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Yeah, I only realized this recently, after having considered buying a vita, I must have enough games to fill up a 64gb should I get one, only to remember that I'd neglected to remember the fact that you actually have to download them on the vita/app/website. Probably won't buy one anymore.

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I was just saying it's not comparable, given that you brought up the 3ds and wii u, implying that the switch is a combination of both of them, but at a better price and deal. And I explained why it's not a good comparison.

The accessories are not optional, depending on what you're used to. Most people are used to at least a "pro controller style" of controller. For those people, the switch pro controller is NOT optional, it's mandatory.

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Not really comparable to the 3ds, as I can get a hell of a lot more than 3 hours out of my 3ds before it dies. And lugging around some stupid usb battery pack to extend its life defeats the purpose of it being portable as well.

This is a half assed console all around. It's not great as a portable (due to awful battery life), it's not great as a home console (cant even run a last gen game remastered), instead of being good at one thing it's mediocre at two thin...

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I hear you man. It's tough to strike a balance between the two.

On the one hand, you have whiny little sissies complaining that mario is sexist, people who will likely never actually play the games they complain about, even if every game dev did all of a sudden cave to their every whim. Many of these people are just trying to control shit.

On the other hand, you have these inbred racist/sexist/everything-ist-p hobic fuckwits...

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I'm shocked. SHOCKED! Well, not that shocked.

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Assassin's Creed Syndicate is pretty well received too.

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What's sad is that you and others actually believe anything that comes out of that orange man babies mouth just because he shares your hateful opinions.

"Hey, Trump hates blacks, gays, mexicans, muslims, treats women as lesser than men and talks just like I do. That must mean hes just like me and cares about me and my interests!"

That would be true, if your only interests are putting down minorities. I'm no Clinton supporter, but god ...

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Actually I read it properly. You said the visuals "in the trailer", "the" being the operative word. Had you simply said "the visuals look like a studio ghibli anime" I wouldn't have asked you to point to what trailer you were referring to. Maybe you need to learn to read your own comments before you post them?

Doesn't look like studio ghiblis anime to me at all. It looks like they took a good franchise and added a bunch of weird and s...

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To which trailer are you referring? I thought studio ghibli had nothing to do with this game. Which is why I don't plan on getting it. Well, that, and the main character is a boy that looks and sounds like a straight up girl, and is also somehow a cat-person.

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...a game of that scale? Correct me if I'm wrong, but we know absolutely nothing about the gameplay, we've seen some impressive cgi or in game cutscenes or whatever the fck they're called, but that's about it. It could be open world, it could be a quicktime heavy game, it could be a situation where you dont control the camera at all(implying that devs can make it look better than average by controlling what's on screen and what isn't using power).


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"but it can also sort of be considered a good thing, when you consider how much it demonstrates their desire to make the Switch focus entirely around pure gaming functions"

Or, it demonstrates just how lazy Nintendo is, and how little effort effort they plan to put into the switch that they can't even have one basic app on their system at launch.

Glass half full, or glass half empty? You decide. I think Nintendo are just lazy but are justif...

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Yo, EDMIX: I have a request for you. From now on, when you comment, can you not make so many separate paragraphs and instead, bunch them together into bigger chunks? Everytime I see your well thought out and detailed comments I want to read them, but damn, it's a huge wall of text I have to keep scrolling through on my phone and sometimes I just gotta skip because it's too much. Maybe do like 3 or 4 big paragraphs for most of your comments.

Not telling you to do any...

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Depends on what smart tv you have I guess. I have a vizio, with a netflix button right on the remote and holy crap is it fast to boot up, it became faster with the update. The ui is pretty fast too.

Other than watching 4k videos, I don't have much reason to use my ps4s netflix app, though I use to use it and ps3s app all the time. It does suck that my 4k tvs built in youtube app doesn't even display at 4k, while amazons app on the tv does. And recently the pause men...

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I hope you're not implying that the lack of basic media features will somehow equate to a better or more pure gaming experience.

Because that would be stupid.

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There's nothing stopping you from doing that with the other consoles, both offer auto start for discs and such, they don't "force" anything on you. Don't blame them if you're too stupid to find that setting. At least the other consoles give you a choice between a complex UI with some customization or auto start.

With switch, you just get this crappy, lazily designed UI. But hey, it's Nintendo, so they get a free pass right?

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So let me get this straight: we now have to pay money to Nintendo to play online, and in exchange for this investment, we get month long trials of 20 year old games (not even subscription long trials?), voice chat that isn't even integrated into the console that has to be used with a smart device, video capture features "coming in the future" (why not at launch?).

So where in the hell will the subscription money be going to? Because it damned sure isn't go...

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Wait, what?

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Just tell yourself you supported a developer in need, one that deserves the support. After EA f*cked over Respawns masterpiece, imo, it has the best mp since cod4. I'm waiting to get a ps4 pro before I do the campaign, but have heard great things about it, something you really never hear about shooter campaigns unless it's an rpg or a game with rpg like elements (like bioshock).

I actually bought Titanfall 2 digital full price, even when the first half price sale f...

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Quick question for everyone, should I get playstation vr, or a ps4 pro?

Something to note, I do have a 43 inch 4k tv, but it does NOT have HDR.


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Please tell me you're joking. If you think this is okay, then you're a pathetic and horrible human being.

Doesn't matter if you agree with what the Overwatch writers are doing with their characters or not, this is censorship, plain and simple. I wonder how many of you who agree with discoman have complained about games being censored in the past, only to now upvote the same thing you were complaining about in the first place?

If you have, you ...

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