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Quick question, and let me preface this by saying this is not a condescending comment or me implying you're a bigot,it's just a genuine question.

But would you have a problem with a gay/lesbian character if they were weren't simply created for the sake of an agenda, and instead happened to be gay because that's who they were as characters, or would you be against that too? Or does any character being gay, regardless of alternative motives, upset you,

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Same here. Just bought a 2tb a couple of months ago. Spent a day and a half downloading every single ps plus game, some free to play games, a couple of digital retail games, dlc, and installing all my discs to my console.

And if I want to "back up" to an external drive, I would have to move or delete stuff from THAT drive. Don't exactly have the luxury of having a 1tb or 2tb hdd lying around that ISN'T being used.

I'm thinking maybe...

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I haven't played IW campaign yet, but blops 3s campaign was one of the best in a while, actually has a good story.

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You obviously place feelings at higher importance than logic, but please tell me, at what point do YOU personally say "you're being ridiculous, get over it"?

If I were to tell you that her reaction to this hurt my feelings, would you "try and see my point of view"? Of course you wouldn't, you'd just tell me I'm being ridiculous or stupid. So why on Earth do you feel sorry for this woman?

I'm just curious to know where y...

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Yeah, I upgraded a tad too early myself and am stuck with an HDR-less 4k tv.

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I'm getting the Legacy Edition for $55 bucks from Amazon, so for me, I'd say it's worth it.

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"More like £100 upgrade if you already own a PC (we can all do that)."

No, not really. Before I built my first pc, I was using a pc with a motherboard that only accepted agp graphics cards, and the best agp card was a gt something 7600. That pc was plenty powerful and fast enough to do the things I wanted it to do at the time (browse the internet, watch hd movies and tv, tinker with downloaded software, etc.). It wouldn't be capable of being upgraded unle...

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On that subject, for those of you who hated the tech test, what do you think of the full game? Were your problems with the test resolved in the full game?

Right now I'm hearing nothing but good things about the full game, even though with the tech test, I heard nothing but bad. How does it compare?

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Even though I like the article and kind of agree with it, I agree that it shouldn't be here.

There should be some kind of rule that political articles (that arent directly related to gaming)should never be on this site, it just leads to hatred and vitriol on both sides. No matter which side you're on, you're going to open up the comments and just get angry that one person is supporting the candidate you think is horrible and wonder why in the hell they could eve...

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You mean Trumps own words? There's no brainwashing to it, unless the orange dipshit child I've been seeing on TV is cgi.

Trump doesn't need the leftist media to destroy his image or make himself look like a total piece of human garbage, he's perfectly capable of doing that all by himself.

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The "silent majority" you're referring to deserve no respect. They're a bunch of racist, homophobic, intoletant inbreeders who have their panties in a twist because they can't be overtly hateful anymore without being called out on it.

Bunch of cowards, if you're a racist or a hateful piece of crap, then own it. But dont blame the media. I don't need the media to tell me all I need to know about trump to realize he'...

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Whaaaaa?!?! No way, I don't believe it!!!

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Play 2 first. Coming from someone whosr favorite gaming franchise is Borderlands, the pre sequel sucks. There are a few nice things about it, but not many.

I have a feeling if you start with the pre sequel, you'll hate it and you'll think it's an accurate representation of what a Borderlands game is. It's not, it's just a bad game.

Don't let the 1 bad game in the franchise spoil your opinion on the rest.

The b...

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Then they can wait for the damned game to come out and wait on the reviews. Nobody is forced to buy the game day one.

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So they fit well with big headphones? Got a pair of Sennheiser 598s. And how do you have your headphones hooked up? Through the controllers audio jack or an amp?

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Best cod I've played in a long time(since blops 1). Love that the maps have color and aren't cramped. It's also somewhat more balanced than cod games usually are.

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So is there going to be a big difference between ps4proVR and regular ps4 vr? Can't afford both yet, is VR going to be massively better with pro, or just slightly?

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I enjoy my ps4 far more than my xbox one, I'm just more in touch with reality in how sales for these things will work. The majority of people buying these things don't know anything about them other than their pr description, they buy them for the promise of something new. They think kinect and wii motion controls were revolutionary. Quality of one device over another (like psvr being better than kinect) has little to do with how well these things sell sho...

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It didn't translate into dev support because it didnt have the time to. Once they announced a kinectless xb1, kinect died. Devs aren't going to spend time and resources on making kinect features when most people wont have a kinect.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad get went the direction they did, but unfortunately that meant kinect was dead in the water and had no chance to prove itself, and now it never will.


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Seriously. I just ran into a situation where I want digital, and was willing to pay 17 more bucks for a game just to get it (infinite warfare legacy edition, 80 bucks on psn, 63 for amazon prime) only to find out as I was about to cancel my physical amazon copy, that amazon, without even bragging/telling me about it decreased it EVEN MORE by 8 bucks. So 55 bucks for the legacy edition... I can't justify 80 over 55.

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