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It has the same exact affect on my wallet, it requires me to spend more money than the listed cost.

Lets say there's a game thay is 1.19, and I only have 1.00, I have to take 5 bucks out of my card just to make up the difference. I can't just add the 19 cents. I don't buy from psn very often, so that remaining 4 dollars is just sony taking money away from me, because I'd rather spend it elsewhere.

Last may 4t...

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Amazon doesn't require a $5 minimum purchase fee to buy anything like PSN does, so I'd say this article definitely deserves to be here.

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Here's a step by step process, as it's a tad harder than just going to gofccyourself. I got stuck on the add filers part. Filers means your name, and not only do you have to type your name in, you have to click "enter" for it to work.

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While looking at tip videos for the game, I noticed that when they were scrolling through the compendium, some personas were highlighted yellow with "dlc" right next to their names.

So probably not.

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Costumes and music dlc being paid I'm fine with (both western and eastern games are guilty of this, and imo, are comparable to microtransactions), but I'd say that the personas they're charging are comparable to paid multiplayer maps in an fps. Neither are necessary, but both are pretty substantial.

The persona 5 monster dlc is kind of like a season pass in its own right, just with more pick and choose-ability.

I think the worst possible offen...

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You do know Persona 5 has 25 dollars worth of Persona monster DLC alone right? That is, you have to pay 25 bucks to get every Persona, in addition to the 50-60 dollars you'll pay for the game itself.

And that doesn't even include the costume dlc, which is unnecessary, but paid personas are kind of bullshit.

Don't get me wrong, persona 5 is fcking awesome and worth its retail price even without those extra persona, but don't cite persona 5 ...

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Speaking of infamous and standalone dlc remided me of infamous: festival of blood, which was a fantastic expansion/standalone dlc. Perfect timing too, came out around halloween.

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Yep, pvp (pilots vs pilots) is a blast in Titanfall 2. With how fast and mobile your character is, even the biggest maps are always action packed.

It's also the best way to rank up your guns for attachments. And maps are designed with both titan and pilot gameplay in mind, so it's not like they just tacked on a pvp mode onto the titan gameplay, the maps work very well for both titans and pilots.

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Manufacturers other than Nintendo actually ramp up production enough to nullify the scalper effect pretty quickly. Nintendo does not, they like to make people squirm to make their products seem more appealing. The scalpers snatching up all of the consoles so that it's rare for an average joe/karen to get their hands on one helps them with that, because it creates artificial demand.

Nintendo constantly have shortage problems with all of their...

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I'm curious myself as to the number of people who are buying these to play it, vs those who are buying them by the dozens to sell them on eBay to make a profit.

Scalpers love Nintendo products. And it honestly seems like Nintendo support the scalpers themselves sometimes with a lot of the shortage crap they continuously pull for known high demand items.

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Scalpers love those hotcakes.

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No, it has not been the same, it has been worse, but never has it been the same.

To hear you say that makes me think you don't play very many fps. Each cod has a unique feel, whether or not that feel is garbage or good is up to each person to decide.

But if you're telling me that modern warfare 1 and 2 are pretty much both the same, then sorry, but you don't know jack about fps. I could use the same ignorant statement about jrpgs, or soulsborn...

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"Strip for him, Ann."

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What are the chances that Atlus ports this game to Vita in the future(downgraded of course)?

I'd assume slim to none, but I ask because Atlus is apparently one of the very few devs that still make games for Vita, so there might be a slight chance...right?

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Yeah. I bought it for 10 bucks and still feel I wasted my money.

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Slightly unrelated question, but does anyone know where I can get a new discounted Vita slim?

Or when/if to expect it to go on sale or have some kind of game bundled in? I've decided I want one, but I was hoping for like a 20-50 dollar price cut, or at least bundled with a game at 200.

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"Those who shouldn't sleep on this are non-jrpg fans."

That would be me. Only jrpgs I've ever really liked were ni no kuni, dragon quest 8, and what l played of persona 4 golden (got almost halfway through it) Never finished it though, sold my vita to pay for the upcoming launch of the ps4, and thought I had backed up my save, but copying the vitas directory via pc apparently didn't work, was bummed. But I liked what I played of it.


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This isn't a Sony thing, it's a paypal thing.

I can't remember the specifics because it was so long ago, but I purchased something through ebay, and despite me manually checking for it to come out of my card and not my bank account, it still came out of my bank account. I lost money because of it.

I was infuriated, and did some research. It happened to others as well. I bookmarked it on my desktop a long while ago and could give you the link i...

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I didn't really see that as an ego thing, I saw it more as a "fck you konami"/ joke kind of thing. Konami did try to wipe his name out of existence after all.

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Is this "campaign" similar to Splatoon 1s "campaign"?

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