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I think they're releasing level 30 and level 31 gear you can buy and earn through through the vendors and iron banner, so you're not going to be "left behind" if you don't buy the dlc. #1.1.3
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"At the end of the day, it is just as easy to get enough astrals to level up a weapon or piece of armor as needed as it is to get enough strange coins to buy a single exotic shard."

Not really, strange coins are much easier. Just create two more characters. Sounds like a daunting task, but if you don't want to find gear for a whole new character or try a new character, then you can just make two duplicates of the one you already have, so you can give your curren... #1.1.13
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Read the article, it's not like you're going to have to have vault of glass raid gear to be able to do the raid, they're just going to give you more ways to get to 30. Now as for what those ways are, I can't say. A few guesses: exotic bounties for crota based armor sets (in the dark below pictures on the site, there are two sets of armor for each class, I'm guessing one of those sets of armor are crota themed light level 30 gear, and the other set is light level 32 gear)... #2.1
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Oh I've played and beat every uncharted (cept for the vita one), I even platinumd number 2, check my trophy list if you want. I just think it's one of the most overrated games of all time, but it's hardly surprising. Throw some flashy cinematics in, some good graphics,some gameplay that can be finished in about 8hours, a plot that even a 8 year old could understand the deepest parts of and gamers these days will eat that stuff up and throw out awards like they're candy.
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Their intended purpose being a quick, cheap, shallow and unforgettable experience that will be quickly forgotten once it's over, yeah, linear games excel at that purpose. #5.1.2
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Actually the most boring games are linear games. Move forward, clear out room (usually the same way every time, no variety in how you clear it out other than choosing to use a shotgun or assault rifle), rinse repeat. At least sandbox games give you a sense that you're in a world, whereas linear games such as uncharted and the like feel like an on rails experience with no exploration at all. So if I had to choose between a market flooded with restrictive boundary based games with boring ac... #5.1
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The master chief collection is very different. It contains one new remake (halo 2), one older remake (halo 1) and two remasters,3 if you count halo 1 anniversary as a remaster, but that's still 2 original titles being reMADE from the ground up, where as the last of us and gta v are simple remasters, using the same assets as the ps3 versions, just with an increased framerate and resolution. Nothing has been remade with those games except maybe gta and it's new first person mode but tha... #8.1.2
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Well said. #10.1
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Just got an Xbox one a few days ago and just ordered titanfall yesterday for 20 bucks, also picked up the season pass for 6 bucks, which was pretty much free to me since I had some xbl credit I had completely forgot about. I played the beta on pc with a 360 controller and had an absolute blast, looking forward to playing the full game with all the dlc, I don't think lack of content will be as much of an issue as it might have been due to having all the dlc. It seems like it'll be a go... #1.2.3
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They didn't "get" a click from me. Dumbass swype. #20.2.1
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I might have actually given the article a read if that bullcrap unrelated agenda driven drivel wasn't in it, but thanks to the n4g preview, they didn't ferry a click from me. #20.2
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Yes, please tell us more how we should play our own games. #3.1.2
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You say that there's no reason for bad players to try pvp if they aren't good and if the system were to only give out good loot, well then what the hell is the point in playing if you're a good player then? I consider myself good but only ever play pvp when a friend invites me or when I have an exotic bounty. There's no reason for me to play either, I get nothing out of it, not even the chance to get anything for my hard efforts. You might say crucibl... #4.1.11
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Got one from xur this time. Pretty cool looking helmet #1.5
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"skirt the review process (ie destiny)"

Developers and publishers don't need to bend over to this backwards ass crappy and completely untrustworthy gaming journalism process.

The thing is, if you rely solely on reviews to make your purchase and/or hold your own initial interest in a game as a secondary priority behind reviews, then you deserve to be disappointed with whatever crap you get. The only REAL WAY to judge a game or know whether or no... #1.1.18
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Target had super Mario 3d world for like 40 bucks within 6 months of release. I've also seen Mario kart for 45-50 bucks a few times since release. Of course I won't have to wait if Nintendo simply listens to me and the thousands of other smash fans and just adds in mewtwo. If they can add characters nobody wanted or asked for like the wii fit trainer, villager, rosalina, mii, then they can add in a character that people have been asking for a return since brawl announced he wouldn'... #4.5.1
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Price drop OR a sale. It will probably hit $40 at least once or twice in the first 6 months from some retailer for a limited period of time.

I'm fine with waiting, as it's been a while since I played and loved Smash. Once I unlocked all the characters on Brawl through the subspace emissary mode, I was pretty much done with it, so I don't think my love for the series has stood the test of time. I'd be willing to risk the $65 though if my favorite character f... #4.3.2
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Didn't say I didn't want to buy the game, but Mewtwo is the tipping point for me to buy it at full price rather than just wait for a price drop or a 20+ off sale. #4.2.1
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Mewtwo better be one of the remaining five, if not, I'm waiting for a price drop/sale. #4
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I'll reserve judgement for when I get to actually play the game myself and will take the opinions of n4g people claiming it's "overhyped" with a massive grain of salt (or small, whichever works best).

I'd be willing to bet a lot of these people claiming Destiny is "overhyped" are the same people who were saying The Last of Us Remastered will or should win game of the year, the same people fawning over ONE remaster of a game that isn't ver... #2.2
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