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"ME3 was average at best and was fun for like 3-4 hours then got boring."

I have to highly disagree with you there. I like multiplayer, but I'm the kind of person who usually only likes it in the franchises that do it really well and are multiplayer focused (early cod, battlefield, warhawk, killzone, etc.), and I was actually very pessimistic about it when I heard Mass Effect 3 was adding multiplayer, I thought it would be some generic crap mode like most other... #1.2.5
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Yeah, why not? Barring all the game breaking issues that BF4 still has and will likely continue to have even after the upcoming patch, BF3 is still miles better than the gigantic disappointment that is Battlefield 4.

Hit detection in BF4 is abysmal compared to 3, the weapons in BF4 suck and most of them feel the same.

I went back to BF3 on PS3 after playing BF4 and unlocking all the multiplayer weapons and was surprised at just how much Battlefield 4 sucks co... #3.2.2
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I want the ones that would significantly benefit from being ported, games were dumbed down heavily on last gen consoles(in terms of features, performance and to some extent, visuals) to come to PS4.

Battlefield 3 for example could have increased visuals, player count and framerate on ps4 (and I think the pc version also had more capture points for conquest, though I could be wrong.

Possibly Skyrim, which ran like crap on the ps3.

Maybe a few... #3.2
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I lost so many quarters to this game at CiCis as a kid. #7
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"Amazon only behind a $7 Thief pc download"

The reason being is that Thief Gold was free for a while (after you put in a code you got for free from another site), resulting in many people taking advantage of a free game, myself included, which is undoubtedly why the $7 dollar Thief PC download was so high up there, not because it's pre-orders are so poor that it's loosing out to a very old game. #1.1.4
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If I already signed up for the previous beta phase, will I have access to this new one? I installed the game last time but forgot to play it and didn't get to try it out. #3
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"The stealth in this game is pretty non existent, it's optional...and I mean optional in a way which is plan B. If you get caught you can just break peoples necks and fight them off no problem."

You can do that in pretty much any stealth game though if you're patient/good enough. The thing is, if you're going in expecting a stealth game, you kind of have to impose some restrictions upon yourself rather than rely on the game to punish you.
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Maybe he simply doesn't like gaming on pc? I played the Titanfall beta on PC because I didn't have an Xbox One and it was a blast, and I'm pretty sure my PC is fully capable of running the game at max settings, but if I did have an Xbox One, I'd rather get it on that than PC.

Reasons why?

1. My PC isn't for gaming, though it can certainly handle most games at a decent resolution, I mainly use it for web browsing... #9.1.2
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Love these guys, they're really cool. Bought Bastion on sale at Amazon a while back and assumed it would be a steam key (it wasn't) so I emailed them asking them if I could have a steam key, and offered to show them a screenshot of my Amazon receipt as proof so they wouldn't think they were getting ripped off. Within 20 minutes, I received a steam code for the game, and they didn't even ask me to send them proof, they just simply trusted their consumer (me) and gave me a cod... #2
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Well Bioshock Infinite apparently went through several different revisions, just look at all the gameplay and locations a year before the game came out, almost none of it was in the final game. At one point they had a renissance era columbia, but changed it because that's what AC2 did at the time, and because Ken Levines obsession with perfection drove him to try and revamp everything.

I'd like to see them take some of the content they scrapped (which even said was l... #1.7
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Thanks a lot for spoiling season 2 for me you prick.

*POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD for a very recent tv show season,(one which I won't name in this warning because knowing what show it is might actually spoil it for you. you've been warned)*

Anyone watching that show could easily pick up on what you said (being that house of cards is a political show, the main characters name is frank underwood, and he is a pretty old guy wh... #1.1.4
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"it's nowhere near the usefulness of the wii mote"

In my opinion, kinect is only marginally less useful than the wiimote. Both are pretty useless gimmicks imo that were forced onto consumers, which almost nobody wanted when they found out how they actually worked (neither of them even coming close to living up to their "game changing" promises).

If gamers were fine with the wii mote, an unnecessary and forced peripheral, then I don... #1.4
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Super Mario Sunshine would look amazing as a remake. #1.1
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Movies to the death #2.1
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*looks at name*

Seems legit #2.1.2
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I'm a playstation owner (have a ps3 and a ps4, don't have an xbox one), and the news of gears going xbox exclusive was a pretty big disappointment to me, as I loved the franchise and bought a 360 just for it (obviously I have other 360 games though).

You don't speak for all playstation owners. #9.1
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I just bought one yesterday. Neweggs Ebay page had the wind waker console bundle + wonderful 101 + ninja gaiden 3 + gamepad accessory kit for $270, free shipping. #11.2
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Battlefield 3 Premium Edition #1.1.5
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They need to give you the option to choose the map that you want to play on, like they had in BF3.

I wont even consider buying premium, even at a reduced price, until then. The server browser doesn't work on ps4 (and even if it did, I'd rather not have to go through a bunch of checklist items to get into the type of match I want to play), so unless you go to your internet browser and use the battlelog server browser, you can't specifically select that you want to... #8
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I did, I was really looking forward to having Gears on ps4, since I don't plan on getting an xbox one.

Though if you've only ever played Gears 2, I can understand why you may not care much for the series, the online was pretty broken for almost a year I believe (not bugs or glitches, just the fact that it took around 20 minutes to join a single match). I think I only played Geow2 multi for like 4 or 5 hours, max.

Gears 1 and 3 were incredible though... #14.1.1
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