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Wish there was a way to see the names of the people you're playing with, other than beating it of course. Since there's a trophy that requires you to finish the game from start to finish with the same partner. Would like to send whoever starts playing with me a party chat invite and ask them if they intend to run through the entire game, also to say hey, there's a collectible over here (someone I played with yesterday was too stupid to realize i was trying to communicate with the... #1.1.2
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C'mon son #1.1
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I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain why you're wrong. But you are. The vast majority of these nerfs are unnecessary. I'll admit the nerf to gjallahorn is something that can at least be debated (the main argument against it being nerfed is that it's a damned exotic, it's supposed to be better than every other legendary launcher, after all you work hard for these rewards for a reason, to make things easier and to be more of a badass), but the... #2.1.1
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Only thing I know about this game is an article that stated it was overheating ps4s, has that been fixed yet? I think I have this downloaded if it was one of the plus freebies. #9
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"It's so far above everything else that the game would be super easy"

Not really. Nightfalls maybe, but me and my group had gjallahorns since before crota, even some of us before atheon (though none of us used it on him because we always damaged him from the center which was suicide with rockets), and killing crota still took an ungodly amount of time to beat, even with a team of 3 or 4 gallys. Sure crota is easy as hell to beat with gally now, but he is just... #6.2.1
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It's an exotic weapon, it's supposed to do more damage than other rocket launchers. As for something like dragons breath or truth, all they need to do is buff those. Give dragons breath tracking, either increase the damage on truth, give it something similar to Wolfpack rounds. #1.1.1
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The master chief collection didn't have a huge chunk of missing content, neither does the gears remaster (although it may only be the first, it still has all its original content and then some).

I don't remember anyone complaining about tlou remaster in terms of the quality at which it was remastered, rather it was hated on by those who just don't like remasters in general. Maybe by those who thought it was too new to remaster. God of War 3 as I understand it does... #5.1
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at the expense of every good weapon in PvE #3
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So a few weapons are overpowered in cruicible and Bungies answer? Nerf the fck out of everything in the game, especially anything good.

Great work, congratulations to all of the chimpanzees at bungie for pressing random buttons.

I've been a more than loyal destiny player, I've put up with Bungies bullsh, I was even willing to buy the taken king even though it will be outrageously overpriced, but I'm seriously thinking about quitting Destiny.... #1
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" I have plenty of issues with Nintendo, but while giving condolences you seperate your judgements of their past work and the loss that the family us going through.They are seperate issues to talk about how hard is that to understand."

Yes, they are separate issues, at least you're one of the more reasonable people here. However I think in this situation, Twitter is more at fault here than patcher. Think about it, you want to g... #14.1.3
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It also doesn't mean you should call patcher a bad guy because of it though. What he said was stupid, but it doesn't mean he hated Iwata like some other oversensitive morons above would have you believe.

This is just a case of not properly separating condolences from a discussion about the person's life. He should have just made the condolences by themselves, THEN talked about his accomplishments/criticisms, but instead he just combined them both together, proba... #3.1.2
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What were they, out of curiosity? #11.1.1
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Depends. I have the golds, and used them VERY heavily for about a year now, I think I bought them shortly after playing the Destiny Alpha, so it's been nearly a year of heavy use and they finally broke a month or two ago due to some plastic that keeps it hinged. Luckily I was still within warranty (1 year) and was able to get a free replacement from Sony (had to pay shipping though).

I had the turtle beach wired headset before and they broke, which led me to the golds.... #2.1.1
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Am I living in an alternate universe where Gears 2 mp WASN'T a broken mess that took 20 minutes to find a match at launch? Because it did, and it was awful. Havent played judgement, but Gears 2 is definitely the worst Gears I've played.

Didn't really care for the Dom/Wife plot either.

Gears 1 and 3 were the best by far. #4.2.1
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Stop trying to justify your elitist hatred as something other than elitist hatred.

Supporting Destiny is not supporting the downfall of video games or whatever you fanboys want to tell yourself, just like eating at chick fil a is not supporting homophobia, or whatever example you want to use.

Also, this may surprise you, but most gamers play games to have fun, not to support or boycott some silly cause. There are a lot more important th... #1.3.2
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/discussion #26
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Grow up. #1.2.2
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Unlikely. When the game doesn't sell well, theyll probably think "derp, I guess people don't actually want a metroid game, we shouldn't make anymore. /derp"

This is kind of like what square enix did a year or two ago with that "big announcement" of the final fantasy 7 (remaster of pc version) coming to ps4.

Nintendos event was pure garbage IMO. #7.2
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At least you get a chance. Most other games don't even get that. We don't live in a perfect, idealistic world, games live and die by funding, not what should and shouldn't be, not whats awesome, not whats lame.

I sure as hell know that if the devs of some cancelled franchises I loved just straight up came out and said "if you don't buy our game, the franchise is dead", then I would have bought those games day one, but by the time I realized they we... #10.1
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Hey, at least you're getting a chance to save your franchise this time around. I'd prefer it if more devs came out and asked for help to save the franchise instead of it just being killed off. #6.1.1
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