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Lol, you wanna blame anyone, blame Nintendo (and nintendo fans who only buy exclusives) not EA. Nintendo has never made it easy for third parties. There's no reason to waste resources porting games nobody will play to a system whose owners only play nintendo exclusives, and at best, call of duty games. They're not a charity, they're a business.

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I didnt "love" the originals, and I hated it. One of the douchiest main characters I've ever played as, got it for free on plus and deleted it an hour and a half later, couldn't stand how obnoxious "Dante" was and how lame the attempt by the dev was to make the main character appear "cool", "hip" and "rebellious".

Too bad, as what I've seen of it, I really enjoyed the art style. Too bad it was wasted on a ga...

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They got the gunplay perfect. I've never played another shooter that plays as well as Destiny does. Along with the loot system (which they hired psychologists to ensure was addicting enough to keep people hooked), I think the gunplay was one of the biggest reasons people (such as myself) kept playing.

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I kinda gave up on settlement building after a while. I like the concept, but in addition to it not being a very fleshed out feature, the issue of items you place on desks and shelves sinking through floors and ceilings still remain. I spent about 2 or 3 hours decorating my house in a settlement, only to find out that next time I loaded up the game to play it, everything was either half way through the ceiling or buried under the floorboards, even had some alcohol bottles make their way from ...

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You get to more easily tell how much more damage your shiny new sniper rifle is doing than your old one, with modifiers active and all (most inventory screens in games only show how much the damage of the base weapon is, without the perks.

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I don't think they're short changing us for making mp only games, I think they're short changing us by charging for full price for them, especially when many of these games also have season passes.

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Can you please link this story?

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Any of the dlc actually worth buying or is it just challenge rooms and character skins? Just hopped on this deal, is the season pass essentially necessary or is it just garbage extras?

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I don't get that feeling of satisfaction after dying countless times, I get that feeling of "finally, got that sh*tty part of the game over with, what a waste of time". Which is why I don't like the Souls games. Why get frustrated trying to satisfy myself by dying a dozen times, repeating the same level over and over again, when I can just play a game that can give me satisfaction on the first, second or even third try? It just seems like a chore rather than actually being ...

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It's a bumped up price because last I checked, there's no physical copy of the game that doesn't have the amiibo in it. It bumped up the price because without it, the game would most likely be $40 or $50.

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Absolutely. I'd take happily put up with cut content as dlc, greedy microtransactions, buggy games if it meant I never had to hear the words, sexism, misogyny, feminist, objectification, Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, gamergate, offensive, trigger (unless it has to do with the actual game) again, or any of the insanely stupid statements or questions "why can't link be a girl?" "Why can't [established character] be the total opposite of what he/she was before in orde...

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Still informative. I used to have the app on my galaxy s2, and when I got my Note 4, I learned that it was no longer on the store, at least not for my new phone. This article let me know I can now download it on my Note 4, so it was news to me.

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Sweet! Comes out on my birthday, never had a game I wanted come out on my birthday before. Already got this pre-ordered for 40 bucks at Amazon (had a really good deal a while back).

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He's a problem because he bought a game and had fun with it?

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And most folks on this site will completely forego their own opinions and judgement and base their entire decision on whether or not they like something on the basis on whether its popular. Because it makes them feel special and unique to hate on the popular thing.

In that sense, some of you folks are exactly the same as the people who only think CoD games are worth playing. Any time something that you like becomes mainstream, you cease to like it. And why? Because it makes ...

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I have that happen to me all the time, I dont think it's a glitch, I think if you're in a certain proximity to enemies, even if you're far away, you'll get xp.

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Check the last place you dismissed him. In the very beginning of the game, I lost him too, but he was not at any doghousr or settlement, he was in concords museum, staring at the mural.

The reason I think he was there, is that when I commanded him to do something, I was accidentally in front of him when I tried to get him to "move" somewhere, but if you are in front of your companion facing him, or if he walks into your view, the command button changes from "mo...

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Big fan of the first one, but man, it's hard to get excited about the second one, what with the main character looking and sounding like a girl...and also being some cat human hybrid (a weird anime trend I'm not a fan of).

Also no studio ghibli involvement. That said, I had reservations about the first one having a child as the main character and still liked the game, so maybe I'll get over the new main character eventually.

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"I don't force myself to have the same opinion as everyone else because the internet tells me I should"

No, you force yourself to have the opposite opinion of everybody else because you believe it makes you special and unique.

I agree with your hatred for SJWs and Tumblr feminazis, but these situations are not comparable. Konami is just plain in the wrong, given the evidence. Now if new evidence comes to light that proves it was Kojima who wa...

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I own both a gaming pc and consoles. I choose consoles every time, even multiplatform titles.

I could tell you the reasoning behind it, but you simply wouldn't understand it and would debate it to death and try to inject your own experience into my own experience as if it were proof that I am wrong, but I wont do that because I know it's pointless. You simply would have to see it from my perspective, something which is impossible for you, or eve...

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