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I don't have Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon or Eternal Sonata but once they're available on Xbox One BC I'll buy them for sure , always wanted to play those games , and now with better graphics? hell yes. #7.1
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Probably the worst out of all 5 is The Order 1886 and they forgot to mention Drive Club I really enjoyed Limbo and shouldn't be on that list. #1.3
'And that's why I bought both' Same here. #7.2
Whats the point? were going to play them both next year on the same console!!!!!!!!! #1.3
Same from Sony like last year, Sony is showing games that are coming out in 6-12 years (cough cough last guardian) and Microsoft show games that we already know they were coming this year. And the winner is.......... Sony!!!!! for giving us exactly what we wanted this year , last year and years to come.......... remakes !!!!!! (in a month they are going to give us a remake of blodborne as the 6 month anniversary) #1.5
I'm done with all those remakes like ffvll , uncharted , heavy rain , gow and cod's gran turismos and forzas its time for new ip's !!!!! #1.8
The most explosive part of E3 was XboxOne backwards compatibility hands down. #2.1
Wait for meee!! #23.1
reallyNot : One word Hololens. #1.4.1
Sony's ps3 end that gen on third place behind Nintendo and Microsoft. #6.1.1
LeMans 24 hrs on dreamcast. #1.1
I don't know but Bloodborne is like the movie AVATAR, feels like you played/done this game before, and the movie is like you watch that before just different world /characters. IMO good game but just not game of the year material. #1.2
I didn't know the playstation 3 was 98 years old. #1.1
Hey noob!! wait for the reviews you don't want another graphics based game with mediocre gameplay!!! #2.1
I will wait for reviews, don't want great graphics with mediocre gameplay any more, so fingers crossed. #1.4
I 'll wait for reviews , im done with this so called triple 'A' games with mediocre gameplay. #1.3
Im playing this game like 30 minutes a day, don't want it to end..... its one of those games that you pay attention to the story that you forget that you have the controller in your hands, and when you start playing the gameplay sucks you in and wont let go, wonder why Microsoft don't market the hell out of it. #1.1.1
And that's why DC didn't sell well, I got the game the first day it came out and return it the next day, we consumers/supporters don't deserve this kind of treatment, only desperate fanboys preferred games with problems , I bet you are super mad/angry about Uncharted 4 delay. #5.1
I'm gonna wait for reviews on this one , no mediocre surprises for me any more, cough the order cough driveclub cough. Sony showed us that graphics are not what makes a game. #1.3
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