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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


The problem isn't that Rockstar included uncensored sex. The problem is underage children being allowed access to the game. It's rated M/17+ for a reason. #42
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Thanks, WitWolfy.

Like I said, I didn't intentionally use the date of the leak in the title to reflect the terrorist attack. That's disrespectful and distasteful.

I feel bad for the user, socks, since he or she must be horribly bored to patronise me for a slice of irony.

Socks, if I might recommend getting a day job? It might help ease the anxiety of being home, harassing people all the time. #3.2.1
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Wow. That is deliciously impressive and it really looks like Rockstar Games has pulled every string of power inside the Xbox 360 and PS3 to properly utilise their abilities. Simply wonderful! #11
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I didn't write the title to reflect the terrorist attack twelve years ago; I would have used the same title if the date was 9/10 or 9/12. It's called irony, friend. #3.1
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I think you've misunderstood. I'm completely aware that you're able to complete missions whilst mastering the Ghost playstyle overall; I listed 'Forcing the Assault playstyle' as a downside because I wasn't a fan of being forced into Assault methodologies for the sake of the story, yet still being rated as not being seen, non-lethal, etc. #2.1
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I'm not too sure; I haven't been able to remain undetected when Paladin falls under attack in the hangar. Leaving the plane and taking cover always results in being spotted. #1.1.2
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I'm struggling to understand the point that this blog was trying to make. I mean, raise a hand if you can name an instalment in a series that was completely "new" and "original." Especially when it comes to Call of Duty or any other critically successful franchise; when you have a formula that works, the company is never going to deviate from that formula. They're only going to add onto it, remove what was not popular or liked and continue forward.

... #5
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There's no "right" or "wrong" way to do open world games. There's plenty of open-world games that don't revolve around "senseless" killing. You need to get out more and do your research.

Elder Scrolls
Harvest Moon
Legend of Zelda
Dragon Age
Need for Speed (MW, HP, Carbon)

To name a few. #1.3
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Yes, I'm aware of that. The question is, how much better? Significantly or a mere 1% better? #7.5.1
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Perhaps I'm mistaken, but didn't Rockstar already announce that GTA V was not going to next-gen consoles? I know they haven't confirmed or denied a PC release, but I'm pretty sure they denied a next-gen release.

It would make sense too, since they're working on an original, open-world IP for the Xbox One and PS4. #1.13
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Have you considered that perhaps not everyone is upgrading to the Xbox One or PS4 on day one? Some people still want to experience Watch Dogs and not have to pay $400/$500 to do it, and they shouldn't be penalised with horrid visuals because of this. #7.2.1
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A much better trailer, but I still want to know:

• Was the Honoured trailer gameplay, and if so, what console?
• Was the Aisha Tyler trailer gameplay, and if so, what console?

I'm not going to buy the game if the Xbox 360/PS3 versions look like the Aisha Tyler trailer. I have the CE preordered for Xbox 360 and if it looks like the AT trailer, I'll cancel it and wait until I have the Xbox One or PS4 before I buy the game. #7
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"Yes that is how the game is going to look on current gen."

Have you any official proof of that, then? Otherwise, it's all speculation. The fact of the matter is, games on Xbox 360 and PS3 have looked colossally better than in that video, so there is no justification for the poor visuals, should that actually be current-generation footage. #1.1
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I don't even know why Ubisoft would release such trash for a trailer. It was completely pointless and all it did was cause a controversial uproar. I pray to God that it was Wii U gameplay, because previous Ubisoft games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 looked MUCH better than this rubbish.

I have the collector's edition preordered and I won't even play the game when I get it. I'll have GTA 5 to hold me over until some gameplay footage on Xbox 360 is released and you ca... #37
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What was the point of that trailer anyway? All the hype surrounding Aisha Tyler's presence only to have her struck by a garbage truck in the stupidest way, when she clearly reacted too early and had time to get out of the way. #20
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$721.75? Um, last I checked, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be $499.99, and with the South African exchange rate, that would come to R4892, which the author mentions: "Truth be told, I was honestly expecting the console to come in at around R5000." So clearly, the R7100 is an incorrect and unnecessary placeholder, as the actual price has already been announced. #29
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So...because an Activision support technician does not know why the developers of Modern Warfare 3 allowed an extended magazine on a machine gun where in real-life, it is impossible...and that somehow outlines that Activision doesn't care.

Excuse me while I set myself on fire and leap out of a window. #3
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I see you didn't read my comment entirely. #2.1.1
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It has nothing to do with any admittance that I'm correct, it's the fact that your review contains misinformation. In addition to the issue with the graphics, Victoria is NOT Diana's daughter, and if you'd even played the game, you would know that. With the instances of simply wrong information, mixed with the lack of description or detail in your review, I'm going to have to assume that you did not play the game and pieced this review together from information you've... #2
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Um, anyone with eyes can see that the visuals were the same; the only difference is that the cutscenes were pre-recorded, so the mouth movements were of course more on-point that during actual gameplay.

As for the source for that, aside from the blatantly obvious personal experience, you could simply Google it and get the Square Enix Q&A press release. Otherwise, if you aren't feeling proactive, I'll track it down for you and send it via PM.

Just... #1.1.1
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