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Why he stole it doesn't matter. What happens to him can happen to me... #1.1.1
I was a bank whistleblower and went through a similar Enterprise Risk Management action plan when I left BofA. Hope he survives... #1
This game is garbage. Completely missed everything we love about mma and fighting games. #1
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The genre is going more arcadey. Even WoW sucks now compared to vanilla and B.C. days. It's not just MMO's - they're weakening MOBA learning curves too.

There are a handful of MMOBA's coming out this year (including Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard) that are making MMOBAs easier, removing equipment or leveling characteristics. #1.1
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I only game on the can most gets busy... #5
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The Wii U is their Dreamcast...great system, but losing the console war... #1.1
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