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Ah the days of playing as master chief on ps3.

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Anybody else notice Sony becoming a holes the moment Jack Tretton stepped down and Shawn Layden stepped in?

I had a bad feeling about it then. Looks like I was right. Tretton was a gamer, and an all around awesome guy who listened to the consumers. Layden is a suit whose only interest is his own paycheck.

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P.T. man, P.T.

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So OBVIOUSLY this means Bethesda will now price the ps4 version lower since it's less of a game, right?

Just kidding, of course they won't. They treated ps3 owners like shit, why would they be any different with ps4 owners?

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Hell, not even all 4k tvs have HDR support. I went with a budget 4k tv back in November because my 32 inch finally died, and then I start hearing about all this hdr stuff and check to find out if mine has it and it doesn't. It's not even a feature that comes with 4k natively. Needless to say, I'm pondering whether I should get a ps4 pro at all.

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Even though you were joking, the water in Wind Waker HD is actually very beautiful.

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Would YOU boycott your favorite game franchise if they turned out to be sjw a-holes? If not, don't ask others to.

I refused to buy Overwatch, I traded in Uncharted 4 because of their crap (not JUST because of that, I did think it was a glorified climbing sim, but it certainly didn't help hearing about neil druckmans influences), I crossed fire emblem off my radar, but Borderlands 2 is probably my favorite game ever. I don't think I can resist a proper borderland...

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Ill paste this comment here, might help some folks

Start an amazon prime trial for free, pre order the legacy edition (which will come out to 63 bucks with the 20 percent discount) and then cancel your prime trial.

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Appreciate the article, it's nice to know there's at least SOME journalists who call out anti gamer gaters for their bs.

As to what I think about this particular situation, it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. I was expecting to be infuriated, as I'm pretty easily offended by stupidity/sjws, and even more upset when it comes from someone I used to respect (borderlands is my favorite franchise, and pre sequels sjw lines from the explosion guy a...

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Start an amazon prime trial for free, pre order the legacy edition (which will come out to 63 bucks with the 20 percent discount) and then cancel your prime trial.

Pretty easy if you really want it.

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Jeez, someones getting overly defensive.

And I'm entitled because I'm not buying a game at launch? How do you come up with that stupid logic?

And yes, 100 dollars for the full experience. To get the most out of multiplayer in any game, you need all the maps. And vanilla may be fun and great, but it's not going to be the full experience. At least in my opinion anyways. If you're happy spending 110 bucks on a multiplayer fps, or 60 on a mu...

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This makes my decision on whether to buy this day one easier. Plenty of other games I don't have to spend 100 bucks on to get the full experience that are coming out.

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Or you could buy right now for 38 bucks.

Enter promo code "slick" to knock it down from 42 to 38.

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"And, if you REALLY want to play with a PS4 controller, you can just plug one in. you can also sync it with bluetooth and use a program to allow it to be used in everything."

Except games aren't optimized for ds4 controller use, and can't be unless the developers will it. So playing a game with the ds4 on ps4 vs pc feels COMPLETELY different. The functions still work, sure, but it's nowhere near as precise and doesn't feel the same at all, it just ...

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Not that bad. Most games I've played recently take up about 48 to 52gb. Bf4 with all the free dlc map packs i recently downloaded takes up 70 gigs.

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You know, for some reason, despite hr being one of my top 5 games, my hype for this game died down shortly after the reveal trailer. Dunno why, maybe it's the lack of media coverage for it on this site, maybe it's because I'm playing two simultaneous sci fi/hacker games at the moment (got blops 3 recently for 20 bucks and watch dogs for 5) and dread getting yet another game to add to the backlog. But seeing this review, a great review from a notoriously picky reviewer that likes t...

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It's promotional material, not even a trailer, it's supposed to be lazy. And I wouldn't even call it that, as it does a good job telling some of the basics of the plot in just 3 words by relating it to real world events.

And how does it cheapen BLM? By comparing it to a serious real life issue when "it's just a video game"? If that's the case you're trying to make then you clearly don't respect video games enough as an art form and prob...

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will release on its release date like crazy.

It makes other games releasing on their release dates look like shit.

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Why wouldn't a console give them a good experience? You can hook a console up to a sound system after all.

I've recently been trying to learn about audio, and to a smaller extent, video, all the in depth stuff specifically. Why wouldn't someone use a console to play video or audio? Won't the new xbox one play 4k blu rays and have the same sound quality as a dedicated player would, as long as it's hooked up to a good sound system?

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Playstation 3. I grew up with it, and loved it. Especially Resistance Fall of Man.

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