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Wish this had come out in north America back then #3
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It is unfair and yes, those reviews that knock single player for not having mp are crap reviews as well, I'm not defending them at all. I'm just saying we should be better than those crappy reviewers and learn to recognize that we all see value differently. We shouldn't stoop to their ignorant way of thinking. #16.1.3
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"AND will they call it out for not having a single player despite paying the same amount of money as a normal priced game."

What does that have to do with the score? A game isn't inherently better or worse off for not having a multiplayer or single player mode. One of those modes might not be your thing (in this case it seems like you think Titanfall will be a lesser game because it wont have sp), but it will be for plenty of other people, and neither of our o... #16.1.1
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I am thankful for my family and the incredible opportunity to be able to afford and enjoy this wonderful hobby that we all come here for. #314
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Do you mean "didn't add" or did you actually mean "won't" add? If so, can you provide a link saying where DICE said they wont add it? #2.2.1
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Link please. I'd like to put my mind at ease even further. #9.1
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I hope that's the case, but the way they talk about the system, it sounds like they just read a few features off of some Amazon product page and put it in the show.

It just seemed to tip a little too much in favor of the Xbox One.

3 of the four boys (at first) support Xbox One

The scene where there are only like 4 or 5 kids on the side of the ps4 (showing that almost nobody wanted ps4)

the framer... #7.1.5
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It kind of felt like Matt and Trey were trying to be neutral, but failed, and there are more signs that point to them being biased towards the Xbox, and obviously they know very little of the ps4 with that "xbox one has a higher framerate" comment.

Pretty much every new south park game besides the stick of truth is exclusive to xbox 360, the stick of truth itself is getting exclusive timed dlc, and there's a ton of south park avatars and themes and stuff like th... #7.1.3
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Is it necessary for you to have already pre-ordered a game first? I held off pre-ordering any games specifically for a deal like this (buy 2 get one free). #10
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Not being a fan of racing games myself and also finding Contrast to be one of the few indie games that looked really interesting, I'm actually kind of glad that Drive Club is delayed. #1.6.3
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"why even waste time to make a SP Campaign smh."

This is just my guess, but it's probably to give the perception of value to the consumer (casual, hardcore or otherwise). I imagine there's some people who perceive a game that has a sp mode as automatically a better game (as there are some people who perceive a game that has a mp mode an automatically better game).

From what I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong on this, but multipla... #1.3.1
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Probably my favorite stealth game this generation. Really hope we get a new one next gen. #6
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Not really, it's pretty fair actually. It would be too easily abused if say it were just some digital code.

I myself (before knowing that you needed the disc) was planning on using the voucher/code that might have came with my friends ps3 version (which he does plan to get) to get a free (or extremely cheap at $10) copy of Watch Dogs. Can't do that now, but I'm not complaining, what they're doing is fair. #6.1
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I don't think he's trying to criticize the game or make any argument against it other than he personally doesn't like it.

You might ask "then why make an article about it", to which I would ask you the same thing about 50-60% of everything that appears on n4g (irrelevant opinion pieces and top 10 lists, you have to get used to them if you're going to be on this site).

It's simply one guys opinion that he decided to post to his ow... #8.2.2
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"If you are bored by GTA5 then that is a reflection on you and not the game."

And he doesn't state otherwise. Read the whole article.

"Now it’s worth noting at this point that I have no particular objection to GTA V or the Grand Theft Auto series as a whole."

"In addition to the $1 billion earned in three days, the game had 10/10 reviews coming out of its behind. And I’m not saying... #8.2
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I had a much more detailed comment typed out but my browser crashed and I lost it so I'll just try and give you a short version of what I said:

Be wary. I was one of those people who was hyped for GTA4 and ended up being disappointed by it, and now that I have GTA5, the disappointment is very similar to GTA4.

The controls aren't as good as they should be for such a high budget game (don't expect controls like infamous, tomb raider, saints row 3 o... #7.1.6
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"Just a fact of the matter, mouse and keyboard is the best input method for shooters. Period."

Not for everyone. Some people just cant get used to a mouse and keyboard like they can a controller. I can use a mouse and keyboard fine enough, but I am still nowhere near as good with it as I am a controller. I'll still do far better in something like BF3 on consoles than I will on my pc (have both versions and I can confirm this).

Mouse and keybo... #25.1.4
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That's one badass lawnmower. #2
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Pop ups are constantly redirecting me to this app on the playstore when I view N4G on a mobile device, like twice in a row on every other page visit. Does this happen to anyone else? Because it's starting to get really annoying. It appears on other sites as well, but nowhere near as frequently as it does here on n4g (when browsing with my phone that is, I never see it when just browsing on my pc).

It's very intrusive and annoying. I wouldn't mind if it was a b... #1.3
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