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I actually believe this

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sucks for them

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I don't get what the Wii U is. Is it a controller or a console, and apparently it can play games on the scale of Battlefield and Darksiders. I just don't get IT. Someone please explain.

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I gotta admit when I first got Mass Effect 2, I was excited, with all the hype and everyone telling me it was the best gaming story experience. But really I didn't think the story was that good, IDK. I did hear that the first one was better. But the gameplay was really fun.

Anyways looking forward to Mass Effect 3

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That trailer looked pretty bad ass. The cg graphics are incredible, and it looks like the game play could be like Uncharted's game play but with a little survival.

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No, your right, it was already on the PlayStation Store, I still have it on my ps3. Don't know why its up their though.

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Finally someone, makes some sense, just because you created a character doesn't make your game a rpg.

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Haven't seen this game in a while.

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I wouldn't mind seeing some new ip's, I'm interested in that action rpg for PS3.

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Can't wait to get Wipeout HD, & Super Stardust HD, been waiting to get those games for a while. I already have Infamous and LBP, and on my European Account, I get Dead Nation and Ratchet and Clank:Quest for Booty.

Can't wait to get all of this plus Outland.

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hey where would I get one of those, how much would it cost, and how would I installed it because God knows I need more space, I only have 5 gigs left. I know I'm asking alot of questions sorry for that.

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wait, theirs a Bungie Day now. When the $%@* did that happen?

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Okay things are starting to sound good, now I think Ryan Reynolds would be a perfect drake, everyone who says Nathan Fillion, REALLY! I mean come on, he's not really a good actor to began with.

As who the directer should be I have no idea, what do you think?

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The Black Throne dungeon, what part was that?

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Darksiders was fantastic, I loved the world, the game-play, the puzzles, it was one of my favorite games of 2010. Can't wait for Darksiders 2, any improvement suggestions cause I can't think of any right now.

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uh cause it looks BAD-ASS!

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E3 looks amazing, can't wait.

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Hopefully it will be, but I'm not worried it won't be better than R2, I'm worried it won't be better than R1. Resistance 1 was one of my first first person shooters I've played & it was amazing, the look, the feel, the atmosphere, it really felt as if humanity was falling

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