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Along with oschinos point, they said (in the after show) the campaign will be exploring the perspectives of multiple people, not just one, so calm your tits. I hate SJWs just as much as you (potentially more so), but this is not a SJW thing.

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Just because Activision can't make a decent futuristic/scifi game, doesn't mean those types of games can't be done right.

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"Your assertion that only a person's own opinion can be regarded as credible is ridiculous."

No, it's not, because guess what? Games can't be judged objectively. Opinions can certainly be more or less tailored to an individual, but they can never be "credible". What happens when a reviewer whom you agree with 99.9% of the time gives your absolute favorite game (that you couldn't possibly fathom anyone not liking, or at least not giving...

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What else is new

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I've been here on n4g for years. I've seen your comment hundreds of times, from both Sony and MS camps, from a bunch of different people.

"IGN has lost its credibility" --- for the 1,000th time it seems. And they'll probably lose their "last shred of credibility" next month... and the next... and so on.

I've seen people say IGN favors MS games, I've seen people say IGN favors Sony games.


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"i don't know what's going on what's someone sexual desires shouldn't matter. why is it when someone comes out everyone feels sympathy for them"

Is this your first time reading? Lol.

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Not for me. Might be because I'm on an account that's leeching XBL from another account on the system. Though I still thought it might show up to the side of the normal price, highlighting it as an XBL exclusive price. Oh well.

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Just checked the marketplace and hardline standard edition is still showing as 39.99. Where did you see hardline for 10 bucks?

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Or don't spend any money on a membership, use Amazons free prime trial, pre order it (comes down to like 63.40 I believe) and remember to go into your account settings and cancel auto renewal.

Gcu is pretty cool, but if you can't pay 30 for a best buy sub, or 80 for the full year of amazon prime, then you should just use the free prime trial.

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Played both bad companies, bf3 and bf4, BF1943, and BF3 in ,my opinion is by far the best. Though I got it several months after launch, so I didn't have to put up with any of the connection issues launch titles usually suffer from.

Also got the BF3 season pass for free during the bf store glitch, and that had so much content it was like a brand new game. And I played BF3 on ps3 too. The controls, even with the input lag (which I ended up preferring, the 2nd patched v...

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Yup. Only reason I'm purchasing it.

Btw, for those who DON'T have amazon prime, I believe you can get a 30 day trial, pre order the game while on the trial to get the discount, and then cancel auto renewal, getting the legacy edition for a much more reasonable price.

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Amazon is slightly better though, no tax (for majority of users).

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Let me point out, since very few have yet to do so, that this "remastered" version only comes with 10 maps. CoD4 after DLC, had 20 maps. And I'm also pretty sure that when it launched, it had a few more than 10 maps, which means not only did they not include the DLC maps, but they took some away from the base version. Presumably to sell as DLC for their season pass.

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Dishonored has some similarities. Thief (old thief) and (old) Deus Ex shared some devs or some people I think, and I believe Dishonored was made up of some people from both. But whenever I think of games similar to Deus Ex HR, I always think of Dishonored. Glad there's a Dishonored 2 coming. And if you haven't played the first Dishonored, there's a ps4/xbox one remastered edition out now which should be pretty cheap by now. The gameplay tone is probably what is the most simil...

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Best playstation exclusive this gen imo.

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Infamous and resistance for me

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"But again, 5gb is not a lot."

It is when you have a monthly data cap.

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Loving this new entry. My GoTY so far, and definitely the best console exclusive IMO.

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This is my GoTY so far. Just started playing a couple of days ago and man, this game is fun, and the best looking ps4 game out right now.

Kerwan in particular is one of the most awesome looking places I've ever seen in a game, I had to stop several times to admire the scenery and vistas.

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^You can never know for sure, but at least with the Witcher 3 and those that release months later, aren't blatantly and disrespectfully throwing it in your face that you're getting less of a game.

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