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Andromeda looks like garbage but I rather enjoyed Mirrors Edge Catalyst, thought it was every bit as good as the original.

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I'm not sure, I just remember story after story of people leaving bioware to work elsewhere, which I now know means any franchise that happens to generally dies (in terms of quality).

I've been worried about this game for about a year and a half now, ever since the bioware departures started trickling in. It doesn't NECESSARILY mean a franchise will go to crap if a few people leave, but it usually means you'll end up with a far different franchise than befo...

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I liked 3 a lot more than 2. Mordins redemption and shepard/garrus shooting the shit one last time knowing they'd probably die were the highest points of the series for me.

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You don't have to use the menu if you know what you're going to record.

You can double click the share button to start recording, and then double click it again to stop the recording, which will save it without having to go into a menu.

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Every single cod fan on n4g, or heck, every single person that reads gaming news online could speak for their wallets and it wouldn't change a damned thing.

We can't speak for other peoples wallets.

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I did. I only tried the menus though, which were slow AF on loading before boost mode (since I hoard a ton of items),used to take like 5 or 6 seconds to switch from quest items to inventory to junk and whatnot, now it only takes about a second or less.

I'm starting up blood and wine pretty soon, but I don't expect to see much of a difference since witcher 3 already ran great framerate wise on ps4.

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Bastion deserves to be one shotted while in turret mode.

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Finally? ME3 had the same type of microtransactions.

It's less shitty than how other people do it at least, because they release pretty substantial mp dlc for free, not just a few skins/worthless weapons/worthless armor and one or two 8 minute side missions (and that's the BEST case scenario for free dlc).

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Yes it was, there were tons of builds and ways of taking out enemies and keeping your team alive.

Free maps were added through dlc, as were an entire new race of aliens.

I was a mass effect 3 mp naysayer when I heard me3 would get mp, but when it actually came out, it was amazing and incredibly engrossing, especially if you're someone who enjoys co op.

Enemy patterns changed all the time, as well as h...

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Eh, no thanks Amazon. Might have ordered one anytime before this month, but since Amazon started charging sales tax at the beginning of March where I live, I'll take my business elsewhere, because there's no way in hell I'm paying a 36 dollar tax when I could use that money to buy the required PS Camera.

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THANK YOU BUNGIE! I was so worried that the 30 seconds it took to create my character would be lost when I started Destiny 2. Whew! What a load off my mind.

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Actually he was being fairly rude. Saying the game "divolved in bullshit" isn't a very respectful way to criticize something.

He pointed out his opinion, and I pointed out how maybe his beef with the franchise isn't necessary with the franchise itself, but more of a personal problem, with unrealistic expectations.

I didn't tell him to leave, I just told him to get over it, because it's very clear from his comments that he's s...

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Borderlands is my favorite franchise. But I wish the pre_sequel didn't exist, that's hoe much I hated it.

The one redeeming factor was the last claptrap glitch dlc (don't remember what it was called), which was far better than the main game.

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It was amazing actually, and it being amazing, means it wasn't tacked on. Something being tacked on means it has to be garbage or mediocre, neither of which were ME3s mp.

I had a more detailed comment here, but n4g decided to make the delete comment hitbox invisibly massive just as I was trying to scroll down and fucked up my comment.

The only balancing issues were when bioware listened to every whiny asshole who hated it when a weapon or ability was ...

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Borderlands 2 was a masterpiece. I can get any complaint you might have if you've only played the pre-sequel, but if you hated BL2, you just have bad taste, plain and simple.

BL2 had a pretty good balance of serious and comedy. When Jack killed bloodwing and Roland, that got me more emotional than when Nathan Drakes relationship was on the rocks or when any of the good guys in infinite warfare died, or any cod for that matter (finished IW about 20 minutes ago), or either of...

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"The last game in the series, Borderlands 2, was released on PS3 and received rave reviews at launch."

Forgetting the pre-sequel I see, as most of us choose to, lol.

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Actually, the bea reminded me a lot of mgs v. Which is a good thing.

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Yeah, I've watched them. This years wasn't the best, but the year or two before was pretty solid. A couple or 3 years ago, he could have picked some of the bigger, flashier titles like halo or cod or something , don't remember which year, but I remember being impressed he went against the popular casual opinion and went with the critics choices instead.

Just because they're not good, doesn't mean he isn't trying. He has to add all that unnecessary fl...

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Yeah, I just finished Syndicate a few days ago, and that scene seemed more about a "bromance" formed by being the only 2 gang leaders in london than anything sexual in nature.

Jacob being a wreckless, violent leader of the rooks, who has been picking off Roths thugs one by one, and Roth being similar to Jacob, only willing to take it way further and be a psychopath who is willing to murder kids.

Up until that point, jacob and roth have a mutual...

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