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This is the best comment I have ever read on N4G. Hands down. The Best. Wow.

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Unlike the fools at Kotaku, I actually didn't care about the proportions of ANY character in the game. I saw Atlus and VanillaWare and I was sold. Guess if I were a 14 year old boy all I'd see was BOOBS. Oh wait, that's what Kotaku did....

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Mine is PS3 too. I got them to offer the credit because they canceled orders from when it was $30 and the price bumped to $50. Since it was available on amazon, I got a rep to give me he original price. Pre-order price guarantee :)

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I'm one of the folks that ordered the game on amazon when it was $30. I emailed them after they canned orders and got them to add a credit after the game ships. My copy is still $30. (And wasn't it going to have Cross-buy?)

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Chaos Legion. This was a great game. I'd love to see it on classics. I'd really love a remake actually.

Also, Phantom Dust. It was a Xbox exclusive I know, but I would LOVE to see this on PSN.

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Didn't play the first game did ya?

Look up the end video of LoS. That's all I'm going to say.

And yeah, it could be Alucard I suppose, but I think it would be too early in the series for him to show. But this is a new CV so anything is possible.

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Allow me to clarify, the combat isn't like DMC in speed. Heavenly Sword could have been faster (would have been better that way) Enslaved was dreadfully slow. If you've played DMC2, that's what either game's combat currently resembles. I'm basing it on their pedigree, and thus far, they have not shown the ability to do a fast action game. No their games haven't been DMC, but why hand it to NT when a studio like Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Vanquish) which has shown they ...

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I was actually leaning towards forgiving the original stupid comments and giving the game a shot. Forget that purchase., I'll spend money where my purchase is at least falsely appreciated.

For the record, I don't care about Dante's new look. I care about how I expect a DMC game to play. NT has yet to pull off a game that meets how DMC should play in my opinion. I loved Heavenly Sword, but it's not DMC, Enslaved was good, but it's not DMC. Both had comabt ...

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Have to disagree with you on the DLC thought. Yes, it's a model that people are switching to, but when it removes items that should reasonably be in the game, I can't accept that. The issue then becomes what's reasonably acceptable, which I don't think has been defined yet.

(Note to devs: If you want me to buy a game new, and I normally do except recently with the new DLC concept, offer me a reason to do so. Don't take out a part of the game because I didn...

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I'm really very curious about this one weapon thing. I fear it's going to be like the Infamous 2 review that complained about the screen getting dark after taking damage (and apparently not knowing that you can absorb energy to fix it).

Basically, calm down folks, this guy could be an idiot, or he could be right on. Look for the points that match other reviews if you care that much. I haven't read any other reviews to know if what he mentioned was stated in others...

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This looks good. Except for one thing. DMC is a combat heavy game. You can say that they showed combat before, they did, and it was slow (like DMC2 combat was). A quick review of Team Ninja games will show you they have never done anything DMC speed (Heavenly Sword was quick, but it wasn't DMC quick).

Combat was shown before, but this is a far away time from before and they didn't show it. Still on my likely to be crap list.

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If people did the research, they'd find that piracy doesn't really hurt sales or at least there is no way to prove it. You can't say that "50% of these people would buy the game" since that's a prediction.

I use to pirate stuff myself, and I'd go buy the stuff I really loved to support further development, I'm not the majority in that. All the same, the majority of the stuff I got I never even played. No sales lost there.

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Before I start, you should know that I buy the majority of my games new. Like 95%. That being said, I HATE online passes. Yes, it creates a funding source for developers, yes it's great for them to get some money to support the cost of servers that are operated for both used and new game sales, yes, in some ways it's needed. Or you could give a better reason for people to buy your game new rather than used. It's called positive reinforcement. Works better than negative versions of...

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This. I was hoping for $10 (or even a PS Plus discount). Then all the DLC for it? Pass. I'll wait for a sale or something.

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Agreed, DMC is why I had to have a 60gb PS3. Now if it breaks I won't be as upset (if this actually happens).

Hope that they give us the Special Edition of 3...Playable Vergil FTW.

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3 is equal to if not better than 1. 2 should never be mentioned if possible.

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I won't get excited until an official announcement, but I am waiting....

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On some games that is true, but not on most. For example, Disgaea 3 saves will still allow trophies from a copied save.

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It's not just Duke that does this. Many games rehash and resell. Duke just became the king of it (Which is what he is right? The King of it all?)

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Just goes to show you that a steaming pile of crap can be packed in a box and with the right name it will sell. I'm seriously surprised by this. A little of my gamer faith in other gamers dies with this news.

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