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I havent dived into the show as much, but eventually I'll jump into it a bit more. #2
Really not a fan of the payoff by the end of the game. It has a lot of good and high moments throughout though. Thats just my own little nitpick. #1
A lot of the more interesting additions from The Taken King aren't going to come from the new story/crucible additions, but from the changes that are going to be made to existing aspects of the game to compensate for The Taken King. When House of Wolves came out, a lot of the game dynamically changed around it. #1
I can't wait to play this game. I love the Persona series. #2
I think thats smart. There are a lot of NEW experiences to play right now. #3.1
I definitely wouldnt mind seeing a DC universe related game from them again. Maybe have Batman in a cameo, but focused on a different hero. How about Wonder Woman? #4
Gotta have better resource management :3 LoL #2.1
After this game, yeah pretty much LoL. I would hope Konami or anyone else who picks up the Castlevania license takes a lot of notes from this game. It really is the ideal blueprint for a new Castlevania game that we all desperately need. #2.1
I liked it a lot when I played it. It literally does everything right and makes me want to play a new 2.5D style Castlevania game on 3DS. #1.1
Me too. Can't wait to pick it up when the game releases. I've wanted a REAL new Star Fox game for a long time. I'm finally going to get it now :) #1.1
You won't be missing anything if you skip out on it. The new characters are cool, but there definitely needed to be more here. #2.1
The game is definitely not terrible. Just not a game that really needed a rerelease, mainly because it feels like nothing intricate really changed. Same technical issues are there from before, and you're playing the exact same levels as in the original game. I wanted more new stuff to really make this feel like a good rerelease. #1.1
I think it is, just needs some more things to really become a great experience. I wish there was online/local mutiplayer, and some more StreetPass features. Then it would be VERY good. #3.1
If the gameplay is fun and handled with care, then it can definitely work today. The racing in this game from what I played was pretty good. I also love the capsule parts for the cars you can use, adds a lot of incentive to collect them all and make a beast race car. #2.1
DIdnt get to see much of this game at E3. Looks interesting though. #1
It was a fun and interesting concept. I think it needs a bit more in the mutiplayer features on 3DS and Wii U. If they had tank customization, it would've been IDEAL. #1.1
Playing the game was fun enough that the visuals did not bother me too much. But I wish there was more done for the multiplayer and StreetPass features. #1.1
From what I've played of the game thus far, its well worth the wait for when the game finally releases. #6.1
Its going back to basics in terms of gameplay from the best parts of the series, not in graphics. The game looks great on the wii u. #8.1
From first hand experience, the game looks fantastic on the Wii U. Flying around and seeing the updated Cornaria level was awesome. #7.1
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