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Depends. I have the golds, and used them VERY heavily for about a year now, I think I bought them shortly after playing the Destiny Alpha, so it's been nearly a year of heavy use and they finally broke a month or two ago due to some plastic that keeps it hinged. Luckily I was still within warranty (1 year) and was able to get a free replacement from Sony (had to pay shipping though).

I had the turtle beach wired headset before and they broke, which led me to the golds....

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Am I living in an alternate universe where Gears 2 mp WASN'T a broken mess that took 20 minutes to find a match at launch? Because it did, and it was awful. Havent played judgement, but Gears 2 is definitely the worst Gears I've played.

Didn't really care for the Dom/Wife plot either.

Gears 1 and 3 were the best by far.

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Stop trying to justify your elitist hatred as something other than elitist hatred.

Supporting Destiny is not supporting the downfall of video games or whatever you fanboys want to tell yourself, just like eating at chick fil a is not supporting homophobia, or whatever example you want to use.

Also, this may surprise you, but most gamers play games to have fun, not to support or boycott some silly cause. There are a lot more important th...

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Grow up.

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Unlikely. When the game doesn't sell well, theyll probably think "derp, I guess people don't actually want a metroid game, we shouldn't make anymore. /derp"

This is kind of like what square enix did a year or two ago with that "big announcement" of the final fantasy 7 (remaster of pc version) coming to ps4.

Nintendos event was pure garbage IMO.

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At least you get a chance. Most other games don't even get that. We don't live in a perfect, idealistic world, games live and die by funding, not what should and shouldn't be, not whats awesome, not whats lame.

I sure as hell know that if the devs of some cancelled franchises I loved just straight up came out and said "if you don't buy our game, the franchise is dead", then I would have bought those games day one, but by the time I realized they we...

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Hey, at least you're getting a chance to save your franchise this time around. I'd prefer it if more devs came out and asked for help to save the franchise instead of it just being killed off.

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Agreed. Even though the game itself didnt turn out how I hoped, the surprise itself was very exciting. Kinda wish Fallout 4 was announced like that at E3 instead of waking up to some youtube trailer which was basically "oh, fallout 4 is confirmed, cool I guess".

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I cant see how people like the sticks. Theyre way too concave, unless youre putting the tip of your finger in the center of them at a vertical angle, you cant touch them. Not with a slanted thumb rest position that is. You basically have to rely on that stupid rough outer ring. Playing titanfall, a game where you constantly have to press the stick to sprint, or any other game with click stick sprint on xbox one, hurts my thumbs. It pisses me off, because the 360 controller was absolutely perf...

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Is this game a sequel, prequel or completely separate story wise from Halo 3? Should I play 3 again to refresh memory or can I just go and play ODST and understand everything?

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I cant get used to it. I hate the grip, the sides of the controller feel way too big, the matte finish is uncomfortable, the triggers have those annoying extensions on the side which make it feel like a huge button rather than a trigger, but I think the worst part is the sticks. They're way too concave, you cant even really touch the middle of the sticks if you're using your natural slant for your thumbs, you have to rely on that stupid ring grip for all of your movements, which gives...

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Wish they made a 360 shaped controller, personally I absolutely hate the xbox one controller, it's so uncomfortable in every way.

They should "remaster" the 360 controller for xbox one, keep the shape, add rumble to the existing triggers if possible (if not, then screw it, I dont really notice them much anyways).

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I actually like remasters, so this news would be pretty exciting for me... if Capcom had anything good they could remaster, but honestly, the only thing I can remember enjoying from them is Resident Evil 5, and even then, I played that game so much I dont think I'd want to play it again.

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Portal 3

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Okami HD! Been waiting forever for a good price on it.

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While it does feel somewhat delicate, that also works for it as a positive, as it's light and feels very comfortable on the head. Only complaint I have with mine is that the battery is pretty crappy. Idk how long it used to last, but mine only lasts about 3 hours now.

But I was able to get mine for 54 bucks so I can't complain.

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What is immature about hating a company? You think just because something is logical that it shouldn't be hated or criticized? I'm sure it's logical for companies to do a lot of f'd up crap, like for insurance companies to find the tiniest little reasons to deny as many people coverage as possible to maximize profit, that doesn't mean people don't have the right to be upset. Not comparing the severity of that with this situation, just trying to point out that people h...

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Most of these things have been confirmed, so Im not sure what point your sarcastic comment is supposed to achieve. If your point was to say "you havent played it yet so you cant be sure if these things will affect or hinder your enjoyment of the game" then sorry, but you cant assume what other people will like or not like, most people know what they will and wont enjoy/tolerate.

Most of these things dont bother me, except for voice chat, which after playing the test...

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Using outside sources is not an acceptable solution. Sorry, no matter how great nintendo is (or no matter how great people THINK they are) this is one issue that you cannot defend.

No voice chat option built into a primarily mp experience, a mp shooter none the less, in 2015, is unacceptable. Want to make the game inherently family friendly? Turn it off by default, make it something you have to opt in, something you have to activate. Tie it to parental controls where it's...

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