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Agreed. Chances of my buying something not as good as my G27 just for Driveclub? Never going to happen. #8.1
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I'm not seeing any features on this thing that the Logitech G27 doesn't already have, and for a lot less money. Also no clutch pedal and shifter.

Seriously, can someone explain the point of this thing to me? #6
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To be honest I thoroughly enjoyed Fuel (long road trips with buddies) and so if this game is as good as it sounds, I will be lost to the world when it releases. Very excited.

I just hope that they balance it so that even if one never touches microtransactions it still feels like you're getting a lot of game for your money. #22
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Thumbs up to this! Nothing like a late night of couch co-op with friends. Online is merely more convenient for a lot of people. #6.1
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That's exactly what I was hoping as soon as I saw the article, darn it! #6.1
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To be fair, this genre has been largely ignored on PC as well for the past decade or so. Publishers wouldn't back a game in this genre for a console without some proof that it'd be a big seller. Hopefully Star Citizen's success will change that! #2.1
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@BattleTorn I think you've got your time zones mixed up, man! At 9pm in Vancouver it was already midnight in Toronto! #2.1.2
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Agreed! Bought mine last year; haven't looked back since. #1.1
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This is Chris Roberts we're talking about; if the game ends up coming to PS4 there's NO WAY he'll allow that to compromise the PC version. That guy is as pro-PC as it gets without being silly about it. #2.2.1
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I agree in that I don't care if the Adder is faster either. Besides, the Veyron has never been my favourite super car, so the Adder holds little interest for me. My favourite proper super car has always been the Koeniggsegg CCX, so it'll have to be the Entity XF for me! #1.4
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I have to go with the Phoenix as the coolest for the muscle category. Now that trucks are driveable with trailers, a couple of guys can be Bandit and Snowman in GTA Online now! #2
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Just tried it (from Canada) and no patch yet. Really excited, darn it! #16
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First car I customized, I lost out of Trevor's garage beside his trailer in Sandy. Spent a bunch on a BF Injection for offroad racing, came back to the garage after saving, and it was gone. Really annoying. #16
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Cool! I live right near Edmonton; what have I got to lose by sending them an email? #3
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Vigilante 8 was probably the game I played second most on my N64. Had a barbecue with three friends two weeks ago and we busted out the N64 and four controllers and played team matches in Vigilante 8 for two hours. The graphics have aged a bit, but the gameplay still rocks! #7
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Please be true. Please!

All three are additions I've been waiting for since Rocksmith released its first DLC. #2
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How can it say the hi-performance processor recommended for AMD is the Bulldozer FX-4150? I've heard time and again how the older quad-core Phenom processors are more powerful at similar frequencies. Am I missing something here?

Also to note, I do actually run an FX-4150 lol #17
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It most certainly is. It'll be great to play through the single player with buddies; makes it a must-buy for me! #3.1
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Siren was best until sniper got the ability to completely ignore shields, in my opinion.

Also, love your avatar! #5.1
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@dericb11 Thanks for the advice! Admittedly though, I'm still thinking of going against my better judgement.

@scotchmouth I missed out on getting the afternoon shift this week, darn it!

@Pintheshadows Was my favourite moment from my favourite episode of Stargate SG-1! Also love your avatar; Data was one of my heroes for the longest time #3.1.2
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