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If I remember correctly, congress pulled funding for that in late June, so now it won't go up any sooner than around 2017-2020.

The uncertainty of our space program is the worst thing about retiring the shuttle with no clear reliable successor, and at the rate our country is declining it's quit possible we may never go back to space on our own ships again. ;_;

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Jesus, it couldn't have been any less like a Castlevania game. The whole time I was playing it I would think, "Man, this could be more like Castlevania right now if..." There is absolutely no point in all the platforming sections, at least as far as I got, because NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. Remember in the NES games you had to dodge medusa heads, bats, skeleton bones, axemen axes, and soldier lances? I hate C:LOS the more and more I think about it...SIGH...

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Agreed 100%!

I think most of the FFXIII criticism is by people who didn't even play the game, just everyone jumping on the hate bandwagon.

edit: mw2 was indeed a waste. -_-

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I feel Uncharted 2 would make an average movie at best. It's a great game, almost perfect, but the story was just ok.. it felt epic because of the polish and masterful presentation of the game. I don't think it could hold up in its current form, and why bother making the movie if they have to extensively change it from the source? I mean, I think last I heard Mark Walbeghrghrhg is set to star as Nathan... nothankyou.jpg

MGS is also unnecessary, the games are too plot ...

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Yes Yes Yes

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Go back and play the originals, the aren't as fast as you remember. Sonic 4 is way the fuck faster than them and controls fine, just different. You all just suck haha.

This is coming from someone with a high score in the top 30s on the PS3 leaderboards.

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fuckin LOL

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lol, i love this.

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I would buy the shit out of that game and all the inevitable figures, nendoriods, and anime.

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"Lol, looks like a bunch of people should go back to the Ps1 days if both graphics and gameplay aren't equal to you. With the 60 dollar price tag of most games today I expect both graphics and gameplay to be top notch."

Wow, clearly you are a still a kid. I remember SNES games being $70, and you're noting the $60 price tags for games today and demanding perfection. Get over yourself.

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honestly, why do you care? m$ pay your bills recently? quit wasting your time by defending a company that more/less doesn't give 2 craps about you.

it's all business; same with sony, same w/all companies.

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same here, ha.

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i felt the voice acting as actually very well done, the problem was in the localization; the script needed more work... to many stiff and vague sentences.

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I'm a Move fan and I highly doubt this...

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ps3 is japanese retard.

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i hadn't had any significant problems during my first 30hrs, but now being closer to 60hrs the game is indeed regularly acting funky. after i loaded an autosave which gave me a completely different character and put me in goodsprings with no gear, i pretty much back up my saves after each session now.

there's some weird happenin's be happenin'

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If I had a Kinect I'd choose Dance Masters, at least they actually show a live feed of you dancing and not some "you-blob." Also the music in DC sounds like it's pretty terrible.

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That list would be extremely easy to start right off the top of my head.

For example:
The fact you are even using the Internet is due to America...or did you not know it was developed by the US Military?

I mean, it's not hard to think of things invented by Americans that other countries take for granted and use everyday. Airplanes, computers, electricity, the light bulb, telephones, goes on and on. I don't know why people say ...

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i hate overblown lighting, so ps3 looks better imo. is anyone else tired of shit always shiny!?

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