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For the first time ill pass on gt to get fm.

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no more remasters please , just give us an update version for free like X0X

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your momma

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DaDrunkenJester: What's a Driveclub?

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cant wait till I play this on my ps4 pro.

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NO MORE REMAKES PLEASE!!!!!!!! just do what xox its doing and give us a free update.

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you mean native 4k right?

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PS4 Pro say hi!

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My comment its implicit as well, I would take Forza over gran turismo anyday. YUP.

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tyasia0 : just so you know ps4 pro can not do Native 4k even sony said it do some research .

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Well Sony already made a big mistake and its called ps4 pro, its ugly , its hard to develop for and no uhd player and to top it all its expensive that's why its not selling. Lets see if the Scorpio kills the Pro

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what else can Sony say since ps4 pro didn't work for them? a rush product to take the attention away from the Scorpio that's all.

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it hasn't change anything.

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rroooollliiiinnngg stttaaarrrttt!!!!

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Everybody here its wrong, scorpio is not going after ps4, its going and it will beat the $h!t out of ps4 pro hands down.

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you meant PS4 Pro right ? cause I have no idea either. Nobody is gunning for that one , not even Sony fans/supporters.

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I'm playing D2 on my favorite console with the far better and superior controller.

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the Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and Scorpio are consider 'next gen' switch its already ahead of ps4 pro by 2million and ps4 pro its ahead of scorpio by 530,000 units, you know who the looser is.

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this is my list:
1 . scorpio @ 349
2 . original xbox BC
3 . Rare back to its roots and shows Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 007 and Conquer
4 . Microsoft buys sega

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