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Accident my ass. The amount of time I see you children saying sells instead of sales can be no accident. And this isn't the first time you did it lol. #14.3
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It is "SALES" and not "SELLS". Get away from N4G and focus on your education, child. #14.2
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I rather AR. Being closed off from the real world and locked away in a fake one is not my idea of fun.

Enhancing the real world with AR overlays seems like a better idea to me. #2.1
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Bear in mind that Microsoft is not just a video game related company, and must attend to other parts of its business.

You seem like an addict when you speak like that. Enjoy gaming, but don't become an addict. #1.2.1
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Disliking a genre doesn't mean one's mind cannot be changed. Adam doesn't like FPS, but he likes Titanfall, he said that himself.


Th game is fun and it is very accessible for FPS noobs. So to see Adam saying he likes a game that he would generally hate proves that anyone can pick up Titanfall and enjoy it.

The same can be said for Forza. #1.3.1
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When I get a PS4, I'm going to do this! #1
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I disagreed with you, because this is what the fanboys here would have wanted. Get your Xbox One, and enjoy games on all platforms. #17.1
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On track to make a profit from PlayStation, this is true. But profit from PlayStation won't be enough to bring Sony out of the black. The other divisions need to step up, and if they fail in the next two years, the problem will not end.

Sony needs to shave the TV business, because competitors have been doing a better job for the last 5 years. #1.1.2
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2 years before PlayStation business becomes profitable. If during that time Sony does not turn things around dramatically, this company will find itself in a terrible spot.

I mean, how long can the company go on at this rate? #1
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Yet no AAA PS4 exclusive is doing 1080p 60fps #1.3
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Good game, and I have played. Still curious why fanboys rate it so highly, yet it only sold over 4 million copies. Every Sony exclusive is the same thing. It's like everyone be waiting on the game to hit PS+ #1.11
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MS released a half game? You mean Sony released a half game. You guys are so up in arms about more being better to the point where no one sees GT games for what they are.

The majority of the cars were not rebuilt from the ground up for PS3 coming from PS2. That's why Sony tricked you guys with the Premium cars nonsense. You're playing a game where only a few cars have cockpit view, a few cars that can take visible damage, a few cars that were rebuilt and you say Micro... #3.3
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Not a single feature was mentioned, that is true, but this is the question that was asked.

"Have you thought about any Xbox One exclusive features?"

He made a comment based on a question that asked about Xbox One exclusive features, so what's the problem? He did comment on the question but did not mention any features.

Your brain is dead! #4.1.2
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You don't understand because you don't read and lack comprehension. The interview source came from an Xbox centric site, OXM, and they were the ones who asked about exclusive features for the Xbox One.

So yes, there's nothing wrong with the headline despite the guy mentioning the PS4 Move because this interview is an Xbox One centric interview.

Furthermore, the PS4 Move is irrelevant even if supported by BioWare because it doesn't come with th... #4.1
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You didn't even answer his question! #25.1.1
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No. The hardware of both are identical where power is concerned. Remember, both use different GPU and different type of RAM, along with different operating systems. No driver update from one console will improve the other. #25.2
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'Great things'.....was actually spouted by an insider and not Microsoft! Did you read before posting? Or do you have a reading and understanding syndrome.

Furthermore, since we're on the subject of "great things." I've been hearing the term "greatness awaits" where the PS4 is concerned.....where is it? How long do you plan to wait? #16.1
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Nonsense!!! The PS4 is in 32 markets right now and the Xbox One only in 13 markets. So what do we have here? The PS4 available in more than 2 times the market as the Xbox One, yet it is unable to completely outclass the more expensive Xbox One.

The numbers are not far away.

I'd say the Xbox One is doing really really well, all things considered. If Microsoft had managed to launch in the same amount of markets, I believe things would have been very differe... #7.3
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More next gen than the other console imo. For a long time, it's been Microsoft and Nintendo that are bringing new innovations to gaming, innovations these companies are not afraid to stand behind.

Nothing against Sony, but this company lacks the innovative mindset and just throws you the same old experience all the time. Even when this company innovates, it fails to believe in its own creation.

I hope both Microsoft and Nintendo find success because innov... #3
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Defined gaming how? Is this a joke article? #10
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