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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


So...because an Activision support technician does not know why the developers of Modern Warfare 3 allowed an extended magazine on a machine gun where in real-life, it is impossible...and that somehow outlines that Activision doesn't care.

Excuse me while I set myself on fire and leap out of a window. #3
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I see you didn't read my comment entirely. #2.1.1
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It has nothing to do with any admittance that I'm correct, it's the fact that your review contains misinformation. In addition to the issue with the graphics, Victoria is NOT Diana's daughter, and if you'd even played the game, you would know that. With the instances of simply wrong information, mixed with the lack of description or detail in your review, I'm going to have to assume that you did not play the game and pieced this review together from information you've... #2
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Um, anyone with eyes can see that the visuals were the same; the only difference is that the cutscenes were pre-recorded, so the mouth movements were of course more on-point that during actual gameplay.

As for the source for that, aside from the blatantly obvious personal experience, you could simply Google it and get the Square Enix Q&A press release. Otherwise, if you aren't feeling proactive, I'll track it down for you and send it via PM.

Just... #1.1.1
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"I found that the graphics during cinematics were quite poor, but the graphics during gameplay were much better and were outstanding."

That's funny, considering that the graphics within the cutscenes and gameplay were the same. There were only a couple of pre-rendered scenes; the rest were compiled using gameplay visuals. #1
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That would explain why Grand Theft Auto 5 is not going to next-gen consoles. Completely understandable. Good of them for wanting to put out something original to start off the next generation. Kudos to Rockstar! #45
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I could get into a plethora of reasons as to why a larger percentage of those who've played it don't like it, but I'll save that for the user review I've been postponing. In short, it felt rushed, the story wasn't original or in the least bit appealing, the gameplay was bland and the multiplayer was absolute rubbish. You need to exert significant effort when you're going against something as popular and set-in-stone as Call of Duty in the same genre. Warfighter was con... #2
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Food for thought for sure. A dash of skepticism and a pinch of paranoia, but definitely substantially valid thoughts. Well written and well orchestrated opinion as always! #1
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I've been wondering this too. #5.1
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It's completely obvious that Naughty Dog ripped off Ellen Page's likeness, especially when you look at older videos and pictures of Ellie. Need I mention the similarity in names as well? However, if Ellen was going to file a lawsuit, she would have done it by now. Unless she's still considering it. #53
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An 8.5 is a good score, but nonsensical when compared to other scores and given your nitpicky reasons for giving TLoU an 8.5. You're going to criticise its story as a whole because of a technicality error in a scene involving a manual transmission truck? What evidence do you have that indicates it was Ellie's first time driving? Considering the fact that she knows how to do it indicates she's done it before, hence her ability to pull it off. Your reasonings are utterly absurd.
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PS+ is significantly more worth the money than Xbox Live, but it's still hypocrisy at its finest. #39
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I don't know where you're doing your research, but E3 and various sources confirmed otherwise, contradicting your statements. For the last time, Microsoft is not forcing used game fees; they are giving publishers the option, just like Sony is doing.

As for trading in or selling your games, what's the problem? As I said, a majority of people use GameStop and GameStop will be number one on that list of approved retailers. You feel companies like GameStop shouldn'... #1.2.1
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I never said anything positive (nor negative for that matter) about Microsoft, so your implication that I'm pretending they did no foul is premature.

Microsoft has certainly shot themselves in the proverbial foot many times in the past weeks, sure, but in response to your argument: Microsoft may or may not be "dictating" where you can go and sell your games. GameStop is definitely on that list which is where a majority of people sell their games and I would be s... #1.1.1
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Pardon me, but I'm a little confused. You're praising Sony for giving gamers choices and for listening to our pleas and then you start to criticise Microsoft for things that are no longer relevant.

While Sony is certainly offering a better service, Microsoft did announce that there is no fee of any kind to play or trade/sell used games. Sony announced that they're following in Microsoft's footsteps and allowing developers and publishers to charge a fee if they... #1
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You claim to disagree with the review, but your reply indicates you actually did not read it or skimmed through it. I compared it to Sniper Elite V2 solely in reference to visualising the bullet impact in targets - I didn't say it was better or worse than SEV2.

Furthermore, I don't understand the nature of the game? It's a military-themed sniper game. Exactly what is there to not understand? In addition, I actually praised the game for the mechanics of the sniping... #1.1
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What's there to defend, Microsoft? There's no need for any fees to be charged, whatsoever. #108
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It does stink, completely. PS+ is worth it though, because look at everything you get with it. Xbox Live, you don't get any free games and those "rewards" points are held hostage until you accumulate a certain amount.

I think Sony should have just kept everything as is - those who wanted PS+ could have it and those who don't (for whatever reason) can just have the free service and miss out on the PS+ benefits lmao #1.1.1
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I'm not surprised, honestly. Nothing stays free for long. I think you're right though - Sony is definitely trying to divide and conquer and get people to choose one over the other. It's also rubbing me the wrong way, given the fact that the PS3 offered a free service as well; it's depressing to see that a paid subscription is now mandatory.

While it's still cheap for both of them, it's basically another bill to add to the list and you figure the averag... #1
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Indeed, they stated it was a 500GB hard drive at their first unveiling. Someone wasn't paying attention. *whistles* #1.1
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