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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


It's not on GameStop either. I can only currently see it on Amazon US (as sold out) and Best Buy US (currently available.)

Can't manage to get any kind of confirmation on whether or not GameStop is actually going to sell the Pip Boy Edition. #9.1
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I almost had a stroke when I watched it. Absolutely outstanding. I absolutely love Lara's new and improved appearance, both her face and her hair; much better than the last game. #9
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Agreed. The visuals are kind of...appalling. #1.4
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That's absolutely, ridiculously pointless. So I can sit in a room with the Oculus Rift and see a TV in a room playing Forza. That is so stupid; why anyone thought that was a better idea than a cockpit view is beyond me. #65
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Nice blog, indeed. I'm a huge Rory McIlroy fan, so I have some pretty high hopes for this game. #1
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Hmm, while his views are completely on-point, he got the fact wrong about GameStop preorders: when you put money down on a preorder, yes it does come off the total cost of the game and yes GameStop requires a minimum of $5 or $20, depending on the item. But if you cancel a preorder, the money doesn't stay on your GameStop account, it can be refunded if you want it to.

Numerous times I've preordered something and changed my mind, cancelled the preorder and put the $5 b... #21.2.1
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While the violence in Hatred isn't that far from the violence in GTA (as a whole, not just GTA V), the sole difference is that violent, hateful and disturbing executions are not encouraged or insisted in GTA.

Hatred's main concept is the merciless killing of innocent people as they beg and plead for their lives. Committing such acts in GTA is entirely optional, while in Hatred, that's what the entire game revolves around. In my opinion, I think Hatred's violen... #1.1.2
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I think it's a nice deal for those who've been holding off on getting an Xbox One. Of course, some people are upset because they just bought one and now they announce a better version for the same price. That's why it usually pays to hold out for as long as possible, but hey, it happens. #22
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Yeah, I know what you mean. When I played through the campaign, my interest and curiosity toward how the story ended is what motivated me to keep playing. There were a handful of nonsensical implements, the whole warrant thing subsequent the narrative's turning point being one of them, yes.

The online multiplayer has gone stale, much like that of Call of Duty. I remember first experiencing the online multiplayer with Modern Warfare (the first one) and liked it. Seven year... #1.1
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It was very well-written, but I think my not having played The Pre-Sequel yet blinded me to the message being conveyed. Now that you've highlighted your intention, the overall context makes more sense to me now.

Thank you for the clarification, and keep up the good work! #1.1.1
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It's to be expected with MMOs, but this is the result of poor planning and lack of stress tests. #1
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I read this on the other day and wondered the same thing: is this a review or summary? I'm not entirely sure what the intention was here. #1
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Last I checked, preordering is never a final sale unless it's done digitally and the game launches, or done online and the game ships to your house. Any preorders from GameStop or any other in-person retailer, in my experience anyway, is not final unless you pay for the game and open it.

So why do these articles about preordering consistently imply that preorders in general are permanent? Even if they were, who cares? If people want to preorder to get every little bonus t... #21
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No, some people just find solace in telling others how to live their lives. #20.1
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"The official Mirror's Edge account on Twitter confirms Catalyst as the name of the next episode of the series." it doesn't.

There was absolutely nothing about that vague tweet that confirmed anything related to Mirror's Edge. It was an image of the term 'catalyst' and the definition. That doesn't confirm a damn thing. It hints at something related to Mirror's Edge, obviously, but that could simply be referring to... #3
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Kotaku and Polygon are at the top of my avoid list. I can't fathom for the life of me how anyone takes either website seriously. #5.1
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Like the female news anchors on Fox News, arguing about Mass Effect's sex scenes, when they hadn't even played the game?

Unforgettable gem, that one. #1.1
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Wonderful news. It's a shame it doesn't come with Golden Abyss, Among Thieves online multiplayer, Drake's Deception online multiplayer or online co-op, though. Either way, I'm looking forward to picking it up. #51
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Took the words right out of my mouth. #2.2
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I think it's foolish for people to stage any kind of disappointment over an announcement trailer. The disappointment stems primarily from the game's graphics, which can be improved by the time the game launches...God knows when. #2.1
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