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We have all seen those videos edited on You Tube saying "TV....TV...TV"
This is also a massive misjudgement and blunder because they don't seem to know that their own customers do not actually watch TV anymore.

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Here here

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Hey, huge thanks for the comment. Yeah, I appreciate that the game has some changes, but without prior reference, I'm unable to say or know what they are. When I used the term 'direct port', it was more in reference to the graphics and assets. I'd rather admit I don't know than lie, so I'm happy with my wording.

I will check out P3. I feel like I've been missing out on the most important JRPG series in the genre.

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"queue around the block come COD launch night, and be forced into a conversation about the merits of the TAR gun over the SCAR with a guy who looks like he only eats breakfast cereal"

This really made me chuckle :)

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Ha, you're not alone there OJ! While playing FC3, I shot a sea turtle last night and felt terrible..

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I am sad to say that not only is it a real newspaper but actually the biggest selling daily newspaper in the UK which has been poisoning the minds and dumbing down Britain for too long.

Somehow despite being a "Family" paper and moral guardian of the country it also has a topless girl on page 3!

In the 80's they had a school girl called Sam Fox as their best ever page 3 girl whilst also reporting about sick peado's after children.

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In England, you pay a TV License to keep channels like the BBC advert free.

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Thank you for your kind words my friend.

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Did you even read the piece? You might be surprised...

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We did try to cover this in the article, towards the end we state "The suggestion that EA only won the title of ‘Worst Company’ because they are victims of a campaign by bigots, is quite a convenient excuse that prevents them from tackling the reasons why a growing number of gamers are quickly losing patience in the way they are being treated"

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Not sure if you're insinuating something there, bud, but rest assured I've never heard of that site before, let alone read the article.

Both pieces from very different standpoints though.

Not sure if you actually read it, but mine is a short piece about how it can be used more effectively to enhance a story, and yours right there is a list of games that have done it previously.

Good stuff, though.

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lol nothing honest.... hehe

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Ooops well spotted :)

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Great article, over at This Is My Joystick we do not give review scores.

The reason we have taken this route is because there seems to be a growing subculture of people who either judge a game, or the quality of a review on its score without delving into the text to see the logic of how the reviewer arrived at their conclusion. It seems almost as if people are ‘reviewing the review’, rather than taking it for what it is; one persons account of their experience with a game.

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Duly noted and has been amended. :)

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It's right on the actual article, though...

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For £17 you can download FIFA and 4 other EA Sports titles before release day BUT they run out on release day so if you like the game you have to buy the disc. The achievements and settings from the pre-release will carry across if you buy the game.

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Oh wait! I just realised I knew that username.

You're the one who sent me an abusive PM a month or so back, then sent me another one a minute later claiming that it was because you were drunk.

Oh, you're hilarious, Nate...

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PS: Exclusive interviews. Some celebs, some developers. All awesome.

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How are we rehashing? I don't remember ever claiming that we're a news site?

I find it odd that for someone who thinks there are too many websites posting the same crap, your first port of call is an aggregator for all gaming sites. I don't recall pointing a gun to your head and making you click on the link.

But whatever dude. If we're not your bag, I can both respect and live with that and won't be losing any sleep over it. I know by our ...

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