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I really like the trophy track that changes the tag when you get a trophy from a particular game. That's pretty cool.

Now if someone could just make a tracker that updates on it's own...

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But that's not to say it isn't true. Sony isn't in trouble regardless of what anyone says. If they were in trouble, you would have seen a price drop or some other change. The fact is, the PS3 is selling. Yes the 360 has sold more, there are several reasons for that. Here are a few:

A: It's now cheaper than the Wii. The sad thing is that it really isn't. If you pay the Core Console, you're more than likely going to need the hard drive, which means you're still gonna spend...

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This game better not suck.

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If it "reminds him of Crisis Core". Dissidia is very much a fighting game and doesn't at all resemble Crisis Core. Unless you have 1 on 1 battles in Crisis Core, in which you run up walls, fly around the skys "crouching tiger" style and execute awesome manuevers.

Yeah, just like Crisis Core eh?

From someone that has played it (even if he can't understand the Japanese) it's awesome. Very excited to get a US date even if it's 6 months out. I...

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If they said the same of 360's achievements. Funny thing is, trophies are probably going to be relevant to HOME and have some purpose while 360's system will continue to be worthless.

I enjoy them both, I love the collection aspect and it gives me reason to continue to play, but not including both in the same field is just dumb.

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So does it have english? or do I need to learn Japanese and then import it?

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Has been fun and can be entertaining but it's nothing to gawk over just yet. If trophies and such are added as once stated, I think I'll use it much more. Just have to wait and see.

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That was my thought as well. I mean if nothing else it shows how lazy this team was. "Man developing for this platform was easy, I just don't want to do the work to make sure it all runs well".

So either they really don't get it as well as they think they do, or they are lazy. I don't see how it could be much else.

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Lies! There is no such thing!

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But really really funny. Those guys got served.

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I normally read the article before Comment, but this weekend was nothing more than Bash PS3 weekend so I assumed it was more of the same.

Even with a title like that though, it's not going to seem like much more than flamebait.

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Yet another PS3 is failing article from people that have no idea what the hell they are talking about. What happened to responsible journalism in which you actually research the subject you are talking about?

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This is pretty cool, I'll check it out later.

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Yup only way to learn is to look it up or ask. And often asking is faster :)

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First rental owns the game. Every other player that wants to install it or probably play it online (since the key will have to tie into online play somehow to validate the install or disc) is screwed

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Rep1: HOME is out!
Rep2: What?
Rep1: That Sony service
Rep2: Do we have anything like it?
Rep1: Nope
Rep2: Then we only have one option, trash talk it and then while doing so figure out how to implement it.
Rep1: Duh! It's what we did with Miis and Disc Installs!

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PS3 installs don't copy the full game to the hard drive so of course they do.

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Rentals. 1 key = 1 system. Rentals and used game sales would be official shafted.

Plan Failed.

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As if the Halo 3 rant wasn't enough, this is a solid confirmation that Sessler is in the pocket of MS. Fable 2? Sure great game (not my cup of tea, but for those that enjoy it and I can see why it's impressive).

Bigger news, a rift in the G4 staff!!! GASP! Will there be a Mortal Kombat Style battle for dominance?

I'd be waiting for the defense on a Sessler Soapbox Rant.

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Which is obviously the more people that play, the more we get paid. Don't give us the crap line of "We really want people to experience the game".

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