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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


I'm not blindly spending two-thirds the cost of a full game for vaguely described content to be distributed over the span of half a year. I'll already have completed and moved on from Arkham Knight by the time the sixth month of DLC comes around.

I'm picking up the game at launch with the Batman PS4, but that season pass can choke on its $40 price tag for all I care. When all the content is released, I'll decide if the $40 asking price is justified. Otherwise,... #11
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Why is The Witcher 3 so long? Because a lot of time and effort went into crafting an experience well worth the asking price, that's why. #1
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Just picked up my physical copy from GameStop. In my area, they cancelled the midnight release and started selling the game at 7pm EST. I'm so grateful! #20
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I was wondering originally if the first of the free DLC would be released today, since the game was released today for a lot of people. I just picked up my copy; digital isn't the only source to get the game at 7pm EST. GameStop cancelled their midnight releases and sold the game an hour ago. #14
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Lol this article really offers nothing to determine whether or not the expansion pass is worth buying. Nothing more than clickbait, really.

I already have the expansion pass preordered with the game because it adds two expansions, late 2015/early 2016, that add an additional 30 hours to the game for $25. Yeah, that spells out worth it in nice, bold letters.

CD Projekt Red is an admirable company; even when releasing a season pass/expansion pass, it's wort... #4
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Thanks for the confirmation. :)
Of course, I did further research after making that comment and found more supporting evidence, but couldn't edit my comment to reflect that fact, lol #2.1.5
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Good and that's how games should 'unlock' in my opinion. It's ridiculous that people have to wait until 3am just because a company goes by Pacific time.

But I have to ask, what is their source for this information and how accurate is it? I did some research and it seems like this is the only source of release times. #2
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Indeed, the final score is not an average of the subsection ratings (graphics, gameplay, etc.) but if neither of those subsections were granted a perfect score, the overall game shouldn't be considered perfect either, then, because the game is not perfect. While it isn't an average, you cannot have a perfect game if the graphics are a 9.1 and the sound is an 8.9, you know?

Either way, I'm glad to see another positive rating for this game. I keep getting magnetical... #3
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Sweet Jesus, I can't wait. Until Dawn is my main reason for buying a PS4, like Heavy Rain was my main reason for buying a PS3. I'm so excited.

I don't believe the release date though. June 24 is a Wednesday; video games are usually always released on Tuesdays in America and Fridays in Europe, except in special, worldwide releases, like Skyrim, which was released on a Friday for everyone simultaneously.

If anything, it'll be released on the da... #9
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Indeed. I'm not too much of a simulator fan. I enjoy the Horizon series, but I still find myself playing Need for Speed Underground on a weekly basis. #1.1
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What a steal! I'd consider it if I wasn't already hellbent on my Batman Arkham Knight PS4. #14
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I'm not buying season passes anymore. I can live without the "extra" content. #7
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Why am I not surprised? I certainly wouldn't call it vaporware but it was really hyped and then we didn't hear a damn thing since...until now, unfortunately. #46
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It was a spoiler from Tomb Raider 2013, so if you've finished it, it's safe to read. #1.2
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I wasn't aware there wasn't a campaign. Thanks for sharing that fact. Now I'm really going to have to consider the game before purchase; I can't stand multiplayer only games and I most likely will not be making an exception for anything, including the long awaited Battlefront. What a damn shame. #3.1
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Shadow of Mordor and Titanfall shouldn't be on the list, in my opinion, because Titanfall just uses a couple of parkour-inspired movements and Shadow of Mordor's "parkour" is rather limited. #5
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Seven discs is absolutely nuts, but I love that they designed them with different characters. The discs themselves can serve as collector items, I think. #1.2
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When looking at a different comparison earlier this week, I couldn't tell the difference at all. Now, I see some differences, primarily texture improvement.

Some people were trying to claim the view distance isn't blurry, despite the fact that it's a feature than can be turned on/off in the PS4, Xbox One and PC version. Kind of hilarious and embarassing for them, to try and say the PC version is better for another reason that is pure ignorance, LOL.
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As long as Battlefront is accessible on both PS4 and Xbox One, I couldn't care less who out-does whom. #2
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I wasn't aware homosexuality is still a big deal. There's more than one gay video game character long before Mortal Kombat X, so I'm not sure why it's such a shock to some people. #53
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