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I'll stand with you there, BL2 was probably my favorite game last gen too, though i still can't decide whether i like it or bioshock more. But yeah, it's one of the very few truly hilarious games out there, with a crap ton of replayability. I'm not one for doing multiple playthroughs on games generally (pretty much only do them on games with multiple endings and maybe two or three others), but i played through borderlands 2 8 times, more than any other game. Heck, I'm wait... #17.1
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I loved inFamous 2, in fact it's probably my favorite open world action game, but UGC sucked and was a pretty worthless addition to the game. #4.2
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The fact that this game is coming from the ORIGINAL creators of the last great call of duty games, (cod4 being among some of the best multiplayer shooters available), is the reason people hyped it up.

I'm not getting an Xbox One and have no interest in doing so, but I was looking forward to this game before it was even announced, and I'd really like Titanfall on PS4, simply because these guys know what they're doing when it comes to competitive multiplayer shooter... #4.1
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Very much so. They certainly saved me some money this month.

I was almost considering purchasing the new DmC at some point, maybe if it had hit 10-15 dollars, I thought hey, maybe it's not as bad as I think it will be and that I was overreacting a little bit, and that just maybe, while it might not be a good devil may cry game, it might be a good game in it's own right.

I was wrong. An hour playing that game with one of the most obnoxious, d-bag ch... #1.1.6
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Why not both for ps4?

After they're finished with The Witcher 3, hopefully they can get a small team together to port The Witcher 2 over to ps4 (I say small because their next project is Cyberpunk, and they don't need all their resources on one port).

The Witcher 2 would look amazing on the ps4. #8.1
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Can't wait. This is definitely my favorite Playstation exclusive franchise. #3
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Well it looks like the creator wants to bring it to ps4, as long as he can publish for free and patch his own game for free. #3.2
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I'll be in my bunk. #51
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Manchester in my opinion is still one of the greatest multiplayer maps of all time. #6.3
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Battlefield 3 premium edition on ps4. Bf4 is good (when it works anyways), but even without glitches, BF3 is still much better, and would benefit really well being ported to the ps4. #2.2
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Wish this had come out in north America back then #3
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It is unfair and yes, those reviews that knock single player for not having mp are crap reviews as well, I'm not defending them at all. I'm just saying we should be better than those crappy reviewers and learn to recognize that we all see value differently. We shouldn't stoop to their ignorant way of thinking. #16.1.3
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"AND will they call it out for not having a single player despite paying the same amount of money as a normal priced game."

What does that have to do with the score? A game isn't inherently better or worse off for not having a multiplayer or single player mode. One of those modes might not be your thing (in this case it seems like you think Titanfall will be a lesser game because it wont have sp), but it will be for plenty of other people, and neither of our o... #16.1.1
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I am thankful for my family and the incredible opportunity to be able to afford and enjoy this wonderful hobby that we all come here for. #314
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Do you mean "didn't add" or did you actually mean "won't" add? If so, can you provide a link saying where DICE said they wont add it? #2.2.1
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Link please. I'd like to put my mind at ease even further. #9.1
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I hope that's the case, but the way they talk about the system, it sounds like they just read a few features off of some Amazon product page and put it in the show.

It just seemed to tip a little too much in favor of the Xbox One.

3 of the four boys (at first) support Xbox One

The scene where there are only like 4 or 5 kids on the side of the ps4 (showing that almost nobody wanted ps4)

the framer... #7.1.5
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It kind of felt like Matt and Trey were trying to be neutral, but failed, and there are more signs that point to them being biased towards the Xbox, and obviously they know very little of the ps4 with that "xbox one has a higher framerate" comment.

Pretty much every new south park game besides the stick of truth is exclusive to xbox 360, the stick of truth itself is getting exclusive timed dlc, and there's a ton of south park avatars and themes and stuff like th... #7.1.3
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Is it necessary for you to have already pre-ordered a game first? I held off pre-ordering any games specifically for a deal like this (buy 2 get one free). #10
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Not being a fan of racing games myself and also finding Contrast to be one of the few indie games that looked really interesting, I'm actually kind of glad that Drive Club is delayed. #1.6.3
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