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Within the article you can find both an online viewable file, as well as a direct-download for the .pdf file containing the entire guide.

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If there is anything in particular you guys would like to see before the game launches on Tuesday, let me know somehow and I'll try get it captured and up on Youtube!

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Where do they get there facts from? Gamespot have been ahead of IGN for quite a long time now.
Take a look for yourself: - you'll need to type in the bottom to get the sites to compare, looking at the graph, gamespot have been ahead of them nearly the whole time.

If anything, IGN are the ones catching up with gamespot.

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NCSoft's customer support is pretty useless, they claim they reply to trouble-shooting things within 24-48 hours. On average, for me, it's took nearly 2 weeks each time just to get the automated message saying 'someone will contact you shortly'.

Even if you give them all perfect details, for everything - game serials, date of birth, address, full name and credit cards attached to the account, they still take weeks because they don't believe it's you.

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I could be wrong (probably) but hasn't the Blu-Ray disc anti piracy software already been cracked? You see enough Blu-Ray rips on torrent websites.

Could be horribly wrong here, so say so if I am. :)

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The embargo has already gone. Most sites are holding there reviews of until they can actually experience it with a decent number of players instead of the people with review copies which were sent out last week.

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We've had our review copy since Wednesday morning, so I can promise you that the game is out for review. And Sony's PR said that the servers would be up this morning (GMT time).

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Journalist? Good one. When he actually makes an article that has a title which makes sense, isn't utter flame bait and in the post itself, attempts to use punctuation properly.

When he can do the above, I'll take him seriously.

Also, being invited to big events etc. isn't as hard as you think.

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I'm from Europe and when you click on the get a Spotify account, it comes up with a pop-up box saying "Get Spotify Free
Spotify Free is currently in an invitation-only beta, which means you need to have received an invitation token to access the service."

You enter your email and go onto a waiting list.

Unless by Europe, it actually means mainland Europe.

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Isn't Spotify still in beta? If I remember rightly, its been in it for quite some time now too.

If it came to consoles, what would happen with Spotify premium? As I doubt it'd let you download the songs and store them on your Xbox etc. and let you play them offline.

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it reads like a shopping list. :/

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Can't say that ad's in games have ever bothered me because the majority of the time I don't even notice that they're there.

As another user on N4G has already said, as long as it doesn't cut to a commercial break during a load screen, I see no problem with it. It also does depend on the type of game being played, if it fits in to the 'real world' scenario that is being set during the game (sports games, racing games etc.) you'd expect to see advertisements all over the place any...

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You mean like that thing called a PC which Mass Effect was already released on?

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I know it got submitted to parliament, but it has to also go through the EU (I think?) And as far as I knew that the (some) parliament members had said yes but they haven't put it through the EU.

Surely they'll say no about it... I remember one politician saying no about it because the person who was submitted the bill had tried to get into parliament numerous times and failed every time.

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What the hell does that title even mean? I've read it 4-5 times now and still can't figure it out. I may just be retarded at this moment and time and struggling to read but I'm sure it doesn't make sense.

Considering he has the writing skills of a 5 year old, it would explain if it didn't make sense.

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Let's just blame Microsoft when it was actually Sky who was having the problems.

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Mate, you need to get it out of your head that it's just 'a few lines of code quickly put in', something as small as that could take months as it also has to pass through quality testing and then actually put out as a patch.

And the reason why the Xbox 360 version had achievements was because it was mandatory that all retail games (since the 360's launch) have achievements built into them. At the time of Call of Duty 4 came out, it was only optional for developers to put it in. ...

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I really don’t see this happening. There are rumours about Valve being bought out every few months, so far this year we’ve seen rumours about both Google and EA buying Valve. They’ve always been known as an independent company, so I don’t see them changing it.

Also, do Zenimax even have the dolla’ to buy Valve? The franchises they own (Half Life, Counter Strike etc.) must be worth a killing on there own, let alone the development studios that are under Valve’s wing. And as Steam ...

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The review copy is the final build of the game. It's been available for some time now, it's the same version that all sites have reviewed. I know, my copy is sat in my 360 right now.

Some of the glitches they've pointed out are quite ridiculously, however some of them are just pathetic due to the amount of effort they've gone through to try and spot the glitch in the first place.

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'it's to get a rise out of the N4G community. And it worked.'

You're trying to do the exact same thing, except it's making you look like even more of an idiot for point out what they did, accusing them of doing it and then* doing it yourself.

Also, why is there a picture of the Future logo? Did I miss something? N4G has nothing to do with Future, they make me affiliated with Games Radar and Daily Radar, but they aren't actually apart of the Future portfolio of websit...

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