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In Phil we trust. #2.1.2
This is one of the reasons I play my XB1 more IMO live is better than ps+ and not because of freebies but because live its more reliable , problems on XB1 live are like once or twice a year while Sony's its all year long, if it weren't for all those free indies sony would have being in trouble. #1.4
I got Titanfall since day one and still play it till this day, that game is pure online fun. I'm getting mordor this Friday. #3.3.1
Pretty soon your going to end up with one bubble like me. #3.2.1
This is exactly what Gamespot want : more people to visit their site. #1.13
It will, the only thing that worries me is xbox live, don't want no more broken games like Halo MCC. #2.1
You will know when is "back" when you have one next to your ps4, you welcome. #2.1
Worst Review Ever.
They don't even review the console, they just talk $h!t about it, I don't even know why the title says "The Year One Review" #4
That's a nice way to say your a fanboy. #1.4.1
Microsoft can afford to have a price cut but Sony can't, they'll go bankrupt if they do. #2.1
You forgot to mention that XBO its cheaper and PS4 is more expensive. #1.1
Funny bubble for you. #3.1.1
Well, sony is taking 16 months to throw one good game. Bloodborn vs Quantum break , Uncharted vs Tombraider , The Order and 5 games of your choice vs Halo 5 so yes 2015 will be xbox year again. #1.3.3
My 12 reasons why not to get a ps4 (no need to compare or mention other consoles)
on line sucks.
delay of games.
no real games till 2016 maybe.
controller needs to be plugged most of the time.
its a entertainment center not a game console.
hundreds of indies and only one is worth mentioning.
one year and still no greatness.
broken games.
one ok game per year (resogun).
most of its exclusives games so far suck.
Don't write after you smoke weed, do it before. #2.3.1
Soon you gonna end up with one bubble like me. #8.1.1
Stupid article, it talks good about ps4 but when its down to the ugly part that's when they talk about the xbox one.............. go figure. #2
I'm done with Quick Time Events. #1.4
This site is rated BBS (Bais Bull S#!t) this site give DriveClub 91 with broken online so don't click on their website, don't give them a reason to keep doing this. #1.1.4
So no XBOX is on top and they're numbers are wrong? ok. #1.1.1
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