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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


Awesome review, Cat & HonestDragon! I was looking forward to this one. I'll have to give this game a try while I'm still on my goat kick. #9
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Goats are going to be taking over soon enough. I'm going to make it a point to befriend every single one of them that way I might maintain standing in the great goat empire. #10
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I'm glad you guys enjoyed the interview! It was so much fun. Just as much fun as the game, actually. :D #52
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I'm glad you guys liked the article! So much positive energy about the game, I could cry, haha! Such an amazing game. I'm glad everyone either likes it or is interested in it! :) #48
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I'm glad you guys are so into Goat Simulator. It was such a fun experience to write about and I had so much fun with the interview! :) #53
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Yeah, I mean sometimes I would think that maybe it was for the sake of the narrative, but I really felt that it should have been thought out some more.

It was kind of like, the game was so linear to the point that it almost sets you up for a fail because even when you think you're making the right decision and fess up to them later when questioned, you still don't get the "good" ending unless you pretty much back-pedal and say everyth... #1.1
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I understand what you mean and yes, you're right, sometimes morally correct choices yield undesired results. However, in the review, I mentioned the [spoiler-free] bit of those outcomes underlining a "life is tough, deal with it" theme. Once you complete the story, you'll see what I mean. Whether that's truly an up or down would of course be up to your own determination. For me, it was a down, given everything that happens.

But then again, it also underl... #2.1
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This is so exciting, I can hardly wait to see what everyone's been working on. :) #4
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True, but I haven't played a Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare 3. I'm just terribly biased, LOL! #2.1.1
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Watch Dogs was an overall disappointment for me, compared to how it looked and felt at E3 in 2012. It was vastly different than implied and while I had fun for awhile with it, it left a stale taste behind. #4
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Graphics certainly do not make a better game, but they help sometimes. I usually rule in the favour of gameplay over graphics; for instance, I'd much rather play GoldenEye on N64 opposed to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. #2
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I rarely comment enough to have a decent enough shot at the prize, but here's hoping! #91
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PlayStation marketing manager says, "GTA is a PlayStation franchise."

Good job. Way to start a console war. #30
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$400 eh? Makes me want to comment on things a lot more than I do. :P #56
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I half expected this blog to touch on 'realism' and the likes, not prejudices and stereotypes. An interesting read. #1
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I have to disagree here entirely; there is no defending microtransactions and as soon as I read the title of the article, I rolled my eyes and chuckled. The fact of the matter is, microtransactions are nothing to defend as they are not necessary. They are merely a ploy to get customers to spend more money when they shouldn't be asked to.

With Grand Theft Auto Online for example, which seems to be the hottest topic of microtransactions today, Rockstar Games simply wants to... #3
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Let's have a counter-argument.

1.) Watch Dogs doesn't need shooting inside vehicles. Hacking is Aiden's primary weapon. That's the point. It isn't Grand Theft Auto.

2.) Your 'average' statistic is null and void without any factual evidence. But yes, let's all find the wealthiest person in the game, hack into their bank account and get $1,000,000 immediately and then buy everything we want within the first twenty minutes of the... #1
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I'm a little disappointed with the size, but if the game's world is as living and breathing as Ubisoft is claiming, that disappointment will soon vanish. #13
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@lex-1020, I stopped reading this comment as soon as you made the false assumption that I've never worked in customer service. Actually, I've worked in customer service and sales for six years, was the manager of one of the most popular chain stores on the East Coast and have had more successes running my store and with my customers than you'd had diaper changes as an infant.

In addition, I've also worked as a telemarketing agent and a phone support agent, so... #3.2
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Good point, Nicaragua. That's what I feel is some companies' ultimate failure; you're going to hire representatives to...well, represent your product and they don't know diddly squat about it. I'm not entirely sure if the UK and the US share that practice, but it wouldn't surprise me if the very same was going on down here. #1.1
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