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None of the CoDs after MW1 and 2 were like CoD4. They were mediocre. Mw1 was a mp masterpiece.

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Actually no, it wouldn't have made a bit of difference whether they gave it an amazing review or not. Truthfully, I didnt read IGNs review, I've actually been staying away from that site all together.

I just figured I'd encourage those who DO care about their reviews to not let this sway their opinion, and to not forget that the first Mirrors Edge had similar review scores. And it's due to the fact that most reviewers simply don&#...

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I dont care what IGN says, I'm getting it. Most reviews I'm seeing are 7s and 8s, and given that a large portion of "game journalists" are the types to give 8s, 9s and 10s to every cod, I don't really trust their opinions either, most low scores will probably be the result of these people being disappointed there isn't any guns or shooting in the game. Just like the first one.

I played the alpha, it was good. Not cancelling my pre order, and I sugg...

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Oh I know man. This game creates sooo many inside jokes that just get people in my group cracking up. One of my friends always wanted a gjallahorn, he played it for SOOOO long, was the most generous player ever and helped people out with stuff he already did 100 times before and would get nothing out of it. It was a running joke at that point that he would never get gjallahorn, hell, even when we as a group beat something really hard, we'd wish he got his gjallahorn rather than wish fo...

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" For me, this game ended up being more about the people I played with rather than the game itself."

I honestly think that's why people played Destiny for so long, at least it's why I did. I had a hell of a time f'king around with online friends on Destiny, met some really cool PSN friends. Had it not been for them, I would have undoubtedly quit Destiny within a few weeks, rather than playing it heavily for an entire year. Destiny is good at bringin...

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I agree with you stonewall. Even Uncharted 1 is better than 4. 4 is just a climbing simulator. How people can think it's so great, I'll never know. Graphics probably, and little exposure to good dialogue and good stories.

This article reeks of pathetic uncharted fanboyism. Highest caliber my ass, a climbing sim with a few shootouts, generic characters, a tacked on plot to a franchise that was already done, uncharted 4 is a huge disappointment. The only reason it...

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Where are you seeing the digital version for 40?

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Interesting. Hopefully it doesn't have the esurance art style that the first games cutscenes did.

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Who said I was a single console owner? I have an Xbox One and a Wii U as well.

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Best exclusive this gen.

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"What i do find odd is that you say you're "ranting", then you get defensive before you even finish writing"

I find that it saves time. Had I not "gotten defensive", I'd have been accused of being an Xbox fanboy. I know how these "conversations" go here at n4g. Someone says something critical about their beloved game, and the response 99% of the time is "you're just a fanboy, your opinion doesn't matter", ...

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If your favorite characters and stories are action movies, yes. If you want something thought provoking, deep and emotional, no.

My bad, as I was making this comment, I forgot this is about Naughty Dog as a whole, not about Uncharted. The Last of Us definitely has some pretty good characters and stories. Uncharted? Not so much story wise. Every attempt at a joke in Uncharted 4 was so freaking cringeworthy it hurt. Easily the worst out of the Uncharted series I have pl...

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If I weren't getting the legacy edition at a 63 dollar price (thanks to amazon primes 20% off new games deal), I'd totally wait for an individual release of MW1.

But 30 dollars for a remaster of one of the best mp shooters of all time, and 30 bucks for a brand new cod at launch(which is when it's at its best really, when a large chunk of newbies populate the game, easy kills, more fun), which might actually be totally decent/acceptable/notshit for all we know, I...

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You have your opinion, I have mine. And those types of comments generally belong to a certain attitude, one that modern feminists (aka, not really feminists in the true sense, just man haters, troubled women with anger/insecurity issues, I'm all for equality among genders, but that's not what modern feminism is nowadays) tend to share. And as I said in my last comment, I didn't say that affected her review score: maybe it did, maybe it didn't, my po...

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I'll admit, I have yet to beat it, but so far, the only colorful part of the game so far has been Madagascar. Not saying UC4 doesn't look good, it does, but the only parts that have remotely "wow'd" me so far have been the opening boat/storm scene and the visuals of madagascar.

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Agree to disagree. I play on a 43 inch 4k tv (i know neither are 4k), pretty close to it, and that was actually a week ago, so it's still fresh in my mind, and I still think ratchet looks better. Uncharted i notice this weird effect, i don't know what to call it, on drake, it's like this grid effect (I've noticed it in other games too, not sure what it is, happens in hair or heads a lot though).

Uncharted also kinda has similar graphics to the last of us,...

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Took a little while to find the links, as I forgot where they were, but here:

Be sure to also read some of the conversations in those links.

Oh, and I wasn't saying specifically tha...

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Ratchet and Clank looks better to me personally. Uncharted is less colorful than its previous entries as well, Madagascar is nice though. A bit too much climbing, and sliding where there should be more shooting. I don't see myself going for the plat like I did with uncharted 2.

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Borderlands is actually my favorite franchise. A while ago, maybe a year or two I think, when asked about bl3, they said they didnt want to start it yet unless they had a really good idea for it, essentially they didnt want to milk it to death or annualize it.

I don't mind waiting to be honest, I absolutely loved both bl1 and bl2, bl2 being a masterpiece imo, and I don't mind waiting in the slightest, because gearboxs track record so far holds up for bl3, then it&...

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They are.

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