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The only thing I found slightly interesting about Kinect on 360 was the voice commands for Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 (still haven't tried it out yet because there's no way I'll pay over 30 bucks for Kinect).

Using voice commands in Skyrim to poison your weapon or change your spells/weapons/gear without having to bring up that slow ass menu sounds really helpful and cool, as I always forgot about all that stuff (poisins and potions) during combat.

... #8.1
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Agreed, it looks better in my opinion. #2.1.1
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I care, a lot. I've been waiting since West and Zampella left Activision for a true and proper arcadey fps that only the original creators of Call of Duty (cod2 and mw1 were some of the best mp fps games I've ever played) can provide, because every cod after MW2 was complete shit, and even MW2 had a lot of problems.

I was bummed out when I found out it was exclusive to Xbox One (well, and pc, but there aren't a lot of shooters I lik... #2.1.9
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Even if you don't like Microsoft, their press conference is bound to have some footage of some good multiplatform games, which should be at least one reason for everybody to be excited.

Another reason to get excited, is that Microsoft might bomb so hard that it's worth it just to see how hilariously bad it will be. #1.2.2
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You should consider getting New Vegas at some point. I just finished the vanilla version of it yesterday (the one without the DLC) and didn't run into a single game breaking glitch, though I did run into one glitch that didn't let me finish the quest EXACTLY the way I wanted it to because of a choice I made earlier on, but it wasn't that big of a deal as I could still finish it. The game only froze about 5 or 6 times during my 65 hour playthrough, and none of those freezes cause... #19.1
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Fallout 3 or New Vegas (both if they released a collection). #7
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I don't take much stock in reviews. I heavily disagreed when Grand Theft Auto IV got so many perfect 10's, and I disagreed with how many perfect scores Uncharted 2 got as well. To me, Uncharted 2 was just a "really good game", rather than the second coming of jesus that everyone else made it out to be. So I really don't care what reviewers have to say about it. Just because the majority believe something, doesn't automatically mean... #14.1.4
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I don't know, because I haven't played The Last of Us, and if you haven't either, then you're simply a fanboy for stating that one game is better than another if you haven't even played both of them yet.

Even if I had, I would not resort to debating with someone such as yourself.

I'll simply state that every single reason you listed is completely subjective.

Gameplay is subjective.
Graphics are subjective, at l... #14.1.2
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I don't think you know what the word "objectively" means. #14.1
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I thought Tools of Destruction was a lot better. It was my first Ratchet game to play so I didn't have any series fatigue.

What I didn't like very much about A Crack in Time is the Clank Sections, the rocket boots and the separation of Ratchet and Clank. The gameplay didn't feel right without clank. I think I put ACiT down for almost a year before I finally ended up finishing it, mostly due to Clanks boring hologram sections. #9.2
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Keifer has an awesome voice. The first thing I ever heard him in was Phone Booth, a pretty good movie in which all he does is pretty much talks (and he's awesome at it) you only see him *movie spoiler* at the very end of the movie as he walks away while the character passes out, so it's blurry, .

I eventually watched 24 afterwards, but I don't think I'll think of Jack Bauer every time I think of snake. Even if I did, that's not necessarily a bad thing.... #1.5.2
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2 people don't know what sarcasm is I guess. #6.1
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Riveting "news", Kotaku. #6
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And a cool box with compartmental shelves.

I suggest anyone considering getting this to wait a while.

I got the Uncharted 3 collectors edition from Best Buy for 30 bucks new sometime after it released. #1.1
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Such as? #2.1
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That's a neat idea. Get paid play and unlock weapons and gear for those who don't have quite as much time to do it themselves. #3.1
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Good luck finding a copy without having to pay out the ass for one. Used copies are 100+ dollars. They were only sold at gamestop. They didn't even give that game a chance to sell. #8.1.1
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Saying 'any' gen is the best is very subjective though. There is no "best" that can apply to everyone, it all comes down to the individual and what they enjoyed the most. #6.1
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It doesn't even go beyond this-gen. #17
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YES! #8
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