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Most of those games are on pc and look amazing!!! GT handed the crown to FM7, no deal with PUBG, all 3rd party games look better on the x , really bad year for ps4 owners.

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so I paid 500 for enhanced multiplayer games console and they're given me this? this is blaspheme !!! I'm cancelling my preorder.

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InTheLab: got the pro on launch day (jump on the hype wagon) but see very minimal difference and nothing my ps4 cant do, got the xos on my garage, ps4 in my room and xox on the living room next stop is the switch.

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the best decision I've made was trading the ps4 pro for xox , im keeping ps4slim for exclusives only, its kind of hard going back after the x.
kevnb; trust me there's not that much of a difference between the slim and the pro.

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So call exclusives

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Why I Wouldn't Buy A ps4 : no games the first 3 years . once you play the X there's no going back, its that good. no games you said? if you waited 3 years for games to come , I sure as hell can wait one year or less.

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this no games thing will come to the end next year xbox has more games next year than playstation and Nintendo combined you know playstation its gonna delay 90 % of their games.

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I'm impressed the XOX its on that list considering how expensive it is

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Microsoft don't know the meaning of limited edition.

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WELCOME TO THE DARKSIDE... Real die hard gamers welcomes you young jedi.

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IMO the pro was DOA , it makes no sense owning one IYAM. regular ps4 will do just fine.

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no this is how Microsoft are, they just don't know the meaning of limited edition.

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isn't cool to have stuff for free? thanks Microsoft for paving the way , next stop its cross play.......

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