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Got lucky with this one. Soon as I placed my order, checked back in like 2 or 3 minutes to see people complaining about it not being in stock. #7
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I've been asking for it since I learned the pre sequel wasn't going to be coming to current gen. Though they could have thrown in the first game too, little disappointed they didn't, but this is still better than what I was expecting as I just expected the pre sequel. #7.2
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You don't even need to unlock a perk for it to regenerate ammo like you do with that shotgun that does the same thing, it comes with regenerating ammo by default. #7.3.1
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F this gun. In addition to it being a crappy weapon (montages prove nothing, any crap weapon can look awesome when slapped together in a montage), I also have a personal hatred for it. Bought it when it first came to Xur, then, this week, instead of a much needed helmet for my hunter or warlock (the only pieces I need), I got TWO of these f'ng things from Crota, in a row. TWO. Was so pissed, I deleted both of them immediately, and the one I bought from Xur, just to spite this awful cr... #3
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" Last of Us has a widely praised ending."

First I've heard of it. Most opinions I've read on various sites regard the ending as a resounding "meh", myself included.

After beating it, it felt too much like Naughty Dog went for the ending they did for the sake of trying not to be predictable. I'd elaborate further, but my memory of the game isn't very fresh, I only played through it once when it first came out on ps3.
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"rather then customers that will demand new IP and interesting gaming experiences, we have settled for remasters of average games barely a year old."

Yes, rather than. Because every game developer currently making or that have already made remastered games have ceased all newer projects currently in production and will now switch entirely to remastered games instead. Halo 5? Cancelled. Uncharted 4? Cancelled. Next legend of zelda sequel? Cancelled.
... #6.1.1
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http://forum.wordreference.... Both are correct, it's just one of those words that Britain and America spell differently, kind of like theatre and theater. #1.3
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Pretty much only one point to them: pvp. #1.1.2
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Titan is right, though he used a poor example. A better example would be red dead redemption or fallout 3. #3.2
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Same here. Piece of crap site kept redirecting my phone browser through like 7 different links which led to some bs app store page. #1.1.1
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I partially agree with The_Infected. For one, the bro shooter thing, yeah it does kind of feel like that, but really it's only due to one reason: the after match "come at me bro!" pose that the winning team automatically does, it just seems so juvenile and annoying at this point, always reminds me of this

I don't have a problem with the jet packing thou... #1.2.9
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We MIGHT get the newer games sooner (I say 'might' because as I stated earlier, most dev companies have multiple dev teams, one to work on big projects and one to work on smaller projects), but even if we get it a few extra months earlier, would it really be worth it?

For one, early released titles tend to be very buggy and broken, and remasters give devs a chance to "warm up" with the new game development architecture, possibly resulting in a less buggy gam... #2.1.2
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Just curious, do you think that if we didn't have remasters, we would have brand new, full games in their place? Like say, do you think that if we didn't have the Metro remastered collection or The Last of Us Remastered, we would instead have Metro 3 or The Last of Us 2?

I'm trying to understand why someone well informed would genuinely be against a remaster, and it occurred to me that people who know VERY LITTLE about how game development works must think that t... #2.1
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Fine then, don't buy them. It's not like you would get a brand new game in their place anyways. It's either remasters plus new games or new games and no remasters, and a lot of people enjoy remasters. #2.1.1
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What?! You mean n4g DOESN'T make up 90% of all gamers?! #3.2.1
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Link please? If true, then I may consider getting this game. #5.1.2
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Watching it on Twitch on my ps4 internet browser, I'd have to agree with you. For the first few seconds, I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was Uncharted 4 or the hopefully-it'll-be-announc ed Uncharted collection. The waterfall effects of hitting that rock looked kind of crap in my opinion, not that I have something fresh in my mind to compare it to, but just watching it did nothing to impress me in the slightest.

Maybe they just di... #1.3.13
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I think they're releasing level 30 and level 31 gear you can buy and earn through through the vendors and iron banner, so you're not going to be "left behind" if you don't buy the dlc. #1.1.3
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"At the end of the day, it is just as easy to get enough astrals to level up a weapon or piece of armor as needed as it is to get enough strange coins to buy a single exotic shard."

Not really, strange coins are much easier. Just create two more characters. Sounds like a daunting task, but if you don't want to find gear for a whole new character or try a new character, then you can just make two duplicates of the one you already have, so you can give your curren... #1.1.13
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Read the article, it's not like you're going to have to have vault of glass raid gear to be able to do the raid, they're just going to give you more ways to get to 30. Now as for what those ways are, I can't say. A few guesses: exotic bounties for crota based armor sets (in the dark below pictures on the site, there are two sets of armor for each class, I'm guessing one of those sets of armor are crota themed light level 30 gear, and the other set is light level 32 gear)... #2.1
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