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"Strip for him, Ann."

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What are the chances that Atlus ports this game to Vita in the future(downgraded of course)?

I'd assume slim to none, but I ask because Atlus is apparently one of the very few devs that still make games for Vita, so there might be a slight chance...right?

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Yeah. I bought it for 10 bucks and still feel I wasted my money.

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Slightly unrelated question, but does anyone know where I can get a new discounted Vita slim?

Or when/if to expect it to go on sale or have some kind of game bundled in? I've decided I want one, but I was hoping for like a 20-50 dollar price cut, or at least bundled with a game at 200.

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"Those who shouldn't sleep on this are non-jrpg fans."

That would be me. Only jrpgs I've ever really liked were ni no kuni, dragon quest 8, and what l played of persona 4 golden (got almost halfway through it) Never finished it though, sold my vita to pay for the upcoming launch of the ps4, and thought I had backed up my save, but copying the vitas directory via pc apparently didn't work, was bummed. But I liked what I played of it.


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This isn't a Sony thing, it's a paypal thing.

I can't remember the specifics because it was so long ago, but I purchased something through ebay, and despite me manually checking for it to come out of my card and not my bank account, it still came out of my bank account. I lost money because of it.

I was infuriated, and did some research. It happened to others as well. I bookmarked it on my desktop a long while ago and could give you the link i...

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I didn't really see that as an ego thing, I saw it more as a "fck you konami"/ joke kind of thing. Konami did try to wipe his name out of existence after all.

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Is this "campaign" similar to Splatoon 1s "campaign"?

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I gave up after going to the second island. Once the crazy villain was dead I had no interest in continuing.

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I played the beta on pro (though I don't know if betas have pro specific features) and while the models looked not that great, the textures and aliasing was very crisp and clear/clean. Very vivid too.

So in that respect, I thought it looked good. No blurriness compared to better looking games that use bluriness to mask games that focus on different aspects of graphical prowess. Not to say that one is better than the other, but it is a refreshing change every now and t...

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But we got Metroid Prime: Federation Force last time!

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I can't imagine the launch being any worse than Destiny. The first time through, they had to frankenstein the sh\t out of the story, due to legal reasons over the main writer leaving, so they had to adapt what they were able to still use into a coherent game.

This time though, they should be un-hindered by all that, and should have no excuse for lack of content.

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I'll reluctantly buy it day one. Destiny 1 may not have been a complete game by any means, but it is by FAR the best damned social game I have ever played, hands down, and I've had more fun joking around, playing Destiny with my psn buddies than I've had fun with most other games.

The fun doesn't come from the game, it comes from the social aspect, which is why I'll probably buy it day one, because my friends will, and because playing that game with my...

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"'Im so sick of the future crap."

I'm of the opinion that people don't actually realize that they're not sick of the futuristic theme, they're sick of cod in general, the theme is just easiest thing to blame because the last time cod was good was when the theme was different.

When in actuality, what they really miss is infinity ward, the REAL infinity ward, who have long since left.

I can guarantee you will...

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I don't even get the damned newsletter itself, even though I'm signed up for it.

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Neither is Uncharted 4. He or anyone else is better off just sticking with the first 3 Uncharted games.

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Not the point.

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Digital sucks because it's more expensive most of the time. There is no digital version of gcu/amazonprime/gamestopsnew10 $offprogram.

And very rarely are there price drops superior to disc price drops.

Disregarding pc games obviously, because pc has already moved over to digital.

I myself am starting to lean a bit more closely to digital than before for some titles, multiplayer games specifically that I might want to play at any ti...

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Of course we did, Titanfall 2 IS on ps4.

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I played Titanfall 1 multiplayer. Titanfall 2s multiplayer is far better though. So no, not everyone who prefers tf2 is a playstation fanboy.

Titanfall 2s mp is just better, smoother and a lot more fluid than tf1, which was a good first attempt, but didn't really nail down what it was trying to do.

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