Oh hun, such a drama queen.


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Indeed, I am. *spoiler alert for those who haven't finished the game or progressed this far* did you not notice the White Orchard innkeeper in Novigrad? When Geralt and Zoltan go to the inn to hear Priscilla sing, the White Orchard innkeeper is there in the cutscene and calls out Geralt for "murder." But she can't be interacted with.

I heard rumor that on the PC, they patched that issue and the merchant you save from the griffin in the beginning will sell th...

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Very good blog on a rather important topic. Growing up, I always found myself playing the PS2 more than the Xbox, but after seeing Dead Rising, I ended up picking up an Xbox 360 and while the game was a disappointment to me, because I had the Xbox 360, it became my primary console of choice, with the PS3 I purchased a year or so later being reserved for exclusive titles that captured my interest.

Same goes with this generation. Xbox One is my primary console, but I do have a ...

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Hmm, still no mention of the White Orchard gwent cards fix on consoles. I'm still waiting for the update that gives the merchant the gwent cards subsequent the griffin contract. I might just carry on my first playthrough and worry about gwent on the second playthrough.

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I, for example, haven't experienced a single issue whatsoever. Of course the game is "a mess" to those experiencing every issue in the book, but for those who aren't, the game (to them) deserves the scores it's been getting.

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Just completed that quest and after freaking out about the statues moving, I jumped for joy at the Doctor Who reference.

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Pool Nation FX again? Jesus, what a wasted opportunity. At least on the Xbox 360 it's Just Cause 2 and Thief, a game I love and a game I've been wanting to get, just not at full retail price. Now I don't have to pay a dime for Thief. Hooray!

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Well said. I know a lot of people have been arguing that interactive story-telling doesn't qualify as a video game, forgetting the textbook definition for the term 'game.' At the end of the day, there are different genres (in any entertainment outlet) for a reason: not everyone wants to play first person shooters constantly.

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Well, it was just announced yesterday ;) no information currently present, but preordering does get one a bonus mission. Naturally, the extended edition will have additional content.

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It got a release date yesterday: August 25.

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I'm so excited. I remember hearing about this back when it was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive and it's captured my interest ever since. I can't wait.

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Considering that a new Call of Duty is released every year like clockwork, I'm already long since tired of it. Battlefront is fresh, different and a long time coming.

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I seriously regret not picking up the collector's edition when I had the chance. I'm not paying $240 for one off Amazon or eBay either. But what came with the standard edition is absolutely great.

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People care too much about pitting consoles against each other and it serves no purpose whatsoever at the end of the day.

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Good to know. I'll have to consider giving it another try.

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The most important thing people need to understand is the concept of dodging. Even I tried to just swing the sword around and attack countless times before I realized that particularly in The Witcher 3, dodging saves lives.

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I think the first video game I've ever played was GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 when I was around maybe four or five years old. It was also the same day I became a massive James Bond fan that managed to escalate more and more as I got older.

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I was just about to share that: http://forums.elderscrollso...

In the very link the author of this blog shared, the post was updated to include:

"The physical console version of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited does not require a one-time game code. As with any other boxed PS4 / Xbox One game only the game disc is needed for veri...

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"Are you ready for the next chapter?"

Not if it's anything like the last couple of games, I'm not. I'm basically done and over with the Need for Speed series. The last one I played that I actually enjoyed was Underground/Underground 2. Bring that back and we might have a deal.

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Hmm. Well-written review and I can see where you're coming from with some of your opinions, but I can't fathom why you feel the gameplay and fun factor deserve an abysmal score. I find the experience refreshing and quite enjoyable; sure, while there isn't much in terms of gameplay aside from exploration, dialogue choice and time rewinding, I certainly don't agree that it should be rated so poorly.

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Well, that's exactly why I avoid those games like I would avoid a viral plague. Games that have more influence, effort and attention placed on the online multiplayer than on their half-arsed campaign will never be on my to-buy list. I'd rather eat the money.

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