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It is true...
I haven't read the article but the title is misleading. It is true that DRM then kicks in and your DLC is screwed. What he might have failed to mention (As I said, I haven't read the article yet) is that you can call the xbox servic eline to get those points back which will alow you to download your stuff again at no cost. This solves the DRM issue. I still think it sucks, but at least there is a fix. #7
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If it does mean good and evil....
Then PS3 wins because "good is dumb"

Someone's gotta know where that came from! #52
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So basically, if it is true....
They plan to add everything that should have been present before and keep cost before PS3 when all anyone complains about with PS3 (or what killed the start IMO) was cost. Nice, real nice. I'm calling shenanigans on this one. #41
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And the issue with gaming is revealed again!
Did anyone else notice that in the hsort snippet given about the game the gameplay isn't mentioned other that to briefly compare it to COD4? It then goes on to talk about how "It's ok graphically". WHO CARES? I'm not buyign the game cause it looks pretty!!! Man, gfx are given too much weight now-a-days. It kills me. #24
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Graphics Don't mean much...
Sure they are fun to look at, but they don't improve the gameplay at all. Gfx is killing the game experience. Think back to NES days when today's graphics weren't possible. Now think about how many games are STILL more fun from NES then PS3, 360, or any other newer games system. Seriously, if you want a pretty game with crappy gameplay, play Advent Children on DVD. Looks awesome, plays like crap (Yes the point is that it's a movie).

Or you can play Super Mario Brothers 3, w... #9
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Should Work
Bans are attached only to the console so if the ID changes, LIVE will detect the New ID. Gamertag has nothing to do with it. This is because the console is banned, not Live. You can use the tag elsewhere, you just can't connect from that banned console anymore. If the user swapped keys and then did whatever got them banned before, they will probably get rebanned though. #7
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I looked for the AC score first...
And when I saw a 4 I stopped reading. If anyone truly thinks the game is a 4 they are crazy. It has it's flaws yes, but it's far beyond a 4. Their opinion no longer matters. #10
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Ok I hated KOTOR and I haven't read the review, but 60%? OUCH!!! I don't think it's that bad. Like I said, I'm not a fan of the genre and I haven't played this game nor read the review, but anything getting a 6 is just kinda odd to me. Unless it's superman 64..... #46
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Gabe has totally earned my respect (and possibly mt trust) with this article. I wholeheartedly agree. Well said. #21
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I played AC Today....
And so far, I love it. So forget all reviews, if you love the game, get it. If you don't think you will, then don't get it, simple. Reviews can give general impressions, but it's still opinion. I rarely ever agree with reviews. I play what I think would be fun. End of story. (And by the way AC is FUN). #28
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Quite Frankly
If you're letting video games "teach" your children then you're an unfit parent anyway. If the child is old enough to play the game, they will understand that it is nothing more than a GAME. I don't like Manhunt at all, I think it's trash, but at least I know I'm not going to replicate the game anytime soon. More parents, less people with kids. Honestly, quit blaming media for your own failures. #3
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