Oh hun, such a drama queen.


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Piracy and hacking are against federal laws in my country and breaking those laws are not acceptable. There is no room for leniency or debate on that part. In my opinion, the bottom line is that the law is against it and that is the final word.

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I completely respect your viewpoints and I'm glad you're able to determine what you would better benefit from as a gamer, but speaking from a purely general stance, I think it's quite nonsensical for us gamers to make our decisions based on what we've been shown and told.

It wouldn't be the first time that a technological marvel's details were exaggerated to entice consumers and there's always the possibility of a last minute change that may make o...

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Excellent! I'm excited to hear the news!

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No one said it was current generation exclusive and since it's being released in September, it's not a stretch to imagine it being developed for the PS4 & Xbox Durango/720/Infinite.

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It seems as though you're the one who's preemptively counting unhatched chickens here; my statements were based on what we've been shown and the details that have been released. Quality is being determined based on what we have seen, not the overall game - obviously - as they have not been released.

Don't get ahead of yourself.

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I already have the game and all of the DLC but I'm definitely stopping by GameStop just to snag the game case.

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It's funny you say that about Grand Theft Auto, but not Call of Duty, which has been recycling the same material since Modern Warfare. Grand Theft Auto games always bring something new and innovative to the table and while Call of Duty games are fun, there's little to differentiate one from another. With Grand Theft Auto, however, there's more than enough substance to keep the series going.

What troubles me most is that you're basing these opinions on what, tw...

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Very well said, sir. I've been meaning to touch on this subject, but quite frankly, I couldn't have said it better myself. Excellent work!

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I don't believe the overall quality of games are declining - I think it's lack of focus on crucial aspects. You could have the most graphically advanced game of the generation, but that doesn't excuse a 5 hour campaign with little to zero replayability, with a $60 price tag.

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Frothing at the mouth? As opposed to what, the loins?

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Lord Jesus. This game looks horrifying. I can't wait.

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How can anyone possibly judge what console has won the next generation when the other contenders haven't dealt their cards yet? Completely illogical.

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I'm not surprised. Heavy Rain was a great game. Very original and very innovative. It was the reason I bought a PS3.

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Regardless of the score, this is a game that will make you soil yourself. I played through five to ten minutes before I leapt from my chair and ran out of the room. I haven't touched the damn game since. God bless those who can manage to complete it. Even with the audio muted, it is a force to be reckoned with.

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I would die for an Archer video game. Sweet Jesus, gimme gimme.

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No one won anything yet. It seems like people left and right are trying to stir the proverbial pot.

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Gee. Even in my honest user review for Infinite, I wasn't praising the game but it certainly was not horrendous.

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I completely disagree with this blog - I mean sure, I understand where the author is coming from but I am not a fan of Electronic Arts whatsoever, mainly because of the issues I have with The Sims and the beyond horrible customer and technical support I've received over the course of three years. I do not like them whatsoever and the only thing I can't deny is that some of their console games have made impressions on me and I still own a few of them. EA and Activision are at the top o...

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Congratulations to the winners. & thanks for the mention, Cat. :)

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I was waiting for a comment like this and while I am certainly sorry you feel that way, it was not my intention to be considered trendy or original - and with all due respect, everyone is original in their own way, regardless of their opinion - for writing a review highlighting an opinion perpendicular to the popular consensus. This is my honest opinion about the game (as as illustrated in the opening paragraph, the BioShock series as a whole) and it just happens to be an opinion that does no...

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