Oh hun, such a drama queen.


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I highly doubt the date is February 10th. Grand Theft Auto V's release date was announced months before launch. If it's a European date, October 2nd is on a Monday and games launch typically on Tuesdays or Fridays.

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I'm having massive anxiety waiting for Detroit: Become Human.

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It's not so much alignment, but deciding that one instead of both makes more sense to some individuals.

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It's a given, considering that even GTA V came to PC some time later.

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Couldn't be more excited to experience Rise on PS4 tomorrow. I bought the collector's edition at launch for Xbox One, but I couldn't go without the 20 Year Celebration edition on PS4.

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I've been playing it on PS4 and the textures are VERY low res and blurry.

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I'm curious as to why this review does not mention the terrible textures, blurriness and visual issues. All they really say is "it's not an ugly game, but..." which makes it hard for me to take this review seriously. I'm having a lot of fun with Mafia 3 but the graphics are just terrible.

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Ha, my thoughts exactly, Shaun2k5.

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I can confirm that the local GameStop stores in my area already have copies of Mafia 3.

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No, it isn't. At all.

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46.14GB for those who don't want to click the link.

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I was just talking with someone on Reddit about this the other day. Lack of review copies usually mean one of two things: they want to keep the game a surprise for everyone, or they lack confidence in their game and don't want the early reviews to affect their sales. Joke's on them, because lack of pre-release reviews are going to make a lot of people wait before purchasing. I loved the last two Mafia games and Mafia 3 looks exactly like the kind of game I'm going to love, so I...

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Not really new. The game was announced a long time ago and I'm pretty sure it failed as a Kickstarter campaign, despite how awesome it looks.

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I honestly want to buy this just for the campaign.

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Doesn't really look all that appealing to me. I might pick it up in a bargain bin down the line for some pick-up-and-play fun, but it doesn't grab me enough to pre-order or pick it up at launch.

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Nothing new here. Amazon always offers 20% off preorders for Prime members...

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I am not surprised. The last two Horizon games were brilliant and if the demo for Horizon 3 is any indicator, this installment is miles ahead. I can't wait for Friday!

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It makes me wonder how much the game itself costs.

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I'm honestly not interested. I don't own a 4K television and I don't plan on buying one any time soon. Personally, I don't need the PS4 Pro at all.

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I don't blame people for wanting to have the game refunded, but I also do not blame Steam for cracking down on refunds for the game. It seems like ever since the whole "you can get a refund" announcement went on boost, everyone and their mother tried.

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