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Thats a very long response... LoL #3.1
Very true. More than likely, a version of the game will come out that has all the DLC included. That'll be the better time to jump into it if you never bought the game at release. #2.1
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There is stuff to do in the Reef. I wish there was more story based stuff that related to the main campaign of the game, like a mission on the our sections of the reef, but there is a lot in there. More is going to open up when Temple of Osiris opens up on the weekends. So you'll be getting a good dose of PvE and PvP stuff from this DLC. #1.1
E3 is going to be a ton of fun this year. Lots of stuff to look forward to, lots of surprises incoming. #1
I think you're going to want to go reread the entire article, as well as all of the news related to it. Then you'll realize why everyone is feeling the way they are about Konami. #4.1.2
Their gambling business makes a lot of money in Japan, especially now that a bill to legalize gambling in Japan is pulling through.

But still, a lot of the moves they've done have been WAY too radical in one direction and completely off the wall insane. #7.1
I still need to play The New Order, but from what I hear this is great and has a lot of cool nods to classic Wolfenstein. #1.1
I don't know whats worse though.

The fact they are going all in on mobile stuff and away from AAA game development, or the possibility that series like Metal Gear Solid will lose a whole lot of clout being pushed out in other less stellar ways. (IE: MGS mobile games, pachinko machines, treadmills, bottled water, ect.) #3.1
It has to be a nightmare of a job right now for someone working in Konami's PR department. I'd feel bad for them at this point. #2.1
After everything thats happened recently, it might be a real thing to think about. They're shifting focus a lot to mobile and other avenues away from making AAA games.

But the worst is how they've handled Kojima controversy and their overall image. No company that is on sturdy ground would do what they have lately. #1.1
Very true. The concept is pretty neat. I just wish there was a better handling of the main character, and with a more clear backstory and humor that wasnt so blah.

It feels like a early 90s cartoon show that was terrible. #1.2.1
This game was not good at all. So many problems all around, completely mind blowing. #1.1
The middle-man may not always be cancerous, even though there are examples of some who have been a real downer. But these are all great examples of ideas/concepts that people have always wanted to see come to fruition, with huge positive responses from people.

A million dollars generated in mere hours to fund a game's development is a very big deal, and very hard for anyone to ignore. #3.1
The reaction that these kickstarters have gotten from people will definitely garner the attention of a lot of companies. What will be interesting is if a big publisher brings in one of them to help with a new game released, based off their success from kickstarter. #2.1
Its a very good stream they had. About 8 hours of coverage with Igarashi himself on there talking about Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. #1.1
It will be fine for MS to have a bigger spotlight in Europe for Gamescom. Even though Sony should be there, they'll definitely have a makeup for it with TGS. #2
Right now I would love to know what is going through the minds of Konami upper brass now that the projct is funded. Especially now in the wake of Kojima leaving, because you can definitely bet he is probably going to do something similar with his own stuff.

The fact it was funded so quickly shows that Konami is definitely missing out on a lot of people who would've bought a game like this if they made one. Money left on the table, so now Iga and his people are going to p... #3.1
Oh definitely. And this is happening with games that are pretty much sequels and ideas that we've always wanted to see.

Definitely something that everyone should be happy about. Cant wait for it to release. #2.1
This is awesome. Pretty nuts how fast it got funded. From what I've seen in the images and what Iga said about it, I really want to play it. Cant wait! #1
There are a lot of people that would disregard competitive gaming in that light because of the point on Physical Exertion. The common argument is you can't really physically exert yourself playing a video game in the same way as you could playing baseball, football, track, ect.

Its what makes the argument constantly go back and forth. #2.1
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