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"It was $17.99 for Tomb Raider on Amazon, but $12.50 on Steam."

Actually tomb raider, at least a couple of days ago anyway, was 10.60 with a coupon code "gooncave" or something like that. I don't know if it's still up though. #7.1
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Those 2 bucks can go a long way during these sales. I'm saving up for the ps4, so I set my budget to around 10-15 bucks, and for 10 bucks I've already got FEZ (5), System Shock 2 (2.50) and Terraria (2.50). Haven't bought anything from Amazon YET, but don't act like 2 dollars is nothing when it comes to Steam summer sales, because the 2 bucks you save somewhere can go to a whole new game somewhere else. #3.3
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You can get it for $10.62 at Amazon with the coupon code Gooncave #8
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Can't wait for this game to come to ps4 in a year or two (post launch that is). #4
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What would you change about it then? Going by the assumption that you're not just some FPS addict who completely lacks good taste and knowledge of other genres of gameplay, what would you have changed about Journey?

Customizable suits? Swords? Guns? Spells? If you have finished Journey, I honestly cannot even come close to understand how you believe it's "lacking in gameplay". The gameplay itself isn't as "deep" or as multi-featured as other... #5.4.1
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"EDIT - Voice recognition is much cooler than the camera, in my opinion, but that's software."

That's pretty much the only thing that I find interesting and impressive about Kinect, voice commands, which if done right, could enhance quite a few games. Look at the uses it has for Skyrim (I haven't personally tested it out myself, just watched a youtube video on it).

Saying "poison weapon" or "switch to fire spell" or... #1.1.11
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They had a sale on the dashboard yesterday, one month for one dollar. I think it already expired though, but I'm not sure. #22.2.3
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1 dollar actually #22.1.1
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Lame. Just bought a month of XBL hoping I would be getting these here pretty soon. #22
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" You use profanity like a 5th grader that just learned the F word"

...I used it once in my comment (in an abbreviation). But nice that you automatically assume I'm a teenager.

You know what? I apologize. I should know better than to have responded to someone like you in the first place. People like you aren't happy unless they're picking a fight with someone about something.

I try and discuss the possible positives... #1.1.25
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"So you can't use an analogy here at all? Nothing?"

There are plenty of gaming related analogies you could have used, instead you tried to push your irrelevant and opinionated beliefs onto others. Also, this article has absolutely nothing to do with morality, it has nothing to do with politics.

If you want people to hear your irrelevant opinions about politics, then go to a political forum or post something on facebook, or better yet, have an a... #1.1.22
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Clearly you didn't bother to read my whole comment. Seems you were too busy trying to push your political beliefs on other people.

Please gtfo here with that crap, this is a gaming forum, not a political forum. #1.1.20
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"Most core gamers have shown the camera isn't something for which they care and would rather developers take that time and effort and expend it elsewhere"

That's because it hasn't really been properly implemented in very many core games. Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim seem to be the only ones that come to mind, and Skyrim only got it from a later patch which didn't launch with the game.

Personally, from the youtube video demonstration I s... #1.1.15
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"And because of mouse/keyboard. BF is a game that feels 10x better with mouse."

I have both versions, and though I've only spent maybe 5-8 hours with the PC version, I still prefer playing BF3 on PS3. It still does feel good on PC, but it's a lot more comfortable and easier for me with a ds3. #6.2.2
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Can ustream not broadcast live gameplay?

The only differences I've been able to notice so far are simply that a lot more people use Twitch, but that other than the community it has, it has no advantages/disadvantages over ustream.

If that's the case, then there's the argument to be made that once next gen consoles release, ustream might actually start to get a decent gaming community. Probably nowhere near the amount Tw... #1.4.3
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@Dark Witness

I don't understand it either, and I have and use both controllers quite frequently.

I personally love both controllers, and they both feel very natural to me. Lucky me I guess, I seem to be one of the few people that really love both. And I primarily play shooters, which the 360 pad is supposed to be the best at and the dualshock 3 is supposed to be inferior at.

Both symmetrical and asymmetrical sticks feel the same level... #1.1.22
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Dishonored is a game that heavily encourages stealth and many elements of the game are built around stealth, so I gotta disagree with you on that part.

But my favorite stealth game has to be Deus Ex Human Revolution. #5.1
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I wouldn't say that. The gameplay was awesome, but the moral choice system in the game was one of the worst I've ever seen in a game. #4.1
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THIS is how you prevent used game sales. Developers, publishers, TAKE NOTE. #14
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"Well actually I'd easily say jonathon knows more about tech than cliffy B"

Not defending Cliffy B here, but wasn't there an article here a while ago that stated Jonathan Blow was using like 5 gigs of RAM for The Witness? Something pretty much not even the most graphically intense or physics heavy games require? #1.2.3
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