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I love PSVR - plenty of fun things to do on it and much cheaper than HTC Vive or Rift. Technically any video game console is a "waste of money" since all it provides is entertainment. Maybe you're just a hater?

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The Kitchen was awesome, and there are another dozen or so games slated for 2017 that will have PSVR support and should be awesome, aside from PSVR and VR exclusives.

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Even I gave Arkham a 70 out of 100. It is absolutely amazing because you're Batman and the first runthrough is something every comic book fan should experience. However, it's too short, you never really get to unleash you batskills on any enemies, and when replaying for Riddler items, you realize the entire thing was just a tutorial. It's an amazing game, but still a shallow launch title, so it didn't get the perfect scores it would have if there were a few mini games and a li...

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Scavenger's Odyssey was cool to experience, but there were only 3 types of bad guys and none of them really felt like they could hurt you. Jumping from asteroid to asteroid and the story was good though. London Heist had the best replay value on VR Worlds only because of the shooting range and the one highway scene were you actually get to experience some decent action.

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It definitely had promise, but there's not enough platform support from the manufacturer, who's only a bluetooth headphone company looking to profit. If it worked with either Cardboard or any Android VR apps (or even basic Android functions like the keyboard worked) then it could have saving graces, but it was promised in March and delivered in October completely broken out the box.

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I don't know that GameStop promoting it will help sales any. I've never discovered a new game at GameStop.

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@CTorretta, well played...I knew the instant I started harping on typos I'd get caught on one :/

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Though if my editor allowed negative ratings, I'd have a lot more fun reviewing games...

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haha, this is true...there's always a silver lining...

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What annoys me most about E3 is they overhype everything and create this "VIP" atmosphere of exclusivity, but, like you said, there's nothing exclusive about it. I'd probably be better off just watching the press conferences online like everyone else. I'm more productive at CES and have more fun at PAX Prime. E3 is just an unnecessary in-between.

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People still play Street Fighter? Have they not heard of Tekken? ;)

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So just out of curiosity, if your PC is ready, why not HTC Vive or even OSVR, which you can get right now?

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If you can't afford a hardcore gaming one, you should at least grab a Viewmaster at Walmart. Only $20 and a good mix of entry level VR/AR using your Android or iPhone.

The consoles/computers are only necessary for VR gaming. Spherical 3D video and photos can be enjoyed on anything.

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Under Armour already has sensors in all the clothes used by the NFL, NBA, and other pro sports leagues. Companies are using those sensors in conjunction with 3D scans of the players to map where they're at and put realistic skins on them in the VR world. Imagine being able to pause a game during a timeout and get right in the middle of the action to see whether or not there truly was a foul.

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There actually are a lot of non-gaming experiences already available in VR, and the AutoCad foundation has already been laid to film live sports in 3D. I tested a couple services that allow you to watch an event like the Superbowl from anywhere in the stadium, including the line of scrimmage or VIP box. It currently has a 6-second delay from a live feed, and they're working on reducing it to 1 or less. The Sacramento Kings are already installing spherical cameras to record their games. VR...

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This is more of a stealthy version of Hotline Miami with better graphics. Same basic premise though.

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Why he stole it doesn't matter. What happens to him can happen to me...

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I was a bank whistleblower and went through a similar Enterprise Risk Management action plan when I left BofA. Hope he survives...

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This game is garbage. Completely missed everything we love about mma and fighting games.

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The genre is going more arcadey. Even WoW sucks now compared to vanilla and B.C. days. It's not just MMO's - they're weakening MOBA learning curves too.

There are a handful of MMOBA's coming out this year (including Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard) that are making MMOBAs easier, removing equipment or leveling characteristics.

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