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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


I don't know where you're doing your research, but E3 and various sources confirmed otherwise, contradicting your statements. For the last time, Microsoft is not forcing used game fees; they are giving publishers the option, just like Sony is doing.

As for trading in or selling your games, what's the problem? As I said, a majority of people use GameStop and GameStop will be number one on that list of approved retailers. You feel companies like GameStop shouldn'... #1.2.1
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I never said anything positive (nor negative for that matter) about Microsoft, so your implication that I'm pretending they did no foul is premature.

Microsoft has certainly shot themselves in the proverbial foot many times in the past weeks, sure, but in response to your argument: Microsoft may or may not be "dictating" where you can go and sell your games. GameStop is definitely on that list which is where a majority of people sell their games and I would be s... #1.1.1
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Pardon me, but I'm a little confused. You're praising Sony for giving gamers choices and for listening to our pleas and then you start to criticise Microsoft for things that are no longer relevant.

While Sony is certainly offering a better service, Microsoft did announce that there is no fee of any kind to play or trade/sell used games. Sony announced that they're following in Microsoft's footsteps and allowing developers and publishers to charge a fee if they... #1
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You claim to disagree with the review, but your reply indicates you actually did not read it or skimmed through it. I compared it to Sniper Elite V2 solely in reference to visualising the bullet impact in targets - I didn't say it was better or worse than SEV2.

Furthermore, I don't understand the nature of the game? It's a military-themed sniper game. Exactly what is there to not understand? In addition, I actually praised the game for the mechanics of the sniping... #1.1
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What's there to defend, Microsoft? There's no need for any fees to be charged, whatsoever. #108
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It does stink, completely. PS+ is worth it though, because look at everything you get with it. Xbox Live, you don't get any free games and those "rewards" points are held hostage until you accumulate a certain amount.

I think Sony should have just kept everything as is - those who wanted PS+ could have it and those who don't (for whatever reason) can just have the free service and miss out on the PS+ benefits lmao #1.1.1
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I'm not surprised, honestly. Nothing stays free for long. I think you're right though - Sony is definitely trying to divide and conquer and get people to choose one over the other. It's also rubbing me the wrong way, given the fact that the PS3 offered a free service as well; it's depressing to see that a paid subscription is now mandatory.

While it's still cheap for both of them, it's basically another bill to add to the list and you figure the averag... #1
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Indeed, they stated it was a 500GB hard drive at their first unveiling. Someone wasn't paying attention. *whistles* #1.1
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I'm just going to wait until all the information is on the table and then make a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the two and then make my decision. #6
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I'm so pleased to see Sony taking advantage of Microsoft's stupidity. What a shame, I was looking forward to getting the Xbox One, but the PlayStation 4 offers so much more for less money. Three cheers to Sony. #143
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No one is even going to Sony yet because Sony hasn't shown their cards. For all we know, Sony might follow in Microsoft's exact footsteps. Personally, I'm not buying either console at launch. I'm going to continue gaming on the Xbox 360 and PS3 until there's a substantial selection of games for the X1 and PS4 and then consider one or the other. #1
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Very good blog as always, zerocrossing. Never apologise for length; I love reading your submissions. It's a true shame that gamers are going to have to put on their tin foil hats this generation. I'm not sure what Microsoft's endgame is and while I'm slightly worried about what the gaming industry will become with all of these restrictions, I'm more worried about whether or not Sony will follow in Microsoft's footsteps.

Sony would be wise to take simil... #6
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I'm excited to truly see in-game how expansive it is. #1
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Two possibilities: the screenshot is from beta gameplay or those men are hirelings, because that does not look like Trevor or Franklin. The man in the centre has the same hair colour and style of Michael, but the other two...not so much. #21
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No one knows about any robberies you can commit aside from bank heists and ripping off armoured trucks. As for your second questions, you can purchase properties as well as companies. #18.1
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Like many things, it is a place-holder until prices are announced. They can't risk giving you a lower price than what it'll be, because when the price increases, Amazon's clientele will most certainly revolt. #1
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I understand what you're saying but I have to disagree for just one reason: just because someone purchases the Xbox One does not mean they lack the ability to think for themselves. It could be the simple reason of the Xbox One appealing more to them than a PlayStation 4.

However, at this moment given what we know about the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, how the Xbox One could be more appealing is beyond me, unless you care more about playing fantasy football and watching... #2.1
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Truer words were never spoken. Kudos to Strass Zelnick. #19
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It was revealed that The Sims 4 is strictly an offline, single player experience; as it should be in my opinion. I don't doubt that they'll have some features similar to The Sims 3's Facebook-like add-on that allows you to see what your friends are up to. Friends being those you're friends with on The Sims' forum/website. #3.1
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"And yes, I’ve seen people do just that, buy a used game to just save 5 bucks, sure you get the same game and can spend that money on something else, but it would be better to support who made the game rather than a retail chain."

Well have you considered that perhaps some people want to play the game without having to support the developer? I don't like Activision so I tend to buy any game from them that catches my eye as preowned because I do not want them hav... #1
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