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Why wouldn't a console give them a good experience? You can hook a console up to a sound system after all.

I've recently been trying to learn about audio, and to a smaller extent, video, all the in depth stuff specifically. Why wouldn't someone use a console to play video or audio? Won't the new xbox one play 4k blu rays and have the same sound quality as a dedicated player would, as long as it's hooked up to a good sound system?

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Playstation 3. I grew up with it, and loved it. Especially Resistance Fall of Man.

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Nope. As I said, I babied them the first time around, they lasted nearly a year before cracking.

If yours is still fine, you either don't use it that much or it's going to break very soon.

This issue is not "user error", it's a matter of build quality. There's a little metal rod inside the hinges where the headset fold, and the only thing keeping that rod from coming out are two very thin strips of weak plastic, and every time yo...

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Be aware about the Pulse Elites as well, do a bit of research about the cracking problem on those as well. I've seen it mentioned quite a lot that the pulse elites are even more prone to cracking than the golds.

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Mine broke twice. I warrantied out the first pair, and the second pair broke, but broke in a way where I could gorilla glue them back to a functional state.

These things are fragile as hell, even if you baby the crap out of them.

Don't pay more than 65 bucks for these though, they go on sale quite frequently, unless the ones in the article are the new special edition uncharted one that you just gotta have.

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I don't like either candidates.

But if someone put a gun to my head, I'd choose Hillary. Trump is a flat out moron, he has the mentality of a spoiled child, in addition to being a liar and a shady/horrible businessman. At least Hillary is pretty much JUST a liar.

The only thing imo Hillary has going for her is that she ISN'T Trump. It's because of this that I have yet to decide if I'm going to vote fo...

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Already did play it on ps3, and while it was great, it looked inferior to the xbox version. A remastered version of this game would look amazing.

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Would rather have a remaster

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Can you find me a link that shows me she's writing at Bioware please? I looked for a bit and all I can find about her and Mass Effect is a "list of things she'd like to see" for mass effect andromeda and a tiny little line on her website that says "assistant writer at bioware", which could be a lie or an exaggeration.

Dear god I hope she's lying, or exaggerating her role at Bioware and doesnt actually have any input on the creative process an...

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Why not? It was my personal favorite bf game, better than 4 in nearly every way.

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I find it's far faster and easier to start apps with voice controls. "Xbox go to netflix/hulu/amazonprime" vs pressing down and over several times on the dpad... assuming youre already on the home screen and not on a different tab or app or playing a game, if you're playing a game, you gotta press the home button and wait for it to slowly shrink your current screen to build the menu plus the screen.

"Xbox, record that" vs opening up some menu th...

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" I think most console gamers(xbox owners) are scratching their heads thinking hmm maybe i should build/buy a pc."

Lol, no, just.. no. I mean no offense, but saying "most console gamers/xbone owners are thinking about building a pc" is absolutely ridiculous when the majority of console owners of any system don't even know what the hell steam is, and don't even know that you can play games on a computer that aren't World of Warcraft.

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I just dont want to know beforehand, because it feels like a crappy marketing tactic. And as I said in my original comment, there are some who will hate it just because it's lgbt, I didnt deny that at all, I just said there's also some people like me who simply hate it when it's advertised as a feature, that not all complainers are necessarily homophobes, I complain and I don't have the slightest problem with homosexuality. I just hate it when, before the game is released, dev...

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I have no problem with lgbt characters, but I really don't think people hate it for the reason you state, at least not all of them.

I personally hate it because it is advertised as a "feature", some virtue signaling "look at how tolerant and progressive we are for doing this" crap, when devs and pubs need to just shut their mouths about the characters sexuality until the game is out. It's ridiculous and insulting to use sexuality to sell a game ...

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Another reason Skyrim is getting remastered is because it was practically already done. Todd Howard said they remastered Skyrim as practice for making Fallout 4 for next gen consoles. Groundwork was pretty much already done.

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I bought a Vizio 4k tv (m series, good reviews) for only 600 bucks and it has pretty good input lag, only 20ms. Really good for a tv from what I've read.

4k is affordable as far as tvs go. Don't know much about hdr, but what little 4k content I've played on my tv looked amazing, and I'm actually excited MS is pushing 4k so hard, means Sony probably will too.

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Haven't played watch dogs, but if the stuff in that video is enough to make you think a game is garbage, then you must not like games very much.

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63 for me. Thanks Amazon Prime. (Also for best buy gcu if you have it)

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You absolutely CAN blame consumers. Game devs are running a business, not a charity. Sony and Activison are seeing if people still ACTUALLY care about crash (enough to purchase it) or if it's just a bunch of whiny nerds pining for the good old days.

If you want a new crash, then buy the remasters, otherwise you have no one to blame but yourself if Crash never returns. It kinda sucks, yeah, but we don't live in an idealistic world where large publishers make games to...

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Forgettable? I remember all of them!

Go into dungeon, kill dragon lord wizard, loot, rinse repeat.

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