Oh hun, such a drama queen.


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Sleeping Dogs was like Watch Dogs for me: loads of people hated it and felt like it was watered down, but I really loved it. Though, I'm not blind to the vast improvements Sleeping Dogs needs. It felt very lacking in a way in terms of story, especially with the route of the girlfriends for Wei who apparently disappear completely after their final mission.

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I always loved Saints Row since day one, but I started to lose interest when the game started leaning further away from the realm of realism and gang-based warfare and went in the direction of outlandish. I feel like Saints Row should have been one or the other from the start. The whole "over the top" thing was nice, but not for Saints Row, in my opinion. I've been hoping for a reboot that's more in the style of SR1 or SR2 with modern, non-cartoony graphics.

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Initially, we were told that finding another player in the massive game world was "almost impossible," which implied that it was possible to some extent, especially if you and a friend plan to meet at a specific location. Now, it's clearly backpeddaling on that, confirming that you will never find another player at all, as the game does not support it. Why not just say that from the beginning?

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What kind of content should I avoid submitting?

How do I change my username?

When it comes to submitting content about a specific game, what kind of tags should I add? (A lot of people choose the game's tag with whatever platform it pertains to, and then add separate tags for each platform, when they don't need to.)

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I couldn't agree more, R00bot. I don't want to say I felt cheated by the single ending with variations, but I would have appreciated multiple endings based on choices.

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Can't blame you there. It sucks when review copies are delayed--people have a hard time making investments in games these days as it is, never mind without the assistance that reviews can provide someone before a game's launch date.

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I thought the Butterfly Effect in Until Dawn was incredibly well done. Of course, it could have used improvements, but it was definitely the best choice-and-consequence system I've seen so far.

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It's already sold out again as of 10:30pm EST. I'm glad I pre-ordered it when I did!

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Just because they can, I guess. I've gotten a few games early already due to a local store doing early sales. They don't charge extra, either. In fact, their new games are priced at $50 instead of $60.

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Oblivion is a game I've played for countless hours and would happily play countless hours more with an HD remaster. I've clocked in with more playtime in Oblivion than I ever will with Skyrim.

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Right? I always found that odd. Something always told me they keep a supply in reserve and wait until close to launch to magically have more inventory.

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Too bad GameStop is still out of stock--I'd rather pick it up myself than have it shipped to me. I'm still thinking about snagging the limited edition while it's available, but I'm not too sure yet. We'll see. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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Wait, I'm sorry. Did I read that correctly, where it says he spent $2,000 for the leaked copy? Jesus Christ.

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This is the exact same trailer for the Xbox One reveal.

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I'd say the Nintendo 64, primarily because it served as the foundation for many fond, childhood memories, my James Bond obsession and bonding (no pun intended) with my family.

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That's true. I mean, you could go as far as calling it a "Microsoft exclusive," if you really wanted to, but FH3 is no more an Xbox exclusive than No Man's Sky is a PS4 exclusive.

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No Man's Sky isn't a PS4 exclusive, though.

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This is excellent news!

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The PS4 version has a chronological option.

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I'm so excited for this game, I can't even put it into intelligent terminology.

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