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again... N4G rushin negative Battlefield articles STRAIGHT to the top of the page.. Atleast try not to be so obvious. Lets see if they do the same stupid crap when its revealed CoD will have a similar service...

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So damn tired of N4G and their love of Battlefield hating articles.. It never fails.. Everytime some idiotic, random stupid Battlefield hating article pops up, they RUSH it to the top of the damn page.. Battlefield 1 will be just fine and CoD is still the futuristic, thruster pack trash that no one asked for..

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Wow... The delusion is strong with this one... More sells doesn't mean better at all.

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Can NOT wait for this one...

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So when a game seems like same ol' CoD, that's good... But when a game seems like same ol Battlefield, that's bad?? GTFOutta here with this stupida$$ article..

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Can't WAIT for this game.. All of the weapons SMGS/LMGs/Bolt Actions, Artlilery will make for an epic WWI shooter. So glad it's not all bolt actions.. That would be boring as hell.. Need a mixture. This is still a game that's meant to be fun..

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its kinda obvious how HARD N4G is fanboying for the space boosting trash that no one asked for. Stop tryin so hard to convince folk that this wont be Advance StarFox Warfare..

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Amen!! This is truth..

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Actually it was ok, but nothing mind blowing MAINLY because it looks like every other Sci-fi futuristic CoD single player trailer that's been done. No, people don't "hate CoD just hate CoD". The have a STRONG issue with CoD because they do a bare minimum in term of fresh, innovative or new. They do the same thing over and over and over, slap the name Call of Duty on it, then wait for the Youtubers and Game sites to hype it up beyond belief. People have caught on the stupid M...

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Overwatch netcode is TRASH. Noted Battlefield community guy & Youtuber "BattleNonSense" that help transform BF4 netcode, has shown a Youtube video test showing how bad it is.

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Seriously how hard is it to remaster a 9 yr old game??? This ain't nothin more than a scam and they know nerds will fall for it all to get you to buy that space crap that no one asked for..

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How hard is it to remaster a 9 yrs old game?? Activision knows gamer nerds are sheep and easily led. Don't be fooled by this scam. They're still making you buy the future space crap, for a easily done fresh coat of paint..

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HA! notice no mention of Call of Duty... No surprised. The series will be trash until Black Ops 4 (even that will be kinda questionable)..

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ACTUALLY YES ITS RUNNING ON FUMES.. and this will be evident with the next CoD, when they cant just slap a "BLACK OPS" title on it & hope that alone sells it. Future setting has been done TO DEATH in CoD and is getting boring..

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The movie was fun and the GAME is fun.. if you're only worried about SP, then MOVE ON.. this isn't for SP and anyone bitchin about it, is bitchin just to be bitchin. It doesn't have a traditional SP, and wont have one. MOVE ON. If you enjoy MP, play it and have fun.

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they struggle with this like they would struggle with CoD or Halo.. fact is they're having fun like alot of us are.

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absolutely enjoying the game for what it is... pure casual fun making you feel like you're in the movies..

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F*#K ANGRYJOE and his whiny "i hate EA because they didn't grant me and interview @ E3" a$%. Reviews are always predictable especially when it comes to his predictable hatred against anything EA..

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another pathetic review for some nobody site.. nothing to see here.. move along..

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Battlefront is a TON of fun actually.. cant really say its "disappointing" just because of no campaign. Judge the game for what it is..

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