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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


I don't know why someone found it necessary to write an article about this and act like EA is the first and only developer to do this in mobile games. With basically any mobile game that requires "energy" to play, you have to either wait for your energy to refill or purchase energy with real currency. It's nothing new and as much as I hate EA, it's not fair to call them out on it individually when basically every mobile game has those microtransactions. #87
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First of all, Ride to Retribution's mention has to be a joke. Not only was the game horrible, but the "sex" scene was embarrassing and awkward.

Secondly, with the mention of Dragon Age Inquisition, it was possible to play a gay character way back in 2007 with the original Mass Effect game and in 2009 with Dragon Age Origins, both from the same developer. Additionally, they got Dorian's bloody name wrong.

Christ alive. #30
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Well, it would be $48, not $38, since it's 20% off new software. The Gamer's Club is great if you do business at Best Buy and only Best Buy, to make the annual fee actually worth it. #1.2.1
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Well, not everyone wants to buy digital and it's usually for the same reason: you can't trade in or sell a digital game. I always buy physical copies of games primarily to have the game box on my shelf with the rest of my games, but secondary to that in the event that I ever decide to trade-in or sell the game.

Additionally, I'm not entirely sure what your opinion on digital sales has to do with the subject of the blog post. I mean, the point I was trying to make... #1.1
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Damn, as soon as I saw this, I almost fell out of my chair. Shame it's not coming to Xbox One or PS4. Ah well. Now I think I'll turn on my Xbox 360 and play the digital copy of Indigo Prophecy I have on there. #7
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So...because one of them was naked, it's automatically attempted rape? Are you kidding? Most of the Altruist cult members are naked. There was an alleged "expose" about the same scene and it was clarified that it was an attempted KIDNAPPING, not a rape.

Jesus Christ. #54
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What really grinds my gears is that the digital version is still going to be available at the original launch date for EU and people are still whining that they don't want to wait for a physical copy. Either nut up and shut up, since you're getting free content, or buy the digital copy. #11
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I don't know why anyone would get it from Steam for USD$85 when it's available right from Rockstar Games, both physical and digital, for $59.99. Not to mention the fact that some games are easier to mod when it's the retail copy, opposed to the Steam copy. #1
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Dying Light isn't delayed. With 11 days until launch, the game's already gone gold at this point. Plus, if it were to be delayed, we would have received OFFICIAL word about it. #11
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Congratulations, IXA! What a wonderful design! & congratulations to the other winners as well! #8
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Well written piece, DragonKnight. I feel the need to point out that there is a difference between Feminists and Feminazis, the latter being more prevalent than the former. Feminism, as you said, is the simple concept of the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of equality between sexes; there are some places where feminism does not belong and video games is among those places.

When developers are making a game, they're not thinking about feminism or racism or sexis... #1
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Cool bananas! Congratulations, everyone! #5
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1. Best New Studio

2. Best New IP
Sunset Overdrive

3. Best New Video Game Character
Pagan Min

4. Most Interesting Gameplay Innovation
Nemesis System in Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor

5. Gaming News Story of the Year
GamerGate - Corruption in Gaming Journalism

6. Most Replayable Game
Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor

7. Best Single Play... #14
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I'm glad we're on the same page here, especially with such a potential milestone in the horror genre. I have nothing but high expectations for Until Dawn, but I have to admit, I have been having some dark thoughts lately about its potential.

I'm concerned that while the gameplay looks absolutely phenomenal on just that one [attached] video alone, I have some illusions that the overall experience may not be up to par. Heavy Rain, for example, while was a great conc... #1.1
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The term "PC" generally refers to Windows running machines, obviously not including Linux. Microsoft owns Windows. Practically every computer (that's not a Mac) on the shelves of stores are running Windows and nothing else. Microsoft pretty much dominates that market.

I didn't need your confession about your preference; your blog here is basically dripping with disdain and Sony worship. Don't mistake my opinion for criticism though; sometimes I prefer my... #2.1.1
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I really don't understand the point of this blog. If you're trying to bring attention to the fact that the Xbox One doesn't have much of an EXCLUSIVE lineup this year, you can do that without instigating yet another console war.

To sit there and point fingers just because the Xbox One has little to no exclusives is rather annoying and pointless. You're acting like the Xbox One has nothing at all, not just exclusives. Newsflash: sometimes, no exclusives are a g... #2
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That was a man? What the hell was he wearing? #7
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Glad you enjoyed it. One thing I should point out though is that I never said the repetition of songs detracts from the overall experience. It certainly doesn't, especially if it's an artist I enjoy like Kenny Loggins or Lorde. :) #1.1
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I can't sign into Xbox Live at all. It was ironic because I had just turned my Xbox One off to plug in an external hard drive my boyfriend got me for Christmas and when I turned the Xbox back on, Live was disabled. Had me thinking it was the external hard drive's fault somehow, lmao. No big deal; I have plenty of other things to do until Microsoft gets their stuff in order. #87
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Christ give me patience. #10
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