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All I've heard is positives from the newest version of home. even from people that hated it before. Makes me think this is just flambait, but I don't have HOME so I can't say for sure.

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Long before this. Consumers should have been upset when MS decided to "Graciously" extend warranties to cover their flaw. If people weren't so easily appeased, MS would have been in a large amount of trouble.

Kudos to MS though, they played the game well.

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That sucks man, do you still have at least one console to hold you over while you wait for the PS3 repair?

It's true, any console breaking sucks. I still recall the days when breaking a console involved at least a 20 ft. drop off a balcony or a hammer. Those were the good old days eh?

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Then you are a fool. You are already half way there for buying a core however.

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I agree it is a cunning move, a move that will lead to eventual mandatory installs!

I'm just speculating on that one, but it makes sense. MS has been puching larger hard drives and now an optional install. It's only a matter of time if you ask me.

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You really should just shut up since you have no idea what you are talking about.

Hey, your words, not mine.

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I sense a Dane Cook fan....
But I also agree with you, at least this time around.

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They say the game itself is good, but the network sucks. Well I understand that the network should be reviewed as part of the game especially since it's an online only game, but taking 6 points for a problem that is mostly network especially after saying the game doesn't fail it's fans?

Yeah that's crap.

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Cause if not, I'm not getting it. I was really excited for this game and bad reviews caused me to rent it (I rarely rent). Good thing I did.

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I've been waiting for Qwest, Verizon and now Comcast to provide faster net in my area. First person that has it here will get my business so Comcast better hurry if they don't want to lose anotehr customer (I already hate them and would love to switch).

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I was totally going to say that Le-Mo. That's a pretty standard clause in any kind of submission based contest. It's why I never submit my best ideas and why I think they have the contests to get get material at minimal cost.

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The Venus Flytrap was the free costume. Also, in my opinion this game is far from average. It's amazing what you can create with it.

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While I do think playing skill increases (I had no trouble with Ninja Gaiden even though many found it hard because I beat DMD mode of Devil May Cry and had trained for NG in a way because of it), I also know that games are dumbed down already. Shinobi for PS2 is an example of a hard game, one that you will die and replay the level from the start due to one missed jump. This is not the standard of most games today. Instead you have checkpoints and the game almost goes easy on you (God of W...

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I'm still interested, it would be cool to get into the beta and all. But I also still waiting for OSny to give me my free copy of Monsters Encore for buying Eden.

I guess I should email them again.

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No, The industry got weak. I remember the days when throwing a controller was completly justified depending on what game you were playing. It forced you to work though teh game and get better. People complain about lack of playtime in games too. When games were actually a challenge, you didn't see this complaint because 1 game could last you months of trying to survive through it at least. Now people beat games the same day they get them (not to say that never happened before, but it was...

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Jecht became SIN in order to save the world from SIN. So he's not really a bad guy in terms of saving the world as a result of his own sacrifice, but he's still the force destroying the world making him a bad guy.

So he's kind of both.

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And I'm a fan of COD4. I hate FPS games and COD4 made me want to play it bad enough to finally cave in and do it. That being said, I've really enjoyed COD5. I know I'm a little biased because I love the WW2 period, although this is the first good WW2 FPS since the original MoH on PC (I say that because it's the only one that has also made me want to play it).

I think the multiplayer is actually requiring more skill now than it did in COD4 because there are no super scopes, n...

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Reading the preview makes me think that the preorder wasn't a mistake at all. Glad to hear it seems to be shaping up nicely.

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Criterion has really shown a change in the way DLC can and should be handled. Adding packs for free really has extended Paradise and even upcoming rumored pay packs are looking to be worth the cash. Bravo Criterion, Bravo.

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You're going to advertise to sell a high profile game on craigslist BEFORE it's even out?

Yeah he was asking for this one.

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