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I guess there's different opinions on this, but I really enjoyed these scripted dialogues.

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IMHO, I enjoyed Infinite more than Us. When I played the games I was hyped about the dialogues between the main characters, and I found the dialogues in Infinite to be a little bit superior. I did however love both games.

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haha, guess it came out a bit wrong making me look like a little fanboy :P

Personally I think Bethesda makes some of the best games out there. I've never really found the same love in neither any ubisoft games, nor any other developers.

I must, however say that the game "Watch Dogs" looks really great, and I'm getting pretty excited for it now :)

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Nope, Bethesda

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I don't really like the idea of it, but it's something we'll have to deal with. well, of course you guys can stop playing games because of this, but worse things could have happend.

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great preview! really enjoyed reading it

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I understand that, but I felt that a lot of fans refused to buy the game because of this. Since it was a really far away from the original roots, they would not buy it, even though they would probably enjoy it. In my opinion, people should have given it a bit more chance. I really enjoyed it, and im sure a lot of others would as well.

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If the fanbase had pre-ordered the game, they would have gotten the classic dante skin. I really don't see the problem there since a real fan would do so

In that case i've misunderstood the whole case. I thought it was weird how everybody was angry about the new dante, but changing the gamelay can be pretty bad.

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oh, thanks! :D

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To be honest, this sounds really stupid. I understand that they want us to have the same experience on every platform, but dragging down the pc quality is really not a good idea.

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First of all, it's the title of the actual article, and secound, it's not possible to change after the post is approved.

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God, im tired of this "battle" fans have over their consoles being better :P

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dosen't mean that no game will run at 30 fps. In a shooter it's pretty important with high fps, but other games don't require that much imo

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I think so as well. When the game-engines get's more powerfull, the developers are going to make better graphics, and as we all know, graphics sells way better than fps. Therefore the fps is going to get deprioritized. Personally I don't mind 30 fps. In first-person shooters it's good to have, but im sure that the developers will prioritize fps on these games.

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Wait... where is fallout 4?

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It would suprise me if you had put Ib on the list since it's a free indiegame, but it's really amazing and I would reccomend it to anyone that likes emotional games. It's really sad in a beautyfull way :)

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1. TES: Oblivion
2. Ib
3. Fallout 3
4. Resident Evil 4
5. Pokemon Yellow

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What?? Nothing from the elder scrolls? They chose MW3 before skyrim, oblivion and morrowind? I really don't see any logic in that.

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Lol, the moment games begin to pop up on linux im changing. I would rather turn over to mac than use windows 8.

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