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Mobile users, don't click the link. At this time, I've clicked the link in the article twice (the one that takes you to the ms page) and both times it brought up one of those unskippable, unbackoutable, vibrating, your phone is infected ads.

Go to the ms site yourself.

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If you want to play it anonymously, just create a new psn account and play it on that.

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Anyone remember the previous psn store? How quick and slick it was? I popped in mass effect 2 the other day and checked out the dlc storefront in game and to a pleasant surprise, that store is actually built into the game, you can still browse it and it's soooo much better than the ps4 version it currently has (which it can't handle).

Wish they'd just revert the ps3 store back to that, dunno why they think they gotta have parity designs with their stores.

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I just check cheapassgamer a few times a day.

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:( It no longer releases on my birthday.

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Can't wait to give it a first.

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If the wii u version doesn't come with some sort of cross buy or heavy discount on the nx version for buying the wii u version, I'd be pretty annoyed and would probably just skip the NX.

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I stopped playing pokemon after ruby and sapphire. Then at separate garage sales about 3 years back, I found a functional ds lite with the hinge broken (couldn't hold itself in place, got used to it though) and a copy of soul silver a year earlier for 4 bucks. Idk why I stopped playing after ruby/sapphire, probably thought I was too old for it.

When I finally found that ds and started playing ss, I had the greatest nostalgia experience I've ever had with a game. So m...

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April 26 is my birthday. Nothing ever happens on April 26th, so Uncharted 4 coming out then is pretty special to me. It's like Naughty Dog saying "Happy Birthday", lol.

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Thing is, most consumers aren't passionate about games like we are. Even if they knew they were a getting a crap deal, they wouldn't care. You probably wouldn't stop buying twinkies or gum or whatever trivial unnecessary thing if they included less of them would you? Most of you probably wouldn't because it's not that big a fn deal to you. Nobody stops buying chips even though it's mostly a bag of air and they put less of them in than they used to.


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Agreed. I loved New Vegas faction system.

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It's a Playstation, not an Xbox.

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Obviously it's mental, my point was that nostalgia isn't really under anyone's control.

"If you can go back and still enjoy a game despite its age, that completely eliminates that notion."

No, because I can go play some pretty crappy games right now and still enjoy them, whereas at this age, if it was the first time I played it, would think it was total crap.

Doesn't mean you'll like everything you liked in th...

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"Older games were better and it's not because of nostalgia."

Thing is, you're not really qualified to make that statement if you lived through those generations of games, because nostalgia is extremely blinding, due to the fact that it's not even completely about the game, it's about how you felt at the time, it's about perspective. Everything is better when you're younger (barring some horrible trauma), everything is newer, fresher and mor...

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It's not less linear. It's small and cramped the majority of the game. Loadouts were not unbalanced. Weapons are only on the map this time around because 343 thought they could score brownie points with the halo hardcore by doing so. There may be only one forge map technically, but nearly all of them are ugly enough that you can't tell whether they were made by the devs or some random forge amateur. The dmr feels nothing like the one in halo 4.

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Gotta disagree there. I'm no Halo purist, so I don't think halo 1 - 3 are the only good halo games, but I very much dislike halo 5s mp. Warzone is a total bore, req packs suck (and wreak of sleaze due to microtransactions).

And ads, oh boy. I always thought ads would make halo better. Boy was I wrong. It ruined the dmr, as well as a few other weapons, and I don't see the point of them taking away loadouts if the weapons are so "balanced".

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I didn't repeat what you said, and you missed the point, but if it means that much to you to be right on the internet that you're willing to ignore the point I'm trying to make and see what you want to see out of my comment, then go right ahead.

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Eh, agree to disagree. If anyone truly gave the slightest crap about mass effect, they wouldn't have bought it on wii u to begin with and have nobody to blame but themselves if they bought 3 and were disappointed to find out that the other 2 would not come later.

I mean it's one half assed game, in a time when the wii u was starving to death for games, EA may have thrown nintendo a half eaten cheeseburger, but at least they gave them something.

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Unsurprising "response" from someone as immature as yourself.

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