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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


Seven discs is absolutely nuts, but I love that they designed them with different characters. The discs themselves can serve as collector items, I think. #1.2
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When looking at a different comparison earlier this week, I couldn't tell the difference at all. Now, I see some differences, primarily texture improvement.

Some people were trying to claim the view distance isn't blurry, despite the fact that it's a feature than can be turned on/off in the PS4, Xbox One and PC version. Kind of hilarious and embarassing for them, to try and say the PC version is better for another reason that is pure ignorance, LOL.
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As long as Battlefront is accessible on both PS4 and Xbox One, I couldn't care less who out-does whom. #2
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I wasn't aware homosexuality is still a big deal. There's more than one gay video game character long before Mortal Kombat X, so I'm not sure why it's such a shock to some people. #53
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I like it enough to spend $25 on it. I've seen the Play Arts Kai version and I'm not a fan of the design, so I won't be spending $90 on that when I can get the one I really like for only $25. It's just going to be on display in the game lounge in the house, so it works for me. #1.1.1
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Raid Mode is pretty fantastic; it certainly exceeded my expectations. I have to agree, it could have been developed a bit better but it's rather good as it stands. No comparison to Remake HD though, I agree, absolutely no comparison.

I feel like Revelations 2 shows that Capcom is taking steps in the correct direction to get the RE series back on track. #1.1
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Hmm. I preordered the Harley Quinn statue from GameStop; I wonder why they haven't put them as available. Unless Amazon has them exclusively for a time period? #1
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Maybe it's just me, but I don't see much of a difference aside from slightly more detailed textures. The game looks great regardless, but I can't see that much of a difference. #2
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Well...that was the stupidest article I've ever read in my life. "Let's compare every action game in which blood and dirt collections on the characters to nonsensical JRPG characters." Just because you have a website doesn't make you a journalist. #22
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Not really. Just because they're cinematic doesn't make them movies. I feel like a lot more people would be able to experience either in film form, especially the Last of Us if done properly. Heavy Rain would be a game I'd love to see as a movie or even a TV show, but with multiple endings, it'd be a little hard to decide which ending to have. #1.2.1
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Thanks for the warning. I'll head straight to Rockstar's site for these. #1.1
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I don't count the Max Payne movie already in existence. Absolute rubbish, in my opinion, LOL. Especially Mila Kunis' poorly scripted role of Mona Sax.

I definitely agree with all of your choices though. I'm on the fence about Call of Duty as a film though. It would probably be good, but I've had enough COD to last two lifetimes. #2.1
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You failed to mention Heavy Rain, Max Payne and The Last of Us. #1
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I'll take one bubble for every day I've logged in, LOL.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we will truly miss you, Cat. It was an absolute pleasure and I will totally treasure this month. #54
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Great review! I'm looking forward to picking up my copy. #1
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...and? Dead or Alive is all about the sex appeal the point where I'm surprised they didn't aim for an AO rating and have topless outfits by default. #16
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Of course, they're going to release a "better" version after almost everyone who wants a Xbox One, has one. Ridiculous. I won't be shelling out another x-hundred dollars for this. #30
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Did he really just state the obvious? Well, no shit; buy a PS4 if you want to play PS4 exclusive games. Same goes for the Wii U and Xbox One. What's your point? #58
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I was finally able to download it around 2am and it only took about half an hour for me. I keep my Xbox One hardwired to my router, which probably helps with the Xbox's crappy download speeds via WiFi. #11.1
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It's past midnight and still unavailable. It shows up on the Xbox Games as 'New Releases' but still nothing. I contacted Xbox and they're claiming it's a download issue they've been working on all day. that explains how the people with early access were able to download it just fine.

"Try again in 8 hours," he said.

To hell with your 8 hours. What kind of download issue takes an entire day, before launch, to resolv... #10
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