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The next game needs to feel more Zelda-like rather than a parody of itself. This one just kinda underminds a lot of the things you do and doesn't feel like a grand adventure. #3.1
I love Zelda as well, but cant overlook important negatives when they are there. Even a great series like Zelda can have some misses. Not every title is a diamond. #1.1
Interesting looking game. I'm sure a lot of PC users will get a kick out of it. #1
Your welcome :3 #1.1
Me too. Definitely some of my favorite games out there. #2.1
Its a very interesting game. I spent a lot of time with it when writing the guide, I just think many people don click with it as much because of this style of game. Definitely underrated. #1
It really isn't. You should check out the footage of the game and read the preview before passing judgement. #5.1
I don't think that there is anything wrong with Capcom basing this game in the RE universe. They were already clear it doesnt affect the main storyline and is an offshoot of the series.

Even though the gameplay types are different, this doesn't make Umbrella Corps any less fun to play in the demo they showed. They have multiple Resident Evil games to cater to all types of fans now. If you want the traditional approach, you have RE Zero HD being made now, with RE2 HD o... #4.1
Hope you like it when you pick it up! I'm interested to see how everyone will stand when the game comes out. #3.1
Me too. The games I played were quick and constantly filled with action. #1.1
Its still early, so there is plenty of time for the game to be tweaked. #2.1
This really is a gorgeous and heartful game. I like what I saw in the demos they had at NYCC. Cant wait for it to release. #2
I'm hoping for a few more series vets to appear that aren't the typical ones that everyone would pick. Would love some more from Third Strike and/or even EX. #2.1
The female characters in the game all look very good. Nothing has ever been blatantly offensive in any Street Fighter game.

I played with R Mika at the same event, she is very good. Also got a chance to use Karin and Zangief while there. #4.1
It was interesting to play at the convention. VASTLY different than the previous game. #2.1
It was great getting hands on time with the game. I liked what I saw. #1.1
Its definitely worth checking it out. Though I suggest you watch at least one episode of some of the anime series to know a bit about the characters that appear in the game. Might help out a bit. #3.1
No. This plays similar to games like BlazBlue, Marvel vs Capcom, and Guilty Gear. It is a much better game than J-Stars Victory. #2.1
Its very cool if you like any of the characters it has. And the fact it has a 2D version of Akira from Virtua Fighter sweetens the deal. #1.1
I still havent gotten into the soccer (football) games myself, but you have to respect the strength of the fanbase these kinds of games have. #1
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