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Final Fantasy Anyone?

Oh wait we don't count things that prove you very very wrong. My bad...Ummmm how about COD4? Rats that has a story too....uh uh uh...

I think you get the point. and before anyone harps on this post for the COD4 has a story thing, it does and most reviews gave it props for including such a story in an FPS game which we all know is hard to do.

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Assassin's Creed is really nothing like MGS4. I have both and I love Creed as well as I love MGS, but they are nothing alike. Unless you conside rthem alike because you can run around and stab people.

And I love how you call yourself a "real gamer" yet you liked be fair, I hated every GTA game and I've heard nothign but "It's fun, but it was a step back" from even the most rabid GTA fan. So I have to question your opinion on that one.

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You are supposed to be able to beat the game in under five hours. That being said, it isn't an easy thing to do at all. And if anyone could do that on their first play through then I would agree that people are saying "It's short" or "It has less gameplay than cutscenes".

So here's my challenge, show me someone that has picked up the game for the first time, has never watched anyone else play and can beat it in under 5 hours, do this and I will show you a ...

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Still getting approved? Yes we know it's got long cutscenes, it's still on eof the best games I've ever played as well as having a great story. So please do one of two things:

A. Get Over it
B. Enjoy the game

I'm going to have to choice ohhhhh tough choice B

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The music and other stuff is just for the "year of paradise" updates, it has nothing to do with 2.4 really.

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It's not that he gave the game a 8/10. It's that his reason for giving the game an 8/10 were because they didn't include lemets that don't blong in MGS in the game. He doesn't understand that MGS isn't a first person shooter, but rather a stealth action game. The point of stealth action is not to cause an alert and battle your way out, it is to be sneaky enough to never be seen. This reviewer obviously did not get that part at the very least.

Then to go after everyone else'...

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Even there are some things that annoy me about the game, (such as not being able to save until you get to a checkpoint, or rather you can save, but it won't do you any good) it has been one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had within a game. I was up until 5am because I kept trying to put down the controller and decided, no just one more objective. MGS4 draws you in and keeps you hanging on every word. I agree that is more than a game, it is a social commentary and a pointed argu...

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Now I understand that if things get delayed on PSN because they hit QORE first, then it's like LIVE gold. What people seem to miss is that QORE will also offer Beta access and possibly (hasn't happened yet) demos that would have never have hit PSN to begin with. Since when does having Gold service place you in a beta?

To me, QORE is just as people are saying, more like a magazine. If it starts to delay what we see on PSN, then it's acting more like LIVE gold. Someone said i...

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Does he realize that there was a MGS4 trailer following the MTV movie awards? That and any MGS fan already knows that it's coming? It may not be catering to new fans but that'll happen once it's out anyway and word of mouth starts traveling (because if it's anything like pre-reviews have said, it's going to be awesome indeed, I still don't trust reviews though).

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I'm calling shenanigans on this one. The game being shown is Bioshock and there isn't any actually gameplay shown either. No sir I don't believe it. I still think 2.4 will have XMB, but I don't think this video is showing the reality.

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Did anyone notice this is from the inquirer? Cause that kills it right there for me....

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Well this is a new low....

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I don't believe this for a second. When has PSn ever banned anyone? Wouldn't anyone guess that Live would be teh first to start banning? They have actually done so before and it wouldn be no shock now. PLus, it's a forum post! So if I were to go onto Gamefaqs and say I got banned people should believe it?

I'm calling hardcore shenanigans on this one.

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If Epic has to "intervene" as this is saying, that means some one has to do some work with the mods and if someone has to do work with teh mods, that means someone is getting paid for their time. And if that's true, then I doubt Epic is going to pay the bill for that. I doubt MS is going to either. Which leaves.....yes that's right, the people that want the mods. That would really not be cool.

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Lair took a risk and sadly most didn't go for it. The controls were actually done well if you didn't just spaz with the controller. My wife who isn't a game at all could do all of them, repeatedly, after I told her how. I think she missed a u-turn once and got a dash instead. I'm excited about the addition of controls though because I like options for one and there are days when I certainly don't want to "glide" around my couch. Which is why I still have yet to finish my play t...

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For using graphical potential of the PS3. When are reviewers going to wake up and realize that not every game needs to have top notch HD graphics? Since when do graphics make a game like Disgaea any better? Sure if it were something that were critical to gameplay, such as being able to see targets in COD4 or enemies not showing as screen blips in Dynasty Warriors it would make sense, but this is an SRPG. So pointless to have HD graphics for that. GFX whores have killed so much gaming pot...

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The devil that is microtransactions rears it's ugly head yet again....I'm with sarcastic gamer, down with this nonsense. If the game has content already created befroe release it should be on teh disc. If the content is created afterwards as a thought of the developer to expand gameplay (like Halo 3, COD4 Maps, Warhawk Dropship) then they deserve to be paid for that extra time put into it. EA is smoking something good if they think people should pay for stuff that should already be in the ...

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At least not to me, wasn't AC6 already confirmed long long ago as a timed exclusive? I've been avoiding buying the 360 version for just that reason so if I'm wrong I'm going to wait out this "rumor" before jumping on the 360 version.

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And what Sony should probably consider is that User created content may be the next step, which means no mroe charging for new map packs. If the standard changes, both will lose some money, although MS will lose a lot more since Sony A. Hardly has any map packs out and B. is already on the wagon with the whole user created content idea.

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I don't think that was his point. Yes the world has changed but as parents and especially as parent gamers, we know what's out there and should be guarding our children from it. Yeah we can't (and in my mind shouldn't) block all threats (Shouldn't because they need to learn some on their own too, just from the minor ones) but we should be there to see that a certain player is getting overly friendly or that the child knows to not give out relevant information. Things have changed, so paren...

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