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It's just a preorder card if it's real. I still think that it's a Bestbuy flub and people are going to be angry, but it's still worth mentioning in case the news gets broken tomorrow by EA or something. #4.2
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With EA as Publisher...
Nothing will stay exclusive if you ask me. #2.1
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Nice work GW
I think this may be a bestbuy fluke, but if not, I heard it from you first! #1.1
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In Response to MS's Initiative
I will be starting the "Stupid Idiots that play games" Initiative in order to call out and verbally destroy any fool that blames video games on their troubles instead of doing what they were supposed to do. Jack Thompson will be our mascot (As the number 1 stupid idiot example).

Don't get me wrong, video games and violence are linked, so are Higher temperatures and murder. There is no evidence of 1 thing causing another or whether players start violent and use games... #3
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If some games didn't fail
My wallet would fail. So it's good that some games just don't deliver the goods. Although fanboys are quick to say anything that didn't sell a million failed (anyone who thinks that should play Okami or Shadow of the Collosus. Sure sales weren't great, but SotC owns your face) #7
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I was excited for this one before, but apprehensive
Still a little bit apprehensive, but even more excited too. The Co-OP sounds great. #1
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One Thing to Say
Gameplayer asked "Are there systems in place to stop this sort of thing happening for real?"

Yeah there is, It's called PARENTS. #13.1
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The secret Message is:
Choose your own end here:
A waste of time
Really dumb
Insanely pointless
Shenanigan #7
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Valkyria Chronicles
I have this game and haven't unwrapped it yet. I was actually considering returning it for a preorder on KZ2. Everytime I start to consider that option though, I hear yet more priase for the game. I really need to finish up Prince of Persia so I can get into the 4 or so otehr games I want to play (Still need to complete LAIR, Disgaea 3, Folklore, SOCOM needs more play time, World at War is almost platinumed), if 2009 is half as good as 2008 was for games I'll be happy, if it's better I wil... #1.7
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I don't know if you have a PS2 but if you do, pick it Shadow of Rome. It is one of the best Gladiator combat games I have ever played. The downside is the crappy stealth missions that must be played too. The combat is worth it though.

Also, Colosseum:Road to freedom was a great gladiator game for ps2. It didn't have New Game + which killed it for me since it su... #5.2
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Worst Games?
How did this list not include Too Human? Cmon now, I was super excited for this game and it was a piece of crap. Combine that with the hype built around it and you get the worst 360 game of 2008. #11
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The truth
The ps3 is only failing to those that are jealous they don't have one. I now own all 3 consoles of this gen and while they all have their weaknesses and strengths, none of them have any fatal flaws....minus the RROD of course... #8
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@Jason Borg
You do realize that DVD did the same thing right? It was the format that "nobody needed". It had mroe space, was easier to play and more protected against damage like Blu-ray is to DVD and the response was the same "fprced" format.

Newsflash folks, it's not forced yet. Maybe you forgot when DVD really killed VHS and major movies went DVD only. Or how players stopped being sold in stores. When that happens, it's forced. And eventually, it will be forced... #1.14
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A smart Company
Would develop there own stuff and get it added to PSN like Konami did with MGS. That has to have some major sales since it's release and will show that LBP is a force to be reckoned with. #10
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Socom was made by Slant 6, not Free Radical. Free Radical did Haze.

And yeah if Zipper comes back to Socom it'll be even better. Slant 6 didn't do the series justice, but on it's own it would have been a decent game. Just not with the SOCOM tag attached. #16.1
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This is the truth. Kojima probably has something else up his sleeve, this isn't teh first time Snake's story was supposed to end. Although it may really end this time. #5.1
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Anything past Sands of Time was crap. If anything this is a much closer step to Sands of Time than Warrior Within or Two Thrones which became more about the combat (Bad combat mind you, sands of time was great) than the puzzle. #1.4
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Totally Reaching
Grasping for straws is more like it. Ripping them off because a building looks similar (granted it looks very similar) and because there's an altar? NEWS FLASH: TEMPLES HAVE ALTARS....

And the light thing? Yeah cause you'd be able to find your way alone and they didn't want the (The one that the prince was chasing at the start...that you may never see, I haven't finished the game) donkey going ninja and jumping from path to path.

Wait there's a donkey mentio... #4.1
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Will this apply
To the employees as well? I'd love for them to get a new look. First I'd like to see less dudes at the stores and more women gamers. Secondly, I'd like to see that they know what the heck they are talking about.

Ok to be honest, I'd be happy with the second one. I hate how dumb some of their employees are. #1
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AKA Lady Dante :)

Seems cool, I placed a preorder at Target when they had a price mistake on it for $10. Got cancelled but it was worth a shot! #1.1
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