Oh hun, such a drama queen.


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This is excellent news!

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The PS4 version has a chronological option.

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I'm so excited for this game, I can't even put it into intelligent terminology.

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Jesus, give me strength.

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I'm relatively new to PC gaming and I disagree with this article completely. It's actually a lot easier than I originally thought: my original thought was that understanding the mechanics behind PC gaming was impossible. Clearly, I was wrong.

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I don't, personally. With a copy on PC with a great graphics overhaul mod, I don't need this re-release.

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Crystal Dynamics confirmed it on PS4 ages ago. Why is this coming up now?

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Man, I still play DJ:FFNY on the PS2. Pure classic gem, that is.

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Praise Christ. I love The Warriors, both the film and the game.

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I used to hate on it on a regular basis, but now I do so silently, because no one likes their parade getting rained on, of course. Personally, I haven't played Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2 and I will not spend one red cent on any Call of Duty title going forward; I have no interest in the franchise nor do I have any interest in supporting Activision's addiction to milking a dead cow. If you enjoy Call of Duty, good for you. I have no interest in it, so I stay far away from it a...

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Elena was completely justified. End of story.

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Downloading the demo as I type this. It has mixed reviews, claiming that in its current state, it's very buggy and nearly unplayable. Not sure I want to spend $10 on that at the moment, even at 25% off. I'll probably wait until its further developed in Early Access.

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I went from IGN's 4 or 5.something/10 score to this "perfect" score. What is going on? I'll wait for it to hit RedBox and rent it for $2. I don't trust the reception for this game right now.

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Lmao seriously.

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Because of the microtransactions of GTA Online. How many times must it be discussed? We probably won't ever see single-player DLC.

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I honestly thought Connor was Norman Jayden for a second.

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That's about what I expected from Quantic Dream. Just as well, I'm sure the replay value will be immense, like it was with Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

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Damn, another game I've been excited for has been cancelled. This sucks.

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Hilarious article and very correct. Loved the James Bond reference. I feel like the author and I would get along well; I'm the same way when it comes to pointing out things done wrong in games and movies.

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Well-written article and 100% spot-on.

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