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The game HAS a 40+ hour demo called Destiny. No one is phased by a beta (which is not a demo) to cancel their purchase.

I say good on Best Buy. Charge the asshats.

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It's just as free as this website is, unless you are saying my monthly fee to my ISP makes this a paid membership website.

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meh, ultimately each DLC is just a new raid. Anything else is temporary or just in the weekly rotation.

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DLC is what prevents games from being $69.99 this generation. They went up $10 when the xbox 360/PS3 generation hit, now it that cost increase is just reappropriated as an optional purchase.

I actually prefer it to a $69.99 standard, but thats just me I guess.

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No, they are literally holding content for ransom though.

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Except it doesn't launch 7/17 along side the beta release because it's already out. No companion app has ever been "necessary" but your reporting is spot on, keep up the diligent and completely factually correct work.

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Huge borderlands fan here as well, just going to move on to Destiny and wait for a PS4 release of the pre sequel.

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Honestly with the new robotic overlay his voice has, they can auto tune his voice not for musical notes, but for emphasis in dialogue and mask it flawlessly too. There's a lot of tools now and i'm sure bungie has a few talented audio artists at their disposal. Im curious how it ends up, i am also curious if they trolled us in the first place.

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You do realize they probably have 10 different takes of every single line in the script, right? They can cut/paste from that as they see fit.

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It's not even broken, it's just limited

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Who finds it ok? It's a competitive capitalistic market, the consequences for slighting a customer base are dire.

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Ah, the excuse excuse

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Still works better than the US government.

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Agreed sounds more like a hardware review than a software review.

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Then what's his excuse?

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Give em a break they couldn't even get online ready for release.

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None of that has anything to do with his comment.

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Nope, it will shift business models

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I don't think these companies have a business model that dictates absolute marketshare domination or bust.

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If they banned early use of retail discs I would know 2 reviewer friends who would have banned consoles right now. There has to be a red flag beyond simply early retail disc use.

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