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Replays do look impressive but my god these guys take forever to release a game :(

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Oh Common this type of score is BS the game is great! lol

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Not liking the robots makes gears look like mass effect? :( who want's to chain saw a robot! All the other campaign vids have me very excited but this video has made me feal nervous!

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Frame rate doesn't hold up too well at times and in certain locations, this game needs more polish to be perfected!

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PS4 architecture is 64-bit x86 ;)

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The swarm don't seem to have as much character as the locust's. looking forward to giving this a thrash next week tho :)

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Specs mean a lot to many console gamers you obviously haven't read the untold threads of console gamers bickering about the performance between the Xbox one and PS4.

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This is nothing new as Alan Wake featured Energizer battery's did it spoil the game NO!

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It could help reduce the dips under 30fps in future titles!

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This is not a demanding PC game!

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Indeed I would very much like to give halo online a bash. Hopefully the MCC will get announced for PC sometime soon to make up for it.

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We PC gamers have waited so long Rockstar, fingers crossed it as good if not better than the MP3 port ;)

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Bigger doesn't always mean better, it's all about keeping gamers interested!

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Every pic is Blurry?

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GTX 770 is just a little bit more powerful than a gtx680 and a GTX980 is almost equivalent to GTX680 SLI. I'm sure the 9 series cards can run this game pretty well.

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you will but at 30fps 60 fps will require sli that's my quess

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If I remember correctly Titan fall was a PC exclusive until Microsoft snapped it up for the XBone apparently Sony were not interested until the deal had been done with MS.

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I'm also waiting for the PC version but owning the ps4 version there is a fov slider in the options on console.

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I have a 144Hz monitor I'm sure there will be a way of overriding the 60FPS cap if this is true, well I hope so anyway!

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Would so love a G27 looking for a deal and waiting on Project Cars until I purchase one as it is a little £££ but then you get what you pay for =)

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