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satire doesnt belong on a news website in my opinion. especially when it isn't pointed out in the title. #6
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didn't mind the sniper level.

just a bit frustrating after having tried to kill the sniper for 10 mins to realise there were no one behind the sniper lol.

didn't expect that from naughty dog. #7
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well of course they're attractive, south korea has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. And i'm definitely not saying beauty standards shouldn't exist and the idea that "everyone is beautiful" is stupid as it doesn't promote self improvement.

Even with that however, our definition of beauty is quite broad and diverse and does not require any unnatural procedure to aquire. In Korea on the other hand, the beauty standard is extremely narrow... #3.1.1
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it's so sad the ideal of female beauty (and male beauty for that matter) in South Korea is impossible to attain without tons of plastic surgery procedures.

almost all girls in the the article have had eyelid surgery and a heavy jaw reducement procedure as koreans naturally have very strong jaws.

we often talk about how problematic beauty standards are here in the west but they got nothing on how extreme they are in south korea. common graduation gifts in... #3
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I disagree
The problem with the debate has been that only the pro gamergate side has been willing to discuss any of the issues and take actual criticism.
People from gamergate will gladly appear in objective interviews to get their voice heard, whilst the anti only participates in interview that is biased in their favor and doesn't ask any critical questions.

Just look at the interviews made by David Pakman lately. One anti gamergater went on there are and... #6.1.1
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the only people i've seen that are against gamergate are people who refuse to participate in a debate or discussion and blindly denies all evidence thrown in their way.

the people who say "gamergate is all about harassment!!" has most likely no experience in the gamergate community. #6
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"gamergate news/videos/blogs are here on n4g too?"


But ONLY anti Gamergate articles.

Seriously FUCK you N4G. #4.2
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Love how N4G only allows anti-gamergate articles to be on the website.

just as bad as neogaf. #13
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gamergate in 60 seconds. #12.1
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"Now where I have a problem with "journalism" is in the actual news: Fox, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. We aren't getting news, just soap operas and reality shows masquerading as news"

you're clearly very out of touch with the current state of video game journalism. That applies just as well to gaming journalism as it does to the news channels you mentioned.

Kotaku, Gamasutra, Polygon, Destructoid and many more, has gone the same path. Count... #3.1
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different boards have different culture.
whenever there are death threats coming from 4chan you can be 99.9% sure it's from /b/.

this is not from /b/ #7.1
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western devs are absolutely terrible at making female faces. #8
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That house looked terrible lol. #6
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You gotta realize that other companies makes amazing things too.

The problem with Sony these days is that they've lost their touch when it comes to meaningful innovation.

Say what you will about the Samsung Galaxy line of phones, they always try to bring something new to the table whilst Sony is always the one playing catch up. And aside from PlayStation, this is true to all of their other devices.

In the 90'... #1.1.3
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flash lights don't cause shadows? #3.1.3
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You know we really don't have shit to worry about when people become this outraged over such an insignificant case. #15
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didn't even mention where it was banned.. #5.1
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After E3 we will get 10 screenshot articles just like with Infamous and The Order #1.1
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Tits are okay, but gore (even just blood) isn't?

Is France like reversed America? #14
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