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For that price and all those cords mmmmm no thank you.... i'll stick with my Samsung VR its way better solution for the general public and way way way cheaper .

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Well of course Sony is selling more than Microsoft, its Xbox1s against PS4, PS4 Slim PS4 Pro , PSVR and PSVita 5 against 1 go figure.

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you're only allowed to get one so make sure you get the king of racing...........FM7 its not as pretty as gt but its way more fun and realistic.

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Well ps4 destroyed the xbox one , xbox one s destroyed ps4 slim, ps4 pro has no competition (only fanboys are buying it) what would happened when xbox one next (scorpio) comes out?
As of now xbox one s its against ps4 pro , psvr , ps4 slim and ps4 no wonder is loosing!!!!!

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lool.... yes it does.....


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Just look at this sony army up in arms and sh!t !!! the title clearly says "A Successful Year Thanks To The PS4 And The PSVR" it doesn't say or even talk about the ps4 since it was launch so calm down soldiers.

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if you want o play games now the xbox it is but if you want to play game in 5 -8 years from now the ps4 is it.

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Sony predicted 2.5 million by the end of 2016 so that means is DOA

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This game its gonna end up next to E.T. from Atari ..... do some research if you don't know what I mean.

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Will PS4 Retake the Console Crown This Holiday? one word : no
USA UK and Australia are XBOXs territory Sony is keeping the rest of the world.
That's what happens when you make a mistake and give us americans something we don't want.

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yes only Sony fans here!!!!!!!!!!

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1. no you don't
2. you're a pc gamer not a console game
3. EA Access its cool on console and on pc
4. best feature today (play on pc finish in living room)
5. no joke here xbox has more AAA per year than other consoles NOT pc
6. ill give you that one
I doubt you even owned a game console . Undeniable means features on this console only.

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hope the rumors are true NX and Xbox one is all I need . Especially since their games interest me more than those from Sony.

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nothing to see here keep going.....

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PC have no competition but isn't competition good?

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Xbox its doing well and the idea of putting games on windows adding a 4k player , BC, and great games its working way better than Sony's dull and almost forgotten Crossplay, PS4 its a great system but the decisions Sony are making lately shows how they don't care about what their fans (no 4k player,increase of subscription, no crossplay between other consoles , one exclusive per year, and to top it all the ps4 slim (that nobody ask for) its just plain ugly . I'm getting a gamming...

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how does Gold Share works? I told it was for your xbox one and xbox 360 with the same user name.

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yes you can!!! Sony releasing PS5 in 2018

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one word......... NO.

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Well now you can use almost any wireless headphone on the new xbox one s but to chat you need that cable hooked up to the controller

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