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X3 ?

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Xbox One Elite sound better since its a mid gen update

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I rather play PUBG I'm done with Quick Time Events games like GOW ,Spider-Man and remakes, and to top it all no career mode on GT? no thank you.

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you hit the nail right on the head , I stop playing my xone and decided to wait for the xox and start haunting for a 4k tv just to be ready for xox while then I just play my ps4 because next year it doesn't look that bright for ps4.

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1080P Its so last year......

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L O L fan boys.....

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wonder why most ps4 fans are here posting on xbox articles instead of playing all of the exclusives...mmmmm.....

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moldy came out swinging!!!! L O L

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the reason for that its because all of those sony fanboys that love to hate.

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Is The Xbox One X In Danger Of Being Dead On Arrival?
L O L yeah feed those fans.

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no matter what people or fans like the author says, I'm getting an x1x day one just like I did with the pro.
no games? check
500dlls? check
bugs/glitches? check
4k tv? check

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yup , insulting console gamers its not gonna get you anywhere Cliffy b.

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or maybe next time don't insult console gamers in general how bout da cliffy b?

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yup I remember all this chaos sega made back in the 90s, but loved virtual fighter and panzer dragoon and tomb raider, and then............. playstation showed up with gt the rest its history

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I think its on a league of its own so its only for the elite players.

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Welcome to the Dark Side.

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yo quiero taco bell!!!!!!

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remember when they were giving tvs with a ps3 and they still lost to x360? lmao

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naruga: why is that funny? lets help sony so it doesn't go bankrupt.

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and this is why competition its good!!!

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