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Haven't played a DBZ game since Budokai 3 on ps2. I DID play the demo of DBZ battle of the gods and didn't care for the gameplay. Is it pretty much the same type of gameplay as in Battle of the Gods or is there more to it? #12
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Beware, these gift cards only last 6 months, and if you use them on a product that for some reason gets cancelled and the card expires at that time, you won't get the credit back.

I used one some credit I got from ordering Mario Kart 8 on Assassin's Creed Unity Collector's edition, but apparently they only had the regular edition, so they cancelled my order and when I emailed them asking for the same credit back, I received no response. Pretty frustrating. Not t... #3
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Agreed. Bastion was the only reason I bought Transistor. Won't be re-buying Bastion again though unless it hits $5 bucks, and only if it doesn't become a free plus title, which it probably will due to Transistor becoming free. #3.1.1
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I'm not too big a fan of these types of games either, pretty much the only reason I initially bought it was because I scored an amazing deal on the collector's edition with the galahad under fire statue, got it for $52 bucks, there was a price mistake or sale that lasted for like 10 minutes on the 4th of July that made it the price of the regular version, I had gamers club unlocked which gives me a 20% discount to bring it to $52 bucks.

I also... #9.1.2
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I hate it because they're too lazy or stupid to separate weapon tweaks between pvp and pve. Someone bitches about a gun being overpowered in pvp and they nerf the weapon (or whole set of weapons) for pvp and pve.

It's not as if they don't already play it safe and sissy with weapon balance enough as it is in pve, every weapon at their prime has never been overpowered in PVE, yet they continue to nerf everything because it's easier for them to just blanket nerf... #1.1
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Limited Edition stock should last more than 10 minutes.

At the very least, there should have been enough for a week or two.

"You can't blame Nintendo for scalpers either. This happens with every product."

Nintendo is famous for underproducing popular items, and this does not happen this aggressively with other products as it does for Nintendo products, mostly because Nintendo is allergic to money and refuses to supply the demand of... #1.4
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I don't believe Gears uses any (or at least very many) quick time events if I recall correctly.

Multiplayer and co-op differentiate it hugely from The Order, both of which do make the product not just good, but great. Not in every game, but for Gears, it makes it an excellent game. Whether or not you like multiplayer itself is irrelevant.

As for the campaigns, well the first one actually has a pretty damned good one, TONS of amazing atmosphere, beautiful.... #17.1.2
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Team deathmatch on consoles, which is all I played for the first couple of months because it's easiest to unlock weapons and gear there, was fine, it was conquest and any larger based map modes that were problematic. By the time I got everything I wanted and started playing conquest, most of the major issues were fixed. #2.3
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Or spending time commenting on games you don't like.

Time well spent. #3.1
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" In a single player game, you're only hurting yourself."

Cheaters are hurting nobody with single player games as long as they are still enjoying themselves.

"In a MMO or competitive/pvp game, you're trying to get an unfair advantage over others that do it legitimately. Cheaters get what they deserve."

Except with Destiny, you really don't get an unfair advantage. Higher tier weapons and higher level are prett... #2.2.2
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For Wii U, Twilight Princess reMAKE (ala wind waker hd). Bonus: bundle TP reMAKE with Skyward Sword reMASTER with gamepad controls.

Make it look like that tech demo they showed off a while back.

For 3ds, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

I've been recently playing a lot of zelda games lately, and one I've always wanted to play was Twilight Princess, as I like the themes of it, but graphically, it has not aged well. #23
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"The length or type of game shouldn`t have an influence in this case on who can and can`t complain about buggy games as long as their own game isn`t buggy."

It should and it does, because linear games aren't as technologically demanding as open world games, and when I say technologically demanding, I don't mean graphics.

It's easier to make a linear game bug free than it is to make an open world game bug free. #3.2.3
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"But you get nothing out of playing Destiny"

Might want to change that to "I got nothing out of playing Destiny", because surely you wouldn't assume you can speak for people other than yourself would you?

"It's just a grinding race to be better then everybody. IMO"

Maybe. Sure as hell was a fun race for me though, getting 4 awesome exotics in one day as my online buddies jealously (and non-seriously) sai... #6.1.4
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"Evovle merely caters to the growing crowd who could care less about a Single-Player campaign."

No, it caters to people who like multiplayer, and just because they like multiplayer, does not mean they don't care about single player campaigns.

You do realize people can like both types of games, don't you? It's not either or. #1.4.2
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I actually do that a lot, and while it does improve accuracy, it still isn't good enough.

I can't understand why it has so much trouble with this command, if anything, it should be the most recognized command Xbox could hear, as there's literally only one command you can give it while it's in sleep mode and it can't get it confused with anything else.

Maybe they made it hard to recognize on purpose because they thought it would be too easy... #6.1.1
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How about a fix for the "Xbox on" command. Only works like 20% of the time. Other commands work fine, better than I expected them too even, but I have to damn near shout into the microphone 5 inches away from it for Xbox on command to work. #6
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I was able to snag the collector's edition for 52 bucks even at Best Buy during what was either a 10 minute unadvertised sale or a price mistake. Was full priced, but GCU knocked it down to 52. I'd say it might be worth it, I say might because I don't know if I'll like it, it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a linear shooter, I'm taking a chance on this one, would have waited for a price drop had it not been for this crazy awesome sale. Hopefully the story... #16
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Nothing wrong with multiplayer only games, they have their place in gaming just as many others. Just because you and a select few do not like them doesn't mean they don't deserve to exist. I don't like sports games, doesn't mean I think they should stop making them, I don't like linear single player only shooters, doesn't mean they should stop making those, I didn't like Left 4 Dead... well, you get the idea.

As for Evolve, from what I'm hear... #2.2
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It only works with ps4 version apparently (from one of the comments in the CAG forums). Doesn't work for Xbox One. #4.1.3
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Well for anyone interested, if you buy the season pass from gamestop, which is 20 bucks, they give you the code to the full game instead. Don't believe me?


Just a personal tip though, you might check the last page of the forum comments, see if people are still reporting it working by the time you see... #3
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