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" I think most console gamers(xbox owners) are scratching their heads thinking hmm maybe i should build/buy a pc."

Lol, no, just.. no. I mean no offense, but saying "most console gamers/xbone owners are thinking about building a pc" is absolutely ridiculous when the majority of console owners of any system don't even know what the hell steam is, and don't even know that you can play games on a computer that aren't World of Warcraft.

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I just dont want to know beforehand, because it feels like a crappy marketing tactic. And as I said in my original comment, there are some who will hate it just because it's lgbt, I didnt deny that at all, I just said there's also some people like me who simply hate it when it's advertised as a feature, that not all complainers are necessarily homophobes, I complain and I don't have the slightest problem with homosexuality. I just hate it when, before the game is released, dev...

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I have no problem with lgbt characters, but I really don't think people hate it for the reason you state, at least not all of them.

I personally hate it because it is advertised as a "feature", some virtue signaling "look at how tolerant and progressive we are for doing this" crap, when devs and pubs need to just shut their mouths about the characters sexuality until the game is out. It's ridiculous and insulting to use sexuality to sell a game ...

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Another reason Skyrim is getting remastered is because it was practically already done. Todd Howard said they remastered Skyrim as practice for making Fallout 4 for next gen consoles. Groundwork was pretty much already done.

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I bought a Vizio 4k tv (m series, good reviews) for only 600 bucks and it has pretty good input lag, only 20ms. Really good for a tv from what I've read.

4k is affordable as far as tvs go. Don't know much about hdr, but what little 4k content I've played on my tv looked amazing, and I'm actually excited MS is pushing 4k so hard, means Sony probably will too.

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Haven't played watch dogs, but if the stuff in that video is enough to make you think a game is garbage, then you must not like games very much.

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63 for me. Thanks Amazon Prime. (Also for best buy gcu if you have it)

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You absolutely CAN blame consumers. Game devs are running a business, not a charity. Sony and Activison are seeing if people still ACTUALLY care about crash (enough to purchase it) or if it's just a bunch of whiny nerds pining for the good old days.

If you want a new crash, then buy the remasters, otherwise you have no one to blame but yourself if Crash never returns. It kinda sucks, yeah, but we don't live in an idealistic world where large publishers make games to...

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Forgettable? I remember all of them!

Go into dungeon, kill dragon lord wizard, loot, rinse repeat.

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" accuse them of being SJW"

It's a fair accusation, as the main guy outright admitted to being influenced by Anita Sarkeesian. I was okay with Nadine before I heard about that stuff, I mean I did think she was a bit too powerful to be reasonable, no way she could take down Drake AND Sam at the same time, regardless of "military training", because at this point, Drake alone has enough experience fighting mercs (many of whom undoubtedly have military t...

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Actually, it was 109$ I believe. Came with the game, and season pass. 60 bucks, I could see MS eating that, it could potentially drive dlc sales at the very least with people getting the base game for free. 109 though? F-ck no they aren't going to eat that, and I don't expect them to.

I dowloaded this, but luckily I already have fo4+season pass on ps4, plus the version I bought at launch was the collectors edition. I'm not angry. My re...

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None of the CoDs after MW1 and 2 were like CoD4. They were mediocre. Mw1 was a mp masterpiece.

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Actually no, it wouldn't have made a bit of difference whether they gave it an amazing review or not. Truthfully, I didnt read IGNs review, I've actually been staying away from that site all together.

I just figured I'd encourage those who DO care about their reviews to not let this sway their opinion, and to not forget that the first Mirrors Edge had similar review scores. And it's due to the fact that most reviewers simply don&#...

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I dont care what IGN says, I'm getting it. Most reviews I'm seeing are 7s and 8s, and given that a large portion of "game journalists" are the types to give 8s, 9s and 10s to every cod, I don't really trust their opinions either, most low scores will probably be the result of these people being disappointed there isn't any guns or shooting in the game. Just like the first one.

I played the alpha, it was good. Not cancelling my pre order, and I sugg...

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Oh I know man. This game creates sooo many inside jokes that just get people in my group cracking up. One of my friends always wanted a gjallahorn, he played it for SOOOO long, was the most generous player ever and helped people out with stuff he already did 100 times before and would get nothing out of it. It was a running joke at that point that he would never get gjallahorn, hell, even when we as a group beat something really hard, we'd wish he got his gjallahorn rather than wish fo...

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" For me, this game ended up being more about the people I played with rather than the game itself."

I honestly think that's why people played Destiny for so long, at least it's why I did. I had a hell of a time f'king around with online friends on Destiny, met some really cool PSN friends. Had it not been for them, I would have undoubtedly quit Destiny within a few weeks, rather than playing it heavily for an entire year. Destiny is good at bringin...

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I agree with you stonewall. Even Uncharted 1 is better than 4. 4 is just a climbing simulator. How people can think it's so great, I'll never know. Graphics probably, and little exposure to good dialogue and good stories.

This article reeks of pathetic uncharted fanboyism. Highest caliber my ass, a climbing sim with a few shootouts, generic characters, a tacked on plot to a franchise that was already done, uncharted 4 is a huge disappointment. The only reason it...

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Where are you seeing the digital version for 40?

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Interesting. Hopefully it doesn't have the esurance art style that the first games cutscenes did.

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Who said I was a single console owner? I have an Xbox One and a Wii U as well.

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