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Too bad that headglitching crap still exists in Call of Duty. But then people that play that game enjoy playing the same crap over and over every year no matter what, so they probably don't even care about headglitching #2.1
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Of course they're not going to discuss it and bash it down to the ground like they're supposed to.. It doesn't have EA in the title.. That's usually the only time they bitch and complain about something.. #1.1
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Kinda of a stupid article.. How are not "convinced by the new Battlefront" when you don't know all the new Battlefront has to offer. That's like saying, "Black Ops 3 is a Advanced Warfare/Titanfall rip off" and you haven't played it and don't know what all the game has to offer. People are SOO knee-jerk and reactionary it's actually really pathetic #1.1.2
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no resolution doesn't matter.. its all about how fun the game is.. #1.3
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Awesome!!! Cannot wait for this game.. if it's even half as beautiful as the in engine trailer, it will be beautiful.. And hopefully just as fun... #1.1.1
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people are SOOO gullible.. nothing about this was "LEAKED"... it was intentionally released.. c'mon people dont be Activision sheeple on purpose.. #1
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stopped reading after this sentence, "One of the positive “new” features of Advanced Warfare was the jetpacks/exosuits in multiplayer" Nothing to see here, move on. #2
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- most don't even play MP for campaign, it has mission/CO-OP (it could actually be fun)
-Galactic Conquest wasn't in the first one
- so space battles are needed to be Star Wars game (oh thats right, Rogue Squadron + MANY others Star Wars game have no space battles)
- how do you know 40 players is a bad thing. Haven't seen any gameplay or any of the maps.
- it four planets with MULTIPLE maps (plus this is just one release. More planets can be added l... #1.1.2
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the guy on this video THAT ACTUALLY SAW REAL GAME is the only one really speaking logically and not speaking from speculation and said IT LOOKS GREAT. All the others, that didn't see anything, are speaking from pure guessing. Cant wait for this game. Plus its hip and cool to hate anything EA. People haven't even seen actual gameplay. Most gamers dont play these games SP anyway. The vast majority of folks play MP games for the Multiplayer..

The same level of kneejerk... #2
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SOOO many laughable, negative people on this site that have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE WTF they're talking about.. how do you know it wont look like this????? My God lord, the amount of clueless haters are nauseating.. Folks that were THERE for the actual reveal have already said that it looks very close to this one the PS4 (probably even better on the PC).. #1.1.3
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How the hell you know this OP? Have you seen gameplay? Seriously, people so dang quick to be EA haters, they just pull crap out the sky and put it on N4G, then sound like complete morons without a SHRED of evidence or proof. This is a reboot and folks that have seen ACTUAL gameplay said it looked awesome. But since it's "hip" and "cool" to hate on anything EA/DICE, people rush to their computer with what they think is witty banter, but ends up being foolish, whiny babb... #1.2
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ANYONE that saw that trailer and use the word Battlefield after looking at that needs to be SLAPPED into reality... NOTHING about that trailer had any hint of anything Battlefield. Absolutely nothing.. Anyone that says otherwise, is just trying to stir controversy where there absolutely is not any.. Cant wait for this game to come out.. #1.1
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great trailer for a potentially great game. Folks that have seen ACTUAL gameplay are raving about what they saw. Cant wait for it... Time to upgrade my computer. #1.1.2
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The Star Wars brand is bigger than CoD and Battlefield combined so its definitely going to get some attention.. #1.4
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that's BS... gameplay was revealed to folks there and media folks. YOU and I didnt see it, but the folks that did said it was looked great. #2.4
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to be honest, folks don't really even play the game for a campaign, and critics wouldn't do anything but bash it to hell anyway... GLAD they don't have one.. now they can focus MORE on MP which the majority of folks play anyway.. #1.1.4
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Person on this article sounds NOTHING like the many other folks that saw ACTUAL gameplay and thought it was amazing. People do yourselves a favor and find other impressions of the actual gameplay on Twitter or Youtube.. Most folks that saw the actual multiplayer gameplay were blown away.. DLC is what it is.. No different from Call of Duty, but people pay for that because its what they want. #2
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The trailer was awesome... CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME.. #1.1.3
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So outta that entire article, that's the main thing the first poster got outta it?? Wow.. Smell some EA/BF haterism going on there... Let's read the ENTIRE article and pull out all of the positive that was stated as well.. #1.1.1
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This wil more than likely be one of the most polished, ready on release games to come out in awhile because DICE will never want to repeat the BF4 fiasco again and because Star Wars has a following larger than Battlefield and CoD combined. It's ironically a good thing BF4 had issues so now they'll take EXTRA SPECIAL CARE to come out on point.. Can not wait!! #1.1
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