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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


I really don't understand the point of this blog. If you're trying to bring attention to the fact that the Xbox One doesn't have much of an EXCLUSIVE lineup this year, you can do that without instigating yet another console war.

To sit there and point fingers just because the Xbox One has little to no exclusives is rather annoying and pointless. You're acting like the Xbox One has nothing at all, not just exclusives. Newsflash: sometimes, no exclusives are a g... #2
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That was a man? What the hell was he wearing? #7
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Glad you enjoyed it. One thing I should point out though is that I never said the repetition of songs detracts from the overall experience. It certainly doesn't, especially if it's an artist I enjoy like Kenny Loggins or Lorde. :) #1.1
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I can't sign into Xbox Live at all. It was ironic because I had just turned my Xbox One off to plug in an external hard drive my boyfriend got me for Christmas and when I turned the Xbox back on, Live was disabled. Had me thinking it was the external hard drive's fault somehow, lmao. No big deal; I have plenty of other things to do until Microsoft gets their stuff in order. #87
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Christ give me patience. #10
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Amen. #6.3
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It's a rare thing where developers who choose to not allow early review copies actually pump out a good game. Nine out of ten times, it's because they've a low-quality product and they don't want the masses any the wiser until the non-refundable $60 has been paid. It's shady and ridiculous.

Like kevinsheeks said below, "Why not just make a quality product? will the company implode if they do something semi-logical. Instead they try to use deceit and s... #4.1.1
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After the Unity debacle, you'd think the last thing Ubisoft wants is bad press and choosing not to release review copies is not a good sign. #4
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Who are you disagreeing with? Myself or the reviewer? #1.1.1
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Decent review. I don't think the graphics deserved a 10 and you got some of the plot wrong in your review. #1
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I honestly couldn't care less. If some people want to be sheep and purchase the same recycled garbage every year, that's their business. Who am I to tell them no? I stopped playing Call of Duty after MW3 primarily because it never appealed to me and subsequently, because I noticed the recurring trend of barely any changes. I wasn't going to pay $60 every year for basically the same game only to trade it in a week later for a fraction of what I paid.

I don't mu... #16
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Someone who's trying to gain attention for their website, telling us crap we already know. #1.2
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This article's full of crap, if you ask me. Just wants attention, so it's going to go against the consensus. The first person mode is not pointless: it's new, fresh and something fans have been asking for Rockstar to include for some time now.

In addition, the article's comment of, " Re-releasing GTA V barely a year after release is already a questionable move..." annoyed me. Barely a year? It'll be a year and a day, actually. I've seen re-re... #53
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I don't understand the point of this article. #2
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Sorry you feel that way. I haven't had a single issue with controls whatsoever. #1.2
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What about those who actually liked Johnny? I guess our opinions don't matter. Still, it was nice to see some continuance in the lineage, with the appearances of both Johnny and Packie. Even Ashley and that United Liberty Paper fellow that ended up getting my bullet between his eyes. #2.3.1
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It looks unbelievably fantastic. It almost seems like they rebuilt it from the ground up. The first person mode isn't even a tacked on bonnet-view feature, it's a legitimate first person mode. Unreal! I'm so excited and less than two weeks way, no less! #3
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I have to disagree. While this year's certainly been rather underwhelming, I find myself incredibly satisfied with the titles I've picked up this year.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
Watch Dogs
The Evil Within
Sunset Overdrive
Dead Rising 3
Murdered: Soul Suspect
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
Forza Horizon 2
The Sims 4

...not to mention some upc... #15
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Warning: minor spoilers of the GTA V narrative.

I actually don't much care for Trevor. He's my least played character of the three; I prefer Franklin, then Michael and even my mute GTAO character before Trevor. I have to admit though, some of Trevor's dialogue and moments were pretty great, especially his one-liners and lackadaisical, nonchalant apathy toward most things. I think my dislike for Trevor was automatic once he killed Johnny and I grew to tolerate him.... #2
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Congratulations to all the winners! #10
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