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I'm playing D2 on my favorite console with the far better and superior controller.

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the Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and Scorpio are consider 'next gen' switch its already ahead of ps4 pro by 2million and ps4 pro its ahead of scorpio by 530,000 units, you know who the looser is.

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this is my list:
1 . scorpio @ 349
2 . original xbox BC
3 . Rare back to its roots and shows Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 007 and Conquer
4 . Microsoft buys sega

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The Scorpio definitely gonna kick PS4 Pros a$$ and Nintendo Switch gonna take care of ps4s IMO.
OT: third party timed exclusives are a bad sign for us ps4 owners , it only means 2 more years with no exclusives or 5 mediocre exclusives and 1 AAA a year.

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sony did that with ps4 pro so the door its open for Nintendo or Microsoft.

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Your list its wrong since this gen its not over:
1. n switch
2. ps4
3. xbox scorpio
4. xbox one
5. ps4 pro

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Halo was once compared at one point to Star Wars but now the story its so complicated that the game doesn't even make sense.

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No way that I'm gonna buy the Scorpio for 500, but I will buy it for 499.

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That's what Sony did with PS4 Pro.

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How about XboxNext

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Sony is doing everything xbox does like achievements, xbox live, 4k , kinect, multiplayer leagues,
etc etc.

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Is this the reason why the PS4 Pro its not selling?

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D O A ennuff said.

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what's a ps4 pro?

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those replays are the only thing that separate gt from forza , I know forza horizon its on a different category but replays on fh3 just plain sucks.

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if this looks good in 1080p imagine forza in 4k.

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I want games not specs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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that's it??? 60million ps4s sold and only 2mill hzd sold??? this is blasphemy.

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and why is that funny?

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