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@LarVanian and Focker420

You're both actually somewhat correct.In comics, Peter has a mutation that allows him to shoot organic webs. He creates a gadget to assist him though because it physically drains him to use the organic method.

So in the comic, he's both.

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@Blaze I disagree on the two unsuccessful games comment. I thought Heavenly Sword was a lot of fun. yes it was short, but it was a good thrill all the way through. Enslaved on the other hand, I played and it felt like a chore. Combat was slow and unrewarding. Orb hunting was tedious. Combat was also slower than Heavenly Sword, which is what initially worried me about them taking on DmC. Two games, both with decent combat, but slow combat, that's not DmC at all.

@Heartnet ...

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I reamed the game based on his look initially, then I decided I was being too harsh, that I should wait to see what they do with the game. I loved Heavenly Sword and Enslaved was eh, but combat in either is not as fast as it should be for a DMC game. That was my worst fear upon seeing NT take over. Slow Combat.

My worst fears appear to have come true. I recall DMC2 ads showing combat and how slow it was. Like many others, I thought, no worries, it's early yet, it'll s...

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Just to correct one of your comments, didn't he say the choices between good and evil weren't as convoluted as before? As in they were easy to choose good or evil? Cause I can think of at least two instances in Infamous 1 that you'd made a choice and found out it was not the choice you thought it would be. If that's what he's saying then I agree, cause I'd miss the hard choices, but it's a minor issue. For the most part it was easy to tell which was good and which ...

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That may very well be true, but is that something to dock points for? It's called a hard section. If you fought better, you don't get hit as much. so yes, there may be times of the game where if you are damaged you may nt be able to recover power fast ennough. Just like any other game in which you die, you don't get infinite time to recover.

Basically, it's a non-issue he's moaning about which puts the review into question.

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A. I didn't read a single review for Infamous. It was a day one buy. So I didn't know he did that one as well.

B. That being said, why the hell doesn't he know how to absorb power to clear the screen? If he had said, I don't like that the screen gets harder to see when you take damage. That's a fine critique. He said I don't like that it takes so long to clear afterwards. Absorb power and bam, screen clear. So yes, I still don't think he knows how ...

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It really sounds like they don't know how to play the game. I'm not saying all of gamespot is bias, or that this reviewer is obviously a fanboy, I'm saying it looks like they don't know how to play the game. It would be like playing Metal Gear Solid without using stealth or Gears of War and not knowing there is a cover system.

I say that because the reviewer was waiting for health to come back for starters...You just suck energy from somewhere or someone. You ...

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This is exactly where I stopped reading. Shows that the reviewer didn't know what they were doing if they were waiting for the screen to not be gray anymore.

On the other hand, he had good points such as wiping out civilians during a rescue and still getting good karma, but when you show you don't know a basic part of the game, your "review" is worthless.

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Interesting how Ars is a tech site....yet doesn't know the difference between Sony and a website provider used to host a Sony site...

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Exactly what I was going to say, bubbles for you.

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No, because one of two things would happen. Either you'd play Sheen and then the game would be far too easy or you'd battle against him and you'd lose every time.

Because we all know Charlie Sheen is WINNING, DUH.

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When are people going to figure out that when you install the software, you and you alone are responsible for the consequences. It's in the agreement you clicked "I agree" to before you installed the software.

Now if you don't want the risk, don't install the software. Not your best idea, but that's what you are agreeing to.

Don't think I'm defending Sony here, take em to court all you want, but do it over something that yo...

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Reckless? This is NORMAL. Do you not remember some of Sony's PR snafus? Announcing the PS3 price tag was my favorite. They didn't try to make people want it, they just said, PS3 IS $600!!! and expected people to rank and file and not hear any journalistic complaints.

I will admit they got smacked around more than they should have for that one, and I love Sony and the PS3, but the PR policy around there seems to be First Person to the mic gets to say whatever they ...

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Darn, I was really hoping to put a fanboy comment for fun...oh what the heck:

Insert Fanboy Rant: He said soon! He didn't deny it! MS lost another exclusive bwahahahaha!!!

End Rant.

In any case, Gears is a good game, and it would be cool seeing on ps3, but I don't think may folks care all that much....

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They said teh same about Vanquish and it was significantly longer on a first play than what was stated. Now if your rushed the game, you could do it in under 3-4 hours easy once you knew about weaknesses and such. But a first play? I don't think so.

Allow me to also so I don't give a crap about Killzone 3, but this is hardly proof of anything other than someone played through the game quickly.

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Most of those would either suck or lead to broken tvs and other equipment. I can imagine people spinning move controllers wildly as StarKiller or attaching them to strings and acting like they were the blades of chaos...

Seriously though, no impressed by their picks.

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Capcom should give DMC to Platinum Games.


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So it's not a reboot but it's a prequel to the prequel...So does that mean there's no devil trigger involved? Because Dante started that in DMC3....

SO far, I don't think NT can handle a game of this speed. Story will probably be great, but the focus of DMC isn't story, it's combat.

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I swear some people hunt for hacks instead of playing the game. Super lame on both sides, that it exists and that people are in such a rush to find it.

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Soooo you can't play regionally....and this matters why? I'm not sure why people care...

Serious question, I don't get why it matters. Don't most servers try to stay local anyway to avoid lag?

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