want to "back up" to an external drive, I would have to move or delete stuff from THAT drive. Don't exactly have the luxury of having a 1tb or 2tb hdd lying around that ISN'T being used.

I'm thinking maybe...

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I haven't played IW campaign yet, but blops 3s campaign was one of the best in a while, actually has a good story.

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