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Says the guy who can't even montior this site properly

The amount of times I've seen people get away with crap on this site and where are you...oh yeah bubbling the wrong people down.

I know I'm not perfect, but I'm better then most of these trolls that still have 5-7 bubbles because you can't be arsed to bubble the right people down. Hell you guys still havent even fixed the crappy bubble system still.

Come on we've a...

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There roles havent swtiched, the PS3 is still a media hub, the reason why it might appear switched is because Sony don't need to advertise it as a media hub anymore because people know what it can do. They were smart when they first showed it off because it got all that kind of stuff out the way so later on (present) they could focus on games and support while MS have just began to do it because they still want people to buy it once next gen is out like how people still buy PS2s even thou...

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Here we go...Crytek running it's mouth as usual

How did Crysis 2 work out....oh yeah you had your head too far up MS arse to notice.

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OMG I know right, I was one of many who has asked them and they've totaly ignored our comments. I mean way to treat your fanbase.

Very unprofessional


Oh look at that smashcrashbash defending the hell out of the game again and being hatefull against someones comment who dosen't share the same opinion as him. Dude...nothing is perfect, they messed up big time here, unlockable in fighting games keep me hooked for days untill I'...

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Oh yeah except he's now a total pussy who has been ruined in terms of character like Dante by the arrogant arseholes we like to call Ninja Thoery.

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WTF Superbot

Oh yeah include a character who nobody gives a crap about well done.

2109d ago 8 agree7 disagreeView comment don't need to remind us you've ruined Resident Evil Capcom.

God it looks terrible for a Resident Evil game

If you need to get revealing a ton of stuff for your game to get people interested then you have a problem.

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What an immature troll you are...don't like his comments, don't reply. Simples

Anyway you guys are obviously delusional if you saw anything Dead Space like in that trailer

It's a generic third person action game now

Gears of Dead Space

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LOL, bubbles XD

Whats with the disagrees, don't tell me you wouldn't play on that game if it was made

Reminds me a bit of the Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This that was on family guy

***Chris Tucker: You CRAZY Jesus.......CRAZY

Jesus: Yeah thats what my ex wife said

Chris Tucker: For the son of god you sure are a son of a Bit-ARGHHHHHHHH <Crashes through lorry>***

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It's nice if devs just delay the game a little longer and include all content it wants to

Besides this is Square Enix...they've obviously cut content to sell later on.

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Thought I would see you on here defending the shit out of Nintendo as usualy and bashing anyone who has a netural opinion on something which may seem negative towards Nintendo.

The Wii had some great core games, Zelda TP, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Bros Wii, Battalion Wars 2, House of the Dead: Overkill, Call of Duty: World at War, Deadly Creatures, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Sonic Colours, De Blob, De Blob2, Disney Epic Mickey...I could go on

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More vaults?

Well they've never made that clear in the first game, hell even when the Guardian Angel talks to you she makes it out to be "the" vault which gives of the impression it's the only one.

Anyway it's not about the vault this time round the angel just contacts the new players to kill Jack because he is ruining Pandora. Lets not forget that he left them for dead. Have to agree with Mike, they shouldn't be called Vault hunters...

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Australia's cover?

I thought it was the international one that was delayed, I know the US has one but I still thought this one was for the rest of the world.

Well it must be a huge announcment if they delayed the magazine cover

GTAV, Half life 3 or maybe since theres an EA conference on that day...Dragon Age 3, although in my opinion DA3 isn't as big enough to delay the cover

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Why make such a big deal out of what he said...

He has a bit of a point

Out of the people out there in realtionships where one of them is a gamer (girl/guy) I bet you would would find that more "girlfriends" suck a games or don't play them more then "boyfriends". Gaming is more of a guys thing it's not surprizing that he would say something like this, he's only pointing out theres more guys out there who's girlfriends don&#...

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Yeah I've always wondered why they don't get more mods to help out. I always assumed when I first joined that these people were the ones that made N4G but when I heard they were just volunteering I never understood why they didn't take two or three more people on.

Lets not forget the bubble system is broken completely, letting the community decide on who gets bubbled down is a terrible idea especialy when people click the vote down button in...

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You give it a break

PAS gameplay wise is nothing like Super Smash Bros, it's differn't.

This looks like Pikman just like how PAS looks a little like SSB.

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So pointing out facts is hating, Capcom have shown way too much of this game and have spoilt everything. You can't ignore this articles because they are everywhere.

Anyway this game won't be good, it will sell because it's RE but it will be crap. Just another generic third person shooter. For starters co-op should been removed completely

How can you say a game will be good when Capcom can't even listen to it's f...

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***DMC’s gameplay is so much like the other Devil May Cry titles and at the least from the demo it feels like it’s just as responsive any other Capcom action game. Do you think fans, perhaps, have judged the book by its cover?***

I hate when people suck up when interviewing

***Hideaki Itsuno, Director: I think when people get the controller in their hands and feel the responsiveness in the controls they will start to understand it’s a proper Devil May Cry gam...

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I thought the PS3 game was more broken then the 360s :|

Feels like it anyway

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I don't like the look of the changes...there I said it, sorry but I liked Halo for how balanced it was, these new changes seem like it's going to throw some things off.

But it's Halo no one will complain. It's like Doctor Who or James Bond when they change actors for the main roles even though people might not like the actor or a films/series direction they'll still put on a fake smile and accept the changes because they want to continue watching it. It ha...

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