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So now the ps4 pro its mainly for tv ...... wow wasn't that one of the big problems for the xbone?

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Welcome to the club, always making room for a great game.

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Maybe Sony just realize this is another mediocre game?

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Microsoft knew Recore wasn't a AAA title that's why they charge 39dlls for the game but Sony on the other hand don't really care what they're followers think.... they can get away with murder.

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it shouldn't be so hard since ps4 is full of it.

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Soul Calibur was and still is one of my favorite fighting games of all time, mastered the moves for almost all the characters.....Soul Still Burns.

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I don't know why the title says " honest thoughts " when all he does is praise the PS4 Pro it should say "honest praise thoughts"

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joeorc : you talk too much and say nothing.......stop smoking whatever the hell you're smoking.

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Remember Playstation its not part of Sony anymore but the controller its ugly.

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They're really going all the way with this game and I just cancel my pre-order just based on the beta.

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Most of this games maybe will come out in 7-10 years from now or maybe never we all know how Sony is.

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you hit the nail right in the head.

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Kribwalker: halo campaign was once compared to star wars but some how Microsoft screw up the story.

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halo 5 is one of those games that you play campaign once and forget about it till the next halo game.

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welcome to greatness.

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can I have some of whatever the hell you're smoking?
LOL reality blunt. sorry but not a fan of cod.

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love the first one and had high hopes for the second one but .... what a slap in the face!!!!

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Really ? a slim ps4 of an already slim ps4? what its wrong with Sony?

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There are games sequels that take a step forward or a step back from the original one but this one took several steps back, it sucks because it was one of my favorite games.

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I think this game its great for new gamers like ps4 owners that never played the first one, but for me there's no challenge like on wall running , skills are now classes and special moves or weapons cards are gone , as of now this game feels like a slap in the face for fans.

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