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I can report unfortunately It's not much better on the one X and constantly drops from 30fps not sure what's going on as expected at least a solid 30 on the X

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In poor Network infrastructure I meant Xbox Live and TC's poor use of it! To a degree they have fixed some issues but there is no denning Gears has problems in multiplayer ;)

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With micro transactions and poor network infrastructure?

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Cheers WePlayDirty

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Not downloaded the beta on my pro but was wondering does GT sport have a campaign like the previous GT games?

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One X sounds like a great system and a good move to bring the console experience closer to the PC experience, be interesting to see what can be done once it's been out for a year or so. The low level api optimizations will benefit the Xbox and windows 10 platform massively.

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Only stuttering I got was in the menus as it was obviously loading gameplay assets but in game was slick at 4k with Vsync turned off had a 72fps lock for some strange reason at Ultra with dynamic off.

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And Sony shut down Evolution Studios LOL

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@ Ciporta1980 that is not true Gears 4 on PC has 4k assets and it's not 100GB bigger than the Xbone version maybe 15-20GB MAX! 4K assets will amount to a larger download yes but 100GB LOL!!!!!

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More to the point MS need to improve download speeds over Xbox live as 4K assets are large and with the current speeds of downloads it will take forever!!

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Sony need to get more Pro support for the back catalog of games!

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I love gaming and I'm lucky to have a high end PC PS4 pro and Xbox one S and will pre order the Xbone X. N4g is a blatant far boy site and I find some of the comments hard to read! Grow up kids and support gaming whatever platform you own, as ultimately we all should be getting a decent product from the developer no mater what platform as games are expensive.

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Replays do look impressive but my god these guys take forever to release a game :(

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Oh Common this type of score is BS the game is great! lol

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Not liking the robots makes gears look like mass effect? :( who want's to chain saw a robot! All the other campaign vids have me very excited but this video has made me feal nervous!

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Frame rate doesn't hold up too well at times and in certain locations, this game needs more polish to be perfected!

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PS4 architecture is 64-bit x86 ;)

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The swarm don't seem to have as much character as the locust's. looking forward to giving this a thrash next week tho :)

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Specs mean a lot to many console gamers you obviously haven't read the untold threads of console gamers bickering about the performance between the Xbox one and PS4.

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This is nothing new as Alan Wake featured Energizer battery's did it spoil the game NO!

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