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You're speaking the truth and getting a lot of disagrees.

Project Scorpio will not be called Xbox One Pro. The power difference to the Xbox One alone should prove this is a new machine entirely. The thing many of you fail to realize is that Microsoft has been saying for a long time that it is done with generations. This simply means from now on, a new Xbox will be compatible with previous games, and the previous Xbox will play all the same gam...

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They don't have to. Project Scorpio will likely achieve 4K with its 6 teraflop card, granting Microsoft goes ahead and uses the AMD Vega tech. A 6 teraflop next gen GPU will perform better than a current gen 6 teraflop GPU. One can see why Microsoft feels so confident it can deliver 4K gaming with just 6 teraflop.

Sony going for an 8 teraflop next gen GPU from AMD should be more than enough. 10 teraflops would surely increase the price of the console, and not to mention...

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Yeah, I member!

Member when resolution didn't matter?

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@extermi8or. Checkerboard has been in use for years. Quantum Break uses the same trick. Heck, I remember some Sony fans saying this technique is patented by Sony among other things when in truth, it's nothing new.

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Can't wait to play a game in 4K that was released on the PS3, then the PS4, and now coming to the PS4 Pro? I'd be more impressed if you said can't wait to play Horizon Zero Dawn in native 4K, or even God of War.

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Information about Microsoft working on a new console was leaked a long time. After that, Phil Spencer in an interview made a statement that would make us believe a new console was coming. After that, the leaks got more intense and coming down to E3, it all unraveled.

Furthermore, nothing Microsoft could have done to scare Sony from delaying. Sony would have already done a lot of R&D work, and not to mention new deals with AMD and manufacturing of the processors and GPU....

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Sony fans love to talk about the good games for the PS, yet we've barely seen them, and guess what? A new PS4 is being released this year. They hype up the terrible games. The Order, Driveclub, and then NMS. I mean, look at NMS. A game where the developers lied to everyone and yet it became the top selling game on the charts for PS4.

Not a single critic is praising this game, but the Sony fans will eat up anything. There have been more low-rated exclusives since 2013 fo...

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Most previews so far haven't been showering the game with praise. Let's all go out and say they have something against Sony, and let's also talk about games they gave bad reviews that you think should have gotten a good review. At the end of the day, the game from the previews isn't looking so good after 10-years of wait.

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IGN feels the same way. Kotaku is also concerned.

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I never said consoles gamers are forced. I clearly said not forced. Also, refresh or not, it's a whole new system, which makes the experience more expensive if you decide to upgrade. A PC player doesn't have to upgrade an entire system.

Also, PC players do not have to upgrade either, and most will not miss out on games or DLC. In fact, all previous titles will work. What we see on consoles is the constant release of remastered video games, another nickle and diming ...

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So you agree with a 3 year upgrade? Because that's ridiculous, and as the article says, will make console gaming more expensive. Most PC gamers do not spend $950 in 3 years to upgrade, but console gamers are doing that. Not forced, but if you want the better experience, the newer system is always the way to go.

No way can console gamers attack PC gamers for upgrading every few years, because it's a console thing now, albeit, more expensive.

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This is already a good deal, but it seems they need to make it free to please you.

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From your logic, the Xbox 360 shouldn't have been a competitor to the PS3 because both were released a year apart.

You're just talking trash because Project Scorpio could be more powerful than the Neo, so because of that, they should not compete on the same level.

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Maybe you need read the article.

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Microsoft was first with XO event back from the original Xbox. They eventually stopped. If you did not know this, then you must be quite young.

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I see what you did there, my man. Lol!

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Bear in mind we can never come across all the clickbait articles since this is a website that relies on users to approve and disapprove articles. Every article that is approved by the community should be sent to admins before it hits the front-page. What's the point of having it hit the front-page then removing it after the article accumulated a heat of 500?

N4G can be way better in how it handle things, how biased fanboy mods handle things, but this won't happen un...

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You haven't played the game and only reciting what some folks are saying.

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The next Halo needs to be a complete package instead of a one way street

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The whole thing is dumb. You're going to purchase something where you'll probably only have several games that support VR in some instances. This is similar to Kinect where only parts of a game support the feature. Look at FF 15? Only a small portion of that game will support VR. Other games are similar where only certain levels or instances the user can use their VR headset.

$400 to $500 for a device that can only be used at times? This will fail, mark my words. ...

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