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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


I honestly don't even think that Rockstar should penalize players by removing the GTA$ that they were gifted through the hacked bounties. It's difficult enough as it is to earn the exorbitant amounts of money needed to purchase items in GTA Online to make the experience worthwhile. While microtransactions are available, allowing you to purchase in-game money, it's just foolish. Gamers shouldn't have to use their own real money to purchase digital funds when they've already... #10
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I might just haven't enough experience with Capcom's methodologies, but judging on the research I did following my reading of this blog, my first thought was: "Well, perhaps Capcom is moving forward with new developments." Looking back on the latest MVC release, it was an arcade game released in 2012.

With the newly released Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Capcom had Dead Rising 3 as a launch title and I'm sure they've many more next-gen games in mind wi... #1
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With all due respect, this review is as lacking as you imply the game in question to be and if I may be so bold to say, judging on your comments, you haven't played the game yourself.

Your introductory paragraphs serve no indication as to what your point is; you vaguely reference previous QD games, but in no context or reflection to the standpoint you're making. In short, the opening paragraphs were rather pointless. The remaining three paragraphs of your review vague... #2
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Good, now that means I get an extra $130 in my pocket tomorrow when I cancel my preorder. Good for Ubisoft for having the gumption to delay instead of releasing an unfinished product. I'll be sure to preorder again closer to launch and I can be $130 richer at the moment. Everybody wins! #114
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I found that playing with a smartphone or tablet was just as much the same as the controller. It all depends on the responsiveness of one's phone or tablet though; high end devices like the iPhone, Galaxy, Acer or iPad will be easy to play with. But with devices without as decent responsiveness on the screen, players might have a bit more difficulty. #2.1
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WARNING: SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't played the game. Please ignore or read at your own discretion.

That's actually a good point there, regarding Jodie's love interests. I never thought about how she and Ryan ended up getting so close, especially after he basically forced her into the CIA. With Jay on the ranch for instance, I sensed a lot of intimate tension, but nothing was ever developed until the end of the chapter when you have the choice to let Jodie kiss... #1.1.1
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What a worthless article. #11
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Well written review. My only counter-argument would be your comment on the confusing story structure; it was confusing just because the narrative didn't proceed chronologically? I can name several movies that had similar progression. It worked in Beyond's fashion as we're given experiences in different parts of Jodie's life before everything comes together harmoniously.

Regarding the choices not directly affecting the ending; none of the choices you'd make... #1
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What a rubbish "comparison." There is no proper evidence here while the lighting is vastly different. #21
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In essence. It's there, you just have to pay attention. It doesn't come right out and tell you what they were looking to imply; the theme is there and the actions and situations presented with dialogue is up for your determination.

Not going to lie, it's chilling. #3.1.1
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I don't expect people to think highly of my reviews; I expect people to read them and take my opinions at face value and experience the video game for themselves. The change of score was not completely based on the online component, but based on my 100% completion of the game with the multiplayer feature obviously inspiring the overall score. It was bound to change because the initial review was for the main game itself, as GTAO was not yet available.

As for my reviews be... #11.1
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I didn't even notice I put an 8.5, I intended to change it to 9.5. After I had more experience with the game and finished everything completely, as well as having a taste of GTAO, the overall score did change indeed. #10.1
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Actually, I thought the combat gameplay was dramatically improved over Grand Theft Auto IV; aiming is less of a hassle and the reticle is a lot more free and responsive. Weapons all have a fair amount of accuracy, recoil and different feels to them.

Driving was an improvement; vehicles no longer manoeuvre like boats, but trucks still have a considerable mass.

As for the stereotypes, that was the point. Grand Theft Auto V is all about stereotypes; the lifestyl... #7.1.2
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Game of the Year contender for sure. No questions asked. I'm not sure which I enjoyed more: GTA V or The Last of Us. #3.1
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Hmm. Good question, my friend. I would have to say yes, Grand Theft Auto V is the best in the series so far. Sure, there were aspects about the other games that I've preferred, but GTA V is definitely the best.

Think of it like this: we all know that San Andreas back on the PS2 was the most epic GTA of them all. Grand Theft Auto V is basically San Andreas x100 with brilliant graphics. #1.1
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The problem isn't that Rockstar included uncensored sex. The problem is underage children being allowed access to the game. It's rated M/17+ for a reason. #42
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Thanks, WitWolfy.

Like I said, I didn't intentionally use the date of the leak in the title to reflect the terrorist attack. That's disrespectful and distasteful.

I feel bad for the user, socks, since he or she must be horribly bored to patronise me for a slice of irony.

Socks, if I might recommend getting a day job? It might help ease the anxiety of being home, harassing people all the time. #3.2.1
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Wow. That is deliciously impressive and it really looks like Rockstar Games has pulled every string of power inside the Xbox 360 and PS3 to properly utilise their abilities. Simply wonderful! #11
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I didn't write the title to reflect the terrorist attack twelve years ago; I would have used the same title if the date was 9/10 or 9/12. It's called irony, friend. #3.1
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I think you've misunderstood. I'm completely aware that you're able to complete missions whilst mastering the Ghost playstyle overall; I listed 'Forcing the Assault playstyle' as a downside because I wasn't a fan of being forced into Assault methodologies for the sake of the story, yet still being rated as not being seen, non-lethal, etc. #2.1
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