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So who's winning? I'm I have both take that bitches!! #8.1
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The sequel will be called ... TITANFALL The Search For More Money . #6.2
No you won't #3.1
LOL #1.3.1
They live in the past, thats how it was with the 360 and ps3. #2.1
they only play that because theres nothing else to play on ps4. don't blame me. #2.7
don't do it man in the next year or so they are going bankrupt and sell all exclusives to EA. #2
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Do you people even know what this article is about???? its about ps4 owners not buying games , instead they rent them and its hurting SONY. its like sony is given you all this games but Microsoft its getting all the money . #1.1.9
I think microsoft should buy sega. #3
LOL chuck Norris even the name is funny lol #1.2.1
Why don't they give us Kinect party? that game is addictive and fun and to top it all its still free!! #1.4
Lets start with the excuses first shall we? #1.5
Xbox1 fans this Ps4 fans that.... STFU and enjoy your console of choice, leave this to the ones who don't have a next gen console. #1.1.23
Im turning to the DARKSIDE XB0 #1.5.3
True that, Peter Moore really make you feel like being a gamer was cool and now Phil is making me confident about buying my XB1 but I will wait till E3 to see what changes this guy is bringing. #8.1
The controller has the PS4 design and the XB1layout #1.1.7
They need lessons from the creators of RYSE son of rome CRYTEK #1.4
cant wait to get this game. #1
same here but if sony has 10 game announcements it means that 2 will come out this year 3 next year 3 in two years and 1 never 'cough'the last guardian'cough' #2.1
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