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Big fan of the first one, but man, it's hard to get excited about the second one, what with the main character looking and sounding like a girl...and also being some cat human hybrid (a weird anime trend I'm not a fan of).

Also no studio ghibli involvement. That said, I had reservations about the first one having a child as the main character and still liked the game, so maybe I'll get over the new main character eventually.

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"I don't force myself to have the same opinion as everyone else because the internet tells me I should"

No, you force yourself to have the opposite opinion of everybody else because you believe it makes you special and unique.

I agree with your hatred for SJWs and Tumblr feminazis, but these situations are not comparable. Konami is just plain in the wrong, given the evidence. Now if new evidence comes to light that proves it was Kojima who wa...

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I own both a gaming pc and consoles. I choose consoles every time, even multiplatform titles.

I could tell you the reasoning behind it, but you simply wouldn't understand it and would debate it to death and try to inject your own experience into my own experience as if it were proof that I am wrong, but I wont do that because I know it's pointless. You simply would have to see it from my perspective, something which is impossible for you, or eve...

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Same here. This is pretty much the golden age of television we're living in. Video game stories are okay and are getting better though.

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Read the article, not the headline. If you had actually read it, you'd have a lot more respect and faith in the industry after reading it, at least in Rockstar.

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You realize those are solely YOUR standards for what an rpg is right? It's not a fact. You've built up some ridiculous standards as to what an rpg should be, but to be honest, imo, you're completely wrong, and you'd have a hard time finding many people that share your ridiculous opinion.

In fact, the way you're speaking, it kind of sounds like the only games that would count as "true" rpgs to you would be the souls/borne series. Probably a souls ...

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Been waiting forever for them to announce this.

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Same can be said for linear games, such as Uncharted.

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Angry Joe is not a good reviewer. Respectable maybe, but not good.

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What makes it so great? Just curious, still waiting on my copy to be delivered.

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I mean I kind of agree with you, I'm just saying that to the developers, they don't want to risk souring the raiding experience for those willing to take a chance on a raid by implementing matchmaking. Because most people, and this definitely applies to the vast majority of gamers, will take a single, short, bad experience to heart, most won't put up with a bad first impression, and I think the devs would rather the raid be a mystery that lingers in the minds of those who haven...

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" Whats the difference between me looking for complete strangers on my own and Bungie having match making?"

Lfg makes you put in an effort, makes it less likely you'll get someone who will drop out.

If they allowed matchmaking for raids, then the guys that have no knowledge, experience, patience or motivation to complete a raid will come flooding in. Those people who won't take the raid seriously enough to try for more than a few wipes ...

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It shocks me how some people can play a game more than a few times. I mean I can kind of get it with games that have choices that make the game highly replayable, choices like different characters/classes to play as, different story paths, maybe different playstyles with new experimentation, but you can usually get most games like that done in 2 or 3 playthroughs, but I can't see how someone can go through a game like say Uncharted after you've gotten the platinum.


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Yeah. It could end up being "buy 20 retail games and the points you get from that will afford you one 15 dollar indie title off the eshop".

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Or rather, instead of the insulting thing you just said, they say it's confusing because it requires you to know what's going on through other means of lore, like the books, to truly know what's going on, that or you need to have read or watched the lore (books, tv shows, novels, etc.) to fully appreciate the story, the characters, and the importance of what's going on.

Something might happen in the game that a simple halo player might no...

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Have been worried about this myself ever since they announced your character will have a voice. I'll wait and see, but it is something to be concerned about.

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Except that it's a game, not a car, it's not that big a deal if it doesn't work for a while. I've bought and played a lot of games in my time, and honestly have never been truly pissed more than a few times, because that 9 times out of 10, for me, if a game is broken, it's usually fixed within the first week, max I think I've ever had to wait was a month. And even then, there's always one mode of the game that does work, so it's rarely ever full on broken.

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I don't think how broken a game is should be taken into account at all in the score. They should definitely mention the crap out of it, but 9 times out of 10, a "broken" game will be fixed, usually within the first month of release. Score the game itself pretending it's unbroken, I look to the scoring system as a gauge of the games actual quality, I look to the actual words of a review to tell me if it's broken or not.

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So? Not every game you like deserves a 10. Not every game that gets critically acclaimed deserves a 9 or a 10. People have different tastes. 8 is still a magnificent score. Now had it been a 6 or less, yeah that's a red flag (as is is review for Bioshock Infinite), but it was an 8. Please stop perpetuating this idea that anything below a 9, regardless of how good you and others think it is, is somehow a bad score or something to criticize a reviewer over. You're the type of people res...

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Not instant enough

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