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I consider myself a huge borderlands fan. I bought bl1 the first day and played the crap out of it. I bought the ultimate loot chest edition of bl2, and played through it 8 times (I rarely ever play through a game more than once). This will be the first borderlands launch I skip, solely because they refuse to bring it to current gen. I don't mind all the games that were announced before the ps4 and Xbox one came out, but I won't be buying last gen games going forward unless they'r... #7
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Gotta agree. The only "non-port" games that look appealing to me are Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway and Gravity Rush. I played about 30 hours of Persona 4 Golden when I still had my vita (sold it) and the story was really good, but the gameplay didn't really grab me, and the music that was unchangeable and unable to turn off didn't help either. After listening to those town songs for the billionth time, they really wear on you. #1.3.1
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Me, sometimes. While the ds4 is way more comfortable than the ds3, I'm much better at fps with the ds3. I think it's because clicking r1 and l1 on the ds3 is faster than pressing down and lifting up the triggers each time on the ds4. #3.1.5
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I hate dolphin shoals. Good looking, but not fun to drive. Can never figure out what the best vehicle/tire combination is. #3
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And you can't buy an Xbox One version of Halo 1, 2, 3 or 4 on ebay either.

50 bucks is NOT a deal for The Last of Us Remastered. Now if Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 were all included with The Last of Us, then there would be a serious debate about which was the better deal, but the better deal, if we look at this objectively and not subjectively (that is, assuming a person would like both halo and the last of us), would clearly be Halo, as it has 4 gam... #4.1.4
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Some retailers offer credit that can be put towards other games. There's been a recent surge in $25 dollar credit with the pre-order of a few games at (pre-order mario kart 8, wolfenstein, the last of us remastered, get 25 dollars in credit to spend at, and recently kmart, kmart had the same thing for mario kart and a few other titles, also if you pre-order smash bros at kmart, you get $26 dollars in credit.

Best buy offers $10 credit on a lot of their... #5.2
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I agree with room414 and Volkama as well. He's not just attacking the last of us, he's just saying that with ANY game, you cannot have unrealistic expectations about it.

The way some internet folks talk about some highly rated games, you'd think playing the game yourself would be some life altering experience.

I can't tell you how many times the commenters here at n4g have unintentionally tricked me into expecting "the best game ever&q... #1.1.15
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"Saying the last of us doesn't have much appeal in general"

Read my comment again, I didn't say that. I just said it didn't have as much appeal as Killzone Shadowfall, and I only say that solely because Killzone Shadowfall was a launch title that was one of very few, pretty much granting it way more sales than it would garner later in the consoles lifespan. I didn't like KZ:S, I much prefer the last of us, I'm just saying that it wont have quit... #2.1.6
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I think there's some confusion going on with the term remaster. A remaster IS just basically just a framerate/resolution boost. Look at all the ps3 hd collections, most of them use the term "remaster" or "remastered" on the box, and most of them are simply resolution and/or framerate boosts.

A remake is something like Wind Waker HD or Halo CE Anniversary on 360, all the graphical assets have been completely remade on both... #4.1.5
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I believe each game is said to be 1080p 60fps, correct me if I'm wrong on that.

"(Halo 3&4 are nothing more than resolution bumps)"

That's pretty much the definition of a remastered game. Halo CE Anniversary was a remake when it came to the 360, now it's coming to the Xbox One, it's classified as a remastered game, because all they are doing is taking Halo CE Anniversary and bumping up the resolution.

I assume t... #2.1.3
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Yeah that's what I meant when I said "best looking game". I was talking about the visuals. #8.1.3
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Don't get me started on that piece of sh*t app. Ruined the entire first half of Sony's e3 conference for me. Stuttering all day on e3, but at least it worked, until Sonys conference, when it just completely stopped working. You just reminded me, I need to delete that crappy app off my ps4. #14.1.1
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Completely agree. Amazing game. #10.1
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Seriously, this game is amazing. And in my opinion, the best looking game on ps4 (yeah, I've played through infamous second son twice, have the platinum). It's simply gorgeous the first time you play it. #8.1.1
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Don't listen to clown_syndrome, the alpha is amazing. I played it for six hours straight, something I normally don't do with games. Read my comment on the first page to see why I loved it so much. #50.2
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Just played this for 6 hours straight, something I rarely do with video games.

How does it look? F*cking gorgeous the first time you see it. The lighting is spectacular, the environments are amazingly designed, the grass, the sky (there's day and night cycles). Screenshots and compressed online videos don't do this game a bit of justice. I've seen quite a few of trailers of Destiny before I played the game and didn't think it looked like anything special i... #1.1.15
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I never hated 'her', but her "girl wood" jokes were absolutely cringe inducing. She boycotts Destiny for a very stupid reason, and then in IGNs interview with her, she says Fallout: New Vegas is a turd, a piece of sh*t (her words, not mine). Not because it's glitchy or anything like that, but because quote "everything is bad about that game". I could respect someone that said, "it's not as good as fallout 3" (which she liked), or "I hate i... #3.4
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He's just expressing an opinion, one which I share as well. And I'm a Playstation gamer primarily.

I haven't ever played a free-to-play game I liked.

FTP ALWAYS comes with a BUT

It looks cool... BUT you have to buy all the good stuff.

It's pretty fun to play, BUT they intentionally made the level up system slow as balls to encourage microtransactions, or even to get you to spend... #4.2.3
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Them showing a crappy trailer has nothing to do with their release of a limited edition version of the game. #7.7
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I don't know if both of these are European or what, I just remember these two that I really wanted didn't come to America.

The Resistance 3 Survival Edition, had a bag and a flask with the logo on it and some other cool stuff.

And the Saints Row 3 collectors edition, which had cufflinks and an ice cube bullet tray, and some other stuff.

Also I seem to recall there being far more options for other countries for Assassin's Creed 3,... #6.4.2
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