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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


Must resist spoiling myself..... #4
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Excellent read. A well written review - good work! #5
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Yes please! #12.2
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Very nice read. There are many different ways of capturing realism but in video games, it's virtually impossible for a game to be completely realistic and still be enjoyable, in my opinion. It would be completely daunting if you're trying to goof off in Grand Theft Auto and a single gunshot to the leg would impede your movements. In some aspects, I can see it working, but to an extent. #3
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The fact that Bayonetta is not coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 is sacrilege, if you ask me. #3
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Lmao I loved it. Absolutely entertaining. #1
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This is my third consecutive win! I'm just completely taken aback but utterly grateful! #5.1.1
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Is this real life? Wow. I feel blessed! Thanks everyone, and congratulations to the other winners as well! #5
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Dexter would make for an amazing game, in my opinion. #1
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That's about $430, which seems like an odd price. $399 sounds more like it. #69
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"Sony will beat Microsoft next-gen."

Is that an opinion or are you trying to give us that with implied facts? I have no doubts that Sony will be a top contender, but no one knows for sure what Sony or Microsoft has up their sleeves, so statements like this are rather unjustified, in my opinion. #2
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No, Xbox Ambassadors answer customer support questions that do not require any technical involvement from the official support team such as minor troubleshooting and other issues. It's actually a volunteer service, not a job. #9.1
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Well I'm sorry that most of you feel that way, but the fact of the matter is: this is Microsoft's policy and if you don't like it, don't waste your breath complaining about it and take your business to Sony or Steam.

Microsoft has charged for the Live service for the past fourteen years now, so it shouldn't be treated as such a shock. I can understand the disappointment considering two other platforms offer free online service. However, there are over 60... #7
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How does that signify 'PS4 vs GTA V'? #1
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Well that's depressing. Ah well. Plenty of other good games to hold me over until then. #97
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People care more about getting their score up by blindly approving submissions left and right, opposed to filtering submissions to ensure legitimate quality. It's a shame, really. #2
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How is offering preorder incentives before anyone has even seen screenshots or videos depicting finalised gameplay portray a solid marketing technique? Sounds like Activision is getting ballsy in assuming people would blindly purchase their products just because they discovered a formula to continually produce the same video game yearly and turn a percentage of gamers into sheep. #2
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I understand the concept of satire perfectly. What I don't understand is the concept of pointless satire. An entire article with nothing of substance other than implying "wasteful ethics" is a true waste of time, Internet bandwidth, and money spent keeping a website up and running. #5.1.1
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Wouldn't this fall under a general tips/guide for all Call of Duty games? The multiplayer formula hasn't changed since Modern Warfare, so these could easily be applied to the rest of them. #1
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Like I commented on the article itself:

There isn't a single valid response to this 'article' other than the simple question: "...and your point is?" What exactly is your point? Are you that bored that you decided to take a straightforward and light-hearted video and try to point out "wasteful ethics?" He "wasted" 40oz malt liquor? First of all, there's no evidence that it was real malt liquor and even still, he bought it and he h... #5
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