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It all depends on what sort of PC games you're playing. If you're the best of the best at twitch shooters, you probably don't want to use an HDTV as a monitor. For damn near anything else, it will not matter.

Also worth noting, using the Game Mode on Samsung TVs gets rid of most of the input lag by shutting off excess image processing.

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Improvements to eight-core setups? Sign me up for that! FFB deadzone improvements would be very welcome as well; I don't get how the FFB is very good in Motorsport 6 Apex but terrible in Horizon 3.

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Here in the mountain time zone (GMT -7) the Ultimate Edition was available at 10pm the night before the early launch on the 23rd, if that helps.

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But remember, math is hard! It's much easier to not bother reading the article, misinterpret what's going on and then complain about it!

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So, no classic rock at all? I mean, that won't be a problem due to the Groove Music Radio, but it would've been nice to see some recognition of classic rock, especially all the great Aussie classic rock.

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They've said the game will launch with 350 cars, and then more to be added via DLC. This is probably a collector's stat for how many of the available cars you have acquired, and as you install DLC packs, that 'max' number will probably go up. Just a guess, mind you.

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"Playground Games wanted to put you, the player, in total control of how you play the game."

That's great. So, can they please set my fears to rest and kill that rumour about wheel support (the one that only Xbox One-supported racing wheels will work on either XO or Win10)?

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You might want to double check the picture above again.

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@Chillax - Did I pay money? Yes. Am I testing an unfinished game? Yes. Am I having a ridiculous amount of fun playing this unfinished game? Yes. Yes I am. So, how is this a problem for you?

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He has a very SPECIAL set of skills.

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I would be more impressed if he had managed it without modding the game.

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Sweet! They want to repair the series reputation! So, does that mean they're going to include manual transmissions and wheel peripheral support? No? Too bad.

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They have the paddles for shifting on the wheel, the clutch is just for the six-speed stick shift that's sold separately.

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+1, absolutely this!

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I wonder if the shifter from the G27 will be able to plug into the G29? I doubt it but it would be nice to not have to buy a shifter separately.

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The only thing that worries me is only seeing the wheel. I hope they're planning on packaging it with a shifter and 3-pedal set... or at the very least making it compatible with the shifter and pedals from the G25/G27 if not.

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Here's to hoping! I haven't bought a single racing game on PS4; this could change it.

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Yep, I can confirm it's down in Canada as well

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"Seems like Asus is on the roll."

"There are no details yet"

I mean, it's another blower-cooled 970 variant with no information on how it's clocked or whether it has anything exciting/different under the hood. Why bother making an article before there's some actual information on how the specs of this thing differ from other 970s?

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Somehow I doubt they'll bring the price down if the Canadian dollar goes up. They'll keep the cost up around $80 and blame it on the so-called 'extra costs' of shipping games up to retailers here. The same has happened with books when the Canadian dollar was worth more or was even.

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