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Does anyone know of a site that hosts uncompressed, 1080p footage of video games? I know gamersyde does, but sorting through that site to find videos is a pain.

I downloaded The Last of Us trailer, uncompressed 1080p 60fps and it looked simply stunning (as does this Evolve gameplay), and now I'm kinda hooked on this high quality footage. YouTube and it's terrible flash player and streaming capabilities (not youtube really, just anything streamed in 1080p in a browse... #5
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We got payday 2 but we didn't get puppeteer. #1.2.2
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Hello! #186
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How much did you get for the ps3 version from gamestop? #5.1
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I can't say whether or not I will be buying the game if Mewtwo isn't in it. He was one of my top 3 used characters, possibly the most used, from Melee, and if he's not in the final game, I'll be pretty angry, as I'm apparently not the only one who has been asking for him and that a lot of fans want him to come back.

If they don't add him, then it will feel like a slap in the face, considering they've added characters nobody wanted or asked for lik... #9.1
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Not much of it is played on the actual game, most of the paper trail DLC time is spent deciphering codes and clues on a website.

Follow someone in game, take pictures of crime scene they point you to, switch over to your browser, look at photos/information/evidence that helps you unlock the phone you just picked up, figure out the login or code information for the website it points you to.

Don't get me wrong, it is kind of fun, but there's not much ac... #5.2
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"game is kinda boring after two playthroughs"

Fixed that for you.

There's more than enough excitement to be had on the second playthrough with the different set of powers and mystery of "how will my choices affect the story the second time around". Gameplay wise, I actually enjoyed my second playthrough more than my first, once you master traversal and combat, it's fun to go through the whole game with that mastery, especially on... #1.1.1
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I'd take infamous over uncharted any day of the week. I've always thought uncharted was way overrated. Infamous actually gives you very good reason to replay the game (generally, less so with second son than the first two, but still plenty of reason) whereas uncharted is one and done, you can experience everything there is to offer in a single 8 hour playthrough. Uncharted multiplayer has never been great, it's always been passable. Not many surprises with the story either. The be... #1.1.4
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Just to add to the paypal sucks club:

If you have more than one credit/debit card on paypal, and you have already linked your bank account, EVEN IF YOU SELECT A DIFFERENT DEBIT CARD AT CHECKOUT, IT WILL CHARGE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NO MATTER WHAT.

I ordered a Wii U on ebay (from neweggs ebay page) and when paypal came up, I selected my parents card to pay for it (needed it because it was a flash sale and I didn't have the money in my account, but did have it... #2.2
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A word of caution for those going for the platinum.

If you have already beaten the game on normal or easy, immediately change your difficulty on the one that you have beaten to expert.

THEN, start a new game for your second playthrough. What this will do is automatically set your new game to expert mode. I looked around some forums for this trophy, and that was the advice given. If you have yet to beat the game, then AS SOON AS YOU CAN, bring up the pause... #2.1.5
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I hate the comment section and the majority of the users here as well, but it's hard to leave, I've been here a long time, and I love the site design.

It would be a fine place to discuss gaming if at least 50% of the users acted like adults, but sadly, this site is overrun by immature children (or adults with no maturity whatsoever). #13
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If you like them, then more power to you, but I can't stand them, and disagree with pretty much everything you said.

As for why I like previous campaigns, they were just more memorable than newer titles.

CoD4 had the opening execution scene, the nuke scene where you crawl around looking for survivors until your death (my favorite part of the game), the all ghilled up section and I can't recall if this was mw2 or mw1, but... #1.1.18
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Yeah, I have. I've played and beat CoD2, CoD4, MW2 (all three on veteran), World at War, I played through 75% of Black Ops 1s campaign, and 50% of Black Ops 2s campaign (and about 20 minutes of MW3, though I couldn't stand 20 minutes of that trash).

CoD2/CoD4/MW1/World at War and parts of MW2 had sorta fun campaigns, but the story is no where near "great" in any of them, especially MW2 and everything afterwards.
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Comment #1144
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"I usually get Call of duty, mainly to play the campaign."

"Campaigns offer epic experiences, and they are usually highly produced, with great story"

"Call of Duty"
"great story" #1.1.7
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"Dark Soul's difficulty's appeal isn't video game elitism."

It is for some people. My friend absolutely loves Dark Souls, he still plays it HEAVILY to this day, like maybe 5-8 hours a day, and even he tells me that part of the enjoyment is the elitism he feels over everyone else who hasn't played it.

Then you have instances where, if someone criticizes the game in any way or says that they don't like it or want so and so featur... #2.5
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"With some single player games there is a lot of variety, multiplayer games...not so much."

That's only an opinion though. Variety can be what you make of it. Others might find variety where all you see is repetition. For instance, in a game like Battlefield, there are a ton of weapons, multiple classes, a bunch of gadgets and gear, vehicles, destructability, multiple support options, etc.

For the bigger multiplayer fans out there, these thin... #2.1.2
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I don't know if I like the sound of permanent damage. If I blow up a gas station just for the fun of it and just to see the sparks fly, that gas station will forever be blown up? I liked that in inFamous 2 I could just travel away from the area a bit and come back and it would be there for me to blow up again, not to mention sometimes I'll just slack off the main story and go around destroying everything destructible, does that mean there will be less and less things for me to destr... #3.3
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Team Deathmatch please #5
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