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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


I'll take one bubble for every day I've logged in, LOL.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we will truly miss you, Cat. It was an absolute pleasure and I will totally treasure this month. #54
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Great review! I'm looking forward to picking up my copy. #1
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...and? Dead or Alive is all about the sex appeal the point where I'm surprised they didn't aim for an AO rating and have topless outfits by default. #16
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Of course, they're going to release a "better" version after almost everyone who wants a Xbox One, has one. Ridiculous. I won't be shelling out another x-hundred dollars for this. #30
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Did he really just state the obvious? Well, no shit; buy a PS4 if you want to play PS4 exclusive games. Same goes for the Wii U and Xbox One. What's your point? #58
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I was finally able to download it around 2am and it only took about half an hour for me. I keep my Xbox One hardwired to my router, which probably helps with the Xbox's crappy download speeds via WiFi. #11.1
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It's past midnight and still unavailable. It shows up on the Xbox Games as 'New Releases' but still nothing. I contacted Xbox and they're claiming it's a download issue they've been working on all day. that explains how the people with early access were able to download it just fine.

"Try again in 8 hours," he said.

To hell with your 8 hours. What kind of download issue takes an entire day, before launch, to resolv... #10
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I don't believe so, but a lot of people are on the fence about that. No confirmations, yet. #9.1
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Probably spent more time enjoying it than implementing it into the game, haha! #1.1
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That's what I figured, but I wasn't sure why the video showed two. #1.1.1
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Agreed. Given Harley Quinn's history (ignoring the animated series where she's in love with Batman in a few episodes) and the events of Harley Quinn's Revenge, I highly doubt that she'll have turned over a new leaf. I mean, it's likely; maybe she got bored of being on the losing team, but the CGI announcement trailer showed her working with Two-Face and the other villains, attacking the GCPD, which makes that rather unlikely.

From the article, "For th... #1.1
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I do adore the idea of playing Grand Theft Auto V in first person with the Oculus Rift, but not with two different screens (one per eye.) That's ridiculously annoying. #1
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Great job having the title of the article contain a spoiler. #1
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It might also be the popular opinion that Hardline feels more like a BF4 expansion than anything else. I played the open beta and I was not impressed whatsoever. I cancelled my preorder and put it toward the Crimewave Edition of Payday 2 coming in...what, June, I think? Alongside Arkham Knight or a week or two subsequent. #9
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I can agree with that somewhat, but I'm sure there are gamers who prefer Battlefield over Grand Theft Auto and still might want a cops and robbers theme.

Even though Payday 2 is coming to Xbox One and PS4 shortly with all of the previously released DLC...but that seems to be a little-known fact since most people I mentioned it to had no idea. #1.1
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I got RPG as well and quite pleased with this result.

"RPGs are the epitome of storytelling in gaming. Dedicating pretty much all of their substance to their narrative, they're all about taking players to far off planets, distant fantasy lands, or perhaps a bizarre place hidden in our very own world. Either way, you love story, and no matter whether you like them for their complex and strategic gameplay, or their unique Japanese or Western aesthetics, RPGs are right... #9
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Indeed. I've seen many submissions covering the same content get approved and not reported as a duplicate until hours later, from more well-known members of the community. Nine out of ten times when I come across an approved submission that shouldn't have been, the approvals usually came from members I haven't seen before and some members whom seem to have a habit of just going on approval frenzies, apparently paying no mind to the content at all.

There was once a... #1.1
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Preorder cancelled.

Totally kidding. I'm sure the delay is for the best of purposes and I can't wait to see the finished product next year. I'm sure it'll be the best Uncharted yet. Gameplay looks great so far! #94
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"How to set up your first heist."

Thanks, as if the game doesn't already walk you through that. #3
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If you have nothing worthwhile to contribute, I recommend keeping your pointless comments to yourself. #1.1
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