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How mature is your brain? The Switch has been on the market for nearly a year, and is selling well every month. The Xbox One X came out last month. Why would Sony want to talk about a box that is barely a month old and has yet to prove itself?

Did Sony say they can't ignore the Switch when it was a month old?

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Third party games are no longer important? Lol. Third party games are the biggest sellers on every system, meaning, these type of games are more important to gamers than exclusives.

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I thought MS gave away free games every month, and with Game Pass where you get over 100 games for $10 per month, what else do you want?

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@GN: It's irritating because you can't stand the fact that the Xbox One X is more powerful than the Pro, and that it shows. I mean, for years there have been videos comparing multiplat games on PS4 and Xbox One. This has been going on since 2013. And since they are multiplat, articles are posted in both Xbox One and PS4 categories. Been going on for years. But you hate it now because the tables have turned.

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Is this post a joke? It's on the PS4 section because it's also a video about the PS4 Pro. This is a video that compares the X with the Pro so it makes sense for it to be on both the PS4 and Xbox section. No rules are being broken.

When DF was talking about the Pro and how powerful it is compared to the Xbox One S, no one complained about these videos on the Xbox section. But here you are then, allowing your feelings to be hurt because one console is more powerful th...

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Not a graphical powerhouse, yet it wouldn't run at 4K on PS4 Pro. Last time I checked, the Crash remaster maxed out at 1440p.

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So obsessed with Sony that you have an unreleased game as your profile name. You know, should you fall on hard times tomorrow, will Sony care enough to help? In fact, do they even know you exist? Another rabid fanboy would simply take your place, and life goes on.

You should feel like crap.

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The lack of what games? Are you blind or something? Lol

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Only a deranged fanboy doesn't like competition. Sony doesn't know you. If you go broke tomorrow and sleeping on the street, Sony would not know. Someone else will simply take your place and life goes on.

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A developer who has experience developing for a particular hardware is unable to give "relevant and informed opinions." Let me guess, you're able to do a better job?

It doesn't matter if you're a small or big developer. From the moment you have experience making games for PC and consoles, your opinion matters.

The attack on indie developers on this site is damning and stupid. The whole thing is based on console favoritism and feeling...

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Your thinking is what many in the gaming media has been uttering, but it is wrong, and they also use it as an excuse to keep on doing the same thing.

If you're a gaming journalist, then you need to be good at games in order to give a good opinion. If a journalist can barely handle a keyboard and mouse, then how will they be able to review a PC FPS game properly? Furthermore, casual players and gaming journalists are two different things my man.

All of...

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"Lesbian Exotic Items" eh? Lol. What a weird headline. Dear author, please edit the headline of the article because it doesn't make an ounce of sense. Lesbian characters are referenced in the game through the findings of exotic items. "Things" can't be lesbian.

If the author respects the reader, he or she needs to change the headline to something that makes sense.

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I've never seen a single Xbox fanboy making such statements. Stop spreading fud.

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Are you crazy? The Xbox One S is just a revision of the Xbox One. Yes, the S is more powerful slightly than the Xbox One, but that is mainly due to the addition of HDR and 4K upscaling. All games will look the same, but some have slightly higher framerate on the S due to the boosted CPU.

Heck, the Xbox One S is still weaker than the original PS4, a clear sign Microsoft had no intention of this being an upgrade, just a refresh.

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Yes and no. Supersampling on the PS4 Pro requires developer intervention, but for Xbox One X, it's built in. This means all games will support it from day one. There's no need for developers to release patches for their games. It also means more games will benefit from it on Xbox One X than on the PS4 Pro.

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Are you comparing Ninja Theory to a small developer that released their first game in 2012?

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"They just want to create false hope that it might come out someday so people are less p***** off about a cancelled game."

I see you still love to talk nonsense on N4G. Do you still do the same crap on Filmwatch?

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They couldn't use new assets because the team didn't have the source code. Lack of a source didn't allow the team to do many things.

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How so? Microsoft assisted in the Rise of the Tomb Raider's marketing and at the end of the day, folks on the PS4 still got to play it. Yes, it took a year to happen, but things could have turned out differently.

Bear in mind, the first game under-performed. No developer would pour money into a second game so quickly unless they had outside help. Creating and marketing a huge AAA game takes a lot of money. When Microsoft spends the cash to market the game in the same wa...

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You don't believe it because you're not using your head. The no one will be left behind tagline is speaking of now, not six years down the line.

When Microsoft launches the next console after Scorpio, the Xbox One will be left behind. By then, Scorpio will be the cheaper machine and the primary sales driver. Xbox One users will then have to upgrade to either Scorpio, or the new console.

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