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Its worth it. The game is amazing. So much replayablity its nuts. #1.1
I keep hearing good things about this game from a lot of different spots. #1
Heck yeah. Everyone needs to keep talking about this. Its that good of a match. #11.1
I agree. This needs to be brought up more so we can get them talking. #9.1
Something like this needs to be talked about more and more. That way somebody can plant the notion in Konami and Vanillaware's heads and get them talking. A game like such would be a hit. #1.1
It was a much needed move on their part. Now with that out the way, E3 expectations can be on bigger and better things for MS. #1
A personal favorite of mine is Squall from FF8. Even though he is super bland compared to other characters in the series, I always loved the Gunblade and the events that happen to him and Rinoa. I thought that love story between them was pretty good. #1
I still honestly feel like this rerelease was not needed. But hey, if its good, then nobody can complain about that. #2
Was hoping to hear that this game was decent. Least it isnt all that bad. #3
I still think the arcade style WWE games are the best. The simulation ones just aren't really that fun to play, feels like there isnt any excitement. Next game made for WWE should take examples from "Wrestlemania the Arcade Game" instead of being like a sim or like WWE All Stars. #2
Never really got into F2P games, but like everything else, there's a good and bad side. Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad for gamers who jump into it. #1
Nobody is really winning anything come this years or any E3. Yes everyone is going to be excited for the next gen consoles, that is a given. New hardware always gets everyone excited. But for Nintendo, and even for MS an Sony, each one if branching off in various directions that will have great things for everyone. Nintendo's biggest hurdle now is getting the big games out on Wii U so the console can start picking up steam and momentum. If the recent supposed leak about the Nintendo Direc... #7
I really thought about having Sora on the list. Originally with games like Dream Drop Distance, Chain of Memories, and 358/2, it would make sense that he would have a good shot. However, with KH 1.5 Remix coming out, and talks of the next game in the series, I have a strong feeling that much favor is going to go towards the PS3/PS4 with that series. Maybe if there is DLC characters down the line after SSB 4 comes out, Nintendo can hopefully prove me wrong. #14.1
There are many more games on 3DS outside of Mario an Zelda on 3DS. Fire Emblem Awakening and Kingdom Hearts 3DS are perfect examples, and there's so much more. #1.1
That was very VERY fast. LoL. Least it got the news out there. #2
This game is literally that good. Everyone needs to play this. #1
This looks like an interesting RPG. Maybe I should try it out. #1
When these games comes out, hopefully the sales will be sufficient enough to get Square into finally thinking of making an FF7 remake. They've been dancing around the idea WAY too long. Its guaranteed money for them should they make a move. #2
Hopefully Saints Row brings something good to the table that can get Rockstar to really up their game, if they haven't already with GTA V. #2
I doubt that the patent infringment thing with Nintendo will have a big impact on anything going on with them. #2
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