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I would be more impressed if he had managed it without modding the game. #4
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Sweet! They want to repair the series reputation! So, does that mean they're going to include manual transmissions and wheel peripheral support? No? Too bad. #3
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They have the paddles for shifting on the wheel, the clutch is just for the six-speed stick shift that's sold separately. #1.2
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+1, absolutely this! #3.2
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I wonder if the shifter from the G27 will be able to plug into the G29? I doubt it but it would be nice to not have to buy a shifter separately. #6
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The only thing that worries me is only seeing the wheel. I hope they're planning on packaging it with a shifter and 3-pedal set... or at the very least making it compatible with the shifter and pedals from the G25/G27 if not. #14
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Here's to hoping! I haven't bought a single racing game on PS4; this could change it. #6.2
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Yep, I can confirm it's down in Canada as well #9.1.1
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"Seems like Asus is on the roll."

"There are no details yet"

I mean, it's another blower-cooled 970 variant with no information on how it's clocked or whether it has anything exciting/different under the hood. Why bother making an article before there's some actual information on how the specs of this thing differ from other 970s? #3
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Somehow I doubt they'll bring the price down if the Canadian dollar goes up. They'll keep the cost up around $80 and blame it on the so-called 'extra costs' of shipping games up to retailers here. The same has happened with books when the Canadian dollar was worth more or was even. #4.1
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I wonder how much money I'm going to have to throw at my computer before it'll run this game decently in 4k at 60fps... those screens are so beautiful and I WANT! #1.1.2
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Out of curiosity, which GPU are you using for 4k? #6.1.1
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Seriously disgusted sounds about right. My G27 doesn't get nearly as much use these days as a result. #1.1.1
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I've been a big fan of GT for a long time. GT5 is the game that finally made me buy a G27 racing wheel, and I haven't looked back. Now all my excitement for Gran Turismo PS4 is cut short by the fact that I'm going to have to buy a properly expensive new racing wheel for it. Y'know, so I get the same experience I had in GT5 and GT6 with my G27. #31
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Once again I must ask, why can't the taser be a thing in multiplayer? I realize it could be a griefing weapon, but measures could be put in place to make sure it is only used for hilarity. #8
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I don't understand the sheer amount of hate. Having played in three of four closed betas for The Crew, I had a lot of fun every time. Sure, the handling isn't the best, perhaps, and the graphics aren't as 'next-gen' as everyone seems to want, but the gameplay was very fun to me.

My only misgiving is that by buying it, I'm giving money to Ubisoft who doesn't even have the foresight to pretend that they care about the consumer. #2.1.2
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I really wanted to play online so I decided to risk the update. Now I can't access GTA Online at all, and single player works for about one minute before crashing with the CE-34878-0 error. Currently re-downloading the game from scratch to see if that fixes the problem. #15
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It's a driver conflict that causes the BSOD. I found I couldn't have Dualshock 3 drivers and 360 controller drivers installed at the same time because it would cause my computer to BSOD as soon as I plugged in the 360 controller. Solution was simply to remove the DS3 drivers. #4.1.2
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Call me when there's a Thrustmaster wheel with shifter and clutch for that price. #1.1
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Having only previously played the PC beta, this PS4 version feels less polished. I have missions freezing on me and black screens during gameplay (only HUD visible). The engine sounds feel like they've been lowered substantially in volume; they need a separate slider to general sound effects (a plane flying miles overhead shouldn't completely drown out a roaring V8 when you're sitting IN THE CAR). Also, sequential manual transmission on the Dualshock 4 is REALLY hard to get used t... #4
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