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"It’s well-established that GamerGate is sexist and misogynist"

No, just no. I'd consider myself a democrat/liberal, but GamerGate at its core was about corruption in video games journalism. Whether you believe that message has been eroded by a few nasty folks on that side is a matter of opinion (one could say the same thing about literally every movement that has a few bad apples, because literally every group has at least some bad apples), but the message i...

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Pre-order while you can, being from Nintendo, this may be the first ever season pass to sell out.

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Gamefly had it for like 12 bucks pre owned, it's pretty cheap everywhere, go ahead and give it a try. It's not as good as hr (few games are), but it's still pretty good.

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At least they listened to consumer outrage and scrapped it. Most pubs/devs doing shady things go through with it no matter what.

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A LOT of people.

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Did you just skim through my comment or something?

I felt you missed the part where I explained the amount of time, effort, resources a new game requires as opposed to a remastered game, which takes miniscule amount of time and effort.

Breath of the wilds late delay has nothing to do with the wwhd remake and the tp remaster, and more to do with nintendo being lazy, greedy pricks releasing a shitty upcoming system with no games, delaying botw wii u so that...

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The amount resource profit they gain from selling a remaster greatly outweighs the tiny amount of effort/money they put into porting, sorry, remastering their games.

A brand new game requires new writers, new voice actors, new script, new engine in most cases, experienced programmers, storyboarding, mocap, sound designers and performers, and so many other people amd resources.

A remaster only requires some halfway decent programmers to take someones alrea...

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You're a moron if you think remasters take the place of new games.

In fact, I'd bet money that we wouldn't have many of this gens games if it weren't for the remasters that went on to fund their respective franchises. Or at least give them a lot more content/effort.

But remasters replacing new games? No.

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Gotta disagree with you on that.

Mass Effect 3 actually had phenomenally fun multiplayer. I was one of the naysayers before it launched, thought it was a pointless and unnecessary inclusion.

Then it came out and I played the fk out of it. It was really damned good, and it hooked me so deeply it took me several weeks before I could bring myself around to finishing the story because I was so engrossed in the mp, there was so much variety in the classes, wea...

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Nintendo Directs are filled with plenty of cringeworthy fluffy crap, on par with Ubisoft as far as fluffy unnecessary crap.

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Yeah, I only realized this recently, after having considered buying a vita, I must have enough games to fill up a 64gb should I get one, only to remember that I'd neglected to remember the fact that you actually have to download them on the vita/app/website. Probably won't buy one anymore.

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I was just saying it's not comparable, given that you brought up the 3ds and wii u, implying that the switch is a combination of both of them, but at a better price and deal. And I explained why it's not a good comparison.

The accessories are not optional, depending on what you're used to. Most people are used to at least a "pro controller style" of controller. For those people, the switch pro controller is NOT optional, it's mandatory.

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Not really comparable to the 3ds, as I can get a hell of a lot more than 3 hours out of my 3ds before it dies. And lugging around some stupid usb battery pack to extend its life defeats the purpose of it being portable as well.

This is a half assed console all around. It's not great as a portable (due to awful battery life), it's not great as a home console (cant even run a last gen game remastered), instead of being good at one thing it's mediocre at two thin...

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I hear you man. It's tough to strike a balance between the two.

On the one hand, you have whiny little sissies complaining that mario is sexist, people who will likely never actually play the games they complain about, even if every game dev did all of a sudden cave to their every whim. Many of these people are just trying to control shit.

On the other hand, you have these inbred racist/sexist/everything-ist-p hobic fuckwits...

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I'm shocked. SHOCKED! Well, not that shocked.

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Assassin's Creed Syndicate is pretty well received too.

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What's sad is that you and others actually believe anything that comes out of that orange man babies mouth just because he shares your hateful opinions.

"Hey, Trump hates blacks, gays, mexicans, muslims, treats women as lesser than men and talks just like I do. That must mean hes just like me and cares about me and my interests!"

That would be true, if your only interests are putting down minorities. I'm no Clinton supporter, but god ...

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Actually I read it properly. You said the visuals "in the trailer", "the" being the operative word. Had you simply said "the visuals look like a studio ghibli anime" I wouldn't have asked you to point to what trailer you were referring to. Maybe you need to learn to read your own comments before you post them?

Doesn't look like studio ghiblis anime to me at all. It looks like they took a good franchise and added a bunch of weird and s...

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To which trailer are you referring? I thought studio ghibli had nothing to do with this game. Which is why I don't plan on getting it. Well, that, and the main character is a boy that looks and sounds like a straight up girl, and is also somehow a cat-person.

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...a game of that scale? Correct me if I'm wrong, but we know absolutely nothing about the gameplay, we've seen some impressive cgi or in game cutscenes or whatever the fck they're called, but that's about it. It could be open world, it could be a quicktime heavy game, it could be a situation where you dont control the camera at all(implying that devs can make it look better than average by controlling what's on screen and what isn't using power).


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