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Exactly what I was gonna say. Bubbles for that.

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The movie has to be animated or have crazy special effects or music to be worth the blu-ray price. Which is certainly getting smaller too so that's a plus.

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Guess the author couldn't take the heat.

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Is they are saying what people who can do math have been saying for the last two years. Upfront the PS3 has the larger price tag, if you do the math you see that for an EQUAL 360 cosnole you pay a ton more.

60GB PS3: $600 + Cables($20, which if you paid $20 for an HDMI cable you're an idiot anyway), Headset $30 (Again, if you paid that much, foolish)

20GB 360: $400 + Cables ($20,Assuming you even got a 360 with HDMI ports), Bluray player ($200, Notice that I use...

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Just make sure you ask for separate gift receipts. It would be no different than using the deal to buy Christmas presents and the person that got the game didn't want it. I don't see why CSM's and Managers even get into that fight.

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This can't possibly be real. How stupid would that be?

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Will be the lowest tie rate due to the disappointment of many with this iteration of the game.

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That's why you get gift reciepts. Get one for each game so that they are separate and you will have no trouble. Sucks that they did that though, they shoudl have at least given you store credit to swap the game out.

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And they didn't know anything about it, so it may be Canada Only. They did run this deal in October in the US so it may not apply here. Can any other folks give a call and see if their TRUs will do it?

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I do it on a yearly basis and here's the kicker. If the game you want isn't out yet, just get gift receipts and then return the game with them for store credit. When your game comes out, you have teh cash already spent to go pick it up!

(You could also buy 2, get the 1 free and take them all in for store credit netting you a quick $60 for anything else in TRU or Babies R Us.)

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That MGS4 was teased as an FPS too. This is nothing all that groundbreaking if you ask me and it's like to be an Acid game (Especially since acid is spelled with a !).

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Like why o why said, the main part of online play is online play. XBL is making you pay for bells and whistles that aren't needed but certainly do add to the ease of use.

Then again, is it really that hard to pop in a game and hit connect? It's not like using in-game chat is going to help you and a buddy get into a game together. If you're playing one game and he/she is playing another, in game chat is NOT going to switch discs for you. You still have to get up and do it. N...

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The bad idea is the limit to 8 games. What if I have none of those games? Why wouldn't they just give a free month of gold? They do it with every xbox anyway so why limit this one?

Seems pretty pointless to me really.

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My thoughts exactly Guru. regardless of how "bad" or "good" a system is doing, it ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

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Must have this game now.....

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Did you fall in love with this male friend you were playign with due to the excessive man-love in game?

This entire concept is funnya s heck, but on a serious note. How is teh game? I never took the time to play it but it looked fun to me.

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Basically I see World At War as the job Infinity Ward would have done if they had placed their gane in WWII instead of going modern. While I think IF would have been even better than Treyarch did with the game, they did incldue a pretty cool zombie mode which I really enjoy so hats off to that at very least.

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Mr. Plan was obviously aroused by the dialougue of the soldiers.

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I would have preferred content like a playable Dante in game....

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Bestbuy is evil. Plain and Simple. Exploiting the suckas yet again. I remember when I went to a Bestbuy store and they told me that Bluray players don't play DVDs even though the DVD emblem is on the player....dummies.

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