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Whatever. #2.1
In Phil we thrust . #1.4
its Horipad short for HorriblePad? besides being ugly it lack key features like mic support and analog triggers, its a must not buy for me. #1.1.2
Games like this now days are called Triple AAA titles with low scores , back in the sega-nintendo days game like this use to be called MEDIOCRE. #1.5
So now a mediocre games are called AAA with low score? GTFOOH!!! #1.5
Mmmmmmm... no thank you. This game is selling well because there are 18M+ PS4s out there and there's nothing else to play .... period. #1.2
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Audiggity: you are wrong my friend if a game scores 66/100 to me it means its a buy for fans of that genre or at least take on consideration , but if the game scores 99/100 it means it will suit anybody and its a system seller, I do read reviews on games that interest me and sometimes those reviews save me money and The Order 1886 its a great example. The only games that I wont buy even if they get great reviews from now on are games that are broken like Driveclub Farcry MCC and others AAA ga... #6.2
So now they're given good reviews because they fell sorry for the game? I haven't play it because I don't want to pay full price for it, I learn that the hard way with Driveclub and MCC. #1.1
No hate here but you can return it now , 5 hours later. #2.3.2
Happy birthday Vita? isn't the Vita dead? No hate here just a question. #1.3
It just shows how desperated we are for games on PS4. By the way the order remind me of Sword of the berzerker on Dreamcast nice graphics and ok gameplay but too short. #1.1.7
Same here, I own both PS4 an XBO but my xbox gets 80% more playtime including media, I only play free indies on my ps4 and waiting for a great games like Bloodborne so fingers crossed!!!! off topic: Have you seen Halo 4 on XBO? just wow. #1.13.2
I hope this game is not another Sony disappointment. #1.1
Man, first Driveclub and now The Order? whats next? Bloodborne? where is greatness Sony where is it?????? we shouldn't pay 60dlls for games that are not AAA......period... on any console. #1.1.5
LOL!! #6.1
Greatness Awaits? I'm offended in every way, is Sony evil? By the way why Playstation sites given this game a good score? #1.16
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I hope 343i dont give us another broken game like MCC till this day the game still broken. #1.1
In Phil We Trust . #1.4
That big of an article only to praise Sony's Project Morpheus? wow just wow.
"Sony will pull the biggest trick out of the bag and beat them both (Hololens and Oculus) when Morpheus is released. #1.2
Ori and the blind forest. #1.1
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