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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


I wouldn't say unrealistic, but certainly far-fetched. The same could be said about women. I mean, Lara Croft is a prime example of a far-fetched image of a woman, especially pre-reboot. #8.1
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Attraction is more than for physical or sexual reasons. I suggest you Google the definition of the word. I was attracted to James Bond as a child because of the action, gadgets, personality and overall bad-ass-ery, for example. As is the way one may be attracted to a specific genre of music or film, for another example.

In lieu of this, my statement of, "Since the beginning of video game history, we as gamers have always found ourselves attracted to certain video game ch... #6.1
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I wonder if any of them realize how truly idiotic they sound, threatening to boycott a store if the store does not break the release date.

"In order to force the leaders..." dear God in heaven give me strength. Do you really think GameStop gives a rat's arse about "pressure" due to boycotting their store just to get a game early?

I think I've lost a minimum of ten brain cells reading this article. #12
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In my opinion, it doesn't matter whether a game has multiplayer or not* or how good the experience is. If you're going to charge $60 for the game, there needs to be more meat on the bone and not just embellishments around the plate, if you'll excuse the food related analogy. There are plenty of games out there that were brilliant, but simply too short and that is not okay for the price we're asked to pay.

I don't care if the graphics are the best we'll... #1
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I'm really tired of people complaining that Uncharted "stole" things from Tomb Raider and vice versa. Uncharted and Tomb Raider are both great franchises and they aren't the first two to borrow ideas and concepts from one another. The even bigger point is that there is NOTHING wrong with borrowing concepts from other games; Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield and Call of Duty, Gran Turismo and Forza, Mirror's Edge and Dying Light, to name a few. #21
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I believe it. It seems like every AAA game that comes out always ends up having a "GOTY Edition" with all of the subsequent DLC for the cost of the base game. That, and Square Enix's newfound love for releasing 'Definitive Editions.' #5.1.1
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Lack of demos is the primary reason why I typically buy preowned games. No offense to any developers, but I'm not shelling out $60 blind anymore. I'll buy it used and if I like it enough, I'll either keep it or pick up a new copy to support the developers and/or grab any worthwhile promotional DLC for buying it new. #5
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@moldybread, lol did you even read my response? I wasn't asking for advice, first of all, I was bringing attention to the situation and hopefully to advise others to avoid the season pass unless they feel like they truly can't live without Dying Light DLC, no matter how useless or pointless.

Secondly, I'm well aware that no one forced me to buy the season pass. I purchased it of my own free will and intent, well aware of the content we were getting, but completely... #2.2.3
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Forgive me, but I fail to understand the point you're making with these facts. What exactly does the development cost of past games have to do with the price of tea in China? In other words, what does that have to do with the subject discussed in the blog entry?

I think we're all well aware of development cost increases in the past twenty years, but the point being made in this blog is the fact that developers are both insulting the intelligence and betraying the loya... #2.2
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I'm so pleased to see one of Meagan Marie's cosplay on the list (black dress, second to last.) #33
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Congratulations, everyone! #6
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Yeah, this review wasn't comparable in length to my other pieces because I really didn't have too much to say this time around. As for Driveclub, I haven't touched it since my review; I'm waiting for most of the issues to be worked out and I'll probably pick up a preowned copy to be safe and give it another go. Naturally, I'll do a new write up to reflect it should my opinion change. #3.1
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From the way the review was going back when it was a "review in progress," I did not think the score was going to be an 8.5. Good to know IGN thought it was a great game too. #5
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Agreed. NFS Underground was what my PS2 saw the most of growing up, that's for sure. Absolute favourite title in the series, that. #1.1
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Titanfall Deluxe Edition went from $49.99 to $12.50. That's insane. It's a shame I didn't care for the game enough to keep it, $12 is an absolute steal. I liked it a lot and it was great for what it was, but really isn't my cup of tea. Still, I might have to consider the sale...$12. Wow. #4
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It's listed at $98 on the BioWare Store and has photos of a model wearing it. It looks pretty good and it was my favourite outfit for Commander Shepard in ME3. I added myself to the newsletter so I'll be alerted when it's available to purchase. I absolutely love this jacket. #6
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Surprisingly, a lot of people actually did play Eternal Sonata. I liked it quite a lot, but Resonance of Fate is my favourite JRPG, with Eternal Sonata following in second place. #18
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The Crew is at $39.99 and it still isn't cheap enough. I played the beta and I wasn't impressed at all, no matter how hard I tried to like the game. Just like Thief; definitely want to play them start to finish someday, but current price tags are still too high for me. #1
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Truly gorgeous in its own way. Wouldn't mind exploring the game without textures to see more of that. It really does remind me of Limbo quite a lot. I love it. #2
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Very informative and very well written blog, longcat. It's not a topic I discuss often, but the problem lies therein with the humble dollar sign. Companies would rather pay these media outlets to hype up an experience to generate more revenue than actually craft an experience worth hyping. I can't tell you how many times I've told people in the past that if they spent half as much time, effort and money that they spent on paying off reviewers or blatant advertising and put that to... #1
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