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Bear in mind we can never come across all the clickbait articles since this is a website that relies on users to approve and disapprove articles. Every article that is approved by the community should be sent to admins before it hits the front-page. What's the point of having it hit the front-page then removing it after the article accumulated a heat of 500?

N4G can be way better in how it handle things, how biased fanboy mods handle things, but this won't happen un...

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You haven't played the game and only reciting what some folks are saying.

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The next Halo needs to be a complete package instead of a one way street

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The whole thing is dumb. You're going to purchase something where you'll probably only have several games that support VR in some instances. This is similar to Kinect where only parts of a game support the feature. Look at FF 15? Only a small portion of that game will support VR. Other games are similar where only certain levels or instances the user can use their VR headset.

$400 to $500 for a device that can only be used at times? This will fail, mark my words. ...

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People are still defending this VR fad? Even Sony made it clear that VR is best used for short experiences. That's a huge red flag right there.

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@darthv72 If Sony is releasing the PS4 Neo this year, then there's no chance for change. Microsoft from what many experts are saying, is releasing its console in 2017 in order to get the latest tech from AMD. Sony is not doing that.

I think we should all accept the possibility that the PS4 Neo will be weaker than the Scorpio and move on because the games matter the most over specs. In this world of competition, one console will always be more powerful than the other. So...

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The guy is right. After Bad Company 2, the newer games lack weight and soldiers got a speed bump. This is why Bad Company 2 cannot be matched because DICE decided to copy some elements of COD. Battlefield is closer to a twitch and run-n-gun shooter than ever before.

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Have to disagree. The articled linked to two credible sources to prove its point. Telling people not to read the article because you disagree with its contents is disrespectful.

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@objdadon: 4K streaming and 4K blu-ray adds nothing to the gaming experience. The power of the console is still the same as the Xbox One. The internal specifications that matter to gaming haven't changed.

The PS4 Neo can't be compared to the Xbox One S because it is a whole new console. A console that is far more powerful than the PS4. Games will actually have better graphics fidelity on the Neo, better performance overall, so how can it be seen as a slim upgrade? S...

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I have to disagree. The Xbox One S is just a slim Xbox One, hence its main competition is the current PlayStation 4. PS4 Neo will compete with the Nintendo NX and Project Scorpio. PS4 Neo and Project Scorpio are both deemed as mid-gen upgrades to keep up with advancement in technology, so how can you possibly say both consoles are not competing? Is it because the Neo is allegedly weaker than the Scorpio, or is it because the Scorpio launches a year later?

Well, the first Xb...

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The Neo will be competing with the Scorpio, not the Xbox One S. You seem to forget the Xbox One S is just a slim console.

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That is not united sir. It's as if Xbox had no games that were cross-play with PC. How many Sony games were released on PC that can also be played on the PlayStation via cross-play? Can PC users interact and play with Sony console users under the same network? They can't.

And you speak of FF MMO games when everything is the work of Square and not Sony.

The half-assed way of doing things is not united at all. Microsoft's support is the real dea...

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How are PS and PC gamers united? Please explain because you just opened this can of worms so don't run away scared.

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Microsoft is releasing a new console 4-years after the release of the Xbox One. Stop talking like a mad man lol A console a year or 2 after the release of the previous console would kill Sony, and developers would riot. Stop talking nonsense.

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Are you crazy? Sony cannot release Neo in 2016 then release another powerful console a year or 2 after. Do you think money grow on trees?

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That is a lie Dantesparda. There is no $300 PC that can outperform a current generation console. You must be smoking contaminated weed. Get out of here lol.

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You folks have blinded yourself with the power talk. The Xbox consoles are going nowhere for the simple fact that they are cheaper to acquire and no hassle. This talk about PC this and PC that means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Majority of consumers can't afford a PC to play 60fps games, and as such, they will purchase consoles and enjoy it. Nothing wrong with Microsoft's plan going forward because at the end of the day, no matter what, the console will al...

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Most gamers are hypocrites and only rally around things when it benefits them. So sad to see a person can't even use "blow your load" in a sentence anymore.

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Lol I always wonder why folks tend to call current gen, next gen and then pretend it doesn't sound stupid. Then you have those who defend it.

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Good catch Ziggurcat. Always have guys like these talking shit and changing their mouth on a regular basis believing they won't be called out one of these days.

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