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"Master Chief Collection is still plagued with issues almost 12 months later, and will NEVER be fixed"

It's certainly playable for me. If we're going to get technical about it, and consider any small bug or problem as "broken", then every game would be broken, as every game has bugs.

That sataristic quote was to make fun of the morons who have actually said this or agreed with this statement. With uncharted, people's standar...

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Nope, not at full price, not without at the very LEAST Uncharted 2s multiplayer. I'd buy this for 15, maybe.

"Durrr master chief collekshon included mp for all gaemz and luk what happened, it was broek, I'm glad i get less content for more money, durr"

Maybe so, but I'd rather have a several month long broken remastered collection (mp wise)that eventually gets fixed than a remastered collection that will NEVER have multiplayer, not even...

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What we have here folks, is someone so desperate to differentiate themselves, they're willing to defy all logic, all fact and all wrongdoing. The way to deal with these people is to either ignore them, or feed them with what they want (attention for being special and different).

On an unrelated note, you're smart, special and better than everyone else, kalebninja. You know better than anyone else, and can see through the lies after lies after lies of the constant, num...

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" the people who "hate" on this game are mostly fans who actually believed in bungie and the potential this game had."

No, most of the more vocal complainers are people who didn't give Destiny a fair chance. If you haven't even beat a single raid, your opinion of the game is not valid, and the majority of the people I see complaining are lazy people who on principle of laziness, will not spend 5-10 minutes on a group gathering service to play...

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"It was done with a purpose, a feeling of resolve"

Gotta disagree with you there. Mgs4s areas to me felt ridiculously unresolved as I moved through them, trying to silently take out everyone while enemies just kept infinitely respawning. Really broke immersion for me. While the enemies in mgs v will respawn, they only do once you quit the instance and come back, which can be explained away by new soldiers being called to defend that outpost while you're gone, wh...

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It could definitely be better, and I do kind of agree that treks to and from bases can be a hassle, but I still think this beats the hell out if previous metal gear games linear structure.

The stealth, controls, mechanics are light years ahead of anything previous mgs games had to offer, the staggering amount of detail in the gameplay and many ways you can approach something more than make up for the story imo.

And I'm even enjoying the story more than pr...

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Spot on. People just don't like change.

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It's definitely the best Metal Gear Solid game Ive ever played, though I only played through 3 and 4, and watched walkthroughs on the rest, I think I've played enough to be able to say it's my favorite. Even played through mgs4 a second time shortly before release. It's the best game I've played this generation, it's the best stealth game I've ever played (something finally dethroned deus ex hr for my favorite stealth game), and it's certainly the best mgs I&#...

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Too lazy to click two links? Here's one!


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Why does it bother you? Or are you just trying to be a hipster and show off your impressive knowledge of fultonry in the media?
I played snake eater, dont remember the fulton in the slightest.

Never played peace walker (pretty sure most people haven't).

Never saw the unit (and I watch a lot of tv)

Ive only ever seen it in batman, and that was a movie, not a game. It's not like some common, widely known thing. And it's pr...

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Yeah, this is the first video I've seen about any of this, and that comment, as well as his overall tone of trying to prove gamers are a bunch of angry basement dwelling losers (by cherry picking the worst responses and ignoring some of the respectful ones)what pisses me off more than his actual youtube waste of time comment, and I'm surprised more people here aren't more pissed off at him over that, because that's pretty insulting, comedian or not.

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No one cares.

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You're right, they do deserve some credit, but the fact is, Metal Gear is nothing without Kojima. There's probably talented devs everywhere, even at Activision, but Kojima and the like are the only ones who are able to fully realize those people's potential, he's the one that convinces the suits to spend the budget to push these talented people's skills to the limits. Without Kojima, sure these people will be just as talented as they were before, but because they have les...

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Do the soldiers count as POWs? Lol, I got bored one time while playing and thought, why not extract every single solider? So that's what I did. Unfortunately, when rescuing one of the prisoners, I think the one to be executed, I tripped near the cliffside, hanging over the edge while the pow fell into the ocean. Was a little pissed, but also amused given the fact that I hadn't killed a single person up to that point.

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I mean if material possesions and shallow/fake relationships with people who are only with you because of your money makes you happy, then more power to you, but from what I gather, most people would rather have a caring family and a caring partner, things than can be way harder to obtain whenever everyone knows your rich and is just trying to get money out of you. And ever take a vacation by yourself? It's nowhere near as enjoyable as it is with people, like most things in life.

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Always curious when people say things like this what exactly they think this entails, always hear people saying, I'd switch with so and so (the so and so usually claiming to be an unhappy person), so and so is just ungrateful.

Do people imagine their current life + the money? Or do they truly mean they'd switch lives with that person if given the chance? Would you switch places with an insanely rich person if that meant you would also inheret all their psychological/...

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Call me crazy, but there's an extra feeling of excitement when playing a game on launch day, and buying a game months later when it's cheaper kind of drains that excitement and makes it feel less new and special. It's more of a psychological effect than anything, but for some, such as myself, it is a thing. Plus, you spend so much time thinking about a game, waiting for a price drop, sometimes you lose interest/hype for it and stop wanting it all together.

And if...

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I did that cord thing, bought 2 entirely different extra long micro usb cords. One stopped working within a week, the other in a month. Probably something about the weight of the cord combined with the awkward angle of the charging port. So I'd say that's not a very good solution. At least not a dollar or two solution, probably just have to buy a more expensive, higher quality microusb cord for that to work as a solution.

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BH isn't overpowered. It's situational, and required a lot of skill to use, which is a lot because imo, sniper controls suck in Destiny.

Not very useful against crota, atheons crit spot is too small and he moves way too much for it to be useful there, so it's really only overpowered in strikes and PoE, but strikes are already overpowered with the burns they put on them, and it's no longer good against skolas with his nerf. So nightfalls, and sub35 poes. Usefu...

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