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Got one from xur this time. Pretty cool looking helmet #1.5
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"skirt the review process (ie destiny)"

Developers and publishers don't need to bend over to this backwards ass crappy and completely untrustworthy gaming journalism process.

The thing is, if you rely solely on reviews to make your purchase and/or hold your own initial interest in a game as a secondary priority behind reviews, then you deserve to be disappointed with whatever crap you get. The only REAL WAY to judge a game or know whether or no... #1.1.18
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Target had super Mario 3d world for like 40 bucks within 6 months of release. I've also seen Mario kart for 45-50 bucks a few times since release. Of course I won't have to wait if Nintendo simply listens to me and the thousands of other smash fans and just adds in mewtwo. If they can add characters nobody wanted or asked for like the wii fit trainer, villager, rosalina, mii, then they can add in a character that people have been asking for a return since brawl announced he wouldn'... #4.5.1
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Price drop OR a sale. It will probably hit $40 at least once or twice in the first 6 months from some retailer for a limited period of time.

I'm fine with waiting, as it's been a while since I played and loved Smash. Once I unlocked all the characters on Brawl through the subspace emissary mode, I was pretty much done with it, so I don't think my love for the series has stood the test of time. I'd be willing to risk the $65 though if my favorite character f... #4.3.2
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Didn't say I didn't want to buy the game, but Mewtwo is the tipping point for me to buy it at full price rather than just wait for a price drop or a 20+ off sale. #4.2.1
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Mewtwo better be one of the remaining five, if not, I'm waiting for a price drop/sale. #4
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I'll reserve judgement for when I get to actually play the game myself and will take the opinions of n4g people claiming it's "overhyped" with a massive grain of salt (or small, whichever works best).

I'd be willing to bet a lot of these people claiming Destiny is "overhyped" are the same people who were saying The Last of Us Remastered will or should win game of the year, the same people fawning over ONE remaster of a game that isn't ver... #2.2
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While I do agree with you, it's better than nothing. Those who are even slightly interested in this game should buy it so that Square Enix sees that it's not a waste of resources to bring Dragon Quest titles to ps4 and the west. Actually don't know if it's coming to the west for sure, hope it does. #3.1
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We need more articles like this to bring light to this annoying issue. #10
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Great article. #31
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Same here, and Borderlands is my favorite gaming franchise. Waiting for the inevitable current gen version, but if for some reason that never comes, I'll just buy it used. #7.1.1
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Why is localization so tough? Just curious, as it seems like it would be something that would be much easier to do than any of the other work on the game such as programming and all that.

Hire someone fluent in both Japanese in English, give him the script of all the dialogue, replace Japanese sentences with English sentences and have it finished within a week, tops. Unless there's some other aspect of localization that I'm not getting or if it's much harder tha... #25
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"rather have a game that was on both consoles last gen rather than a brand new DOA game?"

Do you really believe they could craft a brand new game in the time it will take them to complete this port? These ports take what, 6 months, a year MAX? I always see people complaining about these remasters, them thinking that if devs Naughty Dog or Rockstar hadn't spent their time on TLoU:R and GTA:V remastered, we'd have brand new games in their stead.
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Meh, if they're going to remaster one of their games, at least make it Heavy Rain instead. #4
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I'd also like to point out that the wind waker hd remake was completed in 6 months, which in my opinion, for all the improvements made, was damn impressive. #1.3.1
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Yes! Finally, mega altaria has been revealed. Been waiting for my first ever caught shiny to be worth something in battle. #6
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Well everyone has a right to their opinion, but I couldn't disagree with you more. I had more fun with the Destiny alpha than I had with Killzone Shadowfall, Infamous Second Son (platinum'd SS)and Assassin's Creed 4 combined, and that was just the alpha. And once the full game comes out, I'll probably add BF4 to that long list of disappointing games that weren't as fun as Destiny. #2.11
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It's not quite apparent in this video, but in the beta, at certain times of the day or night, the skies are very beautiful, so much so that I sometimes just stopped to take some screenshots. I've used the screenshot feature on ps4 more in the Destiny Alpha and Beta than I have for any other game.

It is a sight to behold when you find the right view. #8
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I don't think you even have to have a case for it. A while back, I asked them if trading in the cases to a few games I was about to trade in would affect the value in the slightest, they said no, so I just brought in the discs (kept the cases just in case I ever changed my mind later on down the road about the games, could get a cheaper price on a disc only copy of them) and they took them. #9.1.1
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I wouldn't advertise that on this site. Never know when some jackass might see your comment and try and spoil it for you because they think it's funny. #4.3.1
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