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I actually do that a lot, and while it does improve accuracy, it still isn't good enough.

I can't understand why it has so much trouble with this command, if anything, it should be the most recognized command Xbox could hear, as there's literally only one command you can give it while it's in sleep mode and it can't get it confused with anything else.

Maybe they made it hard to recognize on purpose because they thought it would be too easy... #6.1.1
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How about a fix for the "Xbox on" command. Only works like 20% of the time. Other commands work fine, better than I expected them too even, but I have to damn near shout into the microphone 5 inches away from it for Xbox on command to work. #6
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I was able to snag the collector's edition for 52 bucks even at Best Buy during what was either a 10 minute unadvertised sale or a price mistake. Was full priced, but GCU knocked it down to 52. I'd say it might be worth it, I say might because I don't know if I'll like it, it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a linear shooter, I'm taking a chance on this one, would have waited for a price drop had it not been for this crazy awesome sale. Hopefully the story... #16
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Nothing wrong with multiplayer only games, they have their place in gaming just as many others. Just because you and a select few do not like them doesn't mean they don't deserve to exist. I don't like sports games, doesn't mean I think they should stop making them, I don't like linear single player only shooters, doesn't mean they should stop making those, I didn't like Left 4 Dead... well, you get the idea.

As for Evolve, from what I'm hear... #2.2
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It only works with ps4 version apparently (from one of the comments in the CAG forums). Doesn't work for Xbox One. #4.1.3
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Well for anyone interested, if you buy the season pass from gamestop, which is 20 bucks, they give you the code to the full game instead. Don't believe me?


Just a personal tip though, you might check the last page of the forum comments, see if people are still reporting it working by the time you see... #3
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There's actually a lot of hidden depth to the gameplay that a lot of adults, let alone kids couldn't comprehend. Of course it's completely optional and not at all necessary to experience the game, but from a gameplay aspect it's not that kiddie.

Personally I think many of todays supposed "mature" games are kiddie and childish. Call of Duty and the like, games that can't go 5 seconds without some over the top action set piece or explosion, main... #2.1.1
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Because it's a new AAA IP. #8.2
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I'd like a Twilight Princess remake or remaster for Wii U. Maybe in the future, a Skyward Sword remake/remaster as well, one with gamepad support, maybe where you can use the stylus to make precision swipes on the gamepad for the enemies that require specific strikes to take down, instead of needing to use the wii mote, though it would still have wii mote support.

As for the mobile console side of things, a remake of Oracle of Ages/Seasons would be pretty cool too, thoug... #4
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Or Bioshock. #1.2
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Suck it scalpers #12
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Got lucky with this one. Soon as I placed my order, checked back in like 2 or 3 minutes to see people complaining about it not being in stock. #7
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I've been asking for it since I learned the pre sequel wasn't going to be coming to current gen. Though they could have thrown in the first game too, little disappointed they didn't, but this is still better than what I was expecting as I just expected the pre sequel. #7.2
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You don't even need to unlock a perk for it to regenerate ammo like you do with that shotgun that does the same thing, it comes with regenerating ammo by default. #7.3.1
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F this gun. In addition to it being a crappy weapon (montages prove nothing, any crap weapon can look awesome when slapped together in a montage), I also have a personal hatred for it. Bought it when it first came to Xur, then, this week, instead of a much needed helmet for my hunter or warlock (the only pieces I need), I got TWO of these f'ng things from Crota, in a row. TWO. Was so pissed, I deleted both of them immediately, and the one I bought from Xur, just to spite this awful cr... #3
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" Last of Us has a widely praised ending."

First I've heard of it. Most opinions I've read on various sites regard the ending as a resounding "meh", myself included.

After beating it, it felt too much like Naughty Dog went for the ending they did for the sake of trying not to be predictable. I'd elaborate further, but my memory of the game isn't very fresh, I only played through it once when it first came out on ps3.
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"rather then customers that will demand new IP and interesting gaming experiences, we have settled for remasters of average games barely a year old."

Yes, rather than. Because every game developer currently making or that have already made remastered games have ceased all newer projects currently in production and will now switch entirely to remastered games instead. Halo 5? Cancelled. Uncharted 4? Cancelled. Next legend of zelda sequel? Cancelled.
... #6.1.1
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http://forum.wordreference.... Both are correct, it's just one of those words that Britain and America spell differently, kind of like theatre and theater. #1.3
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Pretty much only one point to them: pvp. #1.1.2
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Titan is right, though he used a poor example. A better example would be red dead redemption or fallout 3. #3.2
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