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Aww come on, it's Stay Puft! #3.1.1
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It's also worth noting that said Ubisoft rep said it would take about an hour and a half in a fast car on roads, while it only took me around 40 minutes from coast-to-coast in a stock Dodge Challenger. It's a big map, but they're really exaggerating the size.

Nonetheless, I'm still getting it. The beta proved to be a lot of fun. #1.1.1
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I could save, but then my G27 will just sit in its box gathering dust.

Also, Boody-Bandit, I considered the T500RS, except for the awfully huge asking price. For comparison, I bought my G27 during a boxing day sale in CANADA and got it for $150. Compare that to a T500RS which is $500 and doesn't come with the shifter, an optional add-on that has a price of another couple hundred dollars. So yes, maybe Thrustmaster's products are superior, but at that price they're... #6.1.2
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It's hard to justify buying another wheel that doesn't have a clutch or H-shifter when my G27 would end up gathering dust. Until they make a patch to make Logitech and Fanatec wheels work on the PS4, I'll be sticking with PC for racing games. #6
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What wheel do you use? I tried my G27 in the first beta; had to tweak the settings a bit and the FFB was a tad on the jerky side. However, it was still miles above using my 360 controller. #3.1
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Racing games (especially Driveclub and eventually GT7) are a big reason why I bought a PS4. As a G27 owner, it really saddens me that all my future racing game purchases will have to be on PC. #24
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As a G27 owner, I can confirm that I'm very pissed right now. #1.6.1
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Not a buy until it works with wheels. I don't care whether it's Sony's problem or Logitech's problem. All it should take is for one of them to contact the other and make it happen. I find it infuriating that this hasn't happened yet. #23
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Agreed. Chances of my buying something not as good as my G27 just for Driveclub? Never going to happen. #8.1
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I'm not seeing any features on this thing that the Logitech G27 doesn't already have, and for a lot less money. Also no clutch pedal and shifter.

Seriously, can someone explain the point of this thing to me? #6
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To be honest I thoroughly enjoyed Fuel (long road trips with buddies) and so if this game is as good as it sounds, I will be lost to the world when it releases. Very excited.

I just hope that they balance it so that even if one never touches microtransactions it still feels like you're getting a lot of game for your money. #22
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Thumbs up to this! Nothing like a late night of couch co-op with friends. Online is merely more convenient for a lot of people. #6.1
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That's exactly what I was hoping as soon as I saw the article, darn it! #6.1
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To be fair, this genre has been largely ignored on PC as well for the past decade or so. Publishers wouldn't back a game in this genre for a console without some proof that it'd be a big seller. Hopefully Star Citizen's success will change that! #2.1
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@BattleTorn I think you've got your time zones mixed up, man! At 9pm in Vancouver it was already midnight in Toronto! #2.1.2
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Agreed! Bought mine last year; haven't looked back since. #1.1
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This is Chris Roberts we're talking about; if the game ends up coming to PS4 there's NO WAY he'll allow that to compromise the PC version. That guy is as pro-PC as it gets without being silly about it. #2.2.1
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I agree in that I don't care if the Adder is faster either. Besides, the Veyron has never been my favourite super car, so the Adder holds little interest for me. My favourite proper super car has always been the Koeniggsegg CCX, so it'll have to be the Entity XF for me! #1.4
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I have to go with the Phoenix as the coolest for the muscle category. Now that trucks are driveable with trailers, a couple of guys can be Bandit and Snowman in GTA Online now! #2
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Just tried it (from Canada) and no patch yet. Really excited, darn it! #16
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