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Just a question
Are these the same preorder Wolverine's Playrooms? Or are they actually new content? #7
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Is this a different demo from the combat demo?
Cause that one has been out around here for a very long time. Like a month or so if not more.

(Yup saw this in the beginning of April, posted about it in the forums no less #2.1
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You did get a trophy though, the emblem for doing so. It didn't have points or XP attached to it, but it's still the equivalent of a trophy system. #1.16
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Did you know there is an infamous demo out? Sure that's not the full game but from having played the demo I can tell you I am VERY impressed. The ability to be good or evil is awesome and may even effect choices such as playing evil for a while just to be able to use that power set for the time being. I've never played GTA4, mostly cause I haven't liked any GTA game, but somehow I doubt it'll live it to Infamous after hearing how even the biggest fans of the game I know were disappointed.... #2.6
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Split Screen just got owned.

FACT #20.1
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It's supposedly a very good game
So for those of you thinking no one cares, you're dead wrong. I grew up with the busters and I'm pretty happy that this game is almost the "lost 3rd movie" (it has been called that". Now it may still suck, but at least it was attempted.

Secondly, why are people harping on this? Since Sony is the publisher, any non-Sony system is lucky to get it. MS didn't publish NG2 for PS3 now did they? (Of course that wasn't even programmed for PS3....untill Sigma).
... #2.5
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I feel your pain. I bought the Asian Bootleg (For Last Order), the retail DVD, the Special Edition retail DVD and I know I'm getting this one without a doubt. So this will be purchase number 4.... #1.1
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You know, PC games use to offer these things called patches that added to games and gameplay. They were free.

The reason paid DLC even exists is because people are willing to pay for it. And I'm sorry, but if you have the content READY at the same date as the game retails then I don't believe it was a part of your future plans.

Personally, I'm not against DLC but it needs to be done right. Criterion is a great example of that. They have been offering "... #27
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More like Rip Off.
I was planning on getting this DLC because I've loved the game so far, but that was before I learned I already had it on my disc.

Sorry Capcom, I can't support this kind of gamer robbery. #10.3
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It's still a Bit of a scam
But since I enjoy the game so much, I'll pay $5 more for this. I hate that I'm doing it because it only means more paid for content that should have been on the disc, but I love the game so far.... #1
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Which is why you look at lesser sales, which is why I gave ya. No one expects the game to continue the first two days sales forever or for any period of time. So what I showed was even at 1/4 of that (more realistic) or even 1/8 of that (even more realistic) the game still sells 500K in a month. That would be a million in 2 months. That is not bad.

I do agree with predator, it's not a bad game (I own it and honestly I'm not that into it) but Sony's marketing team is not goo... #11.4
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Agreed with Predator
Sont doesn't market anything well. I've always said that the Sony PR policy is something along the lines of he or she that reaches the mic first can speak. This leads to misinformation, flubs and bad marketing and publicity. #4.3
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Have you guys even looked at the numbers?
What little number data we have on the game suggests great sales. Take a look at this. We have two days of sales and even that came in at 300K. Extrapolate that to a month (300K x 14 (28/2 or days left in a month/2 days) and you get over 4 million. Obviously sales won't stay the same for the month but even at a 1/4 of that it's over 1 million in a month. I wouldn't call that bad sales. Even at 1/8 of the original two days sales continuing, that's 500K a month. That is not a bad figure at all. #11
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@Sarah Palin
To Quote You:

"And for god's sake, pull up your pants. ;)"

You should have informed your daughter of that as well.


Really though, this article is grasping for straws, nothing more. 2 days versus half a month plus lesser price, plus not having to leave the house, yada yada yada. End of story, we all know KZ did over 300K in 2 days in one country. If that trend were to continue (which no one would expect it to do of c... #1.20
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Well that does it
I'm going to hat emyself for spending $100 on a video game but it has Batarangs so I feel it's 100% justified. Even if they suck (which they probably will). #1
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It was Piracy
The 360 version of the game was online this week, so MS probably worked over Capcom to get their disc out now before pirates killed it.

What MS doesn't seem to understand is that if a Pirate was going to pirate it, they weren't going to buy it anyway. So getting their version out first isn't even going to slow down the pirateing rate of the game. Silly MS. #20.1
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If I didn't have one
Then possibly yes, I'd prefer that to running extra wires from the wall for updates for a bluray player alone.

But I do have one already, the PS3 rocks eh? #3
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That's pretty cool. Did you just run into your old buddy in HOME? If so, how did you know it was that person?

In any case, it shows that PS3 cures cancer with Folding@Home and reconnects people in HOME. :) #5.2
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That was more based on the game. Enemies spawn on you in vet mode. Like out of thin air. That's treyarch programming. #2.3
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Is this a bad joke?
I really hope so.. Oh well. Looks like I may just trade in my copy of W@W for yet another reason.

I really hate Treyarch after this game. I was cool with them before, but never again will I be buying another Treyarch game. #2
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