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I hate fanboys but I'm sure they said a lot worse things than what was shown there. They are low lifes.. All because you can only afford one console is what gives birth to them. Which means 90% of fanboys are under the rule of mummy and daddy buying there toys.

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Meh not much to steal on there basic net I doubt theres many users with credit cards on accounts as there online service sucks so bad.

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"That just goes to show that the average gamer outside of N4G don't care whether a game is exclusive or not. "

Nope it doesnt you gotta think on this list you got a chance of everybody voting for a multiplatform game but a 360 only owner wont vote for a ps3 game will he? And vice versa. That's why Multi games only won as lets be fair here 360s not got many exclusives to look forward too so most 360 only owners will vote for multi anyway much more than ps3 on...

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RDR deserves it best game R* created since GTA Vice City.

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Best gameplay innovation
3. Mass Effect Saves
Seriously??? Guess they couldn't think of much else.. And the best RPG list is a JOKE.. ..
Oh and Just dance 2 should be in the dancing category EASILY.. These guys are terrible at there selection..

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Ignore game release dates for games that aren't even confirmed yet thats my rule and any game that starts with GT(insert number here).

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PS3 still sells millions in America though you people go on like its getting outsold 50/1 like PS3 is doing to 360 in Japan.. When the 360 does that to PS3 then you can truly say its the superior console for now though selling a few more consoles in only 1 country on the planet is all you can hold onto.. I mean there are 195 countries..

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Not hint at making games just make them..

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Looks great cant wait for release.

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Wow are really going this angle? Since everybody seems to be having a pop at GT5 right now they do to advertise there game? I prefer 1000+ cars (and they all look dreamy on my 42" plasma in 1080p)over 30 thankyou ta. Also DICE?? They should stick to FPS games it's what they are good at.

Oh and as for innovation.. Every need for speed games been the same since PS2 days there has been nothing innovative about them in years. They are the same game with a nice new look. ...

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Agreed looks great the first PSN title I been looking forward to in a while.

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videogameszone.de are fastly becoming the biggest PS3 haters on the planet.. Every other article they write is slating the ps3 and unlike other sites like Kotaku etc.. They don't even try to hide it or come up with REAL news they just do crap articles.

I play my GT5 in 1080p goodness and even the standard cars look lush on screen. These pics also look like there taken from an SD TV.. everything got that awful low res blur around them like you get from a VGA camera or a TV...

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Irish charts?? Seriously?? This is all the 360 fans could find?? This is really scraping the barrel.. How about REAL charts like UK/US/Japan

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I doubt it very rarely does something sell as well after launch week/month as the main adopters are usually the earlier adopters unless it gets a rehash e.g. Xbox 360S/PS3 Slim. Most them 2.5 million were in the first week and they will never sell as many as launch week in any other week. Especially now Black Friday is over.

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Same numbers as Move in the first month with half a billion advertising? I would say MS won't be as happy as you may think considering the little Sony put on advertising for MOVE and got the same results.. 2.5 million with too much money though that's what I think as no matter how great it may be I still think its too overpriced to go mass market and go head to head with the Wii. I can get 2 preowned wiis or a new one with 2 games for the same price as 1 kinect without a console...

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I agree with wesley BC2 should be in it it's way better than Black Ops that's for sure. Anyways another negative point is the crappy selection of RPGs.. Disgraceful half my fave RPG's of the year aren't even in the list.

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I can spew out 10 FPS games that are better than COD but the COD name sells the game not the quality of the game. Same with games like Halo, GTA and recent Final Fantasy titles.

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Exactly Chuk I wasn't gonna get the game but Black Ops was so bad I got it for a £5 when I traded in BO. I don't regret that decision 1 bit!

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8/10 is by far not a failure anyways. Black Ops received the same and I would love you 360 fanboys to point out 1 game on your system that will sell more than black ops this year as not even Halo will. So quit your jealousy 360 owners and get off the GT5 threads if you truly dislike/hate/think its a failure etc.. as Otherwise your just a bunch of hypocrits. I see more 360 fanboys on GT5 articles than PS3 ones. Why?? Because although review scores are good they know it will still sell through ...

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Not really.. Most gamers assumed MS would pay for every game to go multi-platform. But in your instance I would say that every FF owner should own a PS3.. But after FF13 we know it's not true. Seems the old ps2 gamers are split something like 55% on ps3 and 45% on 360 now.

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