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I don't like quick time events. There's a difference. And I don't own Kinect, but nice try on your baseless assumption.


Thank you for your actually useful comment.


It's a game made mostly of quick time events. I despise quick time events in any game. I do not like pre-determined button commands, they take away a sense of freedom and control for me and just... #2.1.6
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I'm hoping the gameplay doesn't mainly consist of quick time events like Heavy Rain did.

It looks really good, but the quick time event style gameplay (regardless of how many outcomes it produced) simply wasn't enjoyable to me. #2.1
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A man might pre-order BF3 if he sees some gameplay footage of the multiplayer. A man really liked BF3 premium, and a man is looking forward to seeing how BF4 will expand upon BF3.

But a man will wait for the ps4 version before he decides to buy or pre-order. #2.1.2
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So, basically, lose all your expectations for this game to be good.

Great. I loved Deus Ex Human Revolution, and was REALLY looking forward to their next game. Now it's seeming like in the end, they're probably just going to throw a bunch of unorganized/unpolished ideas together just to get it released like many other devs have done.

Ugh. What the hell is going on over there? #2
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Really loved the infamous 1 trailer at E3. #1.2
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I liked tools of destruction a lot more than a crack in time. Tools was my fist ratchet game to play and i believe my third or fourth ps3 game and i loved it. Took me a while to finish a crack in time though, i didn't like the rocket boots things and didn't like not having clank. Also didn't like the clank puzzle sections. #1.2.6
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I'll give the show a chance because most pilots for tv shows, even good tv shows, are usually pretty bad or uninteresting.

But the dialogue in the pilot of Defiance was especially bad and very cringeworthy. Hopefully the writing wasn't indicative of what's to come.

I haven't played the game so I can't comment on that.

The concept of the defiance tv show/video game crossover being built from the ground up and actually havi... #3.1
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I don't mind the feature being brought back if it's just supply drops/uav/air strikes (though those air strikes shouldn't be allowed in something like rush and shouldn't be very powerful, make them as powerful as a mortar strike in bf3).

But there's no way I'm going to take orders from some random douche who thinks he knows how to play the game better than I do and believes he is the key to whether or not we win the match, when all he's doing is si... #5
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Then why hire an established developer if you aren't going to trust them to make a product for you? Why not just start your own development studio with your own budget-conscious people if you are so worried about what a different developer might do with your money?

If you hire someone like say DICE, BioWare, Insomniac, etc., then obviously you have enough faith/trust in those developers to make a good game that will sell a decent amount(after all, you just hired them), s... #2.1.2
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It's not showing up on mine. Do you have to be a PC premium member? I have premium, but it's on PSN. #7
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Are you referring to Bioshock Infinite? #9.1.1
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No, just no.

I don't know how it is for pc (only played the pc beta for about 20 minutes), but it is most certainly not "awful" in ANY sense of the word.

The game looks good on consoles (not amazing, but good), it plays good and is in my opinion, the best military online fps on consoles to date.

Perhaps you haven't played it on consoles, or have not played very much of it, or you're just a trol... #1.1.2
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There's been a few collectors editions that America missed out on and got crappier versions of instead.

I don't keep up with CEs as much as I used to, but in recent memory, the Resistance 3 and Saints Row The Third collectors editions (the non-american versions) were far better in their respective countries.

Saint's Row The Third got(in australia I think) cuff links, an ice cube tray with the shape of bullets and some sungla... #1.1.2
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Sure, so long as it's not trying push some sort of belief system down your throat or some kind of moral message. #9
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Yeah, I think I put it down a little bit after I rescued Kanji.

The way currently play it, is spend all my time in the real world, doing everything I can do, until I absolutely have to go into the tv world, and then go into the tv world and plow through that. The tv world requires some VERY long gaming sessions if you do it all at once.

I've thought of doing just half of the floors, then going back to the real world and take a break, then go back later,... #8.1.1
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Personally I don't like it that much. P4G is my first and only game I've actually purchased for my vita (have a few through ps+), and I can't bring myself to play much more, let alone finish it.

The characters and dialogue are awesome, but the gameplay is starting to get really boring, and some of the restrictive scheduling the game imposes on you just annoys me(can't improve a social link at night time, what kind of crap is that).

Oh and the... #8
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Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but don't most 'multiplayer-only' titles do pretty terrible sales wise? #1.1.2
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So all it takes for you completely write off a franchise is one bad sequel?

And "brainless scumbags", really? Does it offend you THAT MUCH that people have different tastes/opinions than you or are willing to give a developer one more chance, to the point where you resort to childish insults to people you don't even know?

Grow up kid, seriously. #5.1
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Go talk to the lady without the face in the nexus (the central room where there is no enemies) when you have some souls. I believe every time you put a point into something, that counts as leveling up. She usually hangs around the very bottom floor. #7.1
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My friend, who never shuts up about Dark Souls, played DkS first and then DS, and he liked DkS better. One of the main reasons he mentions being that armor is a lot more important in DkS than it is in DS. #16.1.2
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