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The day indie games replace aaa games is the day i quit gaming. No offense to indie games, but they have a lot of problems too, mainly the fact that the vast majority of them are 2d (usually a sidescroller). The ones that aren't, are usually either very short, have procedurally generated content disguised as gameplay longevity, or are part of either a small niche or are inherently lengthy only due to the type of game it is (like a sim, or a game with procedurally generated content).
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I won't say the activities themselves are all that similar, but the consumption of both forms of media really aren't all that different, not to me anyways. I personally don't get how someone could enjoy watching either, be it sports or esports, you're just watching people doing crap you're not doing yourself. Both of those activities are fun if you are actually participating in them, but watching them seems pointless and lame. I suppose that's why I always get a kick... #2.3
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Games don't need to be linear to tell good stories so I don't see why this is even a question being asked. Most story and character building takes place within cutscenes or in game narration (audio logs and whatnot), both of which can occur in an open world game. It's simply a matter of controlling when they happen. #7
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No disrespect, but in my opinion, you have awful tastes in games and i feel sorry for the people who take your recommendations and suggestions about games, if any.

Been playing the handsome collection recently, mostly 2, and even just last night was just amazed at how great the game is, tons of tiny little details and so much care put into so many aspects of the game, i honestly can't fathom why someone couldn't at least sort of like... #1.2.4
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This is a megaton announcement for me personally, as human revolution was one of my top 5 games last gen, i consider it one of the greats. Fk yeah!! #4.2
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Bubble please? I don't exactly need one, but it would be cool to see my bubbles actually going past 6 for once. #1.6
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Actually it sounds more like an hdmi splitter from the description. Quite useful if you have a tv with only 2 hdmi ports (like my tv)but a lot of hdmi devices. This device, if it's what i think it is, lets you use 2 or 3 (dunno if they're counting the input as one device so not sure) hdmi devices on one tv hdmi port.

If that's what this device is, they sure picked a stupid name for it and also weren't very smart to exclude pictures of what the device looks li... #2.1
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Thank you for enlightening me, I had no idea I was playing and enjoying my games the wrong way. Actually, I shouldn't even use the word enjoy, because the games I THOUGHT I "enjoyed" were pretty easy. Thanks for telling me how to play and enjoy games properly now, you've just changed a life. #19.2.1
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Play 2 first, the pre-sequel is kind of disappointing so far (just started playing it, wasn't going to buy pre sequel until it came to current gen), and might put you off the franchise with it's painfully slow pacing.

This is coming from someone whose favorite franchise is Borderlands. #1.3.2
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"Also Razor is pretty well known? You sound like a casual player saying that. Remember Gamespy... we all ran servers off those guys for the longest time, and now they are not good enough. Maybe you are just young?"

Not that young, 23. My point though, is that unless you're a geek, you probably haven't heard of Razer, or maybe you have, but don't know where from, and don't trust them enough to download some random piece of software that some stranger... #1.1.16
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Start with 2 first if you do. Borderlands 2 is my favorite game, but I held off on the pre-sequel until now, and now that I'm playing it, I'm not enjoying myself very much. I could see the pre-sequel putting people who are trying out BL for the first time off, as the way the world is set up it's very slow to traverse, making the pacing of the game insanely boring. Play Borderlands 2 and all it's DLC before you touch the pre-sequel. #1.2
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"THIS is the highest heated review? Of course it is because it's a bad one."

7 out of 10 is NOT a bad score you pathetic CRYBABY WHINERS.

"Someone always has to go against the grain."

Just because someone gives a game a score a LITTLE bit outside of the average doesn't mean the reviewer just wants attention and wants to "go against the grain".

People complain about reviews being too gen... #1.1.11
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"Truly Intelligent people don't need voice communication to work as a team and know what needs to happen."

Yeah, good luck with getting matched up with "truly intelligent people" every match, or even a few matches.

"* I've played Thousands of FPS Multiplayer games without a mic and always was able to see when something needed to happen or a teamate needed help."

Assuming you're telling the truth, you&... #1.6.1
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Or they could simply disable voice chat in the game by default, lock it behind parental controls, and make it a feature necessary to activate in the game. #10.1
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Oh sure, that would work wonders.

Gamer: *composes message on Nintendo network* Hey random Splatoon player I played with online and have never met in person, get on your computer right now, download this random piece of software you've never heard of and talk to me. I promise it's not a virus, I promise I'm not a creepy weirdo for going through all this trouble to talk to one random person online. Please talk to me.
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Same here, and Borderlands is my favorite franchise. Was hard waiting, but there was no way in hell I was going to buy a last gen version when "next gen" was already out, and would inevitably come to ps4/xb1. #3.2
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I saw that question asked on another article, one of the answers was that the way the story is told, you're better off playing Borderlands 2 first. #1.4.3
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Fallout 3 and New Vegas were both great games. #5.2
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I use it all the time, it's insanely useful for me. Mostly pausing, playing and turning the system on and off.

Yes, technically you can do all that with a controller, but say I'm watching something and I want to get a drink or go take a piss, I press X on my playstation controller to pause and set my controller down on my bed (where I watch my tv from), well because of those back triggers touching the bed, whenever I come back to sit down, the controller moves around... #6.5
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It's called using a different art style and just because you don't like it doesn't mean it looks bad. Borderlands 2 still looks great and it's because of the cell shading, where as other games that went for a more "realistic" approach now look dated.

It's okay to knock Gearbox for being lazy with the comments they just made, I certainly wouldn't disagree, they're simple ports that Gearbox are making out as if it's some huge undertaki... #1.1.1
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