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nerds playing a video game... who gives a f&$%? still just nerds playing a video game. Sure hope they plan on getting a REAL job one day.. Surely, can't survive on this garbage title for the next 20yrs. #1.1
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who give a f$@#?? this is a stupid article.. #4
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the game works pretty well now... other than the 64player Carrier Assault on PS4, it works quite well... now folks are just trolling to be trollin on N4G because at one point in time, it was hip to whine about BF4.. now its kinda lame seeing as how its a much better experience to the long list of fixes and updates. #1.1.4
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the game isn't unplayable on the PF4.. just one game mode.. the rest is good.. on XB1 or the PC, (i have both).. it's great fun.. but yeah, kinda wish they would've focused on gettng the PS4 64 man CA in order first. But its just a matter of time, they've already said they're working on it... Gotta admit Naval Strike has been receiving nice reviews from the big Youtubers.. its actually kinda fun.. curious to see how these loadouts work. #1.1
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no it doesn't... it's deserves what it most received.. 8-8.5/10... Most issues that has come up, DICE has fixed it through patches and updates. To say otherwise, is to show a sign of being a hater, clueless or just one of the everyday morons that infest N4G daily. This is an excellent and ambitious game with loads of excitement and a VERY unique experience. But of course, the disagrees are about to roll in with this being N4G and it being "cool" to hate on BF4 (and then sa... #3
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STUPID TITLE!!!!! they said NOTHING about so-called "Netcode" issues in that blog.. the netcode is fine since recent updates.. that blog was about the RUBBERBANDING thats on some 64 player servers... what a dumb a#$ that created this title on N4G.. #1.1.1
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nerds playing a video game for money that they could make CONTINUOUSLY if they had a real job... psssh, whatever, nothing to see here, move along.. AND NO CoD IS NOT A SPORT before some idiot tries to say that it is... #2.1.1
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you can squad up with friends... tell your friends to join your damn squad... it aint rocket science... people whining over nothin... #4
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no actually CRUSF is correct... this game is WORLDS better than what it was on release day, it just that 2 things have taken effect:

1. too many mindless minions just parrot whatever their favorite YTer says, totally ignoring the fact that negativity is contagious and it really isn't that bad.

2. it's cool to come to N4G and whine about BF4 and totally forget the fact that its REALLY a better product from release and forget the fact that BF3 also... #2.1.1
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i cant believe how INCEREDIBLY EASY AND LACK OF SKILL REQUIRED this game really is.. the AI is stupid, all the guns are no recoil laser beams, everybody get a Titan NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO OR DONT DO and its only 6vs6... honestly, this game is easier and more "lack of skill required" than CoD is... and that's saying alot.. People are finally starting to realize this.. #1.2.1
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im glad they delayed it... rather wait and let them fix it, then for them to release it, and have to hear all the stupid crying and whining from the so called "community".. #1.1.2
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Plays well on my PS4... i'm loving it.. Great maps, great game and they killed the granade spam (WHICH IS AWESOME)... #4.1
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man.. that Battlefield community is so stupid it isn't even funny... they cry if a expansion is released with bugs and then whine and moan if it isn't released because those same bugs need to be fixed.... too funny... great game, lame community.. #1.1.2
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kinda pathetic how NO ONE is being honest on how easy and lack of skill this game really is... all the guns have NO recoil and are laser beams, the AI is stupid as hell, only 6 vs 6, takes NO skill to get a Titan... this is what happens when all the game review sites hype up something beyond reason.. #1.2.12
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much much better from release since they've been focusing on the fixes and balance stuff.. can't wait for this one. #1.1.2
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The game is ACTUALLY pretty good now that the marjority of the issues have been handled it's and worlds better than when it was released... The Naval Strke looks to be pretty fun.. #1.2.3
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lets be real... this really is nothing more than CoD with wallruns and robots... it just that folks are so sick and tired of CoD that ANYTHING new is welcomed and praised.. #1.1
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when will people admit how SENSELESSLY easy and lack of skill required to play this game??? Guns with no recoil, braindead easy-to-kill grunts and specters, continuous roof campers, this game REALLY is not all that these hypers have hyped it up to be. #1.1.5
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Has anyone realized how EASY AND SKILL-LESS this game is???? it's getting all these reviews, but the game is easy as hell... a brain dead monkey can shoot dumb AI that doesn't shoot at you.. And let's not even talk about the roof campers.. this game really isn't all that.. it's just that IGN has hyped it up to the point of absurdity.. #1.1.1
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the thing thats wrong with ALL CoD games is the thing wrong with Titanfall... too much camping... now you camp on rooftops... #1.1
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