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Eh, no thanks Amazon. Might have ordered one anytime before this month, but since Amazon started charging sales tax at the beginning of March where I live, I'll take my business elsewhere, because there's no way in hell I'm paying a 36 dollar tax when I could use that money to buy the required PS Camera.

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THANK YOU BUNGIE! I was so worried that the 30 seconds it took to create my character would be lost when I started Destiny 2. Whew! What a load off my mind.

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Actually he was being fairly rude. Saying the game "divolved in bullshit" isn't a very respectful way to criticize something.

He pointed out his opinion, and I pointed out how maybe his beef with the franchise isn't necessary with the franchise itself, but more of a personal problem, with unrealistic expectations.

I didn't tell him to leave, I just told him to get over it, because it's very clear from his comments that he's s...

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Borderlands is my favorite franchise. But I wish the pre_sequel didn't exist, that's hoe much I hated it.

The one redeeming factor was the last claptrap glitch dlc (don't remember what it was called), which was far better than the main game.

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It was amazing actually, and it being amazing, means it wasn't tacked on. Something being tacked on means it has to be garbage or mediocre, neither of which were ME3s mp.

I had a more detailed comment here, but n4g decided to make the delete comment hitbox invisibly massive just as I was trying to scroll down and fucked up my comment.

The only balancing issues were when bioware listened to every whiny asshole who hated it when a weapon or ability was ...

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Borderlands 2 was a masterpiece. I can get any complaint you might have if you've only played the pre-sequel, but if you hated BL2, you just have bad taste, plain and simple.

BL2 had a pretty good balance of serious and comedy. When Jack killed bloodwing and Roland, that got me more emotional than when Nathan Drakes relationship was on the rocks or when any of the good guys in infinite warfare died, or any cod for that matter (finished IW about 20 minutes ago), or either of...

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"The last game in the series, Borderlands 2, was released on PS3 and received rave reviews at launch."

Forgetting the pre-sequel I see, as most of us choose to, lol.

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Actually, the bea reminded me a lot of mgs v. Which is a good thing.

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Yeah, I've watched them. This years wasn't the best, but the year or two before was pretty solid. A couple or 3 years ago, he could have picked some of the bigger, flashier titles like halo or cod or something , don't remember which year, but I remember being impressed he went against the popular casual opinion and went with the critics choices instead.

Just because they're not good, doesn't mean he isn't trying. He has to add all that unnecessary fl...

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Yeah, I just finished Syndicate a few days ago, and that scene seemed more about a "bromance" formed by being the only 2 gang leaders in london than anything sexual in nature.

Jacob being a wreckless, violent leader of the rooks, who has been picking off Roths thugs one by one, and Roth being similar to Jacob, only willing to take it way further and be a psychopath who is willing to murder kids.

Up until that point, jacob and roth have a mutual...

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Don't like it, don't watch it. At least the man is trying to keep it alive, even if he has to sell out a bit to do it.

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People don't know what they want in regards to CoD anymore, they're just guessing out of their ass.

You'll get a "boots on the ground" cod next year and every single one of you complainers will bitch just as much as you did with the scifi cods, claiming you want something new and fresh. You don't actually want cod, you just think you do.

What you actually want, is a new god damned franchise all together, because cod can't be ...

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"Drawing comparisons with full home consoles is just stupid."

Tell that to Nintendo then, not us. They're the ones calling it a home console.

If you're telling us to look past what Nintendo is saying and read between the lines, then you're essentially calling Nintendo liars. Or stupid (your words). Which I wouldn't disagree with at all in either case.

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BF1 is a huge disappointment. Too few weapons and what weapons there are are mostly clones of each other.

No choppers and that piece of shit rocket launcher that can only be fired prone, or on one of the many too-small/too-high to mount window or door shaped cutouts. Shooting stuff down with rockets or piloting a chopper were my favorite things to do in bf and now they're both gone or nerfed.

The setting isn't really that...

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The average length of IW is 8 hours, via howlongtobeat, which in my experience has been pretty damned accurate.

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No, to everything you just said. The premise was full of crap. 4 games (1,2,3,GA) and we haven't heard the slightest hint or implication that Drake had a brother, and magically, out of nowhere, an alive brother appears, and not only does he come out of thin air without the slightest hint that he had ever existed in the past, but surprise surprise, not even Elena knew about him. You'd think all the time they spent together, spanning 4 games worth, he wou...

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I don't understand how Uncharted 4 won any game of the year awards, as it was by far the worst in the series and completely departed from what made uncharted great.

Tacked on story (totally unnecessary and pointless plot pulled from thin air), heavily sjw influenced stories (sure, an 80 pound woman with military training can effortlessly demolish two fully grown men who tear through military trained mercs on a regular basis, and rewriting drakes "son" to be a ...

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You can't really blame anyone for thinking it's Nintendos fault though. Nintendo are notorious for underproducing high demand items.

Gamecube adapters, amiibo, nes classic, 3ds limited editions such as the scalper exclusive majoras mask 3ds, the wii wasn't available for like 6 months after launch, metroid prime trilogy and xenoblade chronicles were unobtainable at reasonable prices for the longest time.

Nintendo are t...

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Hire a different writer too. Game was great, but anytime anyone spoke was cringeworthy.

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Maybe he's implying it's not a home console? I can certainly name two or three die hard Nintendo defenders that would say otherwise...despite the words that come directly from Nintendo.

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