Oh hun, such a drama queen.


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46.14GB for those who don't want to click the link.

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I was just talking with someone on Reddit about this the other day. Lack of review copies usually mean one of two things: they want to keep the game a surprise for everyone, or they lack confidence in their game and don't want the early reviews to affect their sales. Joke's on them, because lack of pre-release reviews are going to make a lot of people wait before purchasing. I loved the last two Mafia games and Mafia 3 looks exactly like the kind of game I'm going to love, so I...

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Not really new. The game was announced a long time ago and I'm pretty sure it failed as a Kickstarter campaign, despite how awesome it looks.

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I honestly want to buy this just for the campaign.

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Doesn't really look all that appealing to me. I might pick it up in a bargain bin down the line for some pick-up-and-play fun, but it doesn't grab me enough to pre-order or pick it up at launch.

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Nothing new here. Amazon always offers 20% off preorders for Prime members...

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I am not surprised. The last two Horizon games were brilliant and if the demo for Horizon 3 is any indicator, this installment is miles ahead. I can't wait for Friday!

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It makes me wonder how much the game itself costs.

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I'm honestly not interested. I don't own a 4K television and I don't plan on buying one any time soon. Personally, I don't need the PS4 Pro at all.

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I don't blame people for wanting to have the game refunded, but I also do not blame Steam for cracking down on refunds for the game. It seems like ever since the whole "you can get a refund" announcement went on boost, everyone and their mother tried.

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Did anyone else notice Bella Goth from The Sims in the background of the Heavy Rain demaster?

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No, that's the weird part. They issued me a full refund and did not require me to return the merchandise whatsoever.

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...that's what I consider a disappointment.

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...and the remaining 8%?

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Shahid Kamal Ahmad can take his unwanted opinion and stuff it.

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Amazon gave me a full refund for the limited edition, as well.

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Sleeping Dogs was like Watch Dogs for me: loads of people hated it and felt like it was watered down, but I really loved it. Though, I'm not blind to the vast improvements Sleeping Dogs needs. It felt very lacking in a way in terms of story, especially with the route of the girlfriends for Wei who apparently disappear completely after their final mission.

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I always loved Saints Row since day one, but I started to lose interest when the game started leaning further away from the realm of realism and gang-based warfare and went in the direction of outlandish. I feel like Saints Row should have been one or the other from the start. The whole "over the top" thing was nice, but not for Saints Row, in my opinion. I've been hoping for a reboot that's more in the style of SR1 or SR2 with modern, non-cartoony graphics.

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Initially, we were told that finding another player in the massive game world was "almost impossible," which implied that it was possible to some extent, especially if you and a friend plan to meet at a specific location. Now, it's clearly backpeddaling on that, confirming that you will never find another player at all, as the game does not support it. Why not just say that from the beginning?

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What kind of content should I avoid submitting?

How do I change my username?

When it comes to submitting content about a specific game, what kind of tags should I add? (A lot of people choose the game's tag with whatever platform it pertains to, and then add separate tags for each platform, when they don't need to.)

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