When's Mahvel?


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I have to agree with Liqu1d This site should be banned as all It's doing is pushing an anti gamer message with no evidence or reason. Only just trying to clickbait.

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This has to be a joke right? Also while we are on the Subject Where are all the female orcs? Orc Patriarchy keeping them down? What about transgender orcs? #Orclifesmatter

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Why exactly is this considered "News"

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While Jim is a Fat SJW Cuck I hope nothing comes of this.

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Xbone fans so very salty on N4G Kapap

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I'm actually in full support of this game, Not because I want too play it. The fact that it's annoyed all the Tumblr SJW nazi's. That's the real victory today.

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The Phrase "Clutching at straws" comes to mind. Dunno why

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Total Click Bait Move along nothing to see here.

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Oh great here we go again.

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One game doesn't change the WII U from Boxed Cancer -> Valid game console. Pack It Up

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Good to see a strong showing so far from Sony, This is even before the big prime sony games come out Aka Infamous - Next Uncharted.

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Preview of today Nintendo Direct

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Wow this kid is hella mad.

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Well good for nintendo, They do need to hang onto anything they can get at this point. More so when the Wii U is selling like boxed cancer

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Should Really drug test their writers before letting them post.

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Hey Djustin stop being a fucking moron! \o/

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Anyone that is around on twitch, I think my Profile picture pretty much sums up this whole "news Story" Kappa

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Swiftfox I'm sorry to say you are the exact type of person that the dude is talking about. You are effectively proving his point. *Golf Clap*

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While I'm also a pc gamer as well as a console gamer. I don't get why the "PC Gamer Master Race" have to tip their fedora's and bitch about console games all the time.

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It's Mahvel Baby!

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