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Actually, he was a part of the team for all of teh games listed. Youw ould think when you cite a Wiki, you would check the other Wiki as well no?

Mikami was appointed as the general manager of the studio, and worked as executive producer for various games, including the original Devil May Cry (originally conceived as a Resident Evil game).

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Couldn't have said it better myself. This is one of my major issues with the game at this point. While I don't like the new design, I'll let it go if they keep the gameplay about the same as what DMC is. And I don't think Ninja Theory is going to do that.

In other words, RIP Dante, It's been fun.

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The player SAID they played on normal. There is no evidence of that in the screen shot (some games tell you what level you completed it on, this does not, I just looked).

Secondly, we still cant' confirm first/second/third playthrough, that also isn't noted.

While I don't think this guy is lying, (mostly because I don't see why anyone would play through and take 6-7 hours and then play agan to get under 4 just for this screen shot), this ...

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And how did anyone confirm this wasn't playthrough number 2?

Not saying he's lying, but this isn't solid evidence of anything for one side or the other.

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I will admit I cancelled my preorder after hearing about length. But it had nothing to do with the length. Even if it is 4 hours, challenge mode will provide several more hours, plus I know I'm going to replay it agian and again just like I've played the demo again and again.

I canceled because I realized that I'm still playing Castlevania and have Brotherhood and Black Ops very soon. I also have several games to play in my backlog that I've never even open...

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I think you are mistaken...perhaps you meant DMC4? Cause 1 and 3 were the 2 best of the 4 game series...

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"You choose from two characters; a purple, effeminate samurai and a brash yellow fighter."

Mitsunari Ishida and Ieyasu Tokugawa (named in the demo no less) deserve a bit more respect than that....Article Fail

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You folks can all call others lazy for not wanting to disc swap, but I personally think that should have died in the PSX era. Nothing sucks more than getting into a gaming moment and then seeing (Please swap to disc 2).

Seriously, this isn't a lazy question, it's a technology question, and disc swapping is old technology. If you don't mind, that's cool for you, I'd prefer to never have to swap.

On that note, this is probably why people t...

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Here's to hoping they get it right and do Cap some justice...

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No fanboy is worse than any other because all fanboys suck period.

'Cept for the death threat crazies, they're just nuts.

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Yes it was an accident, an accident that he didn't say it or call Kotick out earlier.

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@The Lazy One
First of all, you don't lose the ability to play future games right now. There is no evidence that future games will "require" the new fw either. So no that's not true. Secondly, it is still your CHOICE. You either update and if a future game comes out that does require it you can play it, or you don't and you thereby forfeit any right to any support etc etc.

Again, your choiec to not update. They are in no way forcing you, y...

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"True! However I bought my PS3 years ago with the knowledge of installing linux feature, i use it as a console and have admittedly never bothered to install Linux, but have thought about doing so some day, now that feature which was advertised and I paid for as part of the overall package is taken away from me, this seems very unfair, although I'm not butt hurt enough to attempt to sue Sony over it, I do feel like Sony is punishing all it's innocent and legit gamers who have an i...

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This may just be totally awesome, although I am worried about adding multiplayer...

Also, bring back Altair! Ezio didn't kill Civilians but sometimes they NEED to die (Stupid Bards).

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Here's the fact of it, it's not a forced update. You can either do it and stay online, or you voluntarily opt to not do it and stay offline. There is no law being broken here because it's not forced.

That being said, the choice still sucks, especially since if the ps3 does get hacked those that don't update will be able to play games perhaps but won't be online to do so. Not that the initial hack even got any piracy material to run, which is why I think the strike by Sony was a...

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Yup, my thought exactly. This is a really stupid "article".

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Didn't know that, glad I didn't buy this before. I'm normally connected but I'm not gonna support that I MUST be. What if I have an internet outage and wanna play Final Fight? Can't? CRAP.

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DON'T CLICK THE LINK. Duh, how dumb are people that are still falling for crap like this? There are millions of scams out there designed to steal your info. Let's get a few things straight:

1. There is no one in Africa trying to send you millions of dollars
2. Microsoft is not paying anyone for forwarding chainmail
3. Sony is not going to charge for PSN and the only way you can escape it is by forwarding messages.
4. Lastly, if it gives you alink or says...

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"Ninja Gaiden makes you earn each combo"

Fanboy confirmed. Either that or this author only played DMC4, probably the DMC game ranked alone above DMC2 as far as DMC games go. I've played DMC 1-4 and NG 1 and 2 and DMC wins everytime. You want to talk about earning combos? DMC1 and 3 will own your face and has no block button like both Ninja Gaiden games (You could count Royal Guard in DMC3, but that requires you to time a block correctly).

Both are great,...

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Run a system backup before you update. Locked saves will restore if it's on the same console it was back-uped from. You can't just copy to a usb or something though, you have to run the backup feature.

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