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It really is a good game... with friends. I've put a similarly embarrassing amount of time into Destiny as well, but it's solely because of the people I met whilst playing it. Had I not found several of the coolest online friends playing Destiny, I'd have quit 3 months in, perhaps even less. It's also the only reason I'm getting the taken king.

Despite its MANY flaws, it is a really good game to play with friends, more so than most any other online game I&...

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"Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 still manages to pull in more monthly players three years post launch than most games manage to retain for 6 months. Shocking, isn't it?"

That's insanely shocking, especially considering Black Ops 3 isnt even out yet.

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Arizona green tea. Used to like the others, but they are too sweet for me now for some reason. Oh and their lemonade (not lemon tea) is pretty good as well.

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BC games dont get any bump, they look the same as they do on the 360. And yeah, I'd pay extra to have a game look better, that's literally the whole point of a remaster. If it doesn't look better, then what's the point?

Gears 1 definitely looks noticeably better remastered than the 360 version, I'd like the same thing to happen with gears 3, but because of this, we wont see it. Another benefit to remastered games is that it brings new players to the games,...

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Does anyone know if I'll be able to play backwards compatible games on xbox one online if I don't havr xbox live? I'm currently on the xbl sharing with my brother, he owns the account, so I can currently play xbone titles online because of it, but I'm pretty sure 360 does not havr that feature, so will I be able to play xbox one 360 bc titles online, or how is that going to work?

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Meh, I'd rather have remastered versions than backwards compatible versions. If I wanted to play the originals as they were with no improvements, I'd just play my original copies on 360. Backwards compatibility is good too, but I don't like that this now means gears 3 probably won't be remastered. Didn't like 2. This will also probably set a new trend for certain publishers to be even lazier with their remastered games. They'll probably start selling bc title collec...

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You sure about that?

Here's what results I get when searching for Battlefield 4 premium.

I have searched around, EA have NOT released a premium version of BF4 on disc, probably because they want people to pay the full 50 bucks for the premium service instead of waiting for a retailer deal where t...

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It's really not that big of a deal. Plus, I can give them a little slack, because as far as remastered collections go, the mcc is by FAR the most technically advanced and most ambitious. I can play a playlist of missions from each game, without quitting out of the game, then I can go straight to the multiplayer and play with 100s of maps across completely different games.

Lets compare that to something like Borderlands, where I have to close out the whole game entirely ju...

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"If I'm upset with someone, what on earth does bring up an race has to do with the issue I have with that specific person"

I'll put in my two cents here. I don't think it has much to do with race. Think about it, when you hate someone and want to insult them or put them down, how do you go about doing that? You think of the biggest and most efficient way to hurt their feelings, you try and find the biggest thing they're sensitive about and attack th...

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" with lots of meaningless content which doesn't add much to the overall game except to extend it's play time."

Yeah, the traditional jrpg way of having to fight the same 2 groups of enemies every 5 steps you take is MUCH more meaningful time spent playing, and doesn't get tiresome or tedious at all.

And yeah, it's definitely more challenging. I mean who wants to strategize real time in the moment? That shit is easy. What's rea...

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Wish there was a way to see the names of the people you're playing with, other than beating it of course. Since there's a trophy that requires you to finish the game from start to finish with the same partner. Would like to send whoever starts playing with me a party chat invite and ask them if they intend to run through the entire game, also to say hey, there's a collectible over here (someone I played with yesterday was too stupid to realize i was trying to communicate with the...

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C'mon son

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I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain why you're wrong. But you are. The vast majority of these nerfs are unnecessary. I'll admit the nerf to gjallahorn is something that can at least be debated (the main argument against it being nerfed is that it's a damned exotic, it's supposed to be better than every other legendary launcher, after all you work hard for these rewards for a reason, to make things easier and to be more of a badass), but the ...

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Only thing I know about this game is an article that stated it was overheating ps4s, has that been fixed yet? I think I have this downloaded if it was one of the plus freebies.

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"It's so far above everything else that the game would be super easy"

Not really. Nightfalls maybe, but me and my group had gjallahorns since before crota, even some of us before atheon (though none of us used it on him because we always damaged him from the center which was suicide with rockets), and killing crota still took an ungodly amount of time to beat, even with a team of 3 or 4 gallys. Sure crota is easy as hell to beat with gally now, but he is just ...

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It's an exotic weapon, it's supposed to do more damage than other rocket launchers. As for something like dragons breath or truth, all they need to do is buff those. Give dragons breath tracking, either increase the damage on truth, give it something similar to Wolfpack rounds.

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The master chief collection didn't have a huge chunk of missing content, neither does the gears remaster (although it may only be the first, it still has all its original content and then some).

I don't remember anyone complaining about tlou remaster in terms of the quality at which it was remastered, rather it was hated on by those who just don't like remasters in general. Maybe by those who thought it was too new to remaster. God of War 3 as I understand it does...

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at the expense of every good weapon in PvE

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So a few weapons are overpowered in cruicible and Bungies answer? Nerf the fck out of everything in the game, especially anything good.

Great work, congratulations to all of the chimpanzees at bungie for pressing random buttons.

I've been a more than loyal destiny player, I've put up with Bungies bullsh, I was even willing to buy the taken king even though it will be outrageously overpriced, but I'm seriously thinking about quitting Destiny. ...

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" I have plenty of issues with Nintendo, but while giving condolences you seperate your judgements of their past work and the loss that the family us going through.They are seperate issues to talk about how hard is that to understand."

Yes, they are separate issues, at least you're one of the more reasonable people here. However I think in this situation, Twitter is more at fault here than patcher. Think about it, you want to g...

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