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Because it's actually a good game.

See what I did there?

But seriously, the game looks fun, the demo was fun, here's to hoping the full game delivers just as much.

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Did you even read the article? Cause it agrees with you on that point. There was no sense in taking that out or adding white zombies just to appease some stupid population that doesn't understand where the game is set.

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It's not about the cost of LIVE. It's not pricey. It's the very principle of it. Why would you pay to play something you bought already? What annoys me more is that many xbox games almost force you into haveing LIVE in order to get the max out of the game. Case in point, Naruto: Rise of the Ninja required online access to get about hald the achievement points. Gears of war had several online achievements too. I consider 1000/1000 max value of game. so with those two in mind, I can't g...

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Personally, I refuse to pay for anything I already bought which includes LIVE since I already bought the game and I won't pay to pay it too.

That being said, I do think LIVE is a better service, just not one that I'm willing to pay for, ESPECIALLY due to the ads that inudate the dashboard on LIVE. First you pay and then you get hit with ads too? No thanks. As far as cross game chat, I don't understand why people want it. I don't like anyone talking to me when I'm in the midd...

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No more suckers willing to pay for it would do it...

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When media hits an acceptable price I'd prefer to have a retial copy. I will not however, pay $40-$60+ for TV seasons or $15 for a CD. Why? Because we all know that it doesn't cost that much to make the disc and little to none of that money actually gets to the artist.

I support the artists I really like in all ways, especially SHARING their music with friends who then want to see the artist live, which is the wya they make money. The people that claim it's "stealing&q...

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He didn't deny it! I still don't think it's more than a mistake right now, but I also think it's going to happen sooner rather than later. That statement is a more of a "I can't comment on that issue".

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It Appears the Disagree Ninja has continued to strike without mercy...

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I don't feel bad for them, all they had to do was wait for it!

But if I were hardcore fan I would do the same, but then it would be worth it so I wouldn't want anyone feeling bad for that either.

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Why not, I can play it until I get the full game later. And I forget the RE5 demo was going LIVE today! Busy night on PSN for me then, hopefully it'll be up by the time I get home.

P.S. As far as the disagrees, yeah I think it has more to do with fanboys and Killzone 2 than it has to do with what people are saying.

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Has just entered the running for dumbest article on N4G. And it's a strong contender for the win.

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Dear Capcom,
I know that traditionally you don't really listen to your customers. You've ignored us on several things such as Devil May Cry characters and games remakes. Today I write to you because I humbly request that you give RE5 a zombie killing 4 player coop mode in Gears of War 2 horde fashion. Including this in RE5 will be a sure fire hit, even if you execute it like COD [email protected] did and lock players into one area with endless hordes of zombies on the attack. Please give us t...

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That would be awesome. Otherwise, I don't know if it's any different from any otehr online storage, just less time to sync rather than to upload and download. That sounds pretty cool though.

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It's how great games get turned into OK games because they didn't meet your crazy expectations. I'm looking forward to this and what I've heard of it sounds great, but I'm not going to hype it to best game ever until after I play it

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Dragon Ball: The movie: The Game: The Hell?!?!?!?

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It's not claiming to be the actual game, it's not a photoshopped picture, it's a preorder card picked up in a Best Buy store.

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I mean this is Bestbuy we're talking about. It's probably just an error on their part....but it could also be the error that they told too soon....

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Bubbles for actually noticing that it's nothing more than a preorder card which is probably just a bestbuy mistake.

Fanboys got crazy over this one quick.

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It's a PREORDER Card, not a game box. It's probably just a bestbuy screwup.

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Except articles about MGS4 never had any evidence. This is a real, in hand, preorder card.

That doesn't make it fact by any means, I'm on the wagon that Bestbuy screwed up and that L4D is still 360/PC exclusive. This is however a sample of the evidence.

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