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Yeah, this is the first video I've seen about any of this, and that comment, as well as his overall tone of trying to prove gamers are a bunch of angry basement dwelling losers (by cherry picking the worst responses and ignoring some of the respectful ones)what pisses me off more than his actual youtube waste of time comment, and I'm surprised more people here aren't more pissed off at him over that, because that's pretty insulting, comedian or not.

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No one cares.

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You're right, they do deserve some credit, but the fact is, Metal Gear is nothing without Kojima. There's probably talented devs everywhere, even at Activision, but Kojima and the like are the only ones who are able to fully realize those people's potential, he's the one that convinces the suits to spend the budget to push these talented people's skills to the limits. Without Kojima, sure these people will be just as talented as they were before, but because they have les...

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Do the soldiers count as POWs? Lol, I got bored one time while playing and thought, why not extract every single solider? So that's what I did. Unfortunately, when rescuing one of the prisoners, I think the one to be executed, I tripped near the cliffside, hanging over the edge while the pow fell into the ocean. Was a little pissed, but also amused given the fact that I hadn't killed a single person up to that point.

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I mean if material possesions and shallow/fake relationships with people who are only with you because of your money makes you happy, then more power to you, but from what I gather, most people would rather have a caring family and a caring partner, things than can be way harder to obtain whenever everyone knows your rich and is just trying to get money out of you. And ever take a vacation by yourself? It's nowhere near as enjoyable as it is with people, like most things in life.

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Always curious when people say things like this what exactly they think this entails, always hear people saying, I'd switch with so and so (the so and so usually claiming to be an unhappy person), so and so is just ungrateful.

Do people imagine their current life + the money? Or do they truly mean they'd switch lives with that person if given the chance? Would you switch places with an insanely rich person if that meant you would also inheret all their psychological/...

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Call me crazy, but there's an extra feeling of excitement when playing a game on launch day, and buying a game months later when it's cheaper kind of drains that excitement and makes it feel less new and special. It's more of a psychological effect than anything, but for some, such as myself, it is a thing. Plus, you spend so much time thinking about a game, waiting for a price drop, sometimes you lose interest/hype for it and stop wanting it all together.

And if...

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I did that cord thing, bought 2 entirely different extra long micro usb cords. One stopped working within a week, the other in a month. Probably something about the weight of the cord combined with the awkward angle of the charging port. So I'd say that's not a very good solution. At least not a dollar or two solution, probably just have to buy a more expensive, higher quality microusb cord for that to work as a solution.

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BH isn't overpowered. It's situational, and required a lot of skill to use, which is a lot because imo, sniper controls suck in Destiny.

Not very useful against crota, atheons crit spot is too small and he moves way too much for it to be useful there, so it's really only overpowered in strikes and PoE, but strikes are already overpowered with the burns they put on them, and it's no longer good against skolas with his nerf. So nightfalls, and sub35 poes. Usefu...

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Well I'm done arguing, it just boils down to personal opinion/beliefs. Nintendo has lost all my respect. The difference between other major US companies? They never had it in the first place. Go ahead and try to label those who disagree with what Nintendo did hypocrites all you want, it doesn't make it true. Besides, if you want to get technical, literally every person is hypocritocal about SOMETHING. People just choose what they care or pay attention about, and I don't even need...

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"Somehow because we are dealing with videogames , some sort of double standards where we are all supposed to lament a job loss , when for too many people that thought wouldnt compute in their mind , if it was about some factory and anything not tied to games"

I don't think it's a double standard, I think most gamers probably just don't pay much attention to that stuff in real life because they're not really exposed to it, or at least not in a way tha...

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From a legal/business perspective they were in the right. Morally though, they're bankrupt. I'm not an idealist, I know we don't live in a perfect world, but to take away someone's livelihood just because he accidentally explained how localization works and responded to annoying fans always bitching about Nintendo for niche titles that like all of 3 people want in a slightly less than nice tone isn't right, and given Nintendos desperate attempt at trying maintain a "f...

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Ill give you the same answer to your "whenever psn/xbl is down" as I did to the network argument. The networks hardly every go down for any extended period of time. And guess what? Most gamers can find something else to do during those extremely rare instances, like catch up with a few episodes of their favorite tv show, watch a movie, read a book, listen to music, make something to eat, go outside, or hell, even play another game. I've got more plus games than I know what to d...

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That guy at Nintendo didn't deserve to be fired. Punished maybe, but not fired. The guy didnt even really say anything bad about the company.

Konami is worse obviously, but Nintendo is still a shitty company as well.

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Destiny addict here.

Don't buy it. If you like it, you'll be addicted to it, but in an unsatisfying way, not addicted because it's so good.

If you don't like it, then you'll have ended up wasting your money, maybe. Depending on what the taken king adds, I'd wager to bet that the taken king, plus all the expansions, is just enough content to make the asking price acceptable.

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I've gotten my fill of action shooters, stealth games are where it's at now. Silently picking off enemies one by one, disposing of npc bodies before the others find them, using distractions to lure enemies away from groups.

Much more satisfying than simply aiming at an enemy and pressing the trigger off and on.

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If that's the case, then they should have used that excuse for all thr supernatural occurrences in mgs. Was so disappointed when they took out the mystery of vamps "immortality", and some of the other stuff they explained away as "nanomachines".

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Yeah, screw Nintendo, last straw for me. Just gonna buy all their games used from now on. They could have just punished the guy, they didnt have to destroy his livelihood. Sure, Nintendo in the right legally, but morally, well they can go f themselves. Rules are rules, sure, but you dont have to be a fng robot about them. Far as I'm concerned, theyre nothing but a bunch of corporate suits, really no better than any of the other big crappy game companies.

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Lol, I love this argument. Oh no, I won't get to play that game for 1 hour a month (aproximately how much my internet actually goes down, and it's usually for maintenance), better just not buy it at all.

I played Destiny pretty heavily, pretty much for an entire year, and I can count on one hand the amount of times internet being down has affected my experience in the game.

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" It is very realistic."

Maybe, but realism isn't always the best thing.

"So you absolutely do not have to play the game like a third person shooter"

You kind of do, well at least I do, because I'm not one to just sneak past every enemy without conflict of any kind, I like to tranq enemies at the very least. I'm not one of those speedrunners that like to do everything they can to race to the end as soon as...

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