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Yes and no. Supersampling on the PS4 Pro requires developer intervention, but for Xbox One X, it's built in. This means all games will support it from day one. There's no need for developers to release patches for their games. It also means more games will benefit from it on Xbox One X than on the PS4 Pro.

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Are you comparing Ninja Theory to a small developer that released their first game in 2012?

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"They just want to create false hope that it might come out someday so people are less p***** off about a cancelled game."

I see you still love to talk nonsense on N4G. Do you still do the same crap on Filmwatch?

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They couldn't use new assets because the team didn't have the source code. Lack of a source didn't allow the team to do many things.

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How so? Microsoft assisted in the Rise of the Tomb Raider's marketing and at the end of the day, folks on the PS4 still got to play it. Yes, it took a year to happen, but things could have turned out differently.

Bear in mind, the first game under-performed. No developer would pour money into a second game so quickly unless they had outside help. Creating and marketing a huge AAA game takes a lot of money. When Microsoft spends the cash to market the game in the same wa...

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You don't believe it because you're not using your head. The no one will be left behind tagline is speaking of now, not six years down the line.

When Microsoft launches the next console after Scorpio, the Xbox One will be left behind. By then, Scorpio will be the cheaper machine and the primary sales driver. Xbox One users will then have to upgrade to either Scorpio, or the new console.

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"The scorpio will do things that the x1 and s cannot do, so it is a new gen." The PS4 Pro is a new gen then?

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You have it all mixed up. Sony went with an half-assed upgrade, Microsoft didn't. And this is not a new generation for that is over and done with. The Xbox after Scorpio won't be a new generation either. It will just be a more powerful Xbox that plays every game from the Xbox 360 era right up to the newer ones.

A generation is when one console leaves the other behind and require exclusive games. This is not happening anymore, well, in terms of Xbox.

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Bribe a man with a useless chip? I mean, you do realize it's merely a memento, right?

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That's weak. You make it seem as if Xbox doesn't have first party games in the past and coming in the future. Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Ashen, Forza 7, Sea of Thieves and more. You realize I'm not even adding old games.

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Did you understand the video at all? CPU usage will be cut in half on DX12 titles, as DX12 is 'baked in' to the chip.

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So the guy who submitted this article should be banned for a period of time and the story removed. This is a PS4 game, yet he chose to add it to PC and Xbox One section. He was told to remove the PC and Xbox One tags, but he decided not to.

I'm saying, for deliberately breaking the rules after being asked to abide by them, he should be banned.

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At what point in the article did they confirm it to be a next gen console?

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Great game, yes, but it's not an Xbox game. Remove it from the category.

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And liberals' are not hateful? They are most hateful than all. Free speech is lost on them. Do what they don't like and you're sued and forced out of your job. They protest to shutdown alternative narratives that differ from their own.

They pretend to like minorities when its all for political gains. Eff em and egg politics in general.

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Nintendo Switch is competing with Microsoft's and Sony's respective consoles. I believe you're looking at differences in power and not the quality of the games. How can the Switch compete with Apple and other tablet makers when a tablet game pales in comparison to what will appear on the Switch.

The Switch is Nintendo's new console that is both traditional and handheld in one device.

Folks with your logic are the same ones who will say Pro...

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From what you're hearing, but not from you've understood, clearly.

Microsoft has said several times that every one of its 1st party titles will be 4K, but developers can do whatever they want. You can't release a new console, no matte how powerful it is, and tell developers how to make their games. Checkerboard is there for those who want to use the GPU for other things than resolutions.

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You're speaking the truth and getting a lot of disagrees.

Project Scorpio will not be called Xbox One Pro. The power difference to the Xbox One alone should prove this is a new machine entirely. The thing many of you fail to realize is that Microsoft has been saying for a long time that it is done with generations. This simply means from now on, a new Xbox will be compatible with previous games, and the previous Xbox will play all the same gam...

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They don't have to. Project Scorpio will likely achieve 4K with its 6 teraflop card, granting Microsoft goes ahead and uses the AMD Vega tech. A 6 teraflop next gen GPU will perform better than a current gen 6 teraflop GPU. One can see why Microsoft feels so confident it can deliver 4K gaming with just 6 teraflop.

Sony going for an 8 teraflop next gen GPU from AMD should be more than enough. 10 teraflops would surely increase the price of the console, and not to mention...

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Yeah, I member!

Member when resolution didn't matter?

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