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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


While it's comforting to learn that they're listening to the gamers, I'm still up in arms about what made them decide to change something that didn't need to be in the first place.

Furthermore, I don't understand their animosity toward those applying modifiers to the PC version to alter the disguise system. They purchased the game, and PC mods have never been a problem before, so why remove the links and make it so they cannot be reposted? Maybe some peopl... #8
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Sounds like a load of crock to me. It just doesn't add up. If anything, it's concept art from the production of Absolution. #7
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I'm really appalled by the sheer ignorance in these comments. If anyone bothered to read the article, it clearly says Lara knows how to swim, there just won't be any swimming segments in this game. It's not a big deal and there's no need to get your knickers in a twist over it, claiming to not get the game because of it. Hey, your loss.

However, I can understand being up in arms about regenerative health. That has never appeared in a Tomb Raider game and for g... #10
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I experienced it last night. Completely wiped everything. Other than the achievements, there is no evidence that I completed the game. Great. #2
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Thank God. While I didn't have much of an issue with it, at least they're listening to the fans. Now all I can hope for is being able to choose which weapons to take with me during missions. #3
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That's not entirely true. Instinct is available from the start. You just earn upgrades for it as you progress. #1.2.1
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I am quite fond of the classic Tomb Raider themes, as well as some tunes from older James Bond games. #4
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Companies can put all the effort they want into something, but if they're going in the wrong direction, then tough. Scores aren't based on developer effort. If a game is bad, a game is bad, regardless of who worked on it and how hard.

I'm not saying Absolution was bad--far from it actually--but it's not as good as it could have been. #3.1
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Considering how it's still used by 95% of Xbox 360 owners, then no. Clearly, it's not dead. #55
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! #62
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While I'm thrilled to hear that, I have never experienced a game in my years that was a perfect 10/10. #21
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Just like I said in my review. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed and thought it was a bit ridiculous. #1
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In short, IO Interactive realized too late that they messed up certain elements from past games and don't want to accept responsibility, and instead blame it on the current generation consoles for "limiting the game." I call bullsh*t on that one. #1
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That had to be the most awful "walkthrough" I've ever witnessed. #1
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How exactly does mapping actions to specific buttons ruin a game? Last I checked, the X button hasn't been used as "Fire Weapon" since the early Playstation 2 days. God forbid you have to use the triggers, like a real weapon. #3.1
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Wonderfully spot on article. 007 Racing had an interesting concept but was executed poorly, as was 007 Legends. #2
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One review giving it a 5/10 amongst a dozen others giving it an 8/10 or higher is hardly reputable. #4
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This article is a complete fabrication.

*Spoiler Warning*

If anyone (I don't know why anyone would, but I was curious) watches the early walkthroughs of the entire game, the Saints only appear in one mission prior, in a cutscene. Following that, a few missions later, it's the mission shown in the trailer, and that's it. #9
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Not only Hitman, it seems as of late there isn't much advertisement for video games nowadays, unless it's Call of Duty. You'd be hard pressed to see a television commercial for a video game these days. It's mostly online such as YouTube and naturally, gaming websites. It's quite tragic. #1.1
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Twenty five to thirty hours is more than average, and if memory serves me (as they compared it to RDR), it took me about 35 to 40 hours to complete Red Dead Redemption since I spent most of it free roaming and completing secondary missions.

I'm quite pleased with this new information, but I can understand why others might not be. #33
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