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Let me point out, since very few have yet to do so, that this "remastered" version only comes with 10 maps. CoD4 after DLC, had 20 maps. And I'm also pretty sure that when it launched, it had a few more than 10 maps, which means not only did they not include the DLC maps, but they took some away from the base version. Presumably to sell as DLC for their season pass.

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Dishonored has some similarities. Thief (old thief) and (old) Deus Ex shared some devs or some people I think, and I believe Dishonored was made up of some people from both. But whenever I think of games similar to Deus Ex HR, I always think of Dishonored. Glad there's a Dishonored 2 coming. And if you haven't played the first Dishonored, there's a ps4/xbox one remastered edition out now which should be pretty cheap by now. The gameplay tone is probably what is the most simil...

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Best playstation exclusive this gen imo.

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Infamous and resistance for me

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"But again, 5gb is not a lot."

It is when you have a monthly data cap.

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Loving this new entry. My GoTY so far, and definitely the best console exclusive IMO.

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This is my GoTY so far. Just started playing a couple of days ago and man, this game is fun, and the best looking ps4 game out right now.

Kerwan in particular is one of the most awesome looking places I've ever seen in a game, I had to stop several times to admire the scenery and vistas.

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^You can never know for sure, but at least with the Witcher 3 and those that release months later, aren't blatantly and disrespectfully throwing it in your face that you're getting less of a game.

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There's a user on this website spoiling the ending for this game, he might continue or there might be copycats. Either way, stay out of the n4g comments if not being spoiled is important to you

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Make sure they are usb 3.0, otherwise they wont work

I have a 2tb, a 500gb, a 120gb, and before I took it out of the enclosure to put it in my pc, a 1tb. Unfortunately, none of those will work, because none of those are usb 3.0

I really hate it when people say "oh you can just use an external hard drive you have laying around" as if it's normal and common to not only have one, but for it to be the latest and greatest version.

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There is combat. Of the hand to hand variety. Kick, punch, counter, flying attacks, sliding attacks. The game isn't JUST a bunch of running around.

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Dying Light has some pretty similar parkour mechanics. Though MEs are way more advanced.

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Anyone playing this beta, go into the video settings and crank up FOV settings to the max. It makes the running experience SOOO much more fluid and fun. It also makes running a LOT faster, or at least it seems like it does.

Plus, you can see more of your character, so you can get a better sense of when to do certain actions, instead of doing them too early or too late. This is on ps4 beta by the way, no longer a pc exclusive feature.

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Gameplay and graphics are great, story was cringeworthy and obnoxious. I have mixed feelings about the game.

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I've had it on my hard drive for a long time now but haven't started it. Is it better to play it with a dual shock 3 or a playstation move controller?

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Deus ex offers way more gameplay variety, choices in story, has a unique look and design whereas uc goes through the regular generic level types, aside from a few, and deus ex actually has a smart story, whereas uncharteds story has always been on par with a popcorn action flick). Zelda is zelda, it's always going to beat out uncharted.

Uncharted is the michael bay of video games. Shallow story (characters are charming sure, but still ultimately shallow). Most people li...

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"Those two games can't do anything about it"

Except be better games, which they probably will be. I have no doubt uc4 will win all the awards though, a naughty dog game winning goty is like call of duty getting a good score on ign: both will happen, but neither of those things indicate the actual quality of the game. I'm sure uc4 will be a pretty damned good game, but naughty dog games have always been massively over praised and overhyped. It's a shin...

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" except why even bother developing it for the xbox one and ps4 then?"

This may be hard to fathom, but some people actually play games for reasons other than graphics. Example: I played and enjoyed Uncharted 3 on ps3, even though it showed no graphical difference from the Uncharted 2.

What a stupid question.

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Wait, are you telling me that game developers need money for their work in order to make games? We aren't entitled to sequels whether they sell horribly or not?

They're totally threatening us! How despicable. They OWE us. They should be making high budget games for us WHETHER WE BUY THEM OR NOT, whether they make a profit or not.

I am entitled!!!

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Thats your opinion jb. If you don't like it, then play the hundreds of thousands of other "input only" games out there and stop bitching about this one. You and your ilk are exactly like those who try to get japanese games censored. "I dont like this, change it for meeeeee!" How about no. How's about you play something else, and let someome who wants to try making something new, try it, without whining like a little girl online about how you think all games should ...

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