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Much as I hate Nintendo, I like this idea. Sometimes I'll pick something up on digital for dirt-cheap/added-convenience, but I'll want it displayed on my game shelf.

Or I'll choose a steelbook over the regular case and still want the regular (ala Persona 5).

They shouldn't cost any more than 5 bucks though.

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You'll get a lot more then, assuming you make the 2 right/upcoming choices (or should I say, avoid making the 2 upcoming decisions that make you an asshole, they're obvious when you see them).

Niijimas casino starts off about 3 or 4 misleading "this is the end" threads, that get quite annoying and is the reason why I agree that this game is too long.

"Last heist guys, get ready."
"No, THIS mission is totally the l...

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@Yo Mama

From what I saw, you should be able to determine all that before that inexperienced player is allowed entry. At least I think. You should be able to hover over the player about to join and look at their gear before you allow them entry.

I'm not saying it's a perfect system, but I believe it would be far better than matchmaking.

I guess it 'partially' comes down to quality vs. accessibility.


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Graphically speaking, the game looks noticeably better than Destiny 1.

Content wise, other than the raid and planet count, we don't know what will be in the game. And as for only having one raid, it's probably just one at a time, and most people would probably prefer it that way.

Raids are hard enough as is, adding a bunch of them and making the community learn the ins and outs of multiple raids day/week/month one would be crazy. No one would be a...

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Not to excuse Destiny being a totally lackluster game, but Destinys problems had a lot to do with legal issues. At one point, Destiny was a completely different game, maybe even close to being the game that was promised.

But there was some internal clashes between the creatives and the suits, the suits wanted to split up what they had already made into dlc, the creatives didn't like that, sued and I think won, so a certain portion of the game had to be scrapped for lega...

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I've played Destiny 1 A LOT (more than I care to admit), and I think based on the gameplay trailer, it does look like a big improvement in graphics.

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"That's a bigger waste of time. Getting on there, waiting, finding someone to join that meets your parameters, just to find out the mf's lied about their experience or whatnot."

That can happen, sure, but given the amount of effort it takes to go to an lfg and post, the likelihood of this happening is reduced. The majority of posts I saw on reddit were "never done the raid, please help a noob out" or something along those lines. There really is...

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If you demand matchmaking, then you must also demand far easier raids.

I personally wouldn't mind them adding matchmaking, just because I'd be curious just to see how colossal of a failure it would be, just to see how much worse it could make things, to be able to say "told ya so" to the glass half full people that think matchmaking would fix anything.

When you think of matchmaking, all you think is going to happen, is that a competent playe...

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@Yo Mama

It may be elitist, but it's not BS.

"But it's not as serious as you try to make it sound."

In the vast majority of my experiences, it is exactly as serious as it sounds.

"Guess what, I've carried people that had no clue what they were doing and I've been carried at other times."

I'm not saying you can't, I'm saying that's a pretty rare occ...

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I've looked, but can't find any. I've found the steelbook for sale, but not the regular case.

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I agree with you. Uncharted 4 felt like a tacked on entry to an otherwise great franchise in my opinion.

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I hate to say it, but Elwenil has a point unfortunately.

It's not something most non-hardcore Destiny players would understand, but adding matchmaking would not make things better. Raids are a son of a bitch for people who try, and who actually KNOW what they're doing.

Add in matchmaking, and you'll get those casual Destiny players who start up a match to "try this raid thing every one is talking about" and it's just going to le...

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I'd buy empty game cases for 5 bucks. Persona 5 for example, I have the steelbook, but the standard version looks really snazzy as well.

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The game looks better than most games out now. And it runs silky smooth, even both the Alpha and the Beta ran better than most games run today after months of patches.

Nothing wrong with the engine. Destiny 1 looked gorgeous, Destiny 2 gameplay trailer looks gorgeous, and both run amazingly well. And Destiny 2s gameplay trailer DOES look vastly improved in comparison to Destiny 1.

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Disagree. Other than that boat one, the maps in Blops 2 were pretty mediocre (imo).

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Why? Not every new entry in a franchise needs a brand new engine, that's a total waste of time and resources in this case. Destiny 1 is still an amazing looking game, and runs surprisingly very well. Now, maybe for Destiny 3, sure, they can change it up then, but creating a new engine or making new content in different engine is a much greater task, and will take away focus from the actual game content itself.

Now that Bungie have their Destiny engine up and running,...

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" The MP is really bad"

No. It's actually some of the best mp the series has had in a long time. I've played them all, cept Ghosts (played a beta or something of ghosts though) and Black Ops 3 was the first CoD game I prestiged in and kept on playing. I prestiged once in Black Ops 1 and stopped playing after hitting 20 something.

Blops 3 beats Infinite Warfare, Advanced Warfare, probably ghosts, Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 3, even the...

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It has the same exact affect on my wallet, it requires me to spend more money than the listed cost.

Lets say there's a game thay is 1.19, and I only have 1.00, I have to take 5 bucks out of my card just to make up the difference. I can't just add the 19 cents. I don't buy from psn very often, so that remaining 4 dollars is just sony taking money away from me, because I'd rather spend it elsewhere.

Last may 4t...

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Amazon doesn't require a $5 minimum purchase fee to buy anything like PSN does, so I'd say this article definitely deserves to be here.

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Here's a step by step process, as it's a tad harder than just going to gofccyourself. I got stuck on the add filers part. Filers means your name, and not only do you have to type your name in, you have to click "enter" for it to work.

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