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Or they could simply disable voice chat in the game by default, lock it behind parental controls, and make it a feature necessary to activate in the game. #10.1
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Oh sure, that would work wonders.

Gamer: *composes message on Nintendo network* Hey random Splatoon player I played with online and have never met in person, get on your computer right now, download this random piece of software you've never heard of and talk to me. I promise it's not a virus, I promise I'm not a creepy weirdo for going through all this trouble to talk to one random person online. Please talk to me.
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Same here, and Borderlands is my favorite franchise. Was hard waiting, but there was no way in hell I was going to buy a last gen version when "next gen" was already out, and would inevitably come to ps4/xb1. #3.2
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I saw that question asked on another article, one of the answers was that the way the story is told, you're better off playing Borderlands 2 first. #1.4.3
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Fallout 3 and New Vegas were both great games. #5.2
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I use it all the time, it's insanely useful for me. Mostly pausing, playing and turning the system on and off.

Yes, technically you can do all that with a controller, but say I'm watching something and I want to get a drink or go take a piss, I press X on my playstation controller to pause and set my controller down on my bed (where I watch my tv from), well because of those back triggers touching the bed, whenever I come back to sit down, the controller moves around... #6.5
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It's called using a different art style and just because you don't like it doesn't mean it looks bad. Borderlands 2 still looks great and it's because of the cell shading, where as other games that went for a more "realistic" approach now look dated.

It's okay to knock Gearbox for being lazy with the comments they just made, I certainly wouldn't disagree, they're simple ports that Gearbox are making out as if it's some huge undertaki... #1.1.1
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Whether it is or not is irrelevant to the point being made. Most people, even many reviewers will assume every 2d platformer that isn't mario or rayman is indie (assuming they don't research the company before reviewing it, which isn't really their primary job, they mainly just review stuff), especially user reviews.

It's just the common perception that most 2d platformers are from indie devs, because big name devs rarely make those types of games anymore. P... #17.2.1
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You're not wrong. Indie games with unique and beautiful art styles get a free pass these days just on the fact that they're indie and artistically beautiful.

Kinda disappointed to hear about the lack of check points in this game. Not a big fan of 2d platformers myself, but I'd usually be willing to overlook that if the art style and music (or story, concept, theme)are good. Can't personally overlook difficulty with lack of checkpoints, there's nothing m... #17.1
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No. #4.1.2
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I didn't find Deslin to ACT all that much like a hipster. Before the game released, I was like "shit, look how he's dressed, they're going to make him a hipster douche in a crappy attempt to appeal to the younger generation", but when I actually played it, he didn't behave at all like I thought he would.

He could maybe be considered an ass, that is if you consider a person that is excited by and enjoys using their powers as b... #6.2.4
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While I don't disagree with you, it still had fantastic gameplay and art style, which more than made up for the douchey hipster tone of the story. #6.2
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PC doesn't have very good controller support. I won't go further into why that is because I've made this argument at length a thousand times before on the internet, but I'll just say this, unless gamepad support for any controller (including ps3 and ps4) is NATIVELY built into the game by the devs themselves, using a controller on a PC will never be the same thing as using a controller on the console it was made for. Night and day difference, so the... #6.1.5
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Haven't played a DBZ game since Budokai 3 on ps2. I DID play the demo of DBZ battle of the gods and didn't care for the gameplay. Is it pretty much the same type of gameplay as in Battle of the Gods or is there more to it? #12
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Beware, these gift cards only last 6 months, and if you use them on a product that for some reason gets cancelled and the card expires at that time, you won't get the credit back.

I used one some credit I got from ordering Mario Kart 8 on Assassin's Creed Unity Collector's edition, but apparently they only had the regular edition, so they cancelled my order and when I emailed them asking for the same credit back, I received no response. Pretty frustrating. Not t... #3
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Agreed. Bastion was the only reason I bought Transistor. Won't be re-buying Bastion again though unless it hits $5 bucks, and only if it doesn't become a free plus title, which it probably will due to Transistor becoming free. #3.1.1
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I'm not too big a fan of these types of games either, pretty much the only reason I initially bought it was because I scored an amazing deal on the collector's edition with the galahad under fire statue, got it for $52 bucks, there was a price mistake or sale that lasted for like 10 minutes on the 4th of July that made it the price of the regular version, I had gamers club unlocked which gives me a 20% discount to bring it to $52 bucks.

I also... #9.1.2
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I hate it because they're too lazy or stupid to separate weapon tweaks between pvp and pve. Someone bitches about a gun being overpowered in pvp and they nerf the weapon (or whole set of weapons) for pvp and pve.

It's not as if they don't already play it safe and sissy with weapon balance enough as it is in pve, every weapon at their prime has never been overpowered in PVE, yet they continue to nerf everything because it's easier for them to just blanket nerf... #1.1
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Limited Edition stock should last more than 10 minutes.

At the very least, there should have been enough for a week or two.

"You can't blame Nintendo for scalpers either. This happens with every product."

Nintendo is famous for underproducing popular items, and this does not happen this aggressively with other products as it does for Nintendo products, mostly because Nintendo is allergic to money and refuses to supply the demand of... #1.4
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I don't believe Gears uses any (or at least very many) quick time events if I recall correctly.

Multiplayer and co-op differentiate it hugely from The Order, both of which do make the product not just good, but great. Not in every game, but for Gears, it makes it an excellent game. Whether or not you like multiplayer itself is irrelevant.

As for the campaigns, well the first one actually has a pretty damned good one, TONS of amazing atmosphere, beautiful.... #17.1.2
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