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They will definitely need to patch it. Or maybe give everyone that trophy as a freebie. I'd def take a free trophy. #7.1
They are removing near this March with the update. Its already been said from Sony themselves and a ton of other stories. Plus without maps, Near wont work at all. #6.2
Its the definite truth. There could have been a real contender against Nintendo's StreetPass on 3DS. NEAR had all the makings to be so, they just never followed up or took it even further to where it needed to be. #1.1
Sony has done stuff with the Vita, but it hasnt been with the Triple A games or full push that everyone has been wanting for a while. There are a ton of great games on Vita that everyone should play, just no big AAA games of late. #2.1
Was always a fan of the DLC from Mass Effect 2. So much good content in there. Kasumi DLC and everything else was fantastic. #2
For them to make a comeback, they need to be given work on titles that people have been wanting for a while, and at the same time make them more elaborate than the mediocre titles they have done lately.

Give us a new Conker game thats in line with its original raunchiness and humor, a REAL NEW BANJO KAZOOIE GAME for once, and finally a new Jet Force Gemini game. #1
Sony shouldn't abandon Vita. But they wont put it at the forefront anymore. You wont hardly find any triple A games on Vita anymore because indie and smaller titles are going to be where the machine stays relevant. Even though I want that iNfamous vita game or anything similar, I doubt we will get it. #1
I know it is. Because I wrote it very well :3 #1.1
Thats cool. I'm sure a bunch of people will pick up the game on launch. #2.1
Not really. There was some interesting parts to it, but for me it was underwhelming. #1.1
It really is a great game. It has so much of the good stuff that people love from Persona games. The characters, the story line, and more importantly the music. Such an awesome soundtrack. #1.1
I need to get myself a new TV. These Sony ones look crisp. #5
I think it already is. Some of the figures are now out of print only after a few weeks, some even before they get officially released. Which really sucks. Nintendo need to make more to ship out for everyone. #2.1
You should. Scanning the amiibos is cool, especially for Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and Hyrule Warriors. But I want to be able to scan the figures many times over and still want to use them. Not just one time and its a wrap. #1.1
For sure. If there was a list of reasons for people to buy a wii u, this would be high on that list. #3.1
Its a very fun game. Everyone that owns a wii u needs to have this in their gaming collection. More and more games are coming out that are justifying people to purchase a wii u over other systems. Now is the best time to do so. #1.2
Me too, at this point in the series every protagonist should have VO in their dialogue. I think it makes the story and banter between party members all the more better. The way they did it in Tales of Hearts R is the ideal way it should be done. They did have a lot of VO for the main character in the first Tales of Xillia, so I find it weird why they didnt approach it the same way. It was so good. #4.1
You should. Its a great series. I suggest diving into Tales of Hearts R on Vita as a good starting point. And if you dont own a Vita, play Tales of Symphona Chronicles on PS3. #3.1
I hope so. We never thought we would get SF vs Tekken. So anything is possible at this point. #1.3
Its a very cool image. So much win all over the place. #2.1
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