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-No, but what fps games do? Other than no mans sky. Unrealistic expectation.
-Yes, just as you could in Destiny 1. Sparrows, pretty big part of the game, even in the beta. Something tells me you haven't played the game and you're just on the Destiny hate bandwagon.
-Raids have 6 players, every other activity has 3.
-Admittedly this would be a nice feature, but it's not one that the game suffers for without.

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What I remember of starhawk:

Both teams spamming base barriers on their bases so that literally no progression could be made, and tanks sniping each other from across the map. That was probably the last time I played that game.

It was a cool concept, but it doesn't work in a real gameplay environment as players won't use it the way it's supposed to be used, or the way devs intend people to use it. The mech aspect was all right though, they sh...

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I wasn't impressed either, but think about why that might be. Back then, early ps4 days, there wasn't really a lot to play, and Destiny, its world, graphics, its controls and the potential was very exciting. I think I was still excited by using a new controller to play my games (ds4). There was also the hype aspect of it being Bungies first ps4 game.

I think a lot of that played into our enjoyment of Destiny 1s beta, but as time passed and...

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RARE, until recently.

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"it's going to be a content creators lovefest"

Exactly why it doesn't look very promising to me. It looks like a game created for youtubers more than gamers, for pewdiepie-esque people to shout unnecessarily over and over react to. The fact that it's advertised that way in gameplay reveals makes me less interested in the game as I see more of it.

Just one of many of those pointless, objective-less, run around and do basically nothin...

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Same question as sergons. Will I receive a code in my psn inbox, do I check my library/purchased/download-lis t or is it just going to start downloading?

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^ Your comments are about as clever as Destiny 1s story.

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Does anyone know yet if pvp and pve will have separate weapon balancing? That's really the only pvp related news I'd give a crap about regarding this particular game.

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Oh no, a game that gets more than a year of post launch support.

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"But thay doesn't fit your narrative huh?"

Okay, I'm just going to get this out of the way real quick: I'm not like the rest of the children on this website who argue about which console/company is better. I grew out of that immature crap. Even though I have historically been a playstation fan (I bought a ps3 day one, stuck through the ps3 hard times and don't regret it), I could give a crap about which is better, so don't get the idea that I&#...

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Like selling cut content, online passes and microtransactions right? Those are just business too. Lets start defending those practices too, because BUSINESS.

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"Who really cares?"

Anybody who cares about online games should care.

It's not about Minecraft or Rocket League, it's about taking steps to eventually unify player pools, so that friends can play with each other regardless of what console they have. It's about extending the life of online games so they don't die out.

It's not a novelty feature when it can literally save an online games life. It's one of...

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I started doing both recently. Physical for single player games, and digital for multiplayer games I plan to play throughout the years. Sometimes I just want to play one match of overwatch or battlefield, but locating the disc just for that one match isn't worth it. Especially considering my games aren't very handy due to the space constraints of my room.

Also, it can be significantly cheaper than physical in some instances. Like for the playstation vita. I bought a...

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"But I really don't get Sony fans coming out of the woodwork to complain about something that doesn't affect them."

It does affect them though. A great portion of people who spend time complaining about what the switch doesn't have are people who want a reason to buy it, who see the potential, potential that is being squandered before their eyes. They're potential Switch buyers, so it does affect them.

For every basic feature t...

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Sorry bud, but there's nothing exclusive to the switch to make your statement even remotely true in even the most hardcore of gamers eyes. Mario Kart 8 and Breath of the Wild, the only two 'necessary' Switch titles are available on Wii U. As are the indies available for it. The other more niche/casual titles like Arms and that Wipeout clone (don't remember the name) aren't anything to write home about either.

The Switch doesn...

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This is a "16 reasons not to buy Destiny" list, with each reason being on a separate page, most likely meant to rack up page hits and ad revenue.

Don't bother. These types of stories are like microtransactions of the article/journalism world.

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I skimmed through that and it just said your guardian carried over (which it does), not your guardians shit.

I'll admit it is pretty deceptive though. Lie of omission.

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The only "gear" you paid for in cash was emotes, which I agree should carry over.

Edit: I suppose if you paid for one of those shortcut kits that might count as paid gear, but anyone who has the money to buy one of those should have no problem finding the dough for it a second time.

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Netflix requires you spend like 2-4 extra bucks a month to get 4k though, despite only a handful of shows actually being 4k.

Hulu only has 4k for their own original content (same as netflix pretty much) and not much else.

I have a 4k tv from 2016 or late 2015 and the youtube and hulu apps do not support 4k, the amazon app does, not sure about netflix as I'm not gonna pay the extra money to test it.

4k isn't ready yet, and not re...

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Much as I hate Nintendo, I like this idea. Sometimes I'll pick something up on digital for dirt-cheap/added-convenience, but I'll want it displayed on my game shelf.

Or I'll choose a steelbook over the regular case and still want the regular (ala Persona 5).

They shouldn't cost any more than 5 bucks though.

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