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So Because 1 thing gets removed...
Everything else is at risk? First off, anyone saying that PS2 BC is next to go is an idiot. In most systems that is hardware so unless Sony comes to your house to remove the hardware, it's not happening. Nor are they going to kill emulation UNLESS so fool decides to hack the PS3 and it's the vulnerable piece.

Secondly, I don't agree with this update because the exploit, for anyone that has looked into it, is not going to be commonly, if used at all. When GeoHot first announce... #16
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Not Bashing Sessler....
But shouldn't this discussion have come up after the RROD? I mean, with PSN it was a temporary thing. With XBLA you either have to be on the original console or online. When I got my first RROD, I couldn't play anything in my XBLA for about 3 months as MS ported over the data for me to be able to use the rights as I wished again. That was a huge issue since then I used my 360 mostly for XBLA (and no it wasn't normally internet connected, I had to move the system whenever I wanted a new XB... #1.14
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You expect people to be done with the game after a week Sterling? Some of us have jobs you know.... #7
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Just a Thought
But it's probably more related to the infected tag you can earn in game by getting stabbed by someone with said tag. I'm truly hoping for Modern Warfare Zombies (it's the reason MW2 went from a day one day to a "Oh I guess I get it since my buddies do and I'd have a team to play with") but I'm not sure it's likely. #9
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Agreed with RockLee
Heavenly Sword was a great game, the action was great, the use of sixaxis was OK (I'm glad you could turn it off, but it was cool to have the option), and the story and visuals felt like a film. The game was very well made and Ninja Theory took a lot of flak just due to console war nonsense. #1.2
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Great Move By Amazon
They know this game is a hit and are gonna move a ton of copies this way. Amazon is a very smart dealer of the games indeed...if I didn't have the game already, I'd be all over this! #6
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Several PS3 Titles?
Which other ones have had patches prior to release that weren't also multiplats? LBP counts I suppose, even though the patch wasn't needed for any other purpose. #1
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From what I understand it is a "general hardware fail". Often it is caused by overheating, or at least that's the most common issue I've heard. I've also heard that the power supply can be the issue or the hard drive. There are several options, which makes it all the more dangerous. #5.1
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I disagree. His stockholders aren't the one supporting his product. It's not like a car industry where you have multiple vehicles out there. Sure they have multiple games, but they appeal to different audiences. Kotick should be supporting the will of the gamer, the ones that are going to fund the shareholders.

I'm not saying he should support the gamer in terms of dropping the price to zero. I'm saying if he pisses off enough gamers the product doesn't sell, there goes stoc... #8.2
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Kotick should realize that looking after gamers and consumers is the BEST way to look after his shareholders. Gamers ain't buying means stockholders aren't getting paid. #2
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The file format is proprietary Silellak, which is one thing I think has prevented the PS3 from getting hacked into. Still, the claim that NO PERSON can solve it is dumb, considering they built the system.

yeah backing up is important too and I'm glad you have the option to do so, but should you backup after every game session? That would be easier if you could choose what to back up rather than having to do the whole system as well. #2
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Neither is Accurate
Not everyone that has a 360 uses squaretrade so that data is skewed.
The GI survey just polled random people that may or may not have issues with a 360 or a 360 at all. That isn't accurate either.

In my opinion? Jasper hasn't fixed the RROD. If it had, the fail rate should have dropped down significantly and we know that isn't true since the MS repair sites are still going strong. #41
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Fanboys Suck
Period. #39
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I laughed at this
Also, Microsoft's numbers are inflated because 360s are used the most of the three consoles. Results said 40.3 percent of 360 owners use the console three to five hours a day, compared to 37 percent of PS3 owners.

Inflated because 3.3% less play that many hours a day? If that were the case the numbers should be at least similar. Fanboy defense in my eyes.

That being said, this really sucks although it's not really accurate either. I own a 360 and I'm scared to tur... #109
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Didn't realize
I still have an infamous reaper code and a Killzone code, guess I better put them on ebay right quick! #23
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I'll believe it when I see it
It's not listed ANYWHERE, including gamestop's own website. I think this one is going to be an unconfirmed rumor myself. If not, great, but I doubt it. (Plus I'd have to pay tax on this version rather than the PSN tax free version). #3
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Easier method of getting all preorder goodies
1. Preorder the game
2. Get your code when you pick up the game
3. Return the game.

As long as the game is unopened (which it will be since you bought it elsewhere more than likely too, return it. It's not like they check to see you got a preorder code and will demand it back. I've had legit preorders that I never got my codes for ever. #4
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Another rookie move Capcom
I'm sure the game is ready to be let loose by now so what's the reason for this delay? Not happy Capcom, not happy. Still not buying it on 360 though, I'll wait for the better dpad use. #4
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Haha Bubbles fo rthe perfect 300 reference there! #11.2
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Last I checked Versus is it's own game and is still exclusive to the PS3. It does not come packed in with FF13. #26.1
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