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If this was available for purchase I'd buy it in a second. I never understood why Sony never made any game themed custom controllers for ps3. Sure there were different colors, and a couple of stupid digital camo controllers, but none with an actual art design of a game on them, like the one in the picture.

Say what you will about Microsoft, but you gotta admit, they make some pretty damned cool controllers sometimes. Just wish Sony would start doing the same. #7.1
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I platinumd fallout new Vegas on ps3 with maybe two or three crashes. My friend did as well. The bulk of the problems lie with the dlc, so if you're willing to pass on the dlc, you should have a pretty good experience. The game, even without the dlc, is amazing. Ultimately it boils down to a few questions: did you like fallout 3? Do you want to play more of the same type of game? New Vegas is not just fallout 3 in a desert system, the new faction system is incredible deep and complex, the... #16.2.2
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"Theres nothing stopping MS, or any other dev from creating that must have game. DO IT."

It hasn't really been long enough for MS to make something worthwhile for Kinect 2. The first kinect most people agree was just a cheap cash in that Microsoft weren't really serious about, so it was designed to fail from the beginning.

However it's clear MS is pretty serious about Kinect 2.0, so much so that it's taken this long for them to fina... #9.1
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I've had that same dreadful thought.

The internet would explode with anger. #2.1.4
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I'm gonna use mine on watch dogs ps4. #1.3
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"My conclusion: Titanfall is great fun for the first 10 hours of gameplay."

I only played the beta on PC, but if those 10 hours (as you say) are as fun as the time I spent with the beta, then for me personally, Titanfall will be 10 hours of pure, blissful fun, more fun than most other games I've played in a long time, and certainly worth more than most other games in my opinion.

I bought a ps4 and wont get an xbox one for some time, and since I... #1.10.2
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If a game starts to piss you off, regardless of the reason, regardless of whether it was your fault, someone elses, the games, whatever, the best course of action would be to simply put the game down and take a break from it. If every time you play the game you are raging, you might want to just find a new game to play. #14
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"You mean the people that just hate COD because its popular"

People don't hate cod JUST because it's popular, that's a secondary reason. People hate cod mainly because it's a terrible franchise that has been ruined, a franchise which was once one of the greatest multiplayer shooters out there (cod 2, cod 4, and to some extent, MW2 and WaW). Then comes the secondary reason, it's popular. The people who hate it for being popular don't simply... #1.1.3
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New games take years to make(usually 2 minimum), it's only been like 4 or 5 months since the current gen consoles have been out. Remasters probably take less than a year to make, and occupy an otherwise barren landscape of video games. I'd rather have remastered games, some of which I haven't played, than no games at all. Not to mention, they don't seem to take much resources either, which means devs can simply task one of their smaller teams, who have little to no input on ne... #8.2
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Played at what? This is not some idiotic fanboy competition, it's a discussion. Take your fanboy bs elsewhere.


Those seem to be only ESTIMATED CALCULATIONS though, not ACTUAL TESTS.

xn0 actually tested both an LED enabled and LED disabled, stating that LED disabled lasted 26-36 hours of idle operation, while LED enabled lasted between 13-15 hours.

Regardless of calculations, there... #4.1.6
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Seems like they do. 12 hours idle for led on, 28 off. I remember reading that there's also 6 leds, not just one. Maybe leds in general don't use much energy, but it seems like the ones in the dualshock 4 do. Whatever the reason, Sony needs to fix this. I could play my ds3 heavily for like 4 or 5 days before having to charge. With the ds4 I have to recharge after o... #4.1.3
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Does anyone know of a site that hosts uncompressed, 1080p footage of video games? I know gamersyde does, but sorting through that site to find videos is a pain.

I downloaded The Last of Us trailer, uncompressed 1080p 60fps and it looked simply stunning (as does this Evolve gameplay), and now I'm kinda hooked on this high quality footage. YouTube and it's terrible flash player and streaming capabilities (not youtube really, just anything streamed in 1080p in a browse... #5
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We got payday 2 but we didn't get puppeteer. #1.2.2
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Hello! #186
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How much did you get for the ps3 version from gamestop? #5.1
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I can't say whether or not I will be buying the game if Mewtwo isn't in it. He was one of my top 3 used characters, possibly the most used, from Melee, and if he's not in the final game, I'll be pretty angry, as I'm apparently not the only one who has been asking for him and that a lot of fans want him to come back.

If they don't add him, then it will feel like a slap in the face, considering they've added characters nobody wanted or asked for lik... #9.1
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Not much of it is played on the actual game, most of the paper trail DLC time is spent deciphering codes and clues on a website.

Follow someone in game, take pictures of crime scene they point you to, switch over to your browser, look at photos/information/evidence that helps you unlock the phone you just picked up, figure out the login or code information for the website it points you to.

Don't get me wrong, it is kind of fun, but there's not much ac... #5.2
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"game is kinda boring after two playthroughs"

Fixed that for you.

There's more than enough excitement to be had on the second playthrough with the different set of powers and mystery of "how will my choices affect the story the second time around". Gameplay wise, I actually enjoyed my second playthrough more than my first, once you master traversal and combat, it's fun to go through the whole game with that mastery, especially on... #1.1.1
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