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disagree votes are because of your "we all know this and its not necessary to say it again" comment.

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Great idea ill be trading my Ps4 and XB1 towards the SCORPIO. And ill just pick up the Neo once it releases with money.

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I get it the Xbox One has an Elite controller so now the Xbox has an Elite console : scorpio

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I bought tis game twice, got the physical copy first and could not stop playing it so I downloaded the game, still play the game on the regular basis Last Titan Standing being my favorite. worth every penny.

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in your face!!!! Sparta.

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You made a great point , if not sure about a game just wait for reviews because @ that price for an indie game that means Sony is testing waters on where to get more money. Don't really care who's making it or who's doing the soundtrack.

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I wonder how Sony would treat us if Xbox dies.

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' there are more than enough games out there that contradict that claim.' finish the sentence for you bud.

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what does the Fox say?

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Believe it or not I didn't know that, I've always been a console guy whit open mind.

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Whats the difference when the game is announce for windows or pc? doesn't pc's run windows?

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Wonder how people will react when they find out that No Mans Sky is coming to windows.

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hope to hear from NAMCO's Soul Calibur, that was the game that make me get a Sega Dreamcast.

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For the same reason that you are waiting for Tomb Raider.
akurtz: come and join the dark side where there's no wait for greatness

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I'll just wait for Hololens. I just don't want to buy a peripheral that collect dust like Kinect or Move.

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Its time to feed the fishes!!!.

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Now that's effing hot!!!

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Viva TRUMP!!!

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Waitsation press agree
XBone press desagree

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