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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


There's quite a few cancelled Bond titles:

-Tomorrow Never Dies: The Mission Continues (allegedly meant to take place where the film ended; gameplay was seen in previews on the Tomorrow Never Dies VHS copy)

-The World Is Not Enough on PS2 and PC

-Phoenix Rising (a Nightfire sequel with gameplay elements of Everything or Nothing; it was scrapped and From Russia with Love took its place)

-GoldenEye: Rogue Agent sequel (scra... #4.1
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I've played the GoldenEye Source mod and while it's a step in the right direction (as well as the Nightfire Source mod currently in development), I was sticking to official releases in this blog.

To be perfectly honest though, I would be just as concerned if EA and DICE took over; there's that stigma lingering with Activision having turned the Bond games into cheap, Call of Duty clones. I'm afraid that EA and DICE might do the same, with Battlefield in mind. B... #1.1
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I have the 2TB Seagate Expansion for my Xbox One and can honestly say it is fantastic. Glad to see it made their list. #2
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Congratulations, everyone! #1
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Combat differs in all games, especially varying from one RPG to the next. Dragon Age Inquisition's combat is a mix of both Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2. For me, I hated the combat of Dragon Age Origins, so it was a little hard to get into the combat in Inquisition.

But, there's more to the game than just its combat. Sure, the combat is a significant portion, especially in an RPG like this, but it's not the main selling point. I wouldn't avoid it complet... #2.1
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I prefer physical. Faster install times since it doesn't need to rely on the Internet, I'm not stuck with the game forever if I decide I want to sell it or trade it in, and I can purchase preowned and return it if I don't like it.

Digital = permanent, and I'm not into that.

Plus, I like having a physical collection to look at and appease the materialistic part of me. If it's a PC game, I get digital. Can't trade in PC games anyway, so... #28
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"Unfortunately we don’t have any information on this or other upcoming patches to our broader PC player community or other platforms at this time."

Other platforms = Xbox & PlayStation = no confirmation on whether or not Patch 5 will be available.

@shloobmm3, don't confuse common sense with mind reading or seeing into the future. It's not common sense because there's absolutely zero guarantee that the patch will come to Xbox and Play... #4.2
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Rather ironic that you missed the rest of the statement on Bioware's blog that continues, "Unfortunately we don’t have any information on this or other upcoming patches to our broader PC player community or other platforms at this time." #2.1.1
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Great review, Chaos_Raiden! Very informative, very well written. I think the only gripe I have is that you criticize the dialogue and voice acting without really acknowledging the fact that the game was made in the 90s when dialogue and voice acting then wasn't as heavily emphasized as it is now. :) #1
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I believe the official announcement clarified that the umpteenth delay was not to include the heists, but to finalize and quality-test the PC version. Petitioning for an earlier release without the multiplayer component will just result in an unfinished product, which they'll all complain about down the line.

You can't win. The game gets delayed again, which is understandably annoying, but it's to ensure the game is complete and correct. That gets complained about... #2
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Zero interest, to be honest. I literally haven't played GTA V since I finished it on current gen consoles months ago. I've just had my fill, that's all.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that. #4.1.1
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I wouldn't say it's too late, because I'd rather them be late than never come at all, especially considering the big hullabaloo surrounding them. However, I've already moved on from Grand Theft Auto Online, so I will not be participating. Heists took far too long to be released and I am no longer interested.

I do sincerely hope they're great enough to appease the people who were waiting as long as the rest of us and will actually participate. #4
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It sounds to me that this blog is as dated as Nintendo's statistics on video gaming. You're comparing the Wii U, an eighth generation console, to the PlayStation 3 (seventh generation) and the GameCube (sixth generation) but not out for effect, but for the foundation of your argument. Nintendo's Wii U is considered a current generation (eighth) console, on the same platform as the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Comparing the Wii U to those two should be the foundation of your arg... #1
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Very well said, Blacklash93. Uncharted's superior - for lack of a better word - combat, storytelling and even voice acting were what stood out the most for me when comparing and contrasting the two franchises. I noticed a small handful of similarities between Uncharted and Tomb Raider (and vice versa with the TR reboot) but there was never anything that stood out as a blatant ripoff, like some claim.

I think the only thing Uncharted really "took" from Tomb Raide... #21.1.1
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I wouldn't say unrealistic, but certainly far-fetched. The same could be said about women. I mean, Lara Croft is a prime example of a far-fetched image of a woman, especially pre-reboot. #8.1
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Attraction is more than for physical or sexual reasons. I suggest you Google the definition of the word. I was attracted to James Bond as a child because of the action, gadgets, personality and overall bad-ass-ery, for example. As is the way one may be attracted to a specific genre of music or film, for another example.

In lieu of this, my statement of, "Since the beginning of video game history, we as gamers have always found ourselves attracted to certain video game ch... #6.1
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I wonder if any of them realize how truly idiotic they sound, threatening to boycott a store if the store does not break the release date.

"In order to force the leaders..." dear God in heaven give me strength. Do you really think GameStop gives a rat's arse about "pressure" due to boycotting their store just to get a game early?

I think I've lost a minimum of ten brain cells reading this article. #12
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In my opinion, it doesn't matter whether a game has multiplayer or not* or how good the experience is. If you're going to charge $60 for the game, there needs to be more meat on the bone and not just embellishments around the plate, if you'll excuse the food related analogy. There are plenty of games out there that were brilliant, but simply too short and that is not okay for the price we're asked to pay.

I don't care if the graphics are the best we'll... #1
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I'm really tired of people complaining that Uncharted "stole" things from Tomb Raider and vice versa. Uncharted and Tomb Raider are both great franchises and they aren't the first two to borrow ideas and concepts from one another. The even bigger point is that there is NOTHING wrong with borrowing concepts from other games; Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield and Call of Duty, Gran Turismo and Forza, Mirror's Edge and Dying Light, to name a few. #21
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I believe it. It seems like every AAA game that comes out always ends up having a "GOTY Edition" with all of the subsequent DLC for the cost of the base game. That, and Square Enix's newfound love for releasing 'Definitive Editions.' #5.1.1
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